Glasgow to Inverness: How to Get There + Tips | Two Wandering Soles (2023)

Getting from Glasgow to Inverness is straightforward with all of Scotland’s readily available transportation options. This guide breaks down all your options to get from one to the other.

Glasgow to Inverness: How to Get There + Tips | Two Wandering Soles (1)

These two cultural epicenters of Scotland, Glasgow and Inverness, draw travelers into their unique insights into Scotland’s rich history. Both cities are unmanicured and unique in their own right, making a trip to both cities essential to explore beneath their respective exteriors.

Inverness, the capital of the highlands, brims with life in the most rugged parts of Scotland. Many travelers use this city as a basecamp for exploring the Scottish Highlands and driving the North Coast 500.

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, filled with a beaming music and arts scene, as well as some of the best restaurants in the country. The ideal way to see the city is to follow the locals by taking to the bustling streets to discover its unexplored corners.

To pay a visit to explore the intricacies of both cities, we’ve broken down all the ways you can travel from Glasgow to Inverness. No matter what your budget, the transportation options between cities make getting to and from seamless and affordable.

Glasgow to Inverness

  • By plane
  • By train
  • By bus
  • By car
  • By bicycle
  • Guided tours

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Glasgow to Inverness by plane

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Flying from Glasgow to Inverness is the quickest way to get from one city to another. The total flight time is just over an hour, making it a great way to save a ton of time on transport, however there are limited direct flights available.

Many flights make a stopover in London before connecting to Inverness, which makes the transit time much longer. Factoring in the stopovers plus the additional transit times, this may not be the quickest option so keep that in mind.

Airports & carriers

British Airways, Aer Lingus, EasyJet, and Ryanair are the most common carriers with services between the Glasgow Airport (GLA) and Inverness Airport (INV).

Although budget airlines often advertise the best prices, they often tack on a ton of hidden fees to the base price.

We think it’s worth it to book with one of the larger airlines like British Airways or Aer Lingus to save yourself the headache since the price difference isn’t that dramatic.

Cost of flying from Glasgow to Inverness

It’s generally pretty easy to find cost effective flights between each of these cities. We’re talking as low as £45 ($55 USD) each way, but prices fluctuate dramatically between carriers and seasons.

Watch prices online as early as you can and keep an eye out for early and last minute deals.

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Glasgow to Inverness by train

Glasgow to Inverness: How to Get There + Tips | Two Wandering Soles (4)

The 3.5 hour train journey between Glasgow and Inverness is a common transport option to take between cities.

Railway options

ScotRail consistently provides the best train service to Inverness. The route connects the centers of both cities together, so you’ll have direct access to all the best things in the city once you arrive.

Many of the routes leaving Queens Street are direct, which is really nice for an efficient journey. The rail cars are modern with wifi and modern amenities which make for a comfortable ride.

Timing & ticket options

The train leaving Glasgow Queen Street departs every 4 hours for Inverness Station. One way tickets can be as low as £12 ($14.50 USD), but you may be able to get some for cheaper if you snag a deal and watch prices online.

Since there are only a handful of trains available to Inverness each day, we recommend booking your ticket in advance. If you’re traveling during the off season, this may be more flexible, otherwise grab them to ensure your spot.

Glasgow to Inverness by bus

Glasgow to Inverness: How to Get There + Tips | Two Wandering Soles (5)

Bus travel in Scotland is incredibly reliable with modern cars and excellent bus systems. One way tickets start as low as £12 ($14.50 USD), and the journey takes 3-4 hours depending on traffic and seasonality.

There are a wide range of fares from both Megabus and CityLink on modern and comfortable buses to Inverness. Each offers a combination of direct and non-direct routes at competing prices. You’ll want to check both for the best price.

Each carrier has wifi, luggage storage, and restrooms on board. These perks make bus travel very attractive in Scotland and a preferred way of getting around.

Bus stations & routes

The most popular route between the cities leaves the Glasgow Buchanan Station and goes to the Inverness Bus Station.

CityLink has many routes available whereas Megabus has buses leaving every 4 hours. There are plenty of departure times between both carriers, which makes grabbing a ticket ideal for your itinerary pretty easy.

