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This is a hybrid Popper for Light Rock Fishing enthusiasts, developed by DUEL.

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This is a hybrid Popper for Light Rock Fishing enthusiasts, developed by DUEL. At least at a first glance, especially when looking at the cavity in the front part of the lure. But if you look a bit more closely, you will notice that there is a second cavity, inside the hollow mouth of this tiny lure. DUEL has managed to increase the splashing and the tension created by LG Popper, an LRF lure that belongs to the new Hardcore lure series.

Its body is only 5 cm long and 4.5 gr heavy, so it is better combined with ultra light rod sets, with Casting Weight Max 10. We also tried it with an 1.5Lbs Ester Line up to PE 0.4. With all the sets of equipment this DUEL Popper maintained its great casting ability, gliding in the air and it responded exactly as we wished to every command from our rod. one could say that we are dealing with a small Popper for Light Rock Fishing. But in the end, an LRF angler comes to realize that this is also a Walk the Dog lure. With the classic Walk the Dog command, we can easily produce an attractive, smooth, side to side motion, but with something “extra”. Basically the hollow cavity we mentioned above, displaces water as a Popper does, with every left-right motion.

The body of the DUEL LG Popper also produces internally, rattling sounds. Consequently, the LG Popper reproduces and appeals on fish with two kinds of sounds: Popping & Rattling. The pop sound coming from the double cup and the rattle sound of the spheres. Motion, small jets of water, sounds coming from an only 5 cm lure with every jerk, if that isn’t impressive in lure technology , then what is?

Utilize the potential of the DUEL LG Popper to target rockfish and small migratory fish, such as Saddled Bream, Seabass, White Trevally, Tuna, Atlantic Bonito, Leerfish, etc.

Technical Characteristics

  • Product Code: F1203
  • Type: Floating
  • Weight: 4.5 gr
  • Length: 5 cm
  • Ring: No 2
  • Treble Hook: No 10
  • Casting Distance: Max 35 m
Lure Length
0 - 6.9 cm
Lure Weight
00001.0 - 10 gr

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DUEL Light Game Popper (2024)
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