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Looking for the best places to live in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas.

The cities of Dallas and Fort Worth are known by many names, from the Metroplex to DFW. Naturally, these two distinct cities are constant rivalsfor superiority in North Texas. The truth is, however, that Dallas and Fort Worth are both quintessential Texas cities and they are easily the best places to plant your roots in the state.

If you’re new to the area, choosing a place to live in the massive 9,286 square miles that make up Dallas-Fort Worth may seem like a challenge. Don’t worry, though, this list of the best places to live in Dallas-Fort Worth will help you narrow down your search. Read on to learn all about it!

For the Hip: Deep Ellum

Located in the heart of Dallas, Deep Ellum is a paradise for anyone who loves a young, hip neighborhood. Deep Ellum is packed with art houses and museums, so you’ll be able to spend your weekends soaking up the culture.

Deep Ellum is also home to a wide variety of cuisines, bars, and local breweries. You’ll find tasty Tex Mex (don’t forget the queso), fried chicken, Japanese BBQ, and of course, a ton of great spots for brunch on the weekends. Deep Ellum is also super walkable, so you can grab a bite and walk to a music venue without having to deal with parking.

As for housing, considermaking one of the many high-rise buildings your future home!

For the Luxe Life: Highland Park

Highland Park is easily one of Dallas’s most famous upscale neighborhoods. This immaculate neighborhood is located in North Dallas, and it is absolutely picturesque. The streets are dotted with tall, mature oaks that create a lovely canopy and provide shade for walks on those hot summer days.

If you love shopping, then you’ll be excited to learn that Highland Park is home to Dallas’s version of Rodeo Drive at Highland Park Village. Couple that with a low crime rate, excellent schools, and the high-value real estate, and you’ll find that Highland Park is a neighborhood that is impossible to resist.

For Football and Convenience: Arlington

When you hear about Dallas-Fort Worth, you might think about two distinct cities and nothing in between. The truth is, however, that Dallas-Fort Worth a complex metropolitan area composed of various cities in Dallas and Tarrant County.

11 Best Places to Live in Dallas-Fort Worth - Olde World Movers (2)

One of those cities is Arlington. Arlington is in between Dallas and Fort Worth, but it is located within Tarrant County. Living in Arlington allows you the best of both worlds with its central location, and can save you a lot of time on your commute.

The best part of Arlington, however, is that it is home to the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and baseball’s Texas Rangers. If you’re a sports lover, then Arlington is the DFW city for you!

Embrace College Life: University Park

University Park is located just south of Highland Park and, like Highland Park, it is grouped together with a number of cities called the Park Cities. University Park is a high-end city with a twist— it’s home to Southern Methodist University.

This means University Park is a bit more youthful with SMU students in the area. For those who like to stay active, University Park features numerous parks with walking paths, and playgrounds, as well as tennis courts and an aquatic center.

The Heart ofFunky Town: Downtown Fort Worth

If you love the energy of a big city, butyou want to keep your expenses down, then you should consider relocating to downtown Fort Worth.

Downtown Fort Worth is home to the city’s Mecca for shopping, dining, and entertainment—Sundance Square. You can grab a late brunch before heading out to catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Or you can have drinks and cajun food, and then take in an amazing show at Bass Performance Hall.

Dallas might be king, but Fort Worth is rich with culture and a great place to settle down.

For the Recreation Lover: Grapevine

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is not all cities and suburbs. Tucked away in the northern fringes of Dallas and Fort Worth, Grapevinegives recreation lovers the opportunity to indulge in the great outdoors and also be conveniently located near all the big city amenities they could possibly need.

Grapevine is home toLake Grapevine, an 8,000-acre lake that is great for boating, fishing, camping, and much, much more! The city also hosts a number of well-maintained walking trails and parks. Your weekends will never be boring in Grapevine!

A Family-Friendly Escape: McKinney

If living in the heart of a big city isn’t your thing, but you still want easy access to its amenities, then you consider one of Dallas’s many suburbs, like McKinney. Located 33 miles north of Dallas, McKinney is one of Dallas’s most family-friendly suburbs.

McKinney is a lively city in its own right, with a historic downtown area packed with shopping and eateries.While you’re out, be sure to catch one ofthe city’s summer concerts or art shows.Spend your weekends in one of the city’s numerous parks.

It also has plenty of new construction housing in which to grow your family. The city is home to high-quality schools, too!

For the Professional: Addison

Addison is a haven for young professionals in northern Dallas, and it’s a favorite among locals. Many businesses call Addison home, which makes getting to work a cinch for residents. Sure, they might have to deal with city traffic, but it’s never for very long.

Decompress from work by grabbing a bite and a drink at one of the town’s restaurants. Tired of eating at the same place? That’s fine, there are nearly 200 restaurants from which to choose.

Want to stay fit? Addison has several acres of parkland as well as the Addison Athletic Club, which is exclusive to Addison residents.

If You Love a Planned Community: Las Colinas

Las Colinas is an upscale, master-planned community in the northern portion of the city of Irving. Located a mere 14 miles from downtown Dallas, Las Colinas offers a beautiful reprieve from big city chaos without having to abandon its amenities.

If you’re looking for a job, Las Colinas is also host to a number for Fortune 500 companies and it rivals Dallas’s central business district in terms of office space. It’s also a great place to call home if you have to travel frequently for work because of its close proximity to DFW International Airport.

On the weekend, you can hit one of the three country clubs in Las Colinas, including the TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas Resort. Worried about your children’s education? Las Colinas is home to North Hills Preparatory, which has previously been ranked as one of the top 20 schools in the country by Newsweek.

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Upscale Fort Worth: Westover Hills

Tucked away in the western portion of Tarrant County, Westover Hills is as high-end as it comes. It is the wealthiest suburb of Fort Worth, and it is a mere .7 square miles.

Residents of Westover Hills send their children to affluent private schools like Fort Worth Country Day School or All Saints’ Episcopal School, but the public schools are nothing to sneeze at.

Westover Hills’s high cost of living may not be attainable by all, but it’s worth a visit to check out the stunning real estate in the town.

An Affordable Suburb: Richardson

Interested in the conveniences of a big city, but the slower pace of a suburb? Consider settling down in Richardson.

Richardson is located 14 miles north of downtown Dallas, in both the northern portion of Dallas County and the southern portion of Collin County.While no portion of Dallas is free from traffic, Richardson’s short commute allows you to spend a lot more time at home.

Dallas has many upscale suburbs from which to choose, from Richardson to Plano to Farmer’s Branchto Frisco. Richardson is one of the first suburbs to flank Dallas, bringing the overall price point for housing down to a more reasonable price.

Like Las Colinas, Richardson is home to many businesses and job opportunities. It’s a great place to start for young professionals and families alike!

The Best Places to Live in Dallas and Fort Worth Are Just a Click Away!

Finding the best places to live in Dallas-Fort Worth isn’t a complicated process. If you love big city vibes and tons of hip, local restaurants, then Deep Ellum or Downtown Fort Worth are your go-to locales, but if you prefer a slower pace of life, check out McKinney or Grapevine. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has something for everyone!

Do you need help planning your big move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area? You’ve come to the right place. Check out the rest of our site for everything you to plan a successful move!

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