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  • 1 Season 1
    • 1.1 The Macho Man with the Plan
    • 1.2 The Chore Thing
    • 1.3 Ro-Bro
    • 1.4 The Blemish Dilemish
    • 1.5 The Banana Split Decision
    • 1.6 The Guy Who Makes You Fly
    • 1.7 Some Buddy to Love
    • 1.8 Little-ol-lady-whoooo Has Talent
  • 2 Season 2
    • 2.1 A Musical to Remember
    • 2.2 Last Friend Standing
    • 2.3 The Tennessee Surprise: Love Is in the Air

This page is a comprehensive list of Lincoln Loud and others breaking the fourth wall, sorted by episodes from the Shorts, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, The Really Loud House, films, comics, and promos.


  • "Ever wonder what it's like to grow up in a big family? Well, don't let the picture fool you! It's not all sugar and spice. Don't believe me? Welcome to...the Loud House. Surviving in a big family can be challenging. Even the little things. Like getting a turn in the bathroom. Which is why I give you...'Lincoln Loud's Three P's to Go Poo and Pee'. You're gonna need Patience, Perseverance, and most importantly, Problem Solving. With these three steps, you'll get into the bathroom every time. Which is important. Especially if you wait until the very last second to go! Into the breach!"
  • "Time to put the third 'P': Problem Solving into action."
  • "Like I said, surviving in a big family can be a challenge. But it's not impossible. Now if you'll excuse me...PRESSING ENGAGEMENT!"

Slice of Life[]

  • "Ah, nothing like a little manga-reading before dinner. (Rita: "KIDS! PIZZA'S HERE!") In a family this big... (Lori, Leni, Luna, Lola, Lisa, Lynn, Lucy, and Luan: "PIZZA!!!") (Lana: "OOH, PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA, YEEES!") ...getting seconds is rare. Especially when it comes to pizza. With twelve slices and eleven kids, there's always one slice left. Who gets the last slice? Well, that's always the problem. Let me tell you about...'Lincoln Loud's ABCs to Getting the Last Slice'. First, 'A'; we argue."
  • "Arguing never works. So if we can't decide who gets the last slice, it brings us to 'B'; we must...BATTLE!"
  • "Of course, we always forget about 'C'; coupons."

Deuces Wild![]

  • "When the chips are down, I can always count on my sisters to help save the day."

Sibling Speak[]

  • "When you're part of a family as big as mine, you have to learn how to speak sibling."
  • "Well, I gotta go. Dad needs me to clean Cliff's litterbox."

Left in the Dark[]

  • "All right, I know you're probably saying to yourself, 'Lincoln, with ten sisters, there's no way you're going to get to watch your favorite show.' And you'd be right. Every Sunday at 8, it's the same thing. But tonight, I have a plan."
  • "For such a landmark event, we decided that it'd be best for us to watch it separately. Clyde's got a huge crush on my sister Lori. It gets awkward."
  • "Like I said, I might not be the fastest, and I might not be the strongest, but to get all of my sisters out of the way, it pays to have a plan."
  • [after Clyde fails to help due to his crush on Lori] "I told you it gets awkward."
  • "You know, I may have missed my show, but sometimes, it's not about being there first. Sometimes, it's about being there together. All of us."

Get the Message[]

  • "Next time I have a problem with one of my sisters, I'll just talk to them instead of leaving a message or writing a nasty letter. Speaking of which, where is that letter?"
  • "Well, it's time to do the official dance of the Loud House: the Running Man!"

Heavy Meddle[]

  • "He has no idea what it's like to have ten meddling sisters."
  • "And that was just a paper cut!" [holds up a finger with a bandage wrapped around it]
  • "The National Weather Service reports clear skies with only a 20% chance of meddling sisters. But we advise keeping your umbrella handy."
  • "Well, folks, the National Weather Service has just released a Category 1 Sisternado Watch. We advise boarding up your windows and preparing your emergency supplies."
  • "This just in from the National Weather Service: The Sisternado watch has been upgraded to a Sisternado warning." [shouts] "TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY!"
  • "OK, maybe just this one time my sisters were right. But don't tell them that!"

