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Selecta Glasgow provide double glazing repairs and supply sealed replacement double glazed window units throughout Glasgow and the local areas.

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We Repair Double Glazing in Glasgow

Double glazing is one of the best property improvements anyone can make to their home. Double glazing is the self-explanatory process of fitting two panes of glass in a window fixture. It is great for added security and it ensures that your home stays warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

If you’re looking for double glazing in the Glasgow area, Selecta Glasgow is the right choice. We are specialists in double glazing repairs Glasgow, and our many happy customers have proved time and again that we are the ideal place to go for double glazing window repairs Glasgow. With the high calibre of our experienced professionals and our competitive prices, there is no better company to choose.

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Misted Double Glazing Repairs Glasgow

Although double glazing is an excellent way to keep your home secure and to save on your energy bills, over time, the windows can begin to deteriorate – this is why knowing where to go for replacement double glazed sealed units Glasgow is a good idea. Misting is a big problem and is perhaps the number one reason for needing double glazing repairs Glasgow south.

Misted double glazing occurs when moisture is able to get between the two panes of glass due to a problem with the seal. As the moisture dries, it leaves a misted look behind. Not only is this unsightly, but it will also reduce the lifespan of the unit. Plus, if there is moisture, mould can easily follow, and you might find that the mould creeps from the double glazing to the rest of your house, or at the very least the room the window is in.

We Can Repair Your Misted Double Glazing In Glasgow

Although in some cases, misted double glazing will need to be entirely replaced, most of the time, specialist repairs can take place. This will save you money and rejuvenate the panes.

Misted double glazing repairs Glasgow should only be carried out by experts, such as those at Selecta Glasgow. At Selecta Glasgow, we are experts in providing repairs for misted double glazing in the Glasgow area, and we have a lot of experience in doing precisely that.

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Selecta Glasgow offer a wide range of different services throughout Glasgow.

We have completed many different projects for clients and are extremely proud of our standard of work.

For examples of our complete projects, take a look here;

Our Projects

Composite Doors

We supply and fit a great range of composite doors in Glasgow. See some of our composite door installations here.

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Double Glazing

The bulk of our work is supplying and fitting double glazing windows. Check out some of latest fits here.

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Looking to replace your roofline in ? Check out some of our latest roofline replacement work here.

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Replacement Double Glazed Units In Glasgow

Although the first course of action will always be to see if a repair can be made to double glazed units, in some cases, they will need to be replaced, and it is at this stage – if not before – that experts in double glazing repairs Glasgow area are contacted.

One of the main reasons to replace your double glazing rather than attempt to repair it is if it’s old – it will be more cost-effective to have new windows rather than to keep repairing the old ones.

Local Double Glazing Replacement

At Selecta Glasgow, you can rest assured that no matter what the outcome of your double glazing issue, we can help you. As well as carrying out double glazing repairs Glasgow, we can install brand new replacement double glazed units Glasgow, ensuring that your home is secure, comfortable, and low-cost.

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What our customers say

Owen McGee

I had 4 windows replaced by Harry and his team at Selecta. Harry was a pleasure to deal with, very friendly, knowledgeable and flexible with doing the initial survey and provided a very quick quote for the work. Just over a week from placing the order, the windows were installed to a very high standard. Harry's team even repaired one of my existing windows, which had issues with draughts for a long time. This saved me having to get it replaced, which saved me money. Very happy with the service I have received and would happily recommend Selecta to anyone looking for new windows.


Nicola Dempster

Had my new windows and door fitted today, outstanding service from getting our quote from Harry who certainly knows his stuff, kept me Informed on my windows being made to date of fitting, he is extremely helpful and friendly. Fitters came today and were so quick and efficient, also a good laugh, I could not recommend this company enough, thanks so much guys. Nicola x


Mudassar Ayyaz

I've got 7 windows from Harry and Service is amazing and the price is really good and the fitters are really nice guys thanks very much it's was pleasure to deal with Selecta Glasgow I would recommend if anyone looking for new windows or doors please contact Selecta Glasgow


Adrian Georgescu (Adi)

The guys from Selecta replaced our windows in our flat and they did a perfect job. Fist we have been visited by Harry, who did all the measurements and gave us all the advices we needed regarding the new windows. He was very professional and friendly, and the same evening sent us the quote. Payed the invoice and then he contacted us when the order was ready. Next day, two men came and installed the windows, they were friendly, funny and efficient. At the end they cleaned the rooms and everything was just perfect.


