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Symptoms of Car Ignition Issues

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Cars are very convenient to own. But, when something goes wrong with them, it can be a big headache that you’re not prepared to handle. No one ever wants to deal with car troubles This is why it is so important to make sure that you do all you can to prevent those big problems from happening in the first place. But, try hard as you may, sometimes car trouble comes with very little warning signs.

Thankfully, there are symptoms of ignition trouble. If you spot these symptoms before they escalate, you may just be able to prevent having your car out of service for a while. If you end up needing any help replacing your ignition cylinder, make sure you contact the expert team of locksmiths at Fast & Secure Locksmith in Bolingbrook, IL. We have a great team of locksmiths that can provide all sorts of automotive lock repairs and services.

Have You Checked Your Car Ignition Lately?

The car ignition is sometimes one of the most forgotten places on your car. How weird is that? It is one of the most used areas, but many car owners only check to make sure that they are inserting the key properly. Apart from that, it is as if it doesn’t exist.

Do you now realize how important your ignition cylinder is? Ignoring it is the last thing that you should be doing. Without the ignition, you may not be able to drive your vehicle at all. Plus, it is because the ignition requires a specific key why it is not easier to steal. You must realize by now that it makes a lot of sense to take care of your ignition.

From time to time, make sure that you check your ignition to see if there is any damage to it. Remember, the ignition cylinder is a lock. Treat it likewise. Pay keen attention to these tips below so you can prolong the life of your ignition cylinder.

  • Lubricate it well
    One of the best things that you can do for your ignition cylinder is lubricate it. Lubrication will prevent a lot of friction between the lock and key. You really do not want any friction to occur. With friction, there are a whole lot of problems that may occur. Since you want to keep your vehicle functioning at all times, avoid friction in your ignition cylinder.
    You don’t need to lubricate it every day, week or month. Just make sure you pay attention to the ignition and lubricate it as necessary. Make sure you use the right lubricant and you do not use too much lubricant as that can cause a mess too.
  • Clean it
    Did you know that your ignition cylinder can get dirty? It sure can! Make sure you clean it regularly. A lot of dust and debris can accumulate in the ignition and cause your key to get stuck or prevent it from getting inside the ignition. Don’t worry about the amount of time that it will take for you to clean it. The ignition cylinder is very small, it won’t require a lot of our time. Plus, you won’t be cleaning it very often. Just make sure that there are no unwanted substances accumulating in there.

How Do You Know That You Have Ignition Problems?

There are several ways to figure out if you have a problem with your ignition cylinder. Although some of these issues may occur because of problems elsewhere on the vehicle, the possibility exists that your ignition cylinder is the source of the issue. Here are a few common problems that may arise from problems with your ignition cylinder.

  • Your car takes a long time to start.
    For many people with ignition trouble, this is the first symptom that they realize. You shouldn’t have to turn your car key several times before the car starts. Even a lawn mower can start on the first pull. Why should you have to crank up your engine? Don’t ignore a big symptom like this. if your car is taking a little while to start, go check out your ignition cylinder. You may need to replace it.

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What You Can Do to Prevent a Lockout

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When someone discovers that they are locked out of their home, the situation is frustrating enough to drive anyone crazy. You want to get angry with someone but you really don’t have anyone to blame but yourself. Now you have to try to figure out how in the world you’ll gain access again. The idea alone is enough to cause you anxiety. This can turn into an unbearable situation. However, don’t fret, our locksmiths at Fast & Secure Locksmith in Bolingbrook, IL, has some very useful and practical suggestions for avoiding a lockout. We must mention that in order to avoid being locked out, you will need to use the suggestions in order for them to benefit you. Trying some of them certainly couldn’t harm anything; it can only make the situation better. There are some things that you may be doing that you didn’t realize could contribute to your being locked out. These suggestions or tips serve as a guide that will help you find methods that work best for your situation. You may even begin to think outside the box to discover other ways, which are not mentioned, to avoid being locked out.