Making the Case[]

  • "The Loud Family trophy case. My sisters have done some pretty impressive stuff to get in here. There are Lynn's soccer trophies, Lola's pageant crowns, Lisa's Junior Nobel Prize, even Lily's won her thumb sucking contests! And then there's me." [sighs] "I've tried everything to get into this trophy case."
  • "But now, I finally have my chance! The 5th Grade Video Contest. Whoever's video gets the most votes wins this beauty."
  • "My sisters no longer despise me, Cristina's switching classes, and I finally made the case."

Driving Miss Hazy[]

  • "Lori's the only Loud kid with a driver's license. Which means that, in this house, there's no such thing as a free ride."
  • "If I can help Leni get her license, she'll drive us anywhere! And Lori will have to wash her own jeggings."

No Guts, No Glori[]

  • "Ah, Friday night. You survived another week of school. Now it's time to kick back, forget your troubles, and crack open a brand new video game. Love that new game smell."

The Sweet Spot[]

  • "Ah, road trips. That beloved tradition for families everywhere. Tomorrow, the Loud Family's going on a trip of our own. Sounds fun, right? Not with 13 of us packed into the family wagon. Or as we affectionately call it: 'Vanzilla'. Every seat in Vanzilla offers one kind of torture or another. Getting stuck next to Lily's car seat is no good."
  • "The back row is so far away from Mom and Dad, that it turns into the wild, wild west."
  • "And this seat has the exact opposite problem: It's right in Dad's sight line."
  • [voiceover] "Plus, it's next to the one-working speaker."
  • "And the rest of the seats only get worse. There's the sticky, the soggy, the springy, and the slanty. From my calculations, that leaves just one seat safe from it all. I call it 'The Sweet Spot'. And tomorrow, it will be mine, 'cause I'm gonna stake it out tonight."
  • "There's my cue. Everyone's asleep. It's go time."
  • "I'm sorry you had to see that. Having the wrong sister next to me could totally wreck the sweet spot. Okay, it definitely can't be Luan."
  • [voiceover] "And it can't be Lola."
  • [voiceover] "And it can't be Lynn."
  • "I got it! Leni!" [voiceover] "The motion of the car always puts her in a daze, and she'll leave me alone."
  • "Ah, so many ways to ruin the Sweet Spot! All right, who can I have behind me? Definitely not Lana." [voiceover] "Definitely not Lori. She spends the whole ride texting with Bobby. Which means... (Flashback Lori: "CARSICK!")"
  • "I got it! Lisa! True, she won't shut up about all the dangers of car travel..."
  • "But the beauty of the Sweet Spot is that it has one working window. The wind of the road will drown her out."
  • "That window better work."
  • "I'm sorry you had to see that. Well, Operation: Sweet Spot went sour. I guess I should have known that in a family this big, you just can't control every little thing. That said, there's a Sweet Spot in the living room too. It's at the end of the couch; close to the bathroom with a great view of the TV. And it's going to be mine!"

A Tale of Two Tables[]

  • "In most families, the 'kiddie table' is something you only see at holidays. But in a family as big as mine, it's part of everyday life."
  • "It's not right. My five older sisters get to sit at the grown-up table with Mom and Dad, while I'm stuck here with my five younger sisters."
  • "There really is no rush to get to the grown-up table. It's gonna happen eventually. So in the meantime, might as well enjoy being a kid."

Project Loud House[]

  • "Ever wonder what it's like to grow up in a big family? Well, so does my teacher. Our class assignment is to do a report on our families. With ten sisters, I can sum up mine in one word: 'Chaos'! It took 3 weeks, 4 boxes of pasta, 2 tubes of glue, and 27 popsicle sticks, but the centerpiece of my project is finally finished. Pretty accurate representation of the Loud Family, I'd say. But making this thing was the easy part. The real challenge is getting it to school on time and in one piece to give my report. Sounds easy, right? Not in my house. If you want to get all ten of your sisters out the door on time, you have to get up pretty early, and you have to have a plan."
  • "The ten-headed beast has awoken. Wish me luck."
  • "Phase one of Operation Get Ready For School and Into the Car on Time is complete. Now comes phase two: Breakfast."
  • "Cooking is usually Dad's territory, but I gave him the day off 'cause I have to kick things into high gear."
  • "Like I said, if you want to get all your sisters out the door on time, you have to have a plan."

