JayPlays JP/Forget Your Friend's Birthday! (2023)

Forget Your Friend's Birthday! is a comedy Roblox experience created by JayPlays_JP. The game makes fun of itself by calling it a rip-off of get a snack at 4 am (for which the gameplay is mainly inspired by) and Warm Isolation.


  • 1 Credits
  • 2 Gameplay
    • 2.1 Endings
      • 2.1.1 Chapter 1
      • 2.1.2 Chapter 2
      • 2.1.3 The Sewers
        • Accessing The Sewers
    • 2.2 Easter Eggs and References
      • 2.2.1 Chapter 1
      • 2.2.2 Chapter 2
  • 3 Trivia


  • JayPlays_JP - Creator
  • MrBlobBobz - Building
  • Stixxal and Steven_Scripts - Inspiration
  • Cracky4 and Br0kenT04st - Special Thanks


It opens up on an intro scene on Saturday, March 14th. It is the birthday of one of the player's friends (randomly selected from their friend list) and they are about to arrive to their house. They are then thrown a day earlier, where the player and their friend are texting, and their friend brings up the fact that tomorrow is their birthday. The player is shocked, realizing they forgot their friend's birthday.

During gameplay, the player is able to explore the house and the local neighborhood, which includes their friend's house (not accessible until tomorrow) and a store called Rhumart. The player is able to use items to trigger different endings, which are mandatory to access the final ones.

(Video) Forget Your Friend's Birthday Chapter 1 (Roblox)

Once all of endings in the main game are obtained, the player is able to use the subway to go to Chapter 2, which features a new storyline.


Chapter 1

  • Oof: Can be achieved in three ways:
    • The player takes any buyable item from Rhumart and exits without paying for it. Then the cashier Rhob will become mad and fire a cannon at the player.
    • The player eats the bag of chips from the fridge and explodes.
    • the player does not feed Larry for long enough, and when they get the food they find out Larry died.
  • Beans: The player finds the nine cans of RoBeans scattered across the map: 3 in the kitchen fridge, 1 in the bathroom, 2 outside beside a bench, and 3 bought from Rhumart for 5 cash each. Once all are eaten, the player starts to not feel well and their skin turns green.
  • Rhubarb: The player goes to Rhumart and consumes 25 free Rhubarb from the shelves. After, they start to feel off and their turns red.
  • Rick Roll: The player buys a DVD disk from Rhumart for 35 cash (labelled as a "must watch 10/10" on the mart) and plays it in their house, only to find out the "movie" is just a rick roll.
  • Amogus: After the player wakes up suspicious of something, they find three figures of the red crewmate from Among Us, 1 in the toilet, 1 near their friend's house and 1 beside Bacon. The player brings the three to an "Among Us summoning ritual" outside. "Captain Sus" will then be summoned, along with dozens of red crewmates staring at the player, and appropriate music. (After this ending, new items will be sold in Rhumart)
  • Forgotten: After going to sleep, the player goes to their friend's birthday party without any sort of gift, which makes their friend disappointed and unfriend the player. The credits roll and the player has no friends left and sits alone.
  • Good Ending: The player buys various ingredients from Rhumart (flour for 15$, an egg for 10$ and "malk" for 15$ and rhubarb for free) to bake a cake for their friend. After going to sleep, they go to the party and make their friend happy as a result. They eat the cake together.
  • Bad Ending: The player bakes a cake for their friend, but also buys a golden key at Rhumart for 5$ which unlocks a drawer in their with a vial of poison, that they then put in the cake. After going to sleep, they arrive to their friend's party and trick them into eating the poisoned cake, making them faint and die. The friend is then buried in their backyard, leaving the player to sit alone with the empty vial.
  • True Ending: After every other ending, the player wakes up in a world with a purple shade, with something not feeling right. The player goes through a purple portal found near Rhumart and is taken into the dimension of a character known as "Dude Man". After asking the player is they recognize two random things, the player guesses that everything they have seen is a simulation. Dude Man offers the player a blue bean, which will make everything continue as usual, and a red bean, which will make the player "experience reality again". The player chooses the red bean, which is the correct choice according to Dude Man. He says they should have chosen it earlier, and that a universe is better than a metaverse, but since the player doesn't understand, Dude Man tells them to go touch grass.
  • None: The player does the requirements for the True Ending, but chooses the blue bean, which is the incorrect choice according to Dude Man since it doesn't yield an ending. This is the only ending that doesn't grant a badge.