Yasmin Murdoch

Couldn't be happier with the job done by Harry and his team with my new windows. I was kept informed from start to finish by Harry who was happy to answer any question i had and the whole process took just 3 weeks! What more could you ask for?!
John and Gordon were brilliant, incredibly efficient and the tidiest workers i have ever seen! You wouldn't have even known they were here! Have to mention the job they done rebuilding the timber sills in one of my rooms where the old ones had been rotting away... Absolutely fantastic! Brings a whole new lease of life to a very dull room!


Sara Fernández

Just had our windows fitted yesterday and couldn't be happier with the whole process. Harry came twice to the flat to take measurements and go over some details. He explained us everything. Two weeks later and the windows were being fitted. Scott and Grant were brilliant, so fast, clean and nice. They've done such an amazing job. I'd 100% recommend this company to anyone.



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Double Glazing Repairs Glasgow | Replacement Double Glazed Units (4)

Double Glazing Repair and Replacement Company Near You!

At Selecta Glasgow, we have the experience, professionalism, training, and dedication to be your ideal double glazing repair or replacement company. Whether you have misted double glazing that is making it hard to see out of your windows or making your home look messy, or you need new windows because your old ones are no longer secure or doing their job in the right way, we’re the place to turn.

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At Selecta Glasgow, we offer free quotes for our services in the Glasgow area, and thanks to our accurate estimates, you’ll always know exactly where you stand with us.

Contact us today to find out more, and we’ll be happy to carry out your Glasgow double glazing repairs.

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Selecta Glasgows' window services near you!

Selecta Glasgow provides a wide range of window-related services in Glasgow, these include;

Casement Windows, Sash Windows & Window Manufacturing.

We also offer double glazing services in Glasgow and the surround areas, these include but not limited to;

Double Glazing Cumbernauld, Double Glazing East Kilbride & Double Glazing Edinburgh.

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Why choose Selecta Glasgow

We pride ourselves on providing quality products & services at prices that won't break the bank. We have a range of finance options available so why not call us to discuss your project.


Outstanding service


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No job too small


10 year guarantee


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For all your double glazing, external doors & roofline.


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We are a Glasgow based double glazing company specialising in uPVC windows, doors and roofline products. Arrange a free no obligation home visit today.

Our Services

  • Glass Cut To Size
  • Garden Rooms
  • Conservatories
  • Porches
  • Roofline

Take a look at our projects and the areas we cover too!

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  • uPVC Doors
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Double Glazing Repairs Glasgow | Replacement Double Glazed Units? ›

Can failed double glazing be repaired? Technically yes, blown double glazing can be repaired, but we really don't recommend it! Essentially, the seal can be fixed with a repair by simply renewing the seal on the entire window, but this won't help the misting or condensation already within the panes.

Can double glazing units be repaired? ›

Can failed double glazing be repaired? Technically yes, blown double glazing can be repaired, but we really don't recommend it! Essentially, the seal can be fixed with a repair by simply renewing the seal on the entire window, but this won't help the misting or condensation already within the panes.

How do you fix failed double glazing? ›

To repair the issue, one method uses a desiccant to absorb the moisture. A small hole is drilled to access the glass pane unit. A special drying agent is then injected or pumped into the hole to help dry out the window. An anti-fogging agent can also be added to help avoid the problem in the future.

Is it worth repairing double glazing? ›

In short, yes, it is worth replacing your old double glazing. Outdated double glazing could be costing you money and could make a home colder in the winter months. If you have old double glazing, you could make your property warmer by fitting new, higher performance windows.

What causes double glazed units to fail? ›

The seal can break for a number of reasons, including the age and condition of the window frame or a problem with the manufacture of the unit. It could also be due to how the window was originally installed or a chemical cleaning material used on the window that over time has damaged the seal.

