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If you want to save money by reducing your home’s heating and cooling costs during hot summer days and warmer during the cold season, installing double glazed windows is one of the best ways to do. What does window glazing do?

Double-glazed windows can reduce your household’s energy consumption by up to 12% and your gas consumption by up to 16%. This is an excellent way of keeping your homes at optimal temperature without increasing your utility bills.

So how much does glass cost? For glass prices, double-glazed glass cost around $200 per square metre, while low-emission glass can cost around $220 per square metre. Mirror cost per square meter is about $250.

Float glass will cost around $40 per square metre for an 8mm float glass. It is more affordable compared to glazed glass, but they offer less insulation.

These prices are only for materials and do not include labour costs or glazier cost. Generally, glass and glazing cost may range from $38 to $320 per square metre, which depends on the kind of glass.

Types of Glass

  • Sheet Glass – sheet glass, plate glass, or flat glass is the type of glass that you commonly see on windows, windscreens, and glass doors. They come out of the furnace as large sheets.
  • Float Glass – the name float glass comes from the way this type of glass gets made. They manufacture this glass by floating molten glass on molten metal. Float glass has uniform thickness. You often see float glass as modern window glass.
  • Laminated Glass – this is a type of safety glass. Unlike other types of glass that shatters into several pieces, laminated glass holds together when broken. An interlayer holds the glass pieces together.
  • Toughened Glass – a type of glass you usually see on splashback because it is heat-resistant.
  • Double-glazing – it consists of several layers of glass panes with a vacuum in between. This type reduces heat and outside noises.
  • Low-emission – a type of glass that reflect, absorb, and transmit heat.

How Much Does Glass Cost?

Glass prices differ depending on the glass type in question. Some types of glass cost more and require additional steps to manufacture, which makes them more expensive. So how much does glass cost?

Cheap glass panels made from float glass can cost around $38 per square metre. For toughened glass the price depends on the house window glass thickness but toughened glass price per square foot is around $95.

Commercial glass types are often more expensive but are more energy-efficient. As mentioned earlier, double-glazed glass cost around $200 per square metre while low-e glass cost around $220 per square metre.

How Much Does Glass Window Repair Cost?

Glass windows can break for many reasons. Wooden frames may rot over time while metal frames may dent or accumulate rust. These are common reasons for having your glass window repaired.

Glass window repair cost between $50 to $60 per hour. This depends on the extent of the damage that a contractor needs to repair.

Labour costs differ all around the country. Queensland and South Australia have the most affordable window repair and replacement labour costs at an average of $50 per hour.

If you’re in Victoria, it may cost you around $55 per hour. Window repair and replacement labour costs cost the most in New South Wales at around $60 per hour.

How Much Is a Glass Splashback?

Australia regulates kitchen splashbacks. Glass splashbacks need to comply with basic requirements outlined under the Building Code of Australia. This is to ensure that all homes have proper protection from combustible materials.

The price of glass splashbacks depends on its dimensions. The prices mentioned below are just for materials and excludes labour costs.

As an example, a pre-cut glass splashback measuring 700 mm x 745 mm x 6 mm will cost you around $150. This is for high-quality toughened glass.

Because of building regulations when it comes to kitchen splashbacks, be sure to get a licensed glazier for installation. Check your local authorities so you can learn more about licensing requirements.

How much is a glass shower screen?

A glass shower screen can help make your bathroom more modern and organised. It looks classier compared to ordinary shower curtains. If you want to keep up with the trend on framed showers, frameless shower screens are hot commodities.

Just like kitchen splashbacks, glass showers need to comply with building regulations. The law requires that framed shower screens are made from safety glass.

There are glass and glazing standards required by the law that a glazier needs to comply with strictly. The thickness of the door needs to be either 8 mm or 10 mm.

Depending on the thickness of the glass, glass shower cost between $360 to $690. Expect to pay the same for a sliding door. These prices are just for materials and do not include labour costs.

24/7 Emergency Glass Repairs

An emergency glass repair does not mean that the broken glass will get replaced right there and then. The glazier will clean up the broken glass, board up the window, and then take measurements for the replacement glass.

Because of urgency and time constraints, emergency glass repairs costmore. Emergency glass repairs cost up to $150 per hour. This price does not include the cost of the replacement glass.

Some factors may increase the cost of an emergency glass replacement. If the glass is in a hard to reach place like a glass roof or a reeded glass bathroom window on the second floor, there might be additional charges.

The additional charge can be due to additional equipment that the glazier may require, like a ladder or a scissor lift.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Glass and Glazing Job?

The cost of a glass and glazing job can change because of several factors. The first factor is the location of the job.

This underscores the importance of hiring contractors in your area. A glazier from out of town will charge more to cover for the time it will take to and from the location of the job.

Local contractors also have the advantage of knowing which local suppliers offer the best prices. An out of town contractor may have to bring in supplies from out of town which may lead to an increase in the price of materials.

The area of the glass unit that needs working on will also dictate the cost of a job. The amount of wired glass, toughened double glazing, or single glazed that the glazier will use will heavily influence the cost of a contract.

The complexity of the work will also add to the cost of the job. Double glazed glass roof panels cost more to install because of the difficulty of access. Glass roof cost per square foot depends on the thickness of the glass.

Double glazed window glass replacement cost less if located on the ground floor because it is easy to reach.

Glazing table glass will cost less since it is easy to reach and install. Glass desk cover price, on the other hand, depends on the thickness of the glass used.

Find the Right Glazier for Your Project

If you need to hire a glazier, let us know! HIREtrades has more than 100,000 contacts of tradies across Australia. Our team can help find the right glazier in your area that can match your requirements.

Where Do You Need Glaziers?

Glaziers are essential because they can help you achieve the overall look that you want for your glass windows, doors, roof, or shower screens.

Glass is expensive, and you want someone who knows how to cut and handle it properly. For example, wired glass has a high price, and it is better to let an expert glazier handle it to avoid wasting material.

Glaziers also know how to comply with government regulations. This can help you ensure that everything on your home is compliant with laws set by local building authorities.

How much does a glazier cost?

A glazier may charge between $60 to $80 per hour. This is just for labour costs and does not include the cost of materials. Small jobs, like the replacement of a single-window, will likely have a minimum fee.

If you need a glazier to handle glass installation or replacement for an entire house, you might want to ask for a quote. This will give you an idea of how much the entire project will cost.

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