Chapter 2

  • Relief: The player goes to one of the toilets in the subway and is very relieved, since they have no bathroom in their apartment.
  • Boom: The player goes to Guns R Us, picks up any buyable item and exits the place without buying it. This makes one of the cashiers mad and fire a cannon at them, like Rhob would.
  • Reverse: The player buys the cuffs from Guns R Us (for 45$) and goes to RoBeans to arrest the wanted receptionist in the red suit. However, the criminal pulls out a reverse Uno card and says "no u" in return.
  • Rhobbery: The player buys a hammer from Guns R Us (for 50$), goes to the Jewellery store and breaks one of the glass displays, triggering a big alarm and causing the security system to seal the exit and windows. Cops also arrive at the entrance. The player then goes through a ladder upstairs and exits through a broken window.
  • Surrender: The player does the same requirements for the "Rhobbery" ending, but instead exits through the front door, where the police immediately arrests them.
  • Sued: The player buys a TNT from Guns R Us (for 100$) and uses it in the wall in their apartment where the bathroom is supposed to be. When they enter the new hole, they find a screwdriver that is used to fix traffic lights. They go to the road and fix the only traffic light there, turning it green. Then from the other side, a kid with red skin (called Rhonny) will get excited he can finally cross the street, not realizing it is not his time to do so and gets hit by a school bus, killing him. The player feels guilty for this and Rhob from Chapter 1 arrives from the subway and threatens to sue the player for killing his son.
  • Good Ending: The player finds three special keys to open the elevator at RoBeans after six endings.
    • The green key needs to be taken in the Rhobbery or Surrender endings from the broken display.
    • The red key is found in the subway train.
    • The purple key needs to be stolen from Guns R Us (but still get killed).
After unlocking and entering the elevator, Rhonald will join and thank the player again for helping them. The elevator arrives on floor 2 where they encounter Jeff, the current owner of RoBeans. Jeff mocks Rhonald, saying that he expected to see Rhonald and also noticing they brought a friend. Rhonald mentions how Jeff was always his least favorite employee when he used to be the owner, so he is here to take back the company. Jeff mocks him and decides to pull a lever, causing the floor of the elevator to fall and bringing the two to a dungeon with lava. Jeff will transform into a robotic spider forms and initiate a boss fight against the player (Rhonald just dances meanwhile). The player avoids Jeff attacks of beans and red orbs, and uses a fish (seen in Chapter 1's True Ending) to hit him multiple times and defeat him. Afterwhich, Rhonald thanks the player yet again and they exit the basement. In the credits, Rhonald regains control of his company and hires the player to be beside of him as thanks. The wanted receptionist is also arrested by cops, while Jeff is still knocked out in the dungeon.
  • Bad Ending: The player does the same requirements for the Good Ending, but dies to Jeff's attacks. After death, the player is brought back to Dude Man's dimension as a ghost. Dude Man appears and mocks the player for not being able to live with his own failure, since they came back to the game. The player tries to explain that they are helping Rhonald, who had lost everything, but Dude Man disagrees and gives the player one more chance to not mess up.
  • True Ending: After getting every other ending, the objective changes from "Get all endings! Help Rhonald to get RoBeans back" to "Go to RoBeans". When the player goes there, they find the staff elevator unlocked, allowing the player to enter and go to the rooftop and meet up with Rhonald. The player talks about they have to make some changes, to which Rhonald agrees and proceeds to push the player off the roof. The credits roll as the player slowly falls to the ground.
After getting the end, a scene will play in which the once boarded up door at the player's apartment is unlocked. Then, in the dark room, a black small floating figure with hair and antlers (that somewhat resembles the creator Jay and also appeared in Chapter 1's True Ending as a joke) appears. The black figure will suddenly turn around, changing their eye color to red, causing the player to get kicked out with the message, "You were kicked from this experience: SEWERS C13 (Error Code: 267)" , that was previously "You were kicked from this experience: YOUR GAME ENDS HERE (Error code: 267)".

The Sewers

  • Drowned

Fall in the green liquid in The Sewers.

