16 Improvements Fallout 4 Can Make For Settlement Building (2023)

When I heard the announcement ofFallout 4coming out, I was understandably excited. I thoroughly enjoyedFallout 3andFallout: New Vegas.


When I saw Bethesda's showcase ofFallout 4at E3 I became concerned. I recognize certain things in games that I can end up losing myself in, andFallout 4had an awful lot of those things. All that junk I pick up is suddenly useful? You can rebuild parts of the wasteland and start communities that you custom build from the ground up?I am going to be found dead at my computer.

I'm still alive, but I have spent at least one day where I realized I had playedFallout 4for 18 hours straight. I just plum lost track of time.Fallout 4certainly hits all the right buttons for me. However, it nonetheless has its flaws as one would expect.


I have over 100 hours in Fallout 4so far and I've arguably spent the majority of that time messing around with settlements. I'm finding the lack of some features to be a terribly frustrating thing. It's not just that these certain things are not in the game, it's that they ought to be so trivially easy for Bethesda to implement that it seems like a grievous oversight on some parts that they haven't been. To wit, a fair few of the following examples can be remedied through functions that already exist in the game in some fashion or actions that can be done in the console on PC.

I've quite a few problems with howFallout 4has turned out so far, but I'll mainly be focusing on the problems I've noticed with settlements and how they can be fixed (similar in vein to my 18 Things Fallout ShelterNeeds To Fixarticle.). I'm writing this not just because these things bug me but because I feel they would largely make the settlement-building portion of the game more engaging and better to play with minimal work on Bethesda's part.


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1. Planted crops ought to be harvested automatically.

The Problem: You can plant crops in your settlements in Fallout 4. They're a necessary component of survival; your settlers need food, after all. After a short period of in-game time the crops will grow and you can harvest them for food. Some of these food items are particularly useful in terms of crafting, such as the all-important combination of Tato, Corn, and Mutfruit—these three crops can be combined to give you Vegetable Starch, which in turn makes the highly valuable Adhesive crafting component.

However, you have to manually harvest these crops. There are aroundthirtysettlements in the game. If you wanted to use them to their full potential, you would end up doing an awful lot of fast travelling. Furthermore, there are already several auto-harvest mechanics built into the game. Water purifiers automatically deposit Purified Water into that settlement's workbench, and stores automatically deposit caps into that settlement's Workbench.

The Fix:Assigned crops ought to have their harvest automatically put in the workbench just as so many other things already are.


2. Settlers keep touching my stuff.

The Problem:I've built a nice little house for myself in Sanctuary. However, I keep finding people just rolling up in my house and touching all of my stuff. There's apparently very little respect for personal property in the post-apocalyptic Commonwealth. (I realize the irony of this statement considering how oftenFallout 4players stuff their pockets with everything that isn't nailed down.)

I'd really like to keep them out of my home entirely so I can actuallymake it into my home.When someone is standing on a narrow stairway and looking to make a conversation with you, it's a bit difficult to squeeze past them.

Some players have taken to dedicating an entire settlement as a home of their own so as to prevent anyone from walking through their house all the time. (I've found a common choice of personal home is Red Rocket due to its proximity to Sanctuary.)


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Another solution is using console commands to manually lock and unlock your door so no one can get in.

The Fix: Settlers can't make their way through locked doors. Doors can be unlocked and re-locked as evidenced by console commands and NPCs locking their homes up at night. It would be nice if you could build a lock and key and be able to lock your home up so no one walks through your living room if you don't want them to.

3. Settlers keep sleeping in my bed.

The Problem:Aside from taking a seat in my dining room and annoying me, my settlers also have a fondness for sleeping in my bed. If the former is impolite, the latter is downright unacceptable. I can understand why some players have gone as far as to have an entire settlement dedicated solely to themselves.

The Fix:The game already has the concept of "Owned Beds." You can notice this by trying to go to sleep in the bed of someone's house and finding that you can't.

You can already assign settlers to jobs by selecting them in Workshop mode and then clicking on a resource such as a crop or Scavenging Station. Take the bit of "this NPC owns this bed" code and mush it together with the "assign settlers to this thing" code, and the problem is solved. It'd be nice if we can assign settlers and companions to specific beds.