Practical Ways to Avoid Being Locked Out

  • Buy Lock Picks – Most locksmiths will not tell you to do this but we do realize that having them and knowing how to use them can save you a great deal of frustration. Just because this has never happened to you does not mean that it won’t. Even if it doesn’t happen to you, you can be of use to someone else who may find themselves locked out. You’ll also need to check with the municipality that you live in to find out if you can legally own lock picks. It is also a good idea to learn how to effectively use them in order for them to benefit you. You can always practice on your car before an incident should arise when you will need it.
  • Use Bump Key – You only need one bump key. In addition to a bump key, you need a hammer for striking the key. This is not the easiest key to use. Again, you will likely need to practice in order to be able to effectively use this type of key when you are locked out. You also want to make sure that the bump key is kept out of the sight of others.
  • Develop a Routine – A routine can develop within 30 days. You might want to develop the habit of tossing your key up in the air before leaving the house to ensure you have them in your hands. It doesn’t matter where you usually place your keys, making sure they are in your hand before you leaves is important, especially if you do not require a key to lock your door behind you. Being able to visually see your keys in your hand is the best way to ensure you haven’t left home without them. You can make things easier on yourself by developing a regular routine of making sure your hands are in your hands.
  • Have Spare Keys Made – Even if you should happen to lock yourself out, you will be able to easily gain access again if you have a spare key. Don’t wait until you’ve already locked yourself out to consider having a spare key made. This is the worst time to think about doing this. If your key is inside, how are you going to make a spare? While this is not a way to avoid being locked out, it is sure to decrease the amount of stress that you will experience due to being locked out. It isn’t a bad idea to have more than one spare key. In fact, perhaps you can give one to a close friend or relative and then keep another one on your property. You wouldn’t want to hand the spare key over to someone who travels for business a lot. They may not be around when you need them.

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Jammed Safe – What to do About it!

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The whole point of having your safe is to keep your valued items; safe! But, what happens when your safe is jammed and even you can’t access it? This can result in everything from mild annoyance to downright panic! Here at Fast & Secure Locksmith we caution all callers to remain calm – nothing can be gained by losing your nerve. Follow our tips listed here on how to handle the situation when your valued safe just won’t open.

Safes are everywhere

You see a lot of safes in the movies and on television. They might be in crime shows or movies about banking and high finance. Safes are often portrayed as built into walls or hidden under floors. Many of these shows make it look easy to access someone else’s safe. The thief or government agent simply wears black gloves, listens carefully and then turns the dial and boom – the safe is open! In real life, it is much different. Safes can be opened in many ways that range from drilling or cutting open the safe and leaving damage or by “cracking” the safe professionally and getting it open without compromising the structure or appearance.

Here in Bolingbrook, IL safes can be found in banks, attorney’s offices, jewelry stores, fine dining, book dealers, fast food, car dealers, and thousands of other commercial and institutional locations. Safes can even be found in private homes and home offices. You don’t have to be a business mogul in order to have a safe to keep your cash and valuables in. Anyone that values privacy and secure protection for your cash, jewelry and other valuables can own and use a solid, well-built safe.

Keep your cool!

It doesn’t matter how urgent the need to access your safe is; don’t panic and try and force your way into it! You will only make matters worse. If you damage your safe there’s no guarantee that you will be able to access it and then you will have repair charges in addition to a service call fee to get it open. Simply remain calm and follow our tips listed below.

Did you forget your combination?

If you did indeed forget the combination to your safe, you will need to call for professional help. Don’t waste time trying to be James Bond and figure out a way to open it on your own. There are several licensed, bonded and insured locksmiths in Bolingbrook, IL that can help. If you are using the original combination that you got when you first bought it, contact the manufacturer and they might be able to help you recover it for you. They will need your serial number so be sure to have it on hand when you call.

What if you used the right combination?

This sometimes happens – don’t panic; we have a little known trick that might help. At times the safe’s lever gets stuck. Here’s what you can do. Go ahead and spin the combination dial. Do the first number, then the second. Instead of arriving at the correct third number, stop on number 8. Now using a rubber headed hammer, pound the safe’s door a few times. Don’t hit the dial itself; just the door. Now continue on and enter the third number and then see if this does the trick. If not, repeat the process a couple more times.

Article Source: Jammed Safe – What to do About it!

Aricle source here: Jammed Safe – What to do About it!

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How to Find the Right Locks for your Needs

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If you’ve been shopping for locks, then you are likely already finding out that there is basically an endless selection of various types of locks and keys. When you have to track down the best locks for your particular requirements, you ought to be certain that they’ll prove to be the most effective.

Do your homework. Carry out a thorough evaluation of each lock you’re considering, and ask these questions:

  • Who will use the lock?
  • Where will you install it?
  • What level of security do you need?
  • Wherever you’re installing the lock, what are the surroundings like?