In Tents Debate[]

  • "Now I've done it. If I choose Aloha Beach, five of my sisters are gonna be mad at me. And if I choose Dairyland, the other five will be mad. Making a decision is gonna be rough."
  • "I amend my earlier statement. Deciding on where to go for our vacation might not be so rough after all."
  • "Can you blame me? No matter what I decide, five of them are still gonna be mad at me. But this day has been amazing. So I figure, why not take advantage of it a little longer?"
  • "Great. I was afraid of making five of my sisters mad at me. But now all ten are! There's only one thing left to do."
  • "It may not be much of a vacation for me, but it's worth it if all ten of my sisters are happy. I'd say everything turned out a-okay."

Sound of Silence[]

  • "Sadly, when you've got ten sisters, it's almost impossible to get a moment's peace."

Space Invader[]

  • "Space...the final frontier. As you might imagine, with ten sisters, space is limited. Everywhere you go, you gotta deal with the crowds."
  • "But being the only boy in the family comes with a perk...You hear that? Me neither. While my sisters all have to share bedrooms, I get my own. Sure, it's just a converted linen closet, but it's my own space. My own little oasis in the sands of the Loud House. And I wouldn't give it up for the world."
  • "Another perk to having my own room? I don't have to get involved."
  • "Space...the final frontier. Sure, I'm lucky enough to have a room to call my own, but in the Loud House, we all know when we need to share. But just for one night! Buenas noches!"

Picture Perfect[]

  • "The key to the perfect anniversary present for your parents is simple: know your audience. And since my folks love what I bring to the table, I make them the same thing every year: this awesome coffee mug!"
  • "Just perfect."

Undie Pressure[]

  • "Ah, rainy days. Perfect for hanging out with the family and reading comics."
  • Lisa: "I'm only human."
  • "Ah, rainy days. There's nothing like doing the thing you love surrounded by the ones you love...and 2,000 thread count undies."

Linc or Swim[]

  • "On a hot summer day, there's nothing like a refreshing dip in the community pool."
  • "On a hot summer day, there's nothing like a refreshing dip in the community town over."
  • "On a hot summer day...oh, you know the rest."
  • "On a hot summer day, there's nothing like a refreshing dip in your own pool." [twice]
  • "I can't even get into the pool in my own fantasy!"
  • "Now this is a pool I can really get into."
  • "So it turns out that a pool, and basically everything awesome in life, is more fun when everyone gets to be a part of it."

Changing the Baby[]

  • "You'd think that with all these sisters, there'd be just one that likes the same things I like. But sadly, that's not the case."

Overnight Success[]

  • "Tonight is a historic night for me. I GET TO HAVE A SLEEPOVER!!" [His loud voice alerts an owl and makes it fly away.] "Now I know what you're thinking, 'Lincoln, what's the big deal? Let me explain.' See, sleepovers in the Loud House have not always gone so well."
  • "Thanks to my sisters, sleepovers were banned in the Loud House. So when I wanted to have one, it took some hard selling."
  • "Luckily, Dad is a real sucker for cat videos. Now that they've said yes, I'm gonna make sure this is the best sleepover ever. I've got the juice boxes chilling, the couch pillows ready to be turned into a fort, the snacks stacked, and the itinerary totally mapped out. Every second of the night is planned for maximum sleepover enjoyment. All that's missing now? My guest."
  • "This is it! Time to make history."
  • "I did not get mauled by three cats just to have this sleepover go to waste. Maybe it doesn't have to."
  • "Okay, so maybe not everyone can handle the Loud House. But I think I finally found the perfect candidate. He lives in between a freeway and a circus."
  • "Huh. Now that surprises me. Isn't there anyone who can handle this house?" [hears the white noise machine and turns it off as he notices all of Clyde's stuff on the floor] "Clyde! Of course! He doesn't just handle it, he likes it!"
  • "Little Bo Sleep, this is Slumberjack. Do you read? Wow. He must be really mad. Was I that big of a jerk?"

