Honda Motorcycle Salvage Yards Near Me [Map + Guide + FAQ] (2023)

Getting used parts for a Honda bike is the ideal way to fix it. While you may find Honda motorcycles at salvages, there are a few places that specialize in Honda. Here I will address where to find salvage parts for Honda’s, how these places operate, tips for used parts, andmy experience with Honda motorcycle salvage yards near me.

Map of Honda Motorcycle Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Honda Motorcycle Junkyards Near Me” or “Honda Motorcycle Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…

the Honda Motor Corporation, is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the United States and worldwide. “n 2019, approximately 300,800 units of on-highway motorcycles and more than 100,000units of off-highway motorcycleswere sold to customers in the United States.” What does that mean for us? More Honda’s in junkyards and more used parts available in the secondary market.

How Does a Honda Motorcycle Salvage Operate?

These cycle salvages operate locally like any small business. They are sort of like thrift shops, except they deal in salvage motorcycle parts. These specialized junkyards buy junked bikes and then sell of any function parts for use on working bikes. These businesses actually serve the recycling industry and promote sustainability.

Junked bikes, regardless of the brand, end up at salvage yards for various reasons. Sometimes an owner tries to fix it, throws parts at it, and junks it anyway. Other bikes come from an insurance company after they have paid out a total loss claim. Other salvage bikes may come from auctions or other means like repo or the police. When these motorcycles end up at the salvage it’s for a reason and that is that the cost of repairs is greater then the value of the bike.

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How Do the Bikes Get Processed By a Salvage?

Junked motorcycles can’t just be put straight out to the lot. They need to have some processing first before pick and pull can start.

Major fluids like gas and oil need to be drained. These are measures to protect the local eco-system from having hazardous waste get into the ground water. Some yards will also pull all or some the major resalable components and accessories. Since the junkyard just invested in this bike, they don’t want certain reusable parts to sit outside and corrode. Depending on the condition, they may pull the motor, rebuild it, and sell it with a warranty.

How They Arrange The Inventory

I’ve been to a variety of Honda Motorcycle salvages and everyone has it’s own charm. Some are straight outdoor pick and pull self service yards, while other s are indoor and may even have a salvage showroom.

The Honda motorcycle salvage yards near me is not so well managed. The yard is mess, they don’t know what they have unless is came in recently or they have had it for 10 years. You have to walk the yard and look, which is fun, but time consuming and doesn’t always manifest into finding parts. It’s a whole lot of wow look at that rusted Gold Wing stripped down the frame.

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The best managed salvos do keep an online inventory of what’s in the yard. Some of it list the bikes by engine size in cc. They tag all the bikes and make it searchable which is a great user experience. Even when I find the model I need and may be even the parts, I usually call anyway before I just head down. I like to get intimate with my questions like “do you have a chrome toaster tank panel for a 305 Honda Dream?” or get specific and say “do you have 2006 Honda CBR 600RR exhaust system and if not do you know what compatible bike I could pull from?”

That brings me to my next point…this is where it helps to find specialized Honda motorcycle salvos.

The Advantage of a Specialized Honda Salvage Yard

These folks know the motorcycles in and out. Not just the motorcycles, but know a ton about the Honda brand. That becomes a critical component when you are doing a restoration or trying to find a part that you can’t buy new anymore.

The great thing about these folks is have they don’t have the salvage Honda parts you need, they know how to find it in their network. A lot of these junkyards interact with each other, trade parts, and are super insightful on where to get rare pieces. I mean if your looking for a part for the 1957 Honda C71Z from the Isle of Man then you may need to wait a long time though.

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The Pros and Cons of Honda Motorcycle Salvage Parts

Pros of Salvage Honda Parts

The most obvious pro of salvage parts is saving money. The difference between used parts and new parts can be 75%. You may even find barely used parts.

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Part selection is also usually really good. While sometimes finding your year, make, and model isn’t easy, the types of parts is wide open. You can pull everything like gas tanks, clutches, wheels, seats, frames, body panels, throttles, pipes, etc. You can find enough parts to build a salvage bike from scratch. Plus you will find various models from everything from Honda Motorcross to mopeds. The older the parts, typically the worse the condition, but you really never know until you look.

Another great perk is finding OEM parts. You are going to find a majority of Honda factory assembled pieces at these places. That becomes even more critical if you are doing a restoration and trying to stay true to the build.

Lastly if you know your bikes and the Honda parts market, then another great thing is pulling parts and selling them online. Every trip I make to the yard I pull a few extra parts, throw them on Ebay and usually can cover my costs for my junkyard trip.

Cons of Used Honda Parts

Of course with the pros there is cons. Salvage parts aren’t always reliable. It’s difficult to know the quality of what you are getting and how the previous owner treated it. If a bike was in an accident, I’m certainly not trying to straighten the wheels of the frame enough to trust riding on it. For every part you purchase especially if it’s mechanical or critical to safety, you must inspect it thoroughly.

Selling a Junked Honda Motorcycle

If you have a Honda that you want to junk for cash you can find who buys junk bikes in your area, but your best option is to see if you can find a yard that deals exclusively in Honda. Finding a exclusive Honda yard may net you a few more dollars on the sale since they serve a niche audience. You can also call over to a dirt bike salvage if you have an off-road model or a Honda car junkyard to see if they take bikes as well.

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When you sell a Hinda Motorcycle for junk, you should think through a few things. Can it be fixed? If so for how much? If the bike doesn’t run, can you get it running? Normally a junk motorcycle is worth it’s scrap metal price at a salvage yard. If it runs or has some good functional parts still on it, you can and should try and negotiate up.

I would also consider all your options before you junk it. Is it possible to sell it independently, is there a local Honda mechanic who may want it for parts. Junkyards typically don’t pay much for motorcycles unless you have something really special. Explore your options, and really your last resort is going to a scrap metal yard directly.

If you are going to junk it, you will need the title to sign over.

It’s helpful to also consider what the bike is worth. You can reference the Kelly Blue Book for Motorcycles. Now look if your bike is junk, you are not getting the blue book price, I’m simply suggesting get a frame of reference. You can also try and find comparable bikes on Ebay.

Honda Motorcycle Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Honda motorcycle junkyards are the best places to save money on used parts, You may not find a lot of exclusive Honda yards, but they are out there. Even at a motorcycle yard, you are going to find plenty of Honda’s. Call around and find your parts. The big difference of course is a Honda yard is going to have experts on the parts and brand who will be super helpful even if they don’t have your parts in stock. That’s my experience with the Honda motorcycle salvage yards near me.

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