Let’s take a look at some popular locks and their security features:

Deadbolts are the most secure locks you can install in your home, as any locksmith professional will tell you. Anytime you install deadbolts, you’ll definitely be adding an exceptional level of security. These locks are referred to as “dead” because there aren’t any springs to operate the bolt; a deadbolt is operated by hand – which means you have to use a key or thumbturn.

There are four basic deadbolts: single-cylinder, double-cylinder, jimmy-proof, and lockable thumbturn.

The single-cylinder deadbolt is the standard deadbolt we all imagine, with the key cylinder on the outside. On the inside, a thumbturn is used to close and open it. It’s usually for a solid door, of wood or metal. The one drawback to a single-cylinder deadbolt lock is, if there’s potential access to the inside – through a window that’s on the door, or even through the peephole (something an intruder can easily do) – then the door can be opened using the thumbturn.

One way to correct this shortcoming is the double-cylinder deadbolt, which gives you a key cylinder both outside and inside the door. If the door’s locked, the double-cylinder needs a key to open it from the inside. This kind of deadbolt is ideal if the door has any glass in it, or if there’s a window near the door, because it stops a thief from shattering the glass and reaching in to unlock the door. Its weakness is that it isn’t safe if there’s a fire. Therefore, if you choose a double-cylinder deadbolt, always leave a key handy. That way, in case there’s a fire when anyone is at home, everybody will be able to leave quickly.

The jimmy-proof deadbolt is a surface-mount lock, typically used at apartment complexes, primarily on double doors. People who prefer this deadbolt like it because it requires the least door modifications. The way this deadbolt works is that it interlocks with the jamb bracket, and that prevents it from being pulled apart or forced from the outside by a robber. A surface-mount lock means that the lock screws into the inside of the door, instead of having the drill pattern of a traditional deadbolt.

A lockable thumbturn deadbolt is like a perfect combination of the single-cylinder and the double-cylinder deadbolt, providing excellent flexibility and security. It has a thumbturn on the inside, which works the way a regular single-cylinder deadbolt does, but it can also be locked with a key, so that it cannot unlock or lock the door. Thus the thumbturn can be left in the unlocked position while you are home, but it will work just like a normal single-cylinder deadbolt. When you go out, the thumbturn can be locked, so that even if a burglar gains access to the door’s inside, the deadbolt itself cannot be unlocked.

You’ll often see lever handle locks on interior doors at commercial buildings. If you have to provide accessibility for the disabled, a lever lock will work best, since they’re easier to open than knobs are. The push-down handle doesn’t need to be grasped and turned, the way a knob does. Its one minor problem is that you might catch your clothes on the lever.

Of course, knob locks are the typical locks used on your exterior doors, and your major source of security at your home. Sometimes, they’re also installed in addition to deadbolts so as to give you more security. A knob lock alone actually isn’t totally secure, since the lock cylinder is inside the knob itself, rather than inside your door. One disadvantage is that a criminal could break off a knob lock from the door using a heavy object, like a hammer. It can be forced open with pliers, or by bypassing the lock cylinder using a wrench behind the knob.

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What A Locksmith Can Do

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Locksmiths are experts who are able to manipulate locks and work with keys. But they do far more than simply copying keys and replacing and installing new locks. There are so many things that come along with being a locksmith. Some think that a locksmith’s primary job is to assist when a lockout occurs. Of course, this is something that many of these experts do offer, but they do such more. Take the team at Fast & Secure Locksmith, for instance. They provide services in the Bolingbrook, Illinois area. Not only do they offer the basics like lock installation and key duplication, but they provide automotive services, commercial services and a plethora of residential services. Some of the popular options offered include access control, intercom systems, sliding door locks and garage locks. So no matter where you are, you should be able to access similar solutions. Find out more here about what a locksmith in Bolingbrook does. You will probably be pleasantly surprised at all that is available to you!

Key Duplication

This is a basic service that any locksmith should offer. Key duplication is a good service to take advantage of if you want to make sure you won’t ever end up locked out of your house. It is also good to do if you run a business and need multiple employees to have access to a key.

Access Control

For those who don’t want to deal with keys, they might consider access control. This is all about restricting access to certain points of a property. Perhaps you don’t want customers to be able to get into a certain area, so you have a pad set up with a code that must be entered to get in. Or maybe you have a warehouse that houses hazardous materials, and only certain employees should be able to get in. With access control, you can limit access by means of a passcode, fingerprint, or another form of entry.