Aside from the bonus of keeping unwanted persons from sleeping in my bed, it would also have the added roleplay bonus of allowing the player to customize the homes of settlers. It'd be nice to give Preston Garvey a heavily Minuteman-themed home and do similar thematically-interesting things for the other NPCs.

4. Surrounding your settlements with a wall may not be the best idea or even work how you think it should.

The Problem:The natural assumption of a player may be to put a wall around their settlement so as to keep threats out. And this is true to a degree—roaming wildlife will not be able to just waltz into your settlement. However, the random "settlements are being attacked!' events don't factor in AI pathing in relation to walls. The enemies spawninsidethe settlement and so walls may be useless in this regard.

I have had a few situations where they're useful, of course. I walled-in the portion of Starlight Drive-In surrounding the diner and the attacking enemies spawned near the movie screen. The invading feral ghouls were mostly shredded by my perimiter defenses, and the settlers took care of the rest (with a little fire support from myself, of course).

The Fix:Attackers should spawnoutsideof a settlement and have to path their way in. This may be the case already, but as far as I've seen it's a bit of a diceroll as to whether or not it actually plays out like that. Building walls would then actually be as useful as you would expect them to be.

5. Some settlement-related radiant quests don't make sense.

The Problem:One of the infinitely-repeatable quests in Fallout 4is settlements having problems such as raiders, super mutants, or feral ghouls harassing them. Sometimes people are kidnapped by Super Mutants or Raiders.

This makes sense in the early game of Fallout 4when your settlements may be barely defended, but they don't really seem to factor in the defensive capabilities of the settlement. If I have a perimeter of 20 turrets surrounding the outside of the settlement, I find itreally unlikelythat they're going to have a problem with some Raiders or Super Mutants, much less that someone managed to break in and kidnap someone.

The Fix:A settlement's defense rating ought to be factor in which of these quests spawn. I wouldn't believe my version of Sanctuary would have a problem with a handful of Super Mutants. However, I'd absolutely believe if a settlement had a problem with a Super Mutant Behemoth or a Mirelurk Queen knocking at their door. Add some tougher versions of these quests so that they make a little more sense.

6. Organizing and assigning your settlers is an awful chore, especially when it comes to tracking down provisioners.

The Problem:You can have as many as 30 settlers in one place in Fallout 4(as far as I've seen). When you need to assign them different jobs it can be rather difficult when you're operating in a first person interface.

You can build a cheap Town Bell that calls everyone in the settlement to once place, but you still need to click on settlers one at a time and assign them to individual resources. Sometimes they seem to stop working at a particular station with no reason whatsoever. I've taken to assigning people uniforms like some sort of Damn Commie country so I know who is supposed to be working where and how to get them back on task.

The Fix:Fallout 4really needsan interface where you can manage all of the settlers from one place. Assign them work and they'll just smartly pick it up. You could have this all be done via a terminal much like a personnel file.Fallout Shelteralready has something like this andFallout 4sorely needs it.

(Video) 50 Tips & Tricks for Building Settlements in Fallout 4

7. It'd be neat to be able to rename your settlers.

The Problem:I'm taking another cue fromFallout Shelter here. I liked being able to rename people for funsies. It'd be nice to do the same inFallout 4. You can already accomplish this via console, but it's not natively built into the game.

The Fix:Howsabout letting people rename settlers for the sake of fun? It's not a huge thing and it would make the roleplaying in Fallout 4a bit more immersive.

8. The settlement system inFallout 4sorely needs some better in-game documentation and/or tutorials.

The Problem:One thingFallout Sheltersucceeded at was explainingmostof the game with in-game help files. There's not really a sufficient in-game tutorial or explanation for a lot of the stuff you can do in settlement building.

For example, did you know that you can hold E while moving or building a piece and move it around? I didn't either until I read it on the /r/fo4 subreddit.Fallout 4has a lot of cool stuff like this already in the game but it does a poor job of bringing it to the player's attention.

The Fix:A little bit of in-game documentation with some of this basic stuff or some kind of tutorial would be nice.