  • Fish

Shoplift any item from the store in The Sewers.

  • Fed Larry

Feed Larry The Axolotl with the Big Axolotl Food bought in The Sewers

  • True Ending

Every ending in The Sewers unlocked a trophy with a different colored battery. Insert the the batteries in the fuse box and pull the lever to permanently open the big gate, that has a padlock. It can only be used once per rejoin. Enter the code (1433139212) and it will bring you to an arena, where the Rat must be avoided. Press the red button and wait a minute to summon Rhob that, with a bazooka full of rhubarbs, kills the Rat and teleports you to

Accessing The Sewers

To unlock The Sewers, you must first complete the True Ending of Chapter 2. When completed, a crowbar will appear in the Janitor's Closet in the Subway, that must be brought to the sewer grate, next to the Rhumart, to open the grate and enter The Sewers.

Easter Eggs and References

Chapter 1

The player can grab the "axolotl food" (a bag of chips) from the fridge and feed it to their pet axolotl Larry, who will go crazy when fed. If Larry is not fed, he will eventually die.

(Video) Roblox Forget Your Friend's Birthday

There are various posters that reference other games like Work at a Pizza Place and Warm Isolation.

Rhob's back says "pay me more" with a yellow sticky note saying "no".

There are various notes that reference the several endings, such as one in Rhumart suggesting that rhubarb is unhealthy or one in the subway warning to not eat more than 8 packs of RoBeans.

There is a note on the side of Rhumart that reads "funny rhubarb meme but roblox deleted it" that references the Zara Larsson rhubarb controversy.

The player is able to input the number "334567888" on the house's phone to call a Locksmith, who will blow up the front door when they arrive. When the player asks why they did, the Locksmith says that it's very important for them their customers can enter and exit their homes quickly. If the door is already open, the Locksmith will come but get mad at the player for wasting their time. If the Locksmith was called on a previous day, "Don't call him ever again" will be written on the paper with the phone number.

The radio at home plays the track "Undertale" from the video game of the same name.

The "Amogus" ending is a clearly reference to Among Us.

(Video) ROBLOX - Forget Your Friend's Birthday! - Chapter 2 - ALL ENDINGS

There is a wanted poster on the subway that references a character and ending in Chapter 2.

The character Dude Man is a reference to TIO, a character in Piggy: Book 2 that was initially dubbed "Dude Man" by fans due to not having his name revealed yet. Dude Man's meeting sequence (where he shows two random objects to the player) is also a reference to TIO's meeting sequence from Book 2: Chapter 10 of Piggy.

The red bean and blue bean is a reference of Matrix (change this to formal aaaa)

Chapter 2

"Guns R Us" is a clear parody of Toys "R" Us that only sells guns, explosive materials and others.

At Guns R Us, if you go to the BIG GUNS section, there is a sticky note by the shelf saying, "Would be quite chaotic if you could actually buy those..."

The red trail at Guns R Us leads to the NEEDFUL THINGS section.

At Guns R Us, if you go to REGISTER 4, you will see a costumer that has a shirt that says, "don't ask" with their shopping cart full of TNT.

(Video) Murder Mystery 2 MEMES [Part 1]

If the Player gets hit by a car or a motorcycle, they will get knocked down to the ground in which the car or motorcycle honks since they hit them.

Outside, there is a radio by the dumpster near of Bad Apartments (the building the player stays at) that plays "Never Gonna Give You Up" continuously but without the lyrics.

The Bacon at the CHANGE MY MIND stand changes their sentence every time the player resets the game such as, "THIS GAME DESERVES A LIKE 👍," "I SHOULD GET PAID FOR SITTING HERE ALL DAY," "TOUCHING GRASS IS OVERRATED," and "THIS IS NOT A GASA4 KNOCKOFF".

If the Player gets the True Ending and then rejoins the game after being kicked out, the boarded door near spawn will be unlocked and the player will be able to open it and go inside. If there, there is a small room with a Bloxy Cola poster saying "A cola in everyones reach!" and to the left a hallway the black figure that kicked the player out of the game during the True Ending credits. If the player tries to touch the black figure, it will turn around and kick them out of the game with an error message saying, "You were kicked from this experience: DON'T COME BACK (ERROR CODE: 267)".

There is a huge, spinning can of beans at the rooftop of the RoBeans company.