Rekeying Locks

Having locks rekeyed is important at times. Some might opt to have locks replaced completely, but you might be interested in merely having your locks rekeyed. If it is an acceptable option to rekey locks, perhaps after a tenant leaves or an employee leaves, then a lock and security provider will advise you to do this.

Safe Installation

Locksmiths can do a great deal to help out with commercial property security. One of the things that they can do is install a safe. It is important to have money locked away if you do own a business. Of course, a safe can also be beneficial in your home. Even if you completely trust everyone who comes into your property, you still want items like loose cash to be protected in the event of a flood or fire, and you can get a water resistant and fire resistant safe! There are many different kinds of safes available, and an expert will be able to help you navigate the options.

Ignition Cylinder Replacement

Let’s say you went to remove your key from your car’s ignition, and it got stuck. You tugged on it, and then it completely broke off! A professional might be able to provide broken key extraction, but if this is not an option, they might recommend that you use an ignition cylinder replacement service. While a dealership is usually able to do this, using a lock and security provider tends to be the less expensive option.


From single cylinder deadbolts to double cylinder, you have several options to choose from to gain additional property security. If you don’t feel completely secure at home, then ask an expert if they think the installation of deadbolts might be helpful to you.

24/7 Emergency Service

Getting locked out is frustrating and sometimes scary. If you run out of options, for instance, if you’ve tried to reach a family member who has a copy of your key but they are unavailable, then it is best to call an expert. A locksmith can get you back in, typically without causing damage to your property. Many people will find that they are tempted to break the glass on their door to get in, or even smash open a window. But this isn’t something that you need to do when a locksmith is usually available to provide 24 hour a day assistance.

Panic Bar Installation

Panic bars are important for any commercial property. You need to have an exit plan. You might even find that it is the law. A panic bar allows persons to have quicker access when it comes to exiting a property. Imagine if a traffic jam were to occur right in front of your only exit door during a robbery. A panic bar can prevent this from happening. If you are unsure of the benefits of a panic bar, be sure to talk with an expert. Lock and security providers tend to be happy to answer all questions that locals have for them.

Lock Installation

New locks are important if you just bought a new home. There are so many products and brands, it can get confusing. From Mul-T-Lock to Kwikset, you have many names to choose from. Ask a professional for help and guidance!

A Locksmith Provides Peace of Mind!

A locksmith in Bolingbrook can and will help with property protection. Just make sure to hire a professional that is licensed and insured, so you can trust that everything is being done correctly. You should also check reviews before hiring any new business. Make sure that customers are saying great things. Having additional security at any property is mandatory and extremely beneficial. Everyone, no matter where they live, should be able to feel safe at home. If you are in Bolingbrook, IL then Fast & Secure Locksmith will happily help you. If you are located elsewhere, pull up some professionals online to see who looks to be the best match for you. Make sure to protect your auto, commercial and residential property!

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The Forgotten Door

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The forgotten door is your sliding glass door. Far too many people do not secure their sliding doors. It most cases it isn’t because they are not interested in remaining safe inside their homes, it’s simply because they forget to do so. Perhaps if they understand just how easy it is for someone to break into their home, they will think twice about securing their sliding glass door. Since the sliding glass door is generally located in the rear of your home, it is an easier way to get in and out without being detected by others. Fast & Secure Locksmith in Bolingbrook, IL is capable of securing you sliding glass door by maximizing your locks. Many intruders access your home through your sliding glass door. In fact, in many cases, this is the first door they will check because they realize just how many people forget to lock this door. There are a variety of locks that can be used on your sliding glass door that prove effective in keeping out intruders and keeping the door shut behind you. Let our locksmith advise you of some of the ways they are able to maximize your home security.

Ways to Secure ‘The Forgotten Door’

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Allow Us to Add Reinforced Locks

Although this is a very practical solution for securing your sliding door, many people fail to do so. The lock that accompanies your sliding door just doesn’t seem to be sturdy enough to help keep out would-be intruders. Since this lock is so easy to compromise, many burglars will target homes that have sliding glass doors. Since it is so simple to open a sliding door, we often reinforce your existing lock by adding an auxiliary lock on the inside.