Ties That Bind[]

  • "Welcome to a typical Saturday morning in the Loud House. Sure it's crazy, but that's the way we like it. All eleven of us."
  • "Looks like everything's back to normal at the Loud House. And my eavesdropping days are over."


  • "In a big family, hand-me-downs are a fact of life. Here, let me take you through a few of...'Lincoln Loud's Hand-Me-Down Greatest Hits'." [voiceover] "There was Leni's sparkly shirt..."
  • [voiceover] "...and then there was Colonel Crackers, Luan's ventriloquist dummy..."
  • [voiceover] "...Luna's electric guitar..."
  • [voiceover] "...and Lynn's, um..."
  • "Thanks to my sisters, I've got a whole new view of hand-me-downs. It's not about what you get. It's all about what you do with it."
  • Colonel Crackers: "Listen to what he says, kids."

Sleuth or Consequences[]

  • "I'm Ace Savvy, the world's savviest crime fighter. A man of few words, and even fewer emotions. Except for today. Because today is the day of the big Ace Savvy comic book convention! YEAH! And now to call my trusty sidekick."
  • "Harsh, right? But you know what? It doesn't even bother me. With 10 opinionated sisters, you gotta have a thick skin."

Butterfly Effect[]

  • "Watch in awe, as the Amazing Lincoln displays his unbelievable yo-yo skills! I shall now 'walk the dog'!"
  • "I shall now go 'AROUND THE WORLD'!"
  • "The Amazing Lincoln will now take a brief intermission."
  • "Boy, am I glad that nightmare's over."

The Green House[]

  • "What can I do? In a family this big, our eco-footprint is a size 18 triple wide." [voiceover] "We use a lot of electricity..."
  • [voiceover] "...fossil fuels..."
  • [voiceover] "...water..."
  • [voiceover] "...aerosols..."
  • [voiceover] "...non-biodegradables..."
  • [voiceover] "...and did I mention electricity?"
  • "We gotta reduce our eco-footprint. Hopefully, I can get my sisters on board."
  • "Or not. Time to pull out the big guns."
  • "Well, I saved the polar bear, and I'm not an outcast. Though, technically social life is out the window."

Along Came a Sister[]

  • "If I had to worry about my sisters every time I wanted to do something, I'd never do anything."

Chore and Peace[]

  • "It's Chore Day at the Loud House, and taking out the trash is my job. And in a family as big as mine, chores can be pretty intense. But we get through 'em because we all do our fair share."
  • "Well, except maybe for Leni."
  • "When it comes to chores, nobody in the Loud House has it easy. The truth is, we all do our fair share."

For Bros About to Rock[]

  • "Clyde and I are going to see SMOOCH tonight, and not to make a big deal of it, but it's our first concert!"
  • "Boy, did my sisters have it wrong about Luna. She's not nuts at all. She's just really passionate about the things she loves. And in the words of my favorite band, sometimes, you gotta... ♫ ...grab life by the lips, and give it a smooch! ♫"

It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House[]

  • "Money. In the Loud House, there just isn't a lot of it to go around."
  • "Which is why, if you happen to find some, even the smallest gotta keep it to yourself."
  • Luan: "Digging is fun for the hole family!" [laughs] "Get it?"
  • Lynn Sr.: "Money. There just isn't a lot of it in the Loud House. But when there is, it's good to know that from now on, the kids will share it."

Toads and Tiaras[]

  • "You might be wondering why I'm helping Lola practice for a beauty contest. Well, tomorrow is the Little Miss Prim and Perfect Pageant, and the winner gets the greatest prize ever: two season passers to Dairyland Amoosem*nt Park! That's one for Lola and one for coach. I've been working my butt off all week to make sure she wins."
  • "It's been a long, hard road. But once we get to Dairyland, it'll all be worth it!"
  • "Well, I've learned two very valuable lessons. One: You should never try to turn someone into something they're not. And two: If you ever ride the Milk Shaker, keep your mouth closed."

