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Bayside Melbourne Locksmith

When you find yourself locked out of your home or car, needing to change the locks or get a key cut, you usually need to do so pretty urgently.

Luckily, you can rely on your on calllocal locksmith Melbourne– that’s us, True Locksmiths. Our highly experienced team have been servicing the wider Melbourne Bayside suburbs for more than 25 years, amassing a solid reputation as the bestlocksmith Melbournehas to offer.

Your Local Locksmith in Melbourne Bayside

Whatever lock emergency you are dealing with, rest assured that True Locksmiths, your experienced, fully qualified, fully licensedBayside locksmithis here to help.

As your local professional mobile andemergency locksmith in Melbournewe offer an array of specialist services including:

Locks Change in Melbourne Bayside

Do you need to change the locks on your property? As the leadinglocks change Melbourneprovider, True Locksmiths can quickly come on site and change the combination of your existing locks, rendering all current keys redundant and unable to access the property.

Our expertchange locks Melbourneteam will issue you with a new combination and supply new sets of keys.

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Bayside Melbourne Key Cutting

Need to have a key cut? Ourkey cuttingMelbourne Baysideteam can cut an identical version of any key to any door in your property. In fact we can cut a key that enables you to open 2 or more locks all with the same key.

No more carrying bunches of locks around, we can alike one key to enable access to your entire property. It’s a particularly clever idea for use as a master key for a rental property.

Lock Repairs in Bayside

Has a key jammed in your lock? Is the lock malfunctioning in any way? Not to worry, thelock repairs Bayside Melbourneteam at True Locksmiths can swiftly be on site to help.

We can quickly service and repair any locks in your home or business and get them back working as good as new. Never automatically assume that your lock needs to be repaired, we can quickly assess whether it would be more cost effective to repair.

Melbourne Bayside Lock Supply & Installation

Whatever type of lock your require, from deadlocks to mortise locks, window locks to lockable bolts and cabinet locks to padlocks, ourlock installation Melbourneteam can supply and install your preferred security solution.

Emergency Lock Assistance In Melbourne Bayside

Need your locks changed or repaired or a key cut immediately? Call the team at True Locksmiths immediately and we will quickly send an experienced professional to tend to your needs.

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Whatever your lock requirements, ensure to make True Locksmiths your first port of call. We’re Bayside’s most trusted locksmiths and are always on hand to help our customers when they need us most.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Locksmith Rather Than DIY

A professional locksmith is licensed and highly trained to work on any type of lock imaginable. At TrueLocksmithswe have the all the necessary tools and equipment to help you with any issues that you may be having with your locks and we can advise you on the best kind of security system for your home or business,

YourMelbourne Bayside Locksmithprofessionals, True Locksmiths, do not only:

  • Cut Keys
  • Open locked doors
  • Or install new locks on your doors and windows

We can also assess your security needs and advise you on what type of lock system would work best for you.

What Can We Do If You’ve Been Burgled?

If you’ve had your home or business broken into, there are a number of things we can look at. Your door locks may be perfectly fine and we may be able to re-program them and provide you with a new set of keys. This makes your old keys redundant and thus will not allow anyone who may have those keys (if they’ve been stolen for example) enter your property.

In some cases, your door locks may not be a security risk. We may suggest installing locks on your windows instead, as typically, a lot of unauthorised entries can happen through your windows.

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The Benefits Of Our Mobile Locksmith Services

Our mobile locksmith service offers you many benefits such as:

  • Fast Response Time – If you’ve been locked out of your home, business or car, ouremergency lock assistance in Melbournecan be there very quickly to let you back in or get you on your way. We can create a new key on the spot or change or repair a lock quickly and efficiently.
  • Assistance When You Need It – Our emergency service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we can be there when you need us.
  • Specialised Knowledge – At True Locksmiths, we are highly trained to handle any kind of lock emergency situation. We’ll come to you equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that we can repair or replace your locks.
  • On The Spot Key Cutting – We can save you time by cutting any lost or stolen keys on the spot. We use only top quality key cutting equipment to ensure that the keys we provide for you will work.
  • Transponder Keys – We also carry transponder keys which are used in key-less entry systems and can replace yours on the spot if it stops working. Not all retail key cutting stores carry these kinds of keys.
  • So for any type of lock or key situation that you may be facing, it’s certainly always better to call a professional locksmith for exceptional and timely service.

Locked out? Need a new set of heavy duty locks to secure your door?

Whether you’ve lost your keys, the key’s broken in your door, for some strange reason the lock simply won’t turn, or you need to secure a door fast, don’t worry! True Locksmiths are here to help.

We’re your knight in shining armour, the key to your door and theMelbourne locksmithsyou can trust to get you back into your property with the minimum amount of fuss.

Whether you’re leaving for work and realise you’ve left your keys in your house, or you’ve just returned home to find your keys have gone AWOL, we’ll have that lock open in no time at all.

The professional Bayside Melbourne locksmith that can get you back into your property – FAST!

For over 25 years, True Locksmiths have been helping the people of southeast Melbourne to keep their premises secure. And as a Master Locksmith, there isn’t a situation involving a lock that we can’t solve.

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Whether you need to fit a new set of heavy-duty locks to keep out unwanted intruders, you’ve broken an existing lock on your commercial premises door, or you simply can’t remember where you put your keys (and let’s face it, we’re all guilty of that), we’re here to give you the professional, expert help you expect from one of the most trustworthy and reliablelocksmiths Melbournehas available.

So, wherever you are in the Bayside and Southeast Melbourne area, simply give True Locksmiths a call on 0477 615 507

More than just the best emergency locksmith Bayside has available

While we’ve gained an enviable reputation as the bestemergency locksmith Melbourne Baysidehas available, we provide more than just emergency locksmith services. We’re here to secure your property, keep intruders out and keep you safe, and can even work our magic to make one master key fit several different locks with our ‘Key Alike’ service.

But, whether we’re doing a routine change of locks, cutting new keys, fitting heavy duty locks, mortice locks , deadlocks, keyless entry systems or turning 10 keys into one, you can always be sure of friendly, punctual service from a Master Locksmith who knows what he’s doing.

The Bayside Melbourne locksmith you can trust – just be sure to put our number in your phone

When it comes to finding alocksmith Melbourneproperty owners can trust, True Locksmiths are head and shoulders above the rest.

We always try to repair locks whenever possible and won’t fit locks you don’t need, we take YOUR security seriously and for extra peace of mind, we’re registered with The Master Locksmiths Association of Australia (MLAA) and Victorian Police.

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Call us now on 0477 615 507 for a free quote for any of our locksmith services, and don’t forget to put our number in your phone, just in case you ever need an emergency locksmith in Melbourne.


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