What is the life expectancy of double glazing? ›

A double glazed window produced today will have a lifetime of 25-30 years and more if fitted in a sheltered location and not subject to any extreme weather. A double glazed window that does face exposed weather will expect a lifespan of 20 years.

How do you know if double glazing has blown? ›

The most apparent indication that your double glazing has blown is that between the glass panes, your windows become cloudy, foggy or hazy. Early signs of blown double glazing may also be observed, such as water seeping through the window frame, which is yet another symptom that your double glazing is failing.

Does double glazing lose its effectiveness? ›

Double glazing can fail and become less efficient the older it is, if you can feel drafts around your window frames it could mean that a seal in or around the window has failed and is no longer working correctly.

Can condensation in double glazing be fixed? ›

Double-glazed windows can be repaired to reduce the effects of condensation inside the unit. A hole is drilled to remove the moisture from between the panes, before the entire unit is resealed to prevent more moisture getting in.

Why is double glazing so expensive? ›

Why Is Double Glazing So Expensive? Double glazing costs as much as it does because of the quality of the materials manufactured for your installation and because of the costs of installation.

How can I test my double glazing? ›

The Flashlight Test

Wait until the sun sets. Then, go outside while a second person shines a flashlight around the edges of the window from inside the house. If you can see pinpricks of light shining through the frame, you have a problem. After all, if light can pass through, so can air.

How long does it take to replace a double glazed unit? ›

In the majority of cases, the whole job can be completed in just one day, however, if yours is a larger commercial project it may take a little longer.

Can you reseal double glazing? ›

It is possible for damaged double glazing to undergo resealing. However, it is advisable that the reseal of the window panes be done by the initial installers which is why receipts and crucial information must be kept. While it is possible to repair double glazing seals, it is preferable to replace it.

What happens to old double glazing? ›

The glass from old windows is collected from our factory and returned to the manufacturer. Once there, it is melted down and remade into new windows and other glass objects.

Can you dry out blown double glazing? ›

To get rid of moisture you can place a dehumidifier near the window, lay a moisture absorber along the bottom edge or put a space heater near the window. These items should help get rid of any moisture trapped between the double pane windows.

Can heat break double glazing? ›

Heat is a key factor in the potential cracking of double glazing units. This includes not only external heat but also internal changes in temperate that will have a detrimental effect on the look and most importantly performance of your double glazed windows, making them more likely to crack.

What is the most efficient double glazing? ›

Glass. The most energy efficient type of glass for double and triple glazing is low emissivity (low-E) glass. Low-E glass has a microscopically thin coating of metal oxide on one of the internal glass surfaces. This coating reflects heat back into the home but still lets in the light from outside.

Can you remove moisture between double pane windows? ›

Silica Desiccant

A desiccant is an absorbent material designed to maintain dryness in the space it protects. In a double-paned window, silica pellets inside the aluminum perimeter strip absorb moisture from any incoming air that enters the space between the panes.

Can you fix windows with moisture between panes? ›

The only way to rid a thermal window of condensation is by removing the moist air in between the panes and replacing it with dry air.

Does condensation mean double glazing has failed? ›

The appearance of condensation between the panes of your double glazed unit indicates that the windows are not doing their job properly. The air-tight seal holding the insulating gas inside has failed, letting all the insulating gas out. When this occurs, water vapor can get between the two panes.

What's better than double glazed windows? ›

So triple glazing not only has three panes of glass, but two separate argon gas-filled areas. Creating even more of an energy-efficient and sound proofing shield for your home.

How to negotiate double glazing? ›

Tips on how to save money buying double glazing
  1. Remember nothing is “free” ...
  2. Negotiate. ...
  3. Trade windows and doors. ...
  4. Be wise about energy savings. ...
  5. Conservatories. ...
  6. Be very wary of cheap windows. ...
  7. Get it right first time. ...
  8. Bargain, bargain, bargain.

