LibGuides: 29 Palms Personal and Professional Development LibGuide: Welcome Aboard (2023)

The Commanding General's Welcome Aboard Brief provides everything you need to know about life aboard MCAGCC. You will learn about different activities and services available on base andthe surrounding communities. Per Marine Corps order 1754.10AMilitary Personnel in grades of E-1 through E-6, O-1 through O-2, and WO-1 must attend Mandatory Settling in Services at Contiguous United States locations. Family members are highlyencouraged to attend. Others aboard MCAGCC that areinterested in what MCCS 29 Palms has to offerare also welcome to attend.

Following the presentations, there isan information fair where you learn more details about each program. Those services on thetabs and have electronic information that will help you better understand their program. To learn more about the Personal and Professional Development branch which includes:Education Center, Career Resource Office, Library Program, Family Member Employment Assistance, Personal Financial Management, and Information & Referral Services please access their tabs above. For more information, please call or email Information and Referral:

(760) 830-6344

  • MCAGCC 29 Palms Base Map

  • MCCS 29 Palms Guidebook

  • Loan Locker Request Form

    Loan lockers are here to help provide basic household items while waiting on your items to arrive here, or if you have shipped your items to your next duty station, we can provide household items until you depart. Loan lockers are only available for those with command sponsored dependents.

  • Off Limit Establishments

Family Advocacy Program Counseling Services


General information: (760)830-6345

The Family Advocacy Program provides services to reduce the risk of abuse in military families. Services include prevention and education, clinical counseling, and assessment and response to reports of abuse. The program also receives reports of problematic sexual behaviors among children and youth and works with parents to obtain services to address these types of behaviors. Victim advocates are available to provide services to victims of family abuse.

Individual Counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, child & teen, referrals and case management

  • BHB Brochure


Vanda Stanley, Health Benefits Advisor:

(760) 830-2961/2903

TriWest (United Healthcare)

(877) 988-9378

TRICARE Nurse Advice Line:

(800) 874-2273

  • Tricare Contact Card

  • Tricare Cost Sheet

  • Tricare Dental Options

  • Tricare Qualifying Life Event Flyer

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Bldg 1447

(760) 830-7740

Ensuring continuity of care for exceptional family members enhances the quality of life for enrolled Marine Corps families in order to support the mission of the Marine Corps.

  • EFMP Roles and Responsibilities

  • EFMP Brochure

FOCUS (Families OverComing Under Stress)

Building 693 (Family Service Center)

Joelle Borja and Maritza

(760) 830-3818

FOCUS provides consultations and resilience training to military children, families, and couples. It teaches practical skills to help families and couples overcome common challenges related to a military life such as transitions, injury and stress, including stress and uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps build on current strengths and teach new strategies to enhance communication and problem solving, goal setting and creating a shared family story.

  • TeleFOCUS Flyer

New Parent Support Program (NPSP)

Building1438 North

Markescia Corker (760)830-6345

The New Parent Support Program (NPSP) is a professional team of registered nurses and licensed clinicians who provide supportive and caring services to military families who are expecting and/or with children from birth to five years of age. Through a variety of voluntary programs, including home visits and classes, the NPSP helps families learn to cope with stress, isolation, post deployment reunions, and the everyday demands of parenthood.

  • NPSP Flyer

Child and Youth Programs Resource & Referral (CDC)



Resource and Referral is your one-stop contact for any questions about enrollment in any of the CYP childcare programs.

  • Enrollment Process PowerPoint

  • Health Screening

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR)

Building1417N (4thand Brown St.)

(760) 830-4997 or (760)830-0273

The SAPR Program provides training and education to Marines, Sailors, dependents, and eligible civilians in an effort to foster an environment where sexual assault is not tolerated, provides guidance on how to respond and report, and works with key stakeholders to hold offenders accountable.

Stroller Warriors Running Club

Jill Hawkins:

Stroller Warriors is a free running club that seeks to bring together military spouses or those looking to get together to run, providing a free, safe, and encouraging environment. We host runs twice a week as well as special events throughout the year, and have runs in stroller friendly locations so that those with small children can run with their strollers.

