Brooks Glycerin vs Saucony Triumph (2023)

Running shoes are made for comfort and protection so it is important to look for the shoes comfortable for your type of running such as the Brooks Glycerin Vs Saucony Triumph that are ideal for users who are going to tackle a longer distance and more laid back running. These are cushioned shoes, making them very comfortable and supporting but, just like with different products from different brands, the two are not exactly the same so let’s see below about which will fit you the most.

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In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Is Cushioned Running Shoes Better

  • What are Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph

  • How are the Look of Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph

  • How are the Upper of Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph

  • How are the Sole of Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph

  • How are the Running With Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph

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  • Brooks Glycerin Vs Saucony Triumph

Cushioned Running Shoes

Running is a great way to stay fit and this exercise is probably the most convenient as well because everyone can do them given the space. What’s often concerned with is whether to wear a pair of specific running shoes or not and in most cases you will be recommended to invest in one. Personally we agree that running shoes are important because even if you are not used to wearing one, they can be a protective gear to cover your skin from the harsh surface, especially if you are running outdoors.

In recent years, there is a trend about maximalist shoes or those with maximum cushioning among many runners. These shoes are often seen as a solution to reduce impact and hence become the choice of runners who are working on longer distances rather than racing for speed. But, the fact is not always as solid as one shoe will be better for all runners. The research regarding maximalist shoes also raises questions whether it is safer to wear or thinner shoes are actually better.

Not long ago in 2018, there was a study at Oregon State University where super cushioned shoes are tested to show how they impact runners or how the shoes affect the foot striking the ground. The theory we believed was initially that big or soft cushiony shoes will be able to absorb shock better but the result from this research shows the shoes are in fact preventing the foot from functioning as it should or like a spring by making it as shock absorber instead.

This result is quite concerning because the condition can lead to injury and as an addition, there is older study in 2015 giving similar results because they found softer shoes will increase the vertical forces and may cause some knee or joint stiffness that possibly increase the loading on the tissues or with other words the plush feeling we experience is not actually helpful in protecting the joints but harming them instead as we create a greater stress instead of lessening them.

While these findings are concerning indeed, we have to remember that just like not all shoes feel comfortable for you, chances are we’ll need more concrete evidence and further research to conclude which type of shoes are best for your activity. It is always wise to decide the option based on whether the shoes are comfy or not and if possible, look for shoes or stores that can provide a trial period just to see whether they will match your preference.

Brooks Glycerin Saucony Triumph
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About Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph

When it comes to running shoes, it is very confusing at times due to the abundance of choices and not all of them will benefit you the most as well. We do recommend trying the shoes first if possible or if you plan to try and buy a new pair of shoes from a different brand, make sure that they are similar to your older or at least have the quality that you are looking for. Most shoes are made for neutral runners, have adequate cushioning, and are pretty comfortable for long distance.

You can start by sorting out the brand or based on what the shoes are made for. Usually companies categorize their running shoes into different types to help their buyers to decide which will fit them best. Popular house of running shoes such as Brooks and Saucony are always a great place to start your shopping journey because they have the amount to choose from and a wide range of running shoes to address different running preferences whether you want speed or want comfort.

If you are here then we assume that you are also currently looking for comfortable running shoes that will be ideal for a long distance, more laid back running and if so then this is the perfect job for Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph. We are sure many have been familiar with these shoes as now they are currently in 19th and 18th iteration, proving the shoes are highly anticipated and still the favorite of many after years of their release.

For today’s comparison, we are going to talk about their older series so yes, the 18th and 17th version because chances are they will be not that much of a difference between variants and usually the last year shoes are going to be more affordable. Both Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph are more of medium-cushioned shoes so runners don’t have to worry about wobbly or flimsy feeling as the two are pretty solid in fact. We personally like the two but if you like thicker shoes, the Triumph will probably be more comfortable.

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Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph Design

Before checking what these shoes are capable of, let’s see the styling first and even from the first impression, we get the hint that this Triumph will be great for all-terrain type of running, noticing the thick sole it comes with. Glycerin is definitely not a thin shoe either but the latter is noticeably thicker and this sole design is just eye-catching in comparison to many other high-mileage running shoes we often see. As for the weight, we are not surprised Glycerin is the lightest one.

The difference is negligible when on the road but it is still there. On the look itself, they are good looking pairs of shoes but more people will probably catch your trainers if Triumph is the choice. The upper unit looks very well constructed, robust, and padded on the inside. Saucony does have a more interesting pattern here on the upper mesh if you are into more unique looking running shoes. Read also: Brooks Glycerin Vs Adrenaline.

Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph Upper

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph can offer here starting with the upper. The two are pretty much the same when it comes to a rigidity of the material for the upper side of the shoes. They also stay the same according to the previous shoes and probably have minor upgrades or redesigning such as the Glycerin which changes the regular mesh to now a double jacquard mesh for supreme breathability and adaptable to your feet’s shapes.

Unlike the previous Triumph, now Saucony no longer uses the ISO-fit system for the shoe’s upper and this is why the new shoes are softer or foamy in general while keeping the shape of the material. It seems they want to extend the feel of the midsole to continue to the upper with the new material. In comparison, the prominent difference is their heel counters in which Triumph is thicker, softer, and padded more, great for runners who are suffering from Achilles and flexor tendon issues.

Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph Sole

Next is the sole area of the Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph, starting with the Triumph first. These shoes are paired with PWRFLEX+ foam which is the company’s most responsive and lightest material ever, and have a similar feeling to the famous Adidas’s Boost foam. The 17th iteration is the first shoes from the company to use this material and noticeably, it is flexible with some soft or cushiony impression so the feeling is soft but also still responsive in general.