9. Placing objects could use a bit more variety in orientation.

The Problem:As I mentioned above, you can move objects around by holding E (or the equivalent on consoles). However, I've yet to find a way to rotate things around. If I want to, say, place a glass upside down on a counter I'll have to grab it in the normal gameplay mode and set it down hoping for the best.

The Fix:Add an ability to rotate and better transform objects in build mode.

10. Snapping objects together can be a godsend and sometimes it can be a pain in the butt.

The Problem:Certain objects will naturally snap together. If you hold a wall piece up to another wall piece it will link up, which allows you to make a straight wall.

But, if you wanted to make a slightly curved wall it is a very difficult prospect inFallout 4.You end up with 1-2 foot gaps in-between which you have to fill in with End Walls (which don't snap toanything). It can be very frustrating and finicky at times.

The Fix:Give players a toggle for snapping so they can turn it off altogether.

11. Building can be a little bit too restrictive at times.

The Problem:Fallout 4'sfar more generous with their building thanSkyrimwas, but it still has some limitations. Some are understandable and some other things ... not so much. Sometimes I'd like to stick a wall or floor in a certain place and have it just go there butthe game won't let me.

The Fix:Allow players to just turn off collision altogether and place things wherever they like. If a problem results from it, so be it. Give players that freedom. It's almost impossible to create a game where players can't outsmart the AI, so you have to just accept that as an inevitability. I have built quite a few things that would look much nicer if it weren't for that damnable red outline preventing me from placing a certain object somewhere.

12. A little more variety in building pieces would be great, especially when it comes to the overall aesthetic.

The Problem: The aesthetic of "rusted out derelicts" inFallout 4(and previous Falloutgames) makes a bit of sense at first glance.

However, I'm the son of a Master Carpenter. My family home was torn down to the framing and rebuilt before I was born. I've worked with my father on countless carpentry, plumbing, and electrical jobs and so I know what is and isn't possible with a small crew.

It certainly ought to be possible to have some nicer looking building pieces in Fallout 4. I don't know about you, but if I were rebuilding civilization I would take some of that Abraxo cleaner laying around and make the metal just a wee bit less rusty. I'd sand down the wood and slap some paint on my shiny new wasteland home. Just because it's made from salvaged materials doesn't mean it has to look bad.

Fallout 4 has gone a bit further with making the world a bit more colorful and lively. Give players that option too!

The Fix:I'm sure we'll see some new pieces added for building purposes inFallout 4.I really hope that some of them will be a bit nicer.I'd like to see concrete walls so I can make some nice pillboxes for my defenders to hunker down in. Just some variety in material alone would be nice.

(Video) How Supply Lines Work - Fallout 4 Provisioners & Settlements

You can even use some in-game mechanics so that it makes sense—building a clean metal wall would require a unit of Abraxo cleaner. Building a nice, clean painted wall would require a can of paint. It'd just be nice to have some more options beyond "foreclosed house in Detroit" in terms of how things look in Fallout 4.

13. Speaking of buildings, there's seemingly little logic as to what you can and can't remove in settlements.

The Problem:TheFallout 4E3 showcase showed the player scrapping some ruined houses in Sanctuary. What itdidn'tshow you was that you just can't remove certain structures for ... some reason? It's not really explained.

And when it comes to these structures, your only real option is to ignore them entirely or to try to retrofit them. I'm finding myself placing crappy wooden floors and walls to close up holes in the structure when I would just rather trash the entire building.

The Fix:I think players ought to be offered two options in this regard.

Firstly, they ought to be able to remove absolutely everything in a settlement in terms of a settlement. Right now there are just some structures and objects that you can't remove and there's no explanation why. I'd much prefer to scrap everything and make custom buildings from scratch.

Secondly, players should be able to repair unique buildings. It would have to be a less dynamic option, of course, but it would be nice to patch up the wall in The Castle with cement or close up the holes in the houses with some wood and steel.

14. I'd like to be able to put my weapons and armor on display.

The Problem:Fallout 4and its settlement mechanics can be traced in part back toSkyrim'sexpansion Hearthfire. It's really just an improved version of what you were capable of inSkyrim.