Home Alarm System

When you purchase a home alarm, be sure to include your siding door along with the other doors and windows of your home. When someone tries to break-in through the sliding door, you will immediately be alerted to this and can then contact the appropriate authorities to handle the situation. You may think that everyone should already have their sliding door connected to their alarm but many do not. This is why we feel the need to mention this to you. If you don’t already have a home security system, what are you waiting for?

Purchase Commercial Grade Locks

You might be surprised to learn that commercial grade locks can also be used for home use. Commercial grade locks are often more durable than the standard lock.

You don’t only have to use commercial locks on a commercial business. You can also use commercial locks in your home. Using a commercial lock simply means that you are afforded a better lock. They are usually more durable than the standard locks used on home doors. There are a variety of commercial locks that can be used on your sliding glass door. Consult with your local locksmith to find out which commercial locks are available to you. Any one of our helpful associates will be happy to point out which types of commercial locks are used most often on sliding doors. You’re sure to be able to receive the peace-of-mind you want and need by having the proper locks installed on your sliding door.

In order for our locksmiths to be successful in their jobs, they must know where burglars are able to invade your privacy. In this case, they are capable of getting into your home by means of the least complicated means. Make it as difficult as possible for them to gain entry into your home.

Here are some of the reasons a burglar may use your sliding door to gain entry into your home:

Quiet Entry

It is difficult to hear someone opening a sliding door. This is one reason someone may attempt to get inside your home through this door. Since doors have hinges, it is more likely that you will hear them when someone opens it. Doors that are not oiled regularly may have hinges that make noise. The sliding door doesn’t have the same hardware and therefore, they don’t make a sound.

Locking Mechanism

There is usually only one lock on the sliding door to keep it closed. With only one lock, it is easy for just about anyone to break into a sliding door. Regardless of whether or not you have experience or not, you are likely able to get in through a sliding door. Remember, these are not very sturdy doors and therefore it doesn’t take much effort to compromise the locking mechanism used to keep the door shut. Get the help of a qualified Bolingbrook, IL locksmith by contacting Fast & Secure Locksmith. They are experienced in working with the sliding door lock and adding the right lock to accompany the existing lock.

Lack of Privacy

It is easy to see why so many homeowners like having a sliding glass door. They let in a lot of natural light into the home. As appealing as this may be for many people, it is also one of the things that can leave you and your loved ones susceptible to a home intrusion. We understand that most homeowners do not like the idea of putting blinds or curtains up to their sliding door. However, it is necessary to put something over your door in order to keep some privacy. You never want to advertise what you have inside your home to others, especially a burglar. When they are aware of what they stand to gain by breaking into your home, they may be more willing to take this chance. A home with lots of expensive gadgets and electronics would certainly be appealing to the average person. Don’t make it easy for a burglar to find out what you have inside your home. Instead, put something that you can live with, over your windows.

Following these simple, yet practical suggestions can help you protect yourself and your loved ones from potential harm.

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Signs that you need better security!

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Do you need better security where you live or work? Do you feel safe and able to freely go about your daily business without worrying about protection or your lack of security? There was a time when people spoke to strangers and didn’t lock their doors at night. Neighbors knew each other and freely came and went up and down the street helping others and greeting each other by name. Remember the “borrow a cup of sugar” stories from your childhood? They were mostly true, but sadly, those times are gone.

Now, we deal with security gates, neighborhood watch, police sirens, witness protection, Crime Stoppers, traffic cams, roving patrols, wanted posters and dozens of similar innovations meant to make our lives a little safer to cope with.

Pay attention!

Our advice is not just for residents of Bolingbrook, IL. Fast & Secure Locksmith urges anyone reading this post to pay attention to your surroundings no matter where you are. This advice applies to home, work, vacation, shopping; anywhere! You don’t have to be cynical or paranoid, but do pay attention to everything around you including the people near you at any time.


Do you remember when you were a child and your parents taught you how to stop, look and listen before you crossed the street? That advice served you well; you are still here to read this, after all! Sadly, every year hundreds of children and adults alike are injured or killed simply because they were NOT taking that advice. We have SO much on our minds that it’s easy to get distracted by a noise, ring tone or a nearby friend, and meet with disaster because of our inattention.

Part of being more aware is more than just knowing how to cross a street; it’s also being alert to unusual people at or near your home, workplace or car. You see it all the time; shoppers leaving their carts (including small children and purses!) to get a can of green beans down the aisle. It only takes a moment to grab a child, or your wallet, keys or credit cards and all because of a tiny moment of distraction on your part.

