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Bespoke Double Glazing

Majestic Designs offers a wide range of double glazing window options, including uPVC casement, sash, bay, and windows. While these can be custom-designed and made to your own specifications to suit your home and any architectural or conservation guidelines, sometimes you may want double glazing that’s completely bespoke to your home.

Whether you need a double glazed window to fit an awkward corner or you’re looking for something completely personal or a one-off statement piece for your home that doesn’t match the usual standard measurements, we can work with you to design and create it for you.

Our manufacturing factories have some of the most technically advanced machinery in the industry, allowing us to create double glazed windows to almost any shape and size you want – from circles to arches or triangles. And as all of Majestic Designs uPVC double glazed windows are rated A+14 as standard, you’ll have the ultimate in energy-efficiency too.

Double glazing security

You’ll be well aware of the many benefits double glazing will have for thermal and energy-efficiency as well as noise reduction. But double glazing also increases your home’s security in several different ways to help you sleep easy and give you greater peace of mind when you’re away.

Windows and doors are the main points of entry for any intruder. This is why Majestic Designs manufacture uPVC double glazing using only the highest quality materials that conform to British standards to give you the ultimate in window security. Double glazing glass is much tougher than standard glass anyway so is much harder to break, but our additional security measures will give you added comfort.

Secure multi-point Yale locks: Yale multi-point locks are totally secure as they lock at multiple points along the frame (hence the name) for maximum security and peace of mind. Windows featuring these multi-point locks can also be used to secure your window while leaving it slightly open for ventilation and airflow if you need to. We only use security locks from reliable and proven suppliers in all our double glazed windows.

Internal beading: Beading is part of the uPVC frame that holds the double glazed glass in place. It’s usually a plastic strip at the edge of the glass which fits into the frame’s recess. When we describe our double glazing as being ‘internally beaded’, it means the beading is placed on the inside of the frame (facing into your room) rather than the outside. While beading can be removed, especially if it’s on the outside (external beading), internal beading offers you greater security as it can’t be accessed from the outside. All our double glazing is internally beaded as standard.

Double glazing maintenance

When your Majestic Designs double glazing is fully fitted and installed, they’ll stand out proudly and add stunning kerb appeal to your home. While the showroom fresh look will lessen as it’s faced with all sorts of weather, dirt, and grime over the months, some low-key TLC is all you need to keep your windows looking great for longer.

Unlike traditional hard or softwood frames, our uPVC double glazing is almost maintenance-free. That means there’s no danger of any rotting, swelling, or shrinking to regularly fix or maintain and there’s no need to reapply any exterior paint or coating. But semi-regular cleaning of the uPVC frames and double glazed panes will help keep them looking their best.

Using a soft cloth or brush to remove any dust, cobwebs or excess dirt beforehand, all you need is a sponge and some warm, soapy water. This should be enough to remove the gradual build up of dirt and grime on your frames and panes, but if or when your uPVC frames need a deeper clean, you can use a specialist uPVC cleaner.

For the best results, always avoid using bleach, cream cleaners (which can be abrasive and leave scratches on the uPVC), and abrasive scouring pads or wire wool (which will also scratch uPVC and damage the double glazing itself).

One key maintenance tip for all double glazing is to make sure the hinges and handles are always in good working order. To avoid stiffness in the hinges, use a lubricating spray such as WD40 to give you a continually smooth opening/closing action. WD40 is also useful for spraying into the window locks to ensure your key fits and works effortlessly.


What is double glazing?

Double glazing is the term used for windows manufactured with sealed uPVC or aluminium units that use two panes of glass instead of one. Between the two panes of 4mm glass, there’s a 20mm space bar gap which is filled with a mix of air and at least 90% argon gas. It’s these two panes of glass and the gas which work together to give the insulation you need to keep your home warmer in cold weather and make it more energy-efficient.

Double glazed windows can prevent up to 60% of the heat inside your home from escaping and it’s this that makes double glazing so energy-efficient – and popular for all homeowners.

What does double glazing do?

The main purposes of double glazing are to improve your home’s heat insulation, increase its energy efficiency, and reduce any outside noise from neighbours or heavy traffic. It’s the two panes of glass and the gap which are key to all three of these.

Firstly, to increase heat insulation, double glazing reduces heat transfer between the outside and inside of your home. Secondly, with argon gas filled gaps, this also improves that insulation – and the wider the gap, the better the insulation. Thirdly, the second pane of glass acts as a further barrier against any heat loss and combined they have much greater sound reducing qualities.

What’s the energy rating of double glazing?

Any double glazing you choose for your home will go a long way to improving the warmth and efficiency of each room. When installed correctly, they can reduce the amount of heat lost through your windows which means you have lower energy bills, saving you money and helping the environment.

All double glazing is energy-efficiency rated by letters between A and G, with A being the most energy efficient and G being the least efficient. It’s also possible for + and – ratings to be attached to each letter as well and the higher the grade, the less heat you’ll use.

Every uPVC window manufactured across the UK is rated and verified by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC). Their rating system runs from A – E with A++ being the highest achievable rating. Using this verified system, all Majestic Designs uPVC double glazed windows are rated A+14 as standard.

Will double glazing help lower my energy bill?

Having double glazing fitted in your home will definitely help lower your energy bills. How much depends on the amount of double glazed windows you have installed. But if you own a detached house and replace all your single pane windows with Majestic Designs A+14 rated double glazing, the Energy Trust suggests there could be savings of up to £115 a year.

If you own a terraced house with homes on either side, you would naturally use less energy to heat it. You would also lose less heat as well, so replacing all your single pane windows with Majestic Designs A+14 rated double glazed windows could mean savings of up to £60 a year.

I already have double glazing - does it need replacing?

Double glazing will give you many years of long-lasting durability and efficiency, and, on average, double glazed windows should be effective for around 20 years. Of course, if it’s not performing as well as it could be in helping to insulate your home, then you should look into replacing it.

If your home already had double glazing when you moved in, but you’re not sure when it was fitted, there are some signs that could tell you it could be due for replacement. If you’re noticing any draughts or leaks, check for any cracks or warping in the frames and any other signs of wear and tear in the uPVC. Also look out for any discolouration or misting of the glass – this is a sign the seals are near the end of their life. At Majestic Designs, we’re so confident of all our double glazing that we offer a full 10-year warranty on every window.

Is double glazing better than secondary glazing?

In a word, yes. Secondary glazing works in a similar way to double glazing but it’s nowhere near as effective or energy-efficient. Instead of the energy and thermally efficient glazing double glazed glass gives you, secondary panes are a poor substitute.

Secondary panes are fixed to single paned windows from the inside, but there is no seal. This means there’s no pressure difference between the inside and outside of the window so they’ll offer little or no energy savings or sound insulation. Going back three or four decades, double glazing was an expensive addition to any home, so secondary glazing was seen as a cheaper option. But double glazing is much more affordable nowadays and will more than pay for itself in energy savings over the years.

Does my double glazing need to be white?

Most uPVC double glazed windows you’ll see are white in colour. While they’re the most common, Majestic Designs offers you a much wider range of popular frame colours to choose from. Every property is different and while white is standard, it might not be right for your own home.

Just as hard-wearing and popular, our range of rich heritage colours gives you plenty of choice to match your own taste and suit the architectural style of your home. Our double glazing frame colours include:

  • White
  • White Woodgrain
  • Cream
  • Chartwell Green
  • Irish Oak
  • Rustic Cherry
  • Golden Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Rosewood
  • French Grey
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Schwarz Braun Black
  • Agate Grey

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