However, some things that I really liked aboutSkyrimare just flat-out missing inFallout 4.I rather enjoyed weapon racks and armor mannequins inSkyrimand those just don't seem to be an option in Fallout 4.I've taken to putting power connectors on walls to display my weapons as an ad-hoc solution, but it would be nice to have a dedicated object for displaying my weapons. Sadly, there's no way to display armor on a mannequin even thoughthere's alreadymannequinsin the game.Some of them are even wearing clothes!

The Fix:Give us some weapon rack and mannequin objects so we can display all of our stuff, please.

15. Finding resources for building nice settlements can be a bit grindy.

The Problem:I've spent probably 60-80 hours messing around with settlements inFallout 4,and as a result I understand why abandoned houses end up being stripped of all their copper. I'd do a quest for Copper over Caps any day of the week.

You can create Scavenging Stations thatwill give you a trickle of junk resources, but it would be nice if you could establish a little industry in Fallout 4. How about capturing a quarry which would enable production of concrete? Capture a metal foundry and allow production of steel or copper. Flesh the world mechanics out a little bit. And hey, even after you've built all of your settlements to your satisfaction you'll still need a lot of these components for weapon crafting. And besides, you can always sell the excess.

The Fix:This is probably the most technically demanding idea for Fallout 4on my part, but it'd be nice to just have unique settlements that can produce resources for you. If you're intent on rebuilding the Wasteland you're logically going to need infrastructure as well.

16. A little more complex crafting would be great.

The Problem:One of the things I liked aboutFallout: New Vegaswas the ability to craft ammo. I wouldn't just like to be able to do stuff like this inFallout 4,I'd like to have some of myhundreds of settlersdo it for me.

The Fix:I'd like a little more complex supply chain that allowed for more advanced crafting. Ingredients in, finished product out. It would add a little more to the whole "rebuild civilization" idea of the game. Civilization can't survive on Tatos and Purified Water alone.

Fallout 4has anawfullot of things I like and a whole bunch of things it could improve. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining because I dislikeFallout 4, I'm complaining because I likeFallout 4and some minor fixes could make the settlement building aspect so much better.

I understand Bethesda games can be a bit buggy and light on features on launch.Fallout 4is no different. I sincerely hope that some of these (admittedly minor) issues will be addressed and fixed in future patches ofFallout 4.Fingers crossed! And hey, if Bethesda themselves don't get to it I'm sure the modders will. And I really hope they do, because a lotof this stuff should be terribly easy to do from a development standpoint and would fix a lot of the little frustrations that I've seen in building settlements.

What do you think about the settlement building feature inFallout 4?Have you encountered any major problems with it? What would you add to settlement building to make it better? Let us know in the comments below!

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How do I build a better settlement in Fallout 4? ›

Each settlement needs the numbers next to food and water to be higher than the number of settlers who live there. To increase your food supply, plant crops and assign settlers to manage them. For water, build a few water pumps or – if the settlement is on the coast or contains a large puddle – a water purifier.

Is it worth building walls around settlements in Fallout 4? ›

It's up to you, really. It will give you a bit of helpful experience and can make the place look nice. And if you like building, that you might enjoy. But walls won't help with defending settlements.

Can you increase the size of settlements in Fallout 4? ›

There is no way in the game (meaning without modding) to increase the size of a settlement. If you have any other settlement questions I am wrote a guide about everything I have learned so far. Please let me know if you find out how to do so without mods!

Should I build all settlements in Fallout 4? ›

Each Settlement produces crops, water, caps and salvage. You can make more money more quickly by building up every Settlement and building stores in every settlement than you ever could with just 1 settlement.

How do you get 100% happiness in a large settlement? ›

To increase happiness, everyone in your settlement needs food, water, a bed, a job, and defense to ward off raiders. Plant plenty of food. Grab plants you find in the wasteland and plant them together in your settlement. Build a water purifier and hook it up to a general as soon as you can.

Can you make Diamond city a settlement? ›

no because the Diamond city house isn't considered a settlement in a game. You can't link supplies, you can't have settlers, send companions there, etc. You can build stuff in it but that is about it. It is more of a storage area than a settlement.

