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The BMW car keys are an important aspect of the vehicle. When you lock your keys in your car, it can be devastating. If this happens to you, don’t panic and follow these steps: 1) Call a locksmith 2) Contact your insurance company 3) Take inventory of what is inside the vehicle 4) Document all damages 5). Chances are that if you have been following this blog post then you will know about some other ways to get into a locked BMW without damaging it like breaking a window or drilling through the door frame.

If you are an avid BMW car owner, then chances are that at some point or another, you have locked your keys in the car. This post is for those moments when this has happened and we will go over what to do when this happens step by step.

The first thing to do if this happens is not panic. “What am I going to do now?” you might be thinking. Don’t worry, help is on the way! First things first, there’s no need to break a window or call a locksmith just yet. There are other ways of getting into your car without any damage being done and these methods can work even if you have one key with no spare hidden somewhere else in your house (or office).

Find the spare key

Do you know where your spare key is? You may have it with you, or perhaps it’s in a wallet or purse. Did you know that some BMW models come with two sets of keys? If the first set has gone missing and you don’t have the second set, then we can help! Our team of mobile locksmiths will drive to your location in order to unlock your vehicle for a low price. We’re available 24/7 so call today if you ever need our services!

Download your car’s companion app

Download your car’s companion app and check your settings to see if it allows an emergency entry. It will either be a button on the screen or buried in menus, but most BMW apps have this feature. Now put your finger over the phone’s camera lens and scan the bar code (be sure to hold them in front of you). If that still doesn’t work then try plugging the keyless fob into its charger for just one minute before trying again.

Call out a recovery service to reach your keys

This is a last-ditch measure to take and will cost you money. A recovery service may be able to get into your car through the boot or roof, but they’ll probably charge upwards of $150 and it’s not guaranteed that they can even open your particular model! Still, in times when all other methods have failed—and after taking any precautions like leaving someone at home for emergencies (or with contact numbers)—this might just work out.

I hope these BMW locked key binder tricks help next time you find yourself stuck outside without access to either set of keys. These are some methods that I have personally found useful over the years, and if none of them works then don’t worry because as we know, anything is possible.

Comfort Access

BMW’s Comfort Access is an innovative system that allows drivers to enter their vehicle without using the key or a door handle. The driver simply has to be in proximity of the car with the smartwatch and use the NFC function on it, which automatically unlocks and opens the doors for them. This also applies when exiting, as they can push a button on their watch to lock all doors at once. It’s not only convenient but also safe–without having to use your hands!

Central locking button

This button is located on the central console and allows drivers to lock all doors at once. All they need to do is press it when leaving their vehicle, which will then engage the central locking system of that car. It’s perfect for those who are in a hurry or don’t want to have to walk around opening every door individually!

Car finder

Car Finder is a service that you can activate on BMW’s app or website, which will allow those who have lost their keys to locate them. If the BMW car key fob has been misplaced, it can be locked remotely with this function for added security. It also makes finding your vehicle easier if there are more than one BMW in the vicinity!

Remote locking and unlocking

This option allows drivers of BMW to lock and unlock their cars without having to go up to them physically every time they want something done. The best part about remote control BMW locking is its convenience–drivers don’t have to get out of their vehicles anymore when using this feature!

Emergency key binder

What happens when all of your keys are inside the car? Keep one in your wallet so you’re prepared for any eventuality–they should also come with instructions on how to break into your vehicle and contact numbers (in case). A binder like this will work as an effective emergency measure but only do this in dire situations.

Remote Services

BMW’s Remote Services is a service that allows drivers to request roadside assistance without having to get out of their vehicle. They can do this either through BMW’s app or website, and the company will be alerted immediately. This means you don’t have to worry about waiting hours for someone who might not even show up!

locking mechanism

This is a system that locks and unlocks the door. It’s usually located on or near the interior door handle, but there are cases where it can also be found in other places (e.g., under seats!). The BMW locked key binder trick here is to make sure you know how your model of the car works before driving away–just because you’ve seen it done somewhere else doesn’t mean this will work for your specific vehicle!

