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gloria wilson

17:18 01 Apr 22

We worked with Zac. He is an amazing technician. Very helpful. I would definitely come back and recommend others.

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02:34 08 Mar 22

I was door dashing when all of a sudden my car will no longer accept my key and locked me out. I couldn't do anything... and after almost two hours a man came out of the shadows like Batman bringing down the swift hammer of justice and asked if I needed help. He knew exactly what to do and got me driving in no time at all. His name was Zack, he was professional, extremely kind and got me the right key, quick, fast and in a hurry. I highly recommend this company due to the professionalism alone and you can't beat the more

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Alisa Middleton

03:03 06 Mar 22

Zack was excellent in helping us with my sister's car in a pinch. Very friendly and personable. We won't go anywhere... else when we need help with car keys!read more

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Trevor Lacy

02:25 24 Feb 22

By the grace of Robert from Rover Region Locksmith he was able to get my door unlocked in about 20mins. Before he... showed i had another locksmith come an unfortunately he wasn't able to pick the door. Robert showed with much determination to get all the variables right to precisely print out the correct key pins, the door opened in minutes. If I ever lock my keys in my house again I know exactly who to call. Them boys got it right! Thanks again, much appreciated!read more

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Alexei patrakov

03:21 06 Feb 22

The work was not done professionally, the lock on the door was broken. They do not admit their guilt. They took all the... money as $84 for a good job. I do not advise you to contact them at more

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ashia simmons

13:30 13 Jan 22

Good company and very professional. Zack arrived exactly in the timeframe he provided to me. He was very understanding... and super nice. Got me off to work in no time. I will definitely be calling them again should I need more

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Jané & Her3

06:09 14 Dec 21

Zack was great!!! Got in the time frame he said he would and took him no time to unlock my home door!!! Definitely will... be my first choice next time I need a lock smithread more

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Laila Kochi

22:48 11 Dec 21

Very quick to arrive. professional and courteous. And got into car very fast. 10/10 recommend

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (10)

ShaLundra Beckham

21:04 11 Dec 21

The young man that helped me was awesome!! The service was quick and professional. If you're locked out of your vehicle... this is the place to call!! Outstanding service!!read more

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nicole isom

(Video) Euro Cylinder - Key on the Inside

00:49 30 Nov 21

They arrived at The ETA estimated, fast, friendly and very professional and who isn’t looking for reasonable at a time... like this!! They are exceptionally experienced and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (12)

Pam Taylor

14:46 03 Oct 21

This company is excellent, has great customer service!This wonderful young man came out & replaced chip in my nieces... key yesterday!We can’t thank you enough for being such a help to them!read more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (13)

Kyra McGlon

07:46 22 Sep 21

Zack came to the rescue after about 2 in the morning to help my girlfriend unlock her car door. He was super patient... while she contacted family to get required registration or proof the vehicle was hers. He kept a professional conversation and built a great rapport. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!! Hopefully Zack can help you out more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (14)

Lenice Emanuel

01:40 18 Sep 21

Robert came in the middle of the night and had to drive all the way from Prattville to Montgomery. When he arrived, not... only did my lock need to be totally replaced, but there was a weird issue with the door, which was additional work for him. However, he did it with a great attitude and did not add to the amount he said he would charge. This young man is a gift, truly. I was in a desperate situation and he came through for me and I am forever grateful to him and River Region Locksmith and Security. I highly recommend this company. They are incredibly exceptional! Thank YOU, Robert! You are the BEST!read more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (15)

Carl Allen

01:41 01 Sep 21

Used River Region Locksmith to add a keyless entry to our front door. These guys are awesome and do a great job for a... really good price. Will use more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (16)

susan hanks

18:07 23 Aug 21

Zachary was very professional and showed up early to change my home locks. It's important when moving into a new home.... I highly recommend River Region more

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Evajean Mccluskey

09:39 10 Aug 21

Amazing job I even saved $150 dollars I was so excited they are fast friendly and amazing

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (18)

Melinda Alley

23:50 07 Aug 21

Excellent customer service! Extremely professional and quickly responded to my need! This company was able to take care... of my need for a new key fob for my BMW mini cooper, which most companies cannot accommodate for, on a late Saturday afternoon so that I wasn’t stranded at work! 2 thumbs up and more! Highly recommend!read more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (19)


19:56 04 Jun 21

Got here in 20 minutes or less. Tried his best to get into my car with the safest method without damaging.... Knowledgeable, honest, and quick service. He even replaced my keyfob battery for free. Definitely won my business. For the speed and quality of the service there’s no reason to go elsewhere. Deserved a good review. Thanks again!read more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (20)

Zachary Wendorf

05:52 21 May 21

Very quick friendly service. Came out right away and had us back in our house in 15 minutes. Will use them again if... more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (21)


00:11 13 Apr 21

They were not able to help at the time because their truck was in the shop. They were pleasant people however.I will... consider changing my rating from a one star because I don't want to damage your reputation. However, my phone records indicate that I called your business on March 31st and was told that your truck was not working. I was in Prattville but I don't live there. I was told that the nearest locksmith that could help me unlock my vehicle was in Montgomery AL. As you can imagine I was more

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Timothy Obenauf

14:57 07 Apr 21

Great guy, very knowledgeable and accommodating. Was very flexible as to scheduling time and place to meet for the job.... Made two spare key fobs for my 2 cars and even cut the valet keys right on site. Great value compared to other locksmiths and dealerships. Highly recommended!read more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (23)

Mark Lee

05:17 10 Mar 21

Robert knows what he is doing. He has the latest technology and expeditiously helped me out of a jam after loosing my... car key. His rate is affordable, he arrived earlier than expected and he will be the first person I call if needed in the more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (24)

Amanda Plass

16:34 03 Mar 21

Very nice and respectful. Responded the same day I called. Rates very reasonable to.

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (25)

Latoysha Sankey

08:13 03 Feb 21

I locked my keys in my ignition in my truck with my truck running.. I called around looking for a locksmith, however... this other locksmith referred me to river region.. I’m soo glad he did!! Because Robert was amazing! He came out and unlocked my truck and also made me a spare on the spot!! At 12 am I didn’t think anyone would be available but he came through!!I honestly appreciate him!Thanks again Robertread more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (26)

Krista James

20:05 01 Jan 21

Prompt and affordable. Robert was absolutely amazing. Not only did he come out on a holiday, but he was an hour earlier... than expected. He had a great attitude and was professional and courteous. Not to mention he was the most affordable out of every place we called. 100% recommend and will use them again if the need more

Contact Us - River Region Locksmith (27)

Tiara W.

(Video) Locksmith Lantzville BC | Mr. Locksmith™

23:53 01 Sep 20

I somehow managed to lock myself out of my house at around 10:30pm when I was trying to make a quick run to the store.... On a whim, I did a search for 24 hour locksmiths, and I called this one after a Google search because it was closest to me (literally right down the street almost). He arrived quickly. He was friendly, quick, and made sure to verify that I lived at the residence. The pricing was also great, considering how much someone from Montgomery or Clanton would’ve charged. I highly recommend this company. Thank you for your excellent service. I’ll be sure to recommend you to others!read more


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