What is the scariest place in Fallout 4? ›

Fallout 4: The 10 Creepiest Locations In The Game, Ranked
  • 8/10 East Boston Preparatory School. ...
  • 7/10 Grandchester Mystery Mansion. ...
  • 6/10 Museum of Witchcraft. ...
  • 5/10 D.B. ...
  • 4/10 Atom's Spring. ...
  • 3/10 Fens Street Sewer. ...
  • 2/10 Pickman Gallery. ...
  • 1/10 Dunwich Borers.
7 Sept 2020

How many settlers can vault 88 have? ›

One thing you may not realize is that in Vault 88, you can add an additional ten settlers into the Vault which is more than any other settlement before.

What is the most useful skill in Fallout 4? ›

The Best Fallout 4 Perks To Get (And Why)
  • Idiot Savant.
  • Strong Back.
  • Lifegiver.
  • Action Boy/Girl.
  • Critical Banker.
  • Sneak.
  • Lone Wanderer.
  • Wasteland Whisperer.
22 Jan 2021

What is the most valuable thing in Fallout 4? ›

Fallout 4: The 10 Most Exceedingly Rare Items In The Game
  • 8/10 Bathrobe. ...
  • 7/10 HalluciGen Gas Grenade. ...
  • 6/10 Lieutenant's Hat. ...
  • 5/10 2076 World Series Baseball Bat. ...
  • 4/10 Poisoned Wine. ...
  • 3/10 The Striker. ...
  • 2/10 Leopard Print Bandana. ...
  • 1/10 Aeternus.
19 Sept 2019

What is the strongest gun in Fallout 4? ›

1/18 Nuka-Nuke Launcher

Arguably the most powerful weapon in the game is the Nuka-Nuke Launcher found in Nuka-World. It's essentially a Fat Man that has been modified to hurl modified mini-nukes known as Nuka-Nukes at foes.

Which settlement has the biggest size? ›

1. Tobacco settlements for $206 billion [The Largest Ever] In 1998, Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, and two other tobacco companies agreed to a $206 billion settlement, at a minimum, covering medical costs for smoking-related illnesses.

What is the largest city in Fallout 4? ›

The largest city in Fallout 4 is this Pre-War amusement park turned settlement Nuka-World. This massive area is home to a number of citizens living under the thumb of raiders in the area.

Do settlers run out of ammo? ›

Settlers can be equipped with a gun by the player character and they will not consume any ammo, but in order to use that weapon, they need to have at least 1 (one) ammo in their inventory of the type that the equipped weapon uses. That single ammo will never be consumed and act as infinite ammo.

What is the strongest Fallout 4 armor? ›

The 8 Best Armor Sets In Fallout 4
  • 8/8 Operators Heavy Armor.
  • 7/8 Rescue Diver Suit.
  • 6/8 Apocalypse Armor.
  • 5/8 Combat Armor.
  • 4/8 Mechanist's Armor Set.
  • 3/8 Synth Armor.
  • 2/8 Disciples Metal Armor.
  • 1/8 Marine Armor.
18 Feb 2022

Do your settlers need ammo? ›

Settlers need ammo in their inventory to use a gun, but you have to give it to him, select it and press t for equip. But he will have infinite ammo. Companions howerever need guns and the ammo they fire in constant supply, unless you use mods. Companions need ammo and will use it up while they are with you.

What is the best mod for building? ›

Schematica is a popular schematic mod used by all types of builders in Minecraft. Schematica makes building the same things easy. Players can create schematics for any building and then recreate it anywhere, block by block.

What is the most customizable gun in Fallout 4? ›

The SIG MCX is one of the most effective and powerful firearms out there. Players who love modern guns can use a mod to bring this assault rifle over to Fallout 4. The sheer level of customization options when it comes to this mod is pretty great, and is easily one of the more impressive parts of the overall package.

How can you tell if a settler is a synth? ›

How do you know if a settler is a synth. Save your game and then kill them. If they have a synth chip, they were a synth.

How far can happiness spread? ›

When one person becomes happy, the social network effect can spread up to 3 degrees — reaching friends of friends.