  • Stroller Warriors Flyer

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS)

Building693, Suite 106

Jaime Farrell:

(760) 830-6323

  • NMCRS Services Flyer

  • NMCRS Formula Locker

  • Budget for Baby

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Liberty Military Housing


(760) 368-4500

If you plan to live in military housing, Liberty is your housing contact. Housing applications are available on Liberty's website:

Religious Ministries


(760)830-6464, (760)830-6892, (760)830-6646, (760)830-4739

COVID related anxiety counseling, resilience counseling, virtual spiritual, moral and emotional support to exposed and infected Marines and family members.

Bob Hope USO

Palm Springs International Airport

North end adjacent tothe airport near customs. Follow airport signage.

(760) 866-1100

Airport comfort lounge for traveling military and their families. Also extensive on-base event programming such as BBQs, Movie Nights, Holiday Parties, Family Days, and more that are coordinated though the units.

  • USO Welcome to the Desert Flyer

Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs (NREA)


Shanese Risper

Environmental Affairs, Natural and Cultural Resources, Water Resources, Compliance Section, National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), Air Resource Management Office, Pollution Prevention, Recycling, Range Sustainment and Hazardous Waste Management Branch.

Wood Hobby Shop


Robert Henry: (760) 830-7214

The Wood Hobby Shop / Laser Engraving and More Service is located near the main area of the base in the warehouse area. The location is at Building 1342 between 2nd & 3rd Street off of Sturgis.

The Wood Hobby Shop is a recreational woodworking facility that offers our Marines, Sailors, Family Members and Civilian Counterparts a full-service woodworking hobby, crafts, and furniture building environment. We maintain a complete inventory of woodworking tools and equipment as well and a modest inventory of lumber and supplies to aid in all aspects of project creation and completion.

The Laser Engraving and More Service allows us to enhance and expand the creativity of our patrons and to provide plaques, plates and other finished products for gifts or presentation at a discounted price.

  • Wood Hobby Shop Flyer

American Red Cross

Building 693 (Family Service Center)

(760) 830-6685

(877) 272-7337

Providing assistance in times of emergency and access to financial assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We serve active duty service membersand their families as well as DoD civilians and families serving overseas, National Guard, Reserves, and veterans.

Single Marine Program Spike’s Place

Building1532 (Next to Dominions)


Spikes’ Place, home of the Single Marine Program, is an integral part of the recreation opportunities and programming offered aboard the installation for over 10,000 active-duty Marines and Sailors, and 6,000 Single Marine and Sailors. Spike’s Place is open to ALL ACTIVE DUTY. We house over 800 movies from new school to old school with the Navy Motion pictures programs, a wide array of gaming consoles.We have computers for gaming, surfing the web, or professional uses, as well as Dell laptop computers.Entertainment will be no problem. For physical indoor challenges, we offer championship grade pool tables, poker tables, ping pong tables, and a top-quality shuffleboard. To complement the atmosphere of a home away from home, the Single Marine program offers lounging areas equipped with full size flat screen televisions to view UFC, NFL, NBA, MLB, or the latest in the world news. This facility is fully equipped with free Wi-Fi for all patrons within the facility to receive connectivity. For on location activities such as Barracks Bashes, Marine Got Talents talent shows, and outdoor movies nights, patrons can have fun and entertainment close to their living quarters free of charge and hassle free. When getting out and about to Southern California’s most popular recreation areas whether for fun or volunteerism, all ranks are encouraged to partake of these events to continue and help create morale and comradeship out in the communities.

Opportunities such as these and many more are made possible by Sponsors such as AFAF (American Friends of our Armed Forces), HQMC, and a few others. Ensuring we provide all the Active-duty populations needs in Quality of Life, Volunteerism, and recreation, the facility is open throughout the whole year, 365 days.

Armed Services YMCA

Building 693,Suite 102


The Armed Services YMCA Twentynine Palms branch was opened in 1992. Our focus is to assist the junior enlisted, Sergeant and below, and their families, as they are often most vulnerable to the frequent transitions and obstacles of military life. We seek to make military life easier by offering low-cost and free programs that have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of this unique lifestyle. The ASYMCA cooperates closely with unity and base commands to give back to the men and women who make such a great sacrifice to our nation. We are here to make a difference. We are here to serve.

  • ASYMCA Programs

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