If the player goes to where the traffic light is and then look to their right, they can see a billboard in the distance showing a meme template that seems to be about 2 girls talking about how boys can't feel emotions and then shows the next panel of a chad being sad since he had gotten the Bad Ending in Chapter 1 and the credits are on the scene where the player is sitting down alone with an empty vial beside them.

If the player looks out the 2 small windows behind them when they spawn in the building, they will see a billboard that shows the "not stonks" meme but with the head replaced by Rhonald's head and the meme saying "RoBeans" instead of "not stonks".

(Video) ROBLOX SAW with FRIENDS but no one helps me


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • If the player doesn't have any friends, the friend will be named John instead. He will wear a simple black Roblox cap.
  • If the player eats the Big
Axolotl Food with no consequences.


What do you do when you forget your friend's birthday? ›

Call or personally contact the person and apologize for missing the date and do not give a lot of lame excuses. 2. If it's been a week, call the person and apologize. If it is a grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, godmother, best friend, or someone of equal importance to you, consider sending flowers as well.

What is the code in you forgot your friend's birthday? ›

The player is able to input the number "334567888" on the house's phone to call a Locksmith, who will blow up the front door when they arrive.

Is it normal to forget birthday? ›

When someone forgets your birthday, it's normal to have these thoughts, but don't let it ruin your day! There's always next year. Make sure you don't miss a birthday and put anybody else through this self-sabotaging turmoil.

How do you respond when someone forgets your birthday? ›

If they are a friend you tell them how much fun you had celebrating. If family and it bothers you… tell them you were dissapointed you didn't get a birthday greeting. Say it in a non threatening way and I'm sure it will be well received.

Does doors have an ending Roblox? ›

If the player successfully reaches it, a cutscene plays in which Figure cuts the cords of the elevator, leading to the end of the game.

Why do people forget birthdays? ›

The 'self-reference effect' makes memories easier to retrieve the more closely you can relate to them, researchers say. Birthdays are easier to remember the closer they are to your own, according to a study in Psychological Science.

Is it important to remember birthdays? ›

A day to celebrate how much you love and appreciate them

Birthdays are important because they give everyone a day to feel special and see how much those around them love them. Many cultures say that your birthday is more than just a special day of the year.

Should I be mad if my boyfriend forgot my birthday? ›

If you've been together for a while, and they forget, it's still not automatically a bad thing. "If this person is otherwise the perfect partner, caring, and sweet, and you feel loved, then let it go, and don't make a big deal out of it," Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, advises.

How do I remind my friends about my birthday? ›

You could set your birth date in a social media, because they usually remind people about others' birthday. Another way, if you're talking to the person, you could mention you are doing something just because it is your birthday, for example: "I took the day for relaxing today.

How do you tell your friends your birthday? ›

As other answerers pointed out, you can bring it in a casual conversation. If there is any celebration, event, whatever, the same day, talk about it and mention your birthday is the same day. You can mention it more or less obviously.

How do you write belated happy birthday? ›

Greetings can be late, however, so it makes much more sense to say late happy birthday, which is why belated happy birthday is the correct formulation. When you write the greeting correctly, belated modifies the phrase happy birthday. When you write it incorrectly, happy modifies the phrase belated birthday.

How do I remember my friends birthday? ›

Spend time with them.

Maybe you forgot your friend's birthday because both of you are busy with school, or maybe you attend different schools. Try offering to set a date where you and your friend can go see a movie, go to a concert, have a spa day, or just hang out as a way to celebrate their birthday.

How can you find out someone's birthday? ›

One easy way to discover someone's birthday is to look them up on Facebook. If you have an account of your own, log in and type their name into the search bar at the top of the screen. Once you get to their profile, you should see their date of birth displayed in the info box below their profile picture.

How do you respond when your best friend forgets your birthday? ›

Talk to talk to him or her and find out what happened that caused that person to forget your birthday. Because I would rather have someone to listen to me rather than stay angry at them. Expecting things are a little too much on your birthday after all it's just a day you were born on.

Why do I forget birthdays? ›

In short, the arbitrary nature of birthdays makes it very easy for your brain to forget about them. Sure, you can overlearn any tidbit of information and commit it to memory, but new information can easily interfere with this process.


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