How much money is the limit to happiness? ›

An often-cited study from 2010 found a correlation between emotional well-being and income, up to $75,000. 1 Now, a newer study questions that $75,000 figure, arguing that happiness continues rising with income.

Can Quincy ruins become a settlement? ›

You can finally retake Quincy from the Gunners! This makes Quincy a fully functional settlement. You can recruit settlers, create supply lines and build proper defenses in case those gunners come back.

Is the mayor's secretary a synth? ›

Upon first meeting the mayor, the last thing anyone would imagine is that he's actually a synth working directly for the Institute as an agent.

Is there power armor in Diamond City? ›

The armor is located around the Custom House Tower. Travel east from Diamond City — the tower is near the waterfront, on the bay and across from the Boston Airport. At the tower, find the podium featuring hanging flags and a microphone.

Are there any secret places in Fallout 4? ›

Even though it's been out for a few years, there are lots of secret and hidden places in Fallout 4 that the average player may not be familiar with. Hidden references to other pieces of fiction, quirky rooms, and even spots that have unique game mechanics.

Who is the main villain in Fallout? ›

The Master is a character and the main antagonist of the 1997 role-playing video game Fallout. Born Richard Moreau, he was transformed into an amorphous creature by a mutagenic virus, and later absorbed the genetic material of other victims.

Who is the villain of Fallout 4? ›

Shaun, also known as Father, is the son of the Sole Survivor and the leader of the Institute in 2287. He serves as the main antagonist of Fallout 4 unless the player character chooses to side with him.

What is the rarest enemy in Fallout 4? ›

The Glowing Sea is best-known for its rare and dangerous ghoul enemy, the Charred Feral Ghoul. These ghouls look bulkier than regular ones, and they're also extremely resistant due to having spent most of their existence under immense amounts of radiation. They're considered the most dangerous non-glowing ghoul type.

Who is the best ally in Fallout 4? ›

10 Best Fallout 4 Companions
  • 8/10 Strong.
  • 7/10 Longfellow.
  • 6/10 Piper Wright.
  • 5/10 Curie.
  • 4/10 Robert MacCready.
  • 3/10 John Hancock.
  • 2/10 Dogmeat.
  • 1/10 Nick Valentine.
19 Aug 2022

What animals are Deathclaws? ›

Deathclaws are bipedal, genetically engineered carnivorous reptiles based on the Jackson's chameleon. They are typically 20 feet long, with rough, scaly skin and a pair of curved horns, and possess several humanoid features.

Is there a vault in the glowing sea? ›

The area known as Vault 95 is a Vault Location in Southwestern area of The Commonwealth. It is located to the South of the Edge of the Glowing Sea, and to West of Somerville Place.

Can settlers have babies Fallout 4? ›

Childbirth- if you have sex with a human companion of the oposite gender, a baby may be born. In order for childbirth to happen, you must have a settlement with a baby crib, and someone assined to it. You can only have 1 baby at a time, to have a 2nd, you must advance time in the game (more on that later).

Can Brahmin be assigned? ›

No - you can't assign it. Anything in a settlement that is alive will have this status menu but you won't be able to assign a brahmin to anything.

What should I not miss in Fallout 4? ›

There are so many side quests in Fallout 4 that it's easy to miss some.
Rewards/Loot From This Quest
  • Syringer Rifle – A gun that uses syringes as ammo.
  • A Personal Room In Vault 81.
  • The Ability To Take Any Item In Vault 81.
  • Curie As A Companion.
11 Apr 2022

Does luck do anything in Fallout 4? ›

Fallout 4. “Luck is a measure of your general good fortune, and affects the recharge rates of critical hits.” Luck determines the recharge rate of the Critical Hit meter. It can indirectly improve how much caps and ammo one finds through one of two associated Luck perks (see below).

Who is the best person to sell to in Fallout 4? ›

Proctor Teagan has over 650 Caps, making him the best place to sell in Fallout 4. Before going for a trade, he might need to set the players up for some quests. After that, players can visit him to sell the essentials and earn the Cap profits.

What is the strongest sword in Fallout 4? ›

Shishkebab. The Shishkebab is the most powerful sword in Fallout 4 and can be found at Saugus Ironworks. The distinct and fiery look on the Shishebab is rivaled by few others in the game, and its stats are top-notch.