Two Boys and a Baby[]

  • "Ah, Sunday mornings. My homework's done, my chores are complete, and I'm looking forward to a whole day of freedom!"
  • "Visits to Mom's aunt are torture." [voiceover] "She makes us look at a million pictures of her cats..."
  • [voiceover] "...she feeds us gross food..."
  • [voiceover] "...and she always singles me out to do special chores."
  • [voiceover] "The only Louds who get to skip out on Aunt Ruth's are Lily and Dad. Aunt Ruth doesn't trust Lily around her cats. So Dad stays home and babysits her. Lucky. Wait. Maybe I could be lucky, too!"
  • "Phew. What a day! That did not go as I expected. But you know what? I still win, 'cause I got out of going to Aunt Ruth's. Strategy!"
  • "Well, so much for strategy."

Cover Girls[]

  • "One of the great things about having a big family is someone's always got your back. I know I can count on my sisters to save my butt, and they can count on me."
  • "Well, I guess we all got what we deserved. But honestly, I got off easy. I'm just hanging out at home, watching ARGGH! with Clyde."

Save the Date[]

  • "Yes, this is annoying, but it's a small price to pay as long as things are cool between me and Ronnie Anne."
  • "And, there's a heart!"

Attention Deficit[]

  • "In a family as big as mine, getting attention from your parents is no easy thing."
  • "I gotta say, getting some undivided attention is pretty sweet. And now if you'll excuse me, I gotta give some undivided attention to my hammies."
  • "Wow. Maybe I had it wrong. My sisters aren't trying to hog Clyde's dads. They just want a little attention, too. And you know what? I'm gonna let them have it. But not this leftover meat. That's coming with me."
  • "Not everyone can handle 11 kids like Mom and Dad can."
  • "I guess I really underestimated my parents. Even if it takes a while, they eventually find time for all of us, everyday. No wonder Dad has a wicked canker."

Out on a Limo[]

  • "This may be the coolest day of my life! You're looking at the grand prize winner of the Seed's Mustard 'Win a Limo for a Day' contest. I had to eat my weight in mustard. But I finally found the winning jar."
  • "The only thing better than being a man in a limo is being a family in a limo."

A Novel Idea[]

  • "Dad's office is across the street?! No fair! I can't compete with that!"

April Fools Rules[]

  • "Tomorrow is April Fools Day. Every year my sister Luan creates a prank apocalypse and no one is spared! I present to you 'Luan Loud's April Fools Highlight Reel'."
  • "See what I mean? Nobody's safe from that evil pranking genius. But this year's gonna be different. Luan is not gonna prank me! Because I've got an April Fool-proof plan."
  • Luan: "Aww, the end of April Fools always makes me feel a" [laughs] "Get it?"

Cereal Offender[]

NOTE: Lincoln does not break the fourth wall in this episode, but Lily does when acting like a zombie while her siblings are having a Zombie Bran fight.

  • Lily: "BRAAAAN!!"

Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru[]

  • "Clyde and I have a week to start a successful business for class, so we're gonna sell homemade chocolate pie."
  • "How hard can it be to start a business? Pretty hard, actually. The key is to find something you're really good at, and it turns out for me that thing is..." [gets hit with a pie] "Taking a pie in the face."

Come Sale Away[]

  • "You've been with us a while, and it doesn't need to be said. But in a family as big as mine, everything turns into a competition."
  • "I haven't had a win in forever, but that changes today. It's our annual garage sale, and at 5 PM today, when the market's closed, the victory dance shall be mine!"
  • "Well, now you know where we get it from. As they say, the nuts don't fall too far away from the tree."

Roughin' It[]

  • "Yikes! Is spending all my time around girls turning me into one? Nah, I'm sure it'll turn out fine."
  • "I thought spending so much time around my sisters was a problem when, actually, it's just the opposite. If it wasn't for them, I'd probably be moose meal by now. And now that I don't have to worry about what's manly or girly or any of that junk, I can go back to enjoying this."

The Waiting Game[]

  • "Today's the day that my classmate Chandler is handing out invites to his birthday party. It's at the sewage treatment plan where his dad works, and everyone says it's gonna be epic!"
  • "I get it. I know how your boss is. I remember how tough he was when I talked to him about hiring you."

The Loudest Yard[]

  • "Clearly, I cannot play football. Fortunately, in a big family, there's always someone who can help you out of a jam."
  • "I don't know what I was so afraid of. Sports can be pretty awesome. And it turns out, I'm a natural."
  • "A correction to my previous statement: I am not a natural. But on the plus side, at least I'm getting some exercise."