At home, be aware of unusual cars parked on your street or people that don’t seem to belong there, or who are exhibiting unusual behavior. The same goes for unattended packages, boxes and backpacks. Don’t open them out of curiosity; it may be the last thing you do!

Here in Bolingbrook, IL we live in a relatively safe community, but that doesn’t guarantee that crime cannot happen to you; don’t be paranoid, but DO be alert and prepared by knowing what to do if something does happen. Crime can happen in ALL neighborhoods, not just in the “inner city” ones. You’ve heard the term “follow the money?” The crooks do! Sure, nicer neighborhoods may have gated entrances or even roving security patrols. To some crooks, it’s worth the extra risk to go and target better neighborhoods.

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Take action!

So far we have just touched on common sense things like being more aware and noticing your surroundings. Now, it’s time to actually do something to make your security better no matter where in town you are.

Start by rekeying your home locks. Rekeying means that you retain your locks; you don’t change them at all; just the insides! Call a trusted Bolingbrook, IL locksmith to alter the interior pins to your front door lock. Have him remove the master pins if any are found inside, and rekey the lock so that only new keys can be used.

Doing this will give you better key control as you now have the ONLY keys to your property that work! That means no realtors, property managers, builders, friends, neighbors, babysitters, dog walkers, contractors, etc. have a copy of your key. Now that you’ve rekeyed your lock; make a spare copy for safekeeping. DO NOT put it in the flower pot by the front door or under the mat! Sure, it’s easy for you to find, but it’s also the first place a burglar will check. Hide you key under the passenger’s side floor mat in the car or in the BBQ out in the backyard or somewhere NOT obvious. Next, enter the phone number to Fast & Secure Locksmith or another trusted, full service local shop into your smart phone and those of your loved ones. During a locksmith emergency in Bolingbrook you don’t want to be looking for a phone book or trying to do an online search just to call an unfamiliar technician that you’ve never heard of.

Lock doors!

Get in the habit of locking your doors, not only at home but in your car, too. Many carjacking incidents take place when a car door was jolted open and the thief jumped right in! Thousands of homes are illegally entered every year when the intruder simply climbed in through an open window or entered through an unlocked door.

Close the blinds!

Like it or not, you can easily be observed through your windows. Learn to value your privacy and close drapes, blinds and shutters when it gets dark. Make sure hedges, trees and bushes are trimmed and are not becoming an easy barrier to hide behind. Home intruders, kidnappers and burglars can watch your movements to determine floorplans, daily schedules, possibility of weapons and daily habits.

Start peeping!

Use a peephole to check who’s on the other end of your door! Don’t have one? Add one and make sure it’s a good one. While you are at it, you can install a light over your garage door that also acts as a motion detector. If someone walks by, the light turns on. Will it keep out a determined burglar? No, but it does send a message that you are security conscious and that just maybe you’ve taken other precautions.

Other precautions you can take include adding a mailbox lock to secure your mail; a garage door lock, upgrading to high security locks and even adding video surveillance that can be monitored from your smart phone.

Aricle source here: Signs that you need better security!


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If you’ve been looking to buy the right locks for your household, you’ll soon discover that there’s a virtually endless selection of locks for you to choose from. We all want our home to be safe and sound ~ a place of sanctuary where we can completely relax and be ourselves. When it comes to choosing which locks will most effectively provide the very dependable security needed, any locksmith expert will tell you that deadbolts are a highly successful way to keep your place secure and safe, at a reasonable cost. Overall, residential locksmith professionals agree that deadbolts are the finest locks you can have in your home.

There are numerous kinds of deadbolts. Residential Bolingbrook locksmith specialists worth their salt recommend that you install them on all your outside doors. The reason they’re referred to as “dead” is because they do not have springs to operate the bolt. In other words, a deadbolt is operated manually, using a key or a thumbturn.

Four of the most familiar deadbolt locks:

The most well-known deadbolts are: single-cylinder, double-cylinder, lockable thumbturn, and jimmy-proof.

1 A single-cylinder deadbolt lock is the basic deadbolt lock that normally comes to mind when we think of a deadbolt. Used for a solid wooden or metal door, there’s a key cylinder installed on the outside, and a thumbturn on the inside to open and close it. The one shortcoming to a single-cylinder deadbolt is that if there’s any possibility for access to the inside (through a window close by, or even using the peephole), then your door can be opened by an intruder with the thumbturn.