Should all houses have double glazing? ›

Double glazing can greatly reduce your energy bills. You can spend less time heating your home because the double glazing will trap the air inside. You'll have better draught proofing helping this too. About 18% of heat loss in a home is through the windows to see a saving on your energy bills.

Why are my double glazed windows so cold? ›

If the inside pane of your double glazing feels cold it is actually a very good sign that your windows are working correctly to keep your home warm. The reason the glass is cold to touch is because glass is actually an insulator and will not allow heat to transfer through it easily.

Can poor double glazing cause damp? ›

Blown windows are a problem, as they can cause condensation. If left untreated, this can lead to damp and mould forming inside the property, which is toxic for you and your family. Another factor you need to weigh in is heat loss through double glazing windows.

Does double glazing make a house cooler? ›

Double glazing is effective in all weathers because it stops heat transferring from one side to the other. That means in winter, it stops heat escaping from the inside of the property and in hot weather it limits the amount of heat energy from outdoors transferring to inside the building.

Is double glazing fitted from inside or outside? ›

They can use either internal or external beads, so you have the option to decide between which version you prefer most. Whichever type of frame you have, the specialists fitting your double glazing will be able to identify whether it needs to be fitted internally or externally.

Can you replace a pane of glass in double glazing? ›

There is a common misconception that, if there is an issue with the glass in a double glazed door, the entire door needs to be replaced. But, in reality, you can simply replace the glass and keep the frame and fittings as they are. This is the case for both double glazed windows and double glazed doors.

Can double pane glass be resealed? ›

While there are several ways to temporarily de-fog your double-pane windows and attempt to block out further moisture, there's no such thing as resealing a double-pane window or restoring its original energy-efficiency. You'll need to replace the window instead.

How do you get rid of condensation in the middle of double glazing? ›

Using Space Heaters & Hairdryers. Space heaters and hair dryers are products that are in almost any home and these can be used to help clear the condensation from your double pane windows. Place the space heater or hairdryer by the window and leave it on. This will absorb all the moisture in between the windows.

Is there a way to get moisture out of a double pane window? ›

Silica Desiccant

A desiccant is an absorbent material designed to maintain dryness in the space it protects. In a double-paned window, silica pellets inside the aluminum perimeter strip absorb moisture from any incoming air that enters the space between the panes.

How do you fix condensation and moisture between double pane windows? ›

Presently, there are two different ways to deal with condensation: either replace the window (you can usually replace only the glass unit and not the whole window) or hire a local company to drill holes in the outer pane, clean the windows from the inside and install one-way air vents to help prevent future ...

Why do double glazed windows go cloudy? ›

Damaged seals

Whether it's due to poor installation or simply wear and tear, broken or faulty seals are one of the most common causes of cloudy and blown double glazing. Windows are affected by weather conditions and will therefore expand and contract when temperatures rise and fall.

What is between the glass in double pane windows? ›

What is between double pane windows? Double-pane windows are filled with a gas between the panes of glass. The standard offering is filled with air. There is also the option to upgrade to argon-filled glass, which is a non-toxic odorless gas that offers better insulation because it is denser than air.

Does double glazing need replacing? ›

Put simply, sealed, double-glazed windows have a limited lifespan. The seal will eventually fail, which results in the two panes of glass misting up. When you install high-quality windows, that might not happen for 30 years. But the general rule of thumb is that double glazed windows should last for 20 years.

Can a double pane window with a broken seal be repaired? ›

The short answer is, yes, you can. However, fixing a broken window seal is not a do-it-yourself project. You will need to have the right tools and materials, as well as an understanding of how to properly use them. If you're not comfortable with this, it's best to hire a professional.

How much does it cost to replace the seal in a double pane window? ›

If condensation forms between the panes in your double-pane or triple-pane window, you'll likely need the window seal repaired or a pane restored. This repair typically costs around $140, or anywhere between $100 and $200, depending on the size and type of window.

Why do double pane windows lose their seal? ›

As the sun shines down on your windows, the glass expands and puts pressure on the seal. Overnight, the glass cools and shrinks. Day after day, this process repeats, and, over time, the seal may fail. Windows on the south and west sides often fail before others since they receive the most sunshine.


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