Start shutting down windows from inside

If you’re not able to unlock any doors automatically, then try using these BMW locked keys binder tricks: one way to do so would be by starting closing all windows first as they won’t open once power has been cut off completely. This is because of the way BMW windows are designed–they can’t be opened from inside when they’re closed.

Door lock button

This allows drivers to open and close their doors without having to use a key or remote control (again, depending on what car you have). It’s perfect for those who want to shut down the power points in order to try out some BMW window binder tricks!

leaving your keys in the car

This binder trick can be really helpful if you’re leaving your keys in the car and need to get inside quickly–simply press it on your smartwatch, which will then unlock all doors. It’s a lot quicker than pressing each button individually! Make sure that this doesn’t happen too often though or else it might break down due to overuse. Don’t forget about BMW locked key binder tricks while driving away from your vehicle as well–if there are other BMWs around, locking them remotely could help save time should something go wrong!

The lock button on your smartwatch

BMW has just announced that it will be adding a “Lock” feature to its connected watches. This is good news for BMW car owners who have smartwatches, as they can now lock their cars from the distance of their wristwatch. To unlock the door, all you need to do is swipe your finger on the watch screen and hold it down until the doors open. This new update marks another step in BMW’s ongoing effort to provide customers with an ever-expanding range of mobility services.

The Lock button on your smartwatch allows you to lock your car remotely from distances up to 100 meters away by simply swiping and holding down on the screen of your watch till you hear a beep sound confirming that it’s locked.

Emergency access binder

This binder should come with all sorts of information like the number for BMW’s Emergency Service, contact numbers or a list of contacts in case you need to call them. It would also be a good idea to include instructions on how to break into your vehicle and an emergency BMW locked key binder trick–just in case!

Automatic locking feature

BMW has just announced that it will be adding a “Lock” feature to its connected watches. This is good news for BMW car owners who have smartwatches, as they can now lock their cars from the distance of their wristwatch. To unlock the door, all you need to do is swipe your finger on the watch screen and hold it down until the doors open. This new update marks another step in BMW’s ongoing effort to provide customers with an ever-expanding range of mobility services.

How do you unlock a BMW with the keys inside?

BMW owners have to deal with a frustrating problem when they forget their keys and lock them inside. There are many ways to get back in your car, but none of them is as quick or easy as the following:Place your hands together on top of the steering wheel and make sure you’re sitting properly before pressing down hard on the brake pedal with one foot while applying pressure to the gas pedal by pushing it forward like you were going to start driving. You should hear a clicking noise if done correctly followed by an opening door. If this doesn’t work, check out our other helpful hints!

Can BMW unlock my car?

BMW is a well-known and respected car company that has been in business for over 100 years. The iconic logo features the letter “B” with a crown on top of it, which stands for Bavarian Motor Works. BMW’s headquarters are in Munich, Germany and they also have plants all around the world including South Africa, Mexico, China and Malaysia. This blog post will answer if BMW can unlock your car once you lose your keys or forget your code to enter the vehicle. I’ll also be addressing how much this service costs and what happens if someone else steals your car!

How do I break into my locked BMW?

BMW drivers have probably been in this situation before: they lock their car with the remote keyless entry, but then realize that they left something inside. They know it’s not possible to unlock the door without a key, so there is only one thing left to do – call a locksmith and hope he can get them back on the road quickly.

But wait! There is actually another way to get into your vehicle if you don’t have a spare key handy or didn’t bring your fob with you. This video from BMW shows how simple it can be to lock yourself out of your own car by using an emergency release tube located under the driver side front seat cushion. It doesn’t sound like much fun when you’re already frustrated, but at least you’ll be able to get back on the road in no time.

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BMW locked keys in car step by step - CARSMECHINERY (2024)
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