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The same feeling is found on the 18th iteration of Glycerin and if you have other Brook’s shoes, this one still uses the same DNA Loft foam which has incorporated air and rubber into the material from the previous version. The update in technology gives you lightweight shoes with a soft ride. To improve flexibility they use Omega Flex on the midsole, resulting in soft yet responsive shoes in general.

Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph Experience

Lastly on the feeling of these Brooks Glycerin and Saucony Triumph running shoes, we do think the upper are almost the same with Triumph being slightly thicker especially if you like soft upper which gives the shoes a streamlined impression from the sole to the upper or for the whole unit. On the sole they are almost the same as well but in comparison the Triumph is softer so it is all about personal preference because we do like this one for hitting the trail.

Brooks Glycerin vs Saucony Triumph

In comparison it is probably more on the subjective side or which you will be typically preferred on running shoes. Personally we do think the thinner sole of Glycerin is better for picking up pace when running without reducing its ability in terms of long mileage. On the other hand the thicker Triumph feels great for long distance but not as responsive yet, better if you are running on more rugged terrain. For regular road or track, we do like Glycerin better.

(Video) Head to Head Review - Saucony Triumph 18 vs Brooks Glycerine 19

- THIS SHOE IS FOR: The Glycerin 18 is perfect for runners who think there's no such thing as too much cushioning. The upper enhances comfort by perfectly balancing stretch and structure.

- SUPPORT AND CUSHION: Provides neutral support while offering the maximum amount of cushioning. Ideal for road running, cross training, the gym or wherever you might want to take them! Predecessor: Glycerin 17.

- SUPER-SOFT CUSHIONING: Increased DNA LOFT super-soft cushioning allows for even more extreme softness, without losing responsiveness or durability, while the OrthoLite sockliner provides premium step-in comfort.

- PLUSH FIT: The plush feel of an internal stretch bootie surrounds your foot and moves and expands with your stride. The engineered mesh upper enhances the fit.

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- Made in USA or Imported

- PWRRUN+ gives you a springy and responsive underfoot feel that keeps you strong and feeling fresh.

- FORMFIT acts like a luxurious bucket seat for your foot, conforming to you for the perfect fit and providing comfort from every angle.

- Cushioning thats 25% lighter than our previous best, the lightweight comfort of these shoes means you'll never feel like something is holding you back.

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(Video) Saucony Triumph 19 multi-tester review: three runners try out the cushioned cruiser


It is best to shop based on your personal taste in running shoes but in comparison, we do think Glycerin will fit on most people, especially if you are only running on tracks or road and treadmill because these shoes feel more responsive when you need to pick up the pace.


Is Saucony triumph a neutral shoe? ›

The Triumph is Saucony's premium neutral trainer. It combines a plush, luxury upper with a soft, premium cushioning. It's ideal for daily training especially for heavier-set runners.

What are Brooks Glycerin shoes good for? ›

MEAGHAN: The Glycerin 20 is Brooks' cushioned daily trainer, designed for all sorts of running, from recovery days to long runs. The upper is an airy mesh that's light and breathable but comes with plenty of cushioning around the collar and tongue. It's comfortable, with a great step-in feel.

Which Saucony has the most cushioning? ›

Best Max Cushioned Shoe: Saucony Triumph 19

The midsole features PWRRUN+ foam that's soft yet responsive and won't break down or lose its integrity during long runs.

Is Brooks Glycerin a stability shoe? ›

The Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 is a premium, highly cushioned stability shoe for daily training and easy miles. It features a new midsole called DNA Loft v3 (nitro-infused foam), providing a cushioned ride throughout the length of the shoe.

Does Saucony triumph have wide toe box? ›

The toe box is wide enough for toe splay. The upper still yields a premium feel to it, but is stripped down a little from the 18. The upper feels like a hybrid between the original Endorphin Speed and the Triumph 18. The tongue and heel are very padded and feel very cushioned when locking the laces down.

How long does Saucony Triumph 18 last? ›

MEAGHAN: The Saucony Triumph 18 is a durable daily trainer. I think this shoe will last hundreds of hundreds of miles. While it's not my favorite shoe from Saucony, it's a solid option for someone who enjoys a plush upper and lots of cushioning underfoot.

How do you know if a shoe is neutral? ›

Stand in your regular shoes and look down at your feet. If they both face straight forward, you're probably a neutral runner. If they spread out from back to front (so it looks like a V-shape), it's likely that you overpronate.

What is a neutral shoe type? ›

Neutral Shoes.

The Neutral shoe is designed for a runner that has high, rigid arches that do not flex or for a runner that tends to supinate (walk along the outsides of their feet). Neutral shoes range in cushioning from low to high depending on how responsive (low) or how soft (high) you would like your ride to be.

What is the difference between neutral and stability running shoes? ›

First things first: Whereas neutral shoes have no stabilizing features, but instead allow the foot to flex and move without any guidance, stability shoes and motion-control shoes are designed to help offset excessive pronation, or the inward rolling of a runner's feet after impact with the ground.

Does Saucony make a zero drop shoe? ›

Now the running shoe manufacturer has a zero-drop, cushioned offering in its catalog. Today, Saucony officially unveiled the Virrata, a new model featuring a flat, 0 mm heel-to-toe drop. Similar to many barefoot-like and minimal shoes, the lower heel height encourages a midfoot or forefoot landing.


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