Ticket availability depends on seasons, but we recommend grabbing tickets in advance to secure a spot, especially in the high season.

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Glasgow to Inverness by car

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While public transportation is readily accessible across the country, for a little bit higher cost, you can pick up your own rental car and drive to Inverness with complete freedom of your road trip.

Scotland’s road system is just as good as its public transport, making the country drivable and learning the ropes pretty straightforward. We loved renting a car in Scotland because we could travel at our own pace and explore as much or as little as we liked.

If you’re interested in getting a car rental in Scotland, start your search with Discover Cars. It has many of the most reputable rental companies offered in Scotland with multiple different pick-up locations.

Before you book, consider the type of trip you want to make, whether that be round-trip or point to point. Some rental companies charge an extra fee for dropping off at a secondary location.

We know firsthand how daunting driving in a new place can be, which is why we made a complete guide to renting a car in Scotland to help you be more comfortable behind the wheel.

Search & Compare Rental Car Prices

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  •’ve had good experiences finding rental cars with this site in the past.

Driving routes from Glasgow to Inverness

Glasgow and Inverness are connected through many major highways and small towns. Driving from one to the other is straightforward with a handful of routes to take.

There are two main routes you can take to get from one city to the other. The first is via A9, an 164-mile drive through Perth and Pitlochery. The second, slightly longer option is via M90 and A9, and runs 188-miles to Inverness.

Taking a taxi from Glasgow to Inverness

Taking a taxi from Glasgow to Inverness is pretty uncommon since it’s not exactly wallet-friendly, but it is still an option if you’re interested.

You can spot taxis in popular areas around Glasgow like the city center, West End, and near hotels. Because the distance between cities is rather large, base fares start at £240 ($290 USD) for a one way ride.

Rideshare from Glasgow to Inverness

Uber and Lyft are popular in Glasgow, as are true ridesharing apps like BlaBla Car and LiftShare. Depending on what kind of ride you have, it can be cost effective or pretty expensive.

Private rides using Uber and Lyft are comparable to taxi prices, starting at around £240 ($290 USD) for a one way ride. However, if you’re using a true rideshare (aka carpooling), you can get cheaper rates.

Since you’d be picking up and dropping others off using rideshare, the timing and pricing is tricky to estimate since it depends on how many other riders you have. You may luck out and share your entire ride, or only have a handful along the route.

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Glasgow to Inverness by bicycle

Glasgow to Inverness: How to Get There + Tips | Two Wandering Soles (7)

One of the most memorable transport routes from Glasgow to Inverness is on two-wheels. Scotland and the rest of the UK is connected through a bike path system called the National Cycle Network.

Over 1,643 miles (2,664 km) of dedicated cycling paths through the country alone make Scotland one of the most cycling friendly countries in the world. Many of the paths are smoothed and ideal for bike tires, but some sections are more rugged with gravel and stone.

Timing & routes

The length and time of your journey depends on how fast you go and how much you stop along the way. The most direct route follows Route 7 for 183 miles (about 295 kilometers), and heads north through Stirling, passing Cairngorms National Park.

This route is typically enjoyed as a multi-day journey through the countryside since there are a variety of interesting stops to make along the way. You could even ride your bike up and return on train or bus since most public transport accommodates bikers.

Bicycle rentals in Glasgow

There are plenty of bicycle shops where you can rent a bike in Glasgow. Make sure to rent a road bike as opposed to a cruiser-style bicycle, and inquire specifically about the company’s policies on time and distance, as they may have specific bikes they rent out for longer distances.

Be sure to pick up a repair kit and spend a few minutes going through it so you understand what items are included and how to use them. It’s important that you be able to change a tire tube or fix a small puncture if necessary!

Guided tours from Glasgow to Inverness

Glasgow to Inverness: How to Get There + Tips | Two Wandering Soles (8)

From Glasgow to Inverness, there are many stops you can make for a more well-rounded trip between cities. The best way to see them is on a guided tour where you’ll be able to explore both cities and sights in a unique way.

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