What's the biggest creature in Fallout 4? ›

Fallout 4 presented a new, stronger variant of behemoth, the ancient behemoth. These giant savages are the toughest and oldest mutants players come across in the game. Ancient behemoths have 1,900 hit points, are immune to radiation damage, and are especially resistant to physical and energy damage.

Who's the strongest companion in Fallout 4? ›

1/17 Curie

When you first meet Curie, she doesn't look anything like a human being. In her original Mr. Handy form she isn't much use in combat, but once you transfer her inside a synthetic body, she becomes the strongest companion in the game with the sturdiest health pools and damage outputs.

What is the longest range weapon in Fallout 4? ›

Sniper rifles have the furthest range that you can achieve and they are a weapon type that is present in every Fallout game.

What are the rarest weapons in Fallout 4? ›

25 Rare Fallout 4 Weapons That Are Impossible To Find
  • 25/25 The Cryolator.
  • 24/25 Lorenzo's Artifact Gun.
  • 23/25 Alien Blaster Pistol.
  • 22/25 Shishkebab.
  • 21/25 Kremvh's Tooth.
  • 20/25 Grognak's Axe.
  • 19/25 Furious Power Fist.
  • 18/25 Atom's Judgement.
9 May 2021

Can you get a home in Diamond city Fallout 4? ›

The settlement system is one of the largest additions to the Fallout franchise ever, and with it comes the ability to customize your own home. You can claim many settlements in Fallout 4, including a small house in Diamond City.

What is the max population in Fallout 4? ›

Each settlement has a default max population of 10 settlers plus each point of Charisma the character has, which has a base max of 22 (10 from leveling and +1 from bobblehead and You're SPECIAL! magazine respectively ) before factoring in extra charisma from armor and consumables.

Where is Diamond City in real life? ›

Kimberley, Northern Cape in South Africa, is also known as "The Diamond City"

Are settlers worth victory points? ›

A settler doesn't count as a victory point, not even if he is on a ship. Only settlements, harbor settlements, and the mission progress count as victory points.

Do robots count as settlers? ›

They count as population, they can be assigned as farmers and providers, and they need a bed, although they don't use it.

Is ammo still good after 10 years? ›

Although most manufacturers recommend not using ammo older than ten years, it's better to be safe than sorry. After a few years, use those older rounds at the first opportunity, maybe getting some practice in at the shooting range.

Can settlers steal your power armor? ›

Settlers CAN still steal armor even if it's on a rack. Settlers CAN still steal armor even if it has no core in it. I had a settler steal 22 100% cores from a crate, then jumped in my armor and used it. I had to talk to him to get him to get out of the armor, then trade with him to get my cores back.

Can I put my settlers in power armor? ›

Basically just prop power armour with power cores in them (best add a few spare sif possible) around your settlement. When it get's attacked by a raid the next time, some of your settlers will go into one or more of the power armours and fight the enemeis with them. They should then remain in the armors.

What is the rarest power armor in Fallout 4? ›

The Piezonucleic Torso is one of the only individual power armor pieces that are unique in Fallout 4. This piece of armor is a quest reward for completing the mission "Cambridge Polymer Labs."

What is the most valuable item in Fallout 4? ›

Fallout 4: The 10 Most Exceedingly Rare Items In The Game
  • 8/10 Bathrobe. ...
  • 7/10 HalluciGen Gas Grenade. ...
  • 6/10 Lieutenant's Hat. ...
  • 5/10 2076 World Series Baseball Bat. ...
  • 4/10 Poisoned Wine. ...
  • 3/10 The Striker. ...
  • 2/10 Leopard Print Bandana. ...
  • 1/10 Aeternus.
19 Sept 2019

Can settlers use powered doors? ›

Yes and no. Most of the time they won't because as someone else has said you usually have to instruct them to activate a powered door. Sometimes an NPC can glitch into that area but from my own experience that's rare. However if your settlement is attacked they can.

What mod adds more structures? ›

1) Valhesia Structures

All of the aforementioned Minecraft mods that add new structures can be downloaded and installed with the Forge Modloader.