2 One way to remedy this disadvantage is the double-cylinder deadbolt, which has a key cylinder on the inside of the door as well as on the outside. This means that if the door is locked, a key is required to open it from the inside. A double-cylinder deadbolt is ideal if your door has any glass as part of it, or if there is a window near your door, because it prevents a thief from breaking the glass and reaching in to unlock it; but the drawback is that in order to provide security in case of fire, you must always leave a key on the inside that’s accessible to those who are home. That way, in case of an emergency, everyone will be able to leave quickly and safely.

3 The lockable thumbturn deadbolt is the deadbolt that gives you optimum security and flexibility. It’s essentially the perfect combination of the single-cylinder and the double-cylinder deadbolt. The way it functions is that it has a thumbturn on the inside, which works like a single-cylinder deadbolt; yet it can also be locked with a key, so that it cannot unlock or lock the door. This means that the thumbturn can be left in an unlocked position when you’re home, but it will operate just like a single-cylinder deadbolt. When the family is away, particularly for a long time, the thumbturn can be easily locked, so that even if a robber gains access to your door from the inside, the deadbolt cannot be unlocked.

4 A jimmy-proof deadbolt is a surface-mount lock often found on double doors, most commonly at apartment buildings. A surface-mount lock means that you screw the lock into the inside of the door, rather than with an intricate drill pattern, the way a traditional deadbolt does. A jimmy-proof deadbolt is popular because it requires minimal modifications to the door. In this style of deadbolt lock, the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket, keeping it from being pulled apart or from being forced open from the outside.

Additional viable deadbolt locks:

In addition to these four no-nonsense deadbolt options, there are also five more kinds of excellent deadbolts, which expert residential locksmith technicians will typically advise you to purchase: vertical, mortise, rim, keyless, and digital.

  • A vertical deadbolt is bolted on the top inside face of the door, making it impossible for a burglar to pry it open by sticking a bar between the frame and the door (which can be done on some horizontal deadbolts by an experienced criminal).
  • A mortise deadbolt lock is a conventional lock you can install in a mortise or in a recess pocket, cut in the door’s edge, making it very difficult for anyone to tamper with it. This lock is durable and tough. One downside is that, because you have to penetrate the door frame to make the hole, it may slightly weaken the structure of the door itself.
  • A rim deadbolt is also bolted to the inside face of the door, but its advantage is that it locks automatically behind you whenever you shut the door. That way, you won’t forget to lock it. Both the vertical and the rim deadbolt are relatively effortless to install. One minor issue with both the rim deadbolt and the vertical deadbolt is that they’re somewhat inelegant, and thus not as pleasing to look at as a standard deadbolt.
  • A keyless deadbolt also mounts on the inside of the door, but instead of a keyhole, you use a keypad. Rather than putting in a key, you enter a code. You won’t ever have to be concerned about losing your key again, or stressing over your key possibly being stolen. Furthermore, for exceptional security, you can change your code as often as you wish.
  • A digital deadbolt is like a keyless deadbolt, with a keypad instead of a keyhole. It’s different in that a digital deadbolt requires electricity or batteries in order to function. With a digital deadbolt, you must make sure you periodically check on the power level. Always keep the batteries charged, in case of a power outage!

To find just the right deadbolts for your home’s needs, bring your questions to a reputable local locksmith you can trust. If you’re located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, it would be a good idea to hire a staff mobile residential Bolingbrook locksmith expert at Fast & Secure Locksmith, where free consultations are available.



How fast is a locksmith? ›

It can take anywhere from 7 seconds to 45 minutes for a locksmith to pick open a lock. Generally a locksmith should be able to unlock most doors in about 10 minutes.

What are the different types of locksmith services? ›

7 Types of Services Offered by a Locksmith
  • Key Cutting and Car Lockout Service. Key cutting is normally important in case you lose your key or damage it. ...
  • Security Services. ...
  • Locked out. ...
  • Lock Repair. ...
  • Unlocking and repairing of safes. ...
  • Emergency Locksmith. ...
  • Install new locks. ...
  • Conclusion.
21 Jan 2022

Can locksmiths be trusted? ›

The best way to know whether a locksmith is trustworthy is to research them in advance. Call them, ask them detailed questions, and check their reviews. Once you find a reputable locksmith who checks off all the boxes, save them in your phone for future use. In the meantime, practice proper door lock maintenance.


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