What is the most used mod? ›

What Is the Most Downloaded Minecraft Mod? The mod called 'Just Enough Items' (or JEI for short) has been downloaded over 131 million times, making it one of the most popular Minecraft mods out there.

What is the strongest outfit in Fallout 4? ›

The marine armor set is one of the strongest normal armor sets in the game and is only available to players who downloaded the Far Harbor DLC. While this armor set is rather heavy, it boasts almost unrivaled defenses, especially if a player takes the time to upgrade the set to the assault marine armor variant.

What should I upgrade first in Fallout 4? ›

For anyone starting their adventure for the first time Gun Nut is the ideal pick, as it increases Small Gun and Repair proficiency by five with each upgrade. It's a great basic perk to invest in and is without a doubt a staple of perks in the game.

How can I improve my settlement? ›

To upgrade your settlement, interact with any of the plaques dotted around the local vicinity, and you'll see the resources required to build a certain installment. In the early hours of Valhalla, each new settlement will cost you 400 supplies and 30 raw materials.

How do I attract more settlers to sanctuary? ›

The first step to attracting more settlers in Fallout 4 is making sure your settlements are ready for new settlers. This means you'll want to go ahead and build some extra beds, throw up some more water pumps, and probably even chunk down a few more Gourds or Melons to keep everyone fed.

How should I distribute my points at the beginning of Fallout 4? ›

There's no level cap and you can put perks into raising SPECIAL up to the max of 10, so I'd really only recommend setting Charisma and/or Agility to either 1 or 2 and setting Intelligence to 9 or 10. If you max a SPECIAL stat to 10, you can later collect a bobblehead that raises it to 11 ONLY if you're at 10.

What affects settlement size Fallout 4? ›

Each settlement has a default max population of 10 settlers plus each point of Charisma the character has, which has a base max of 22 (10 from leveling and +1 from bobblehead and You're SPECIAL! magazine respectively ) before factoring in extra charisma from armor and consumables.

What causes a settlement to grow? ›

Causes of growth

Settlements grow and become cities for three reasons: A settlement is reclassified as a city. Natural increase (birth rate is higher than death rate) causing the settlement to grow into a city. Migration into a settlement makes it grow into a city.

Can you speed up settlement? ›

Legally, it's possible to change the settlement date if both parties agree. In practice, though, you're dealing with four parties: your bank, their bank, your solicitor and their solicitor. All of you would have to commit to the new date.

What does the scavenging station do? ›

Notes. Scavenging stations are a cheap method for reducing unemployment in any settlement, which is necessary for the recruitment radio beacon to continue to function. No new settlers will join a settlement in which more than four settlers are unemployed.

How useful is Luck in Fallout 4? ›

Well, it might surprise you considering the name but Luck in Fallout 4 is very consistent in its effects. Once you put enough points in to the crit & VATS related abilities you will become a whirlwind of death, constantly refueling your Action Points and Crit Charges while your enemies turn in to dust one by one.

What is the most important stat in Fallout 4? ›

Recommended Fallout 4 Builds
  • Strength > 3 Points.
  • Perception > 7 Points.
  • Endurance > 8 Points.
  • Charisma > 1 Point.
  • Intelligence > 1 Point.
  • Agility > 7 Points.
  • Luck > 1 Point.
25 Apr 2021

How many settlements does it take to complete a rank? ›

The goal is to have at least eight such settlements. To do so, you just have to impress settlements by helping them out, as opposed to building recruitment beacons. The quest should conclude when you've recruited your eighth settlement.

What is the biggest town in Fallout 4? ›

The largest city in Fallout 4 is this Pre-War amusement park turned settlement Nuka-World. This massive area is home to a number of citizens living under the thumb of raiders in the area.

What is the biggest settlement Fallout 4? ›

Spectacle Island comes with the game's largest building area and, apparently, its highest built limit, meaning it's one of the most versatile locations going.

What does CHR 6 mean in Fallout 4? ›

Local Leader (CHR 6)

Perk Description : Grants abilities that help manage and improve your various Wasteland settlements. Rank 1: Gives you the ability to setup supply lines between your settlements. (


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