Raw Deal[]

  • "Today, we're going to Grand Venture State Park and it's gonna be awesome! We're gonna hike, and fish, and check out the caves..."
  • [disappointed] "Well, I guess there's a lesson here. You can't live your life in fear, or you'll miss out on it. And that would be a tragedy."

Dance, Dance Resolution[]

  • "What? I-I would have told them the truth, but believe me, they wouldn't have understood. Sometimes, a little white lie works out better for everyone."
  • "How about that? I guess tonight worked out for everyone."
  • "Well, except for me. Guess it's time to come clean."

One of the Boys[]

  • "Remember what I said about staying here forever? Yeah. That's not happening."
  • "I'm so glad my sisters are nothing like my brothers. (Lynn: "Hey, Lincoln, I almost forgot something." [pantses him and runs off laughing]) Except for Lynn."

A Tattler's Tale[]

  • "What can I say? We're not angels. Sometimes, we mess up. But the great thing is, if you need to get something off your chest, you can always trust your siblings."
  • "Well, not all of them."
  • Lola: "Well, what did you expect? I'm Lola Loud! It's not like they'll tell anyone!"

Funny Business[]

  • "Ah, nothing like reading comics on a peaceful summer-"
  • "See? I do know what audiences like."

Snow Bored[]

  • "You may be wondering what the heck is going on here. I'll show ya. See that? Snow, beautiful snow. And if it keeps coming down, we can be in for a snow day tomorrow. So tonight, we're doing everything in our power to make it happen."
  • Lisa: "Well, Houston, mission accomplished. My master plan was a major success. I'm pretty sure my siblings won't be wanting anymore snow days. And now that I've repurposed my snow tank to a salt-spraying, snow-melting de-icer, it's time for some real F-U-N, spelled correctly, I might add."
  • "Wait, what just happened?"

The Price of Admission[]

  • "Well, better get to bed before Mom and Dad think of anymore infested places to send me."
  • "You know, I think I'm doing better. It's been a full 10 minutes since I thought about the know who I mean."

One Flu Over the Loud House[]

  • "Ooh, the sweet sound of silence. That never happens on a Saturday. I must be the first one up. Wait a minute! 10:00 AM? How could it be this quiet this late?"
  • "With 13 Louds packed into 1200 square feet, when someone gets sick, it spreads like the plague. We're not just talking flu, we're talking...a zombie apocalypse!"
  • Clyde: "Well, the escape mission was a bust, but just because the Louds are infected doesn't mean that they're not human. Plus, I'd hate to see all this good food go to waste."


  • "Sounds like someone got trapped in the bathroom again."
  • "Lori's right. With 11 kids, four pets... and two parents who insist on fixing everything themselves, our house is a bit of a, how do I put this nicely, disaster."
  • [voiceover] "You've got the faulty water pressure..."
  • [voiceover] "...and the creaky floorboards."
  • [voiceover] "Don't forget about the rotting wood."
  • [voiceover] "Then there's the clunky furnace..."
  • [voiceover] "...and the crummy TV signal..."
  • [voiceover] "...and the doorknob situation."

11 Louds a Leapin'[]

  • "It's the day before Christmas! And there's no better time to be in the Loud House."
  • "Excuse me. This might take a while."
  • "Yup. Everyone around here is full of Christmas cheer."
  • "Well, everyone except for our crabby old neighbor, Mr. Grouse. He really lives up to his name."
  • "Well, I'm not gonna let Mr. Grouse take away my Christmas cheer. I've got a week off school, ten inches of fresh snow, and this guy!" [referring to a snow sled] "The Fearsome Flyer 8000! Or as I affectionately call him, 'Big Red'. We've been waiting all winter for the perfect sledding conditions. So if you'll excuse us..."
  • "This is a disaster! When stuff goes into Mr. Grouse's yard, it never comes back."
  • "Well, another Christmas has come and gone. But this year, I got the best present ever: a new friend. I think from now on, things are gonna be pretty different around here."
  • "Maybe not that different."
  • Luan: "Well, I guess that about wraps things up! YES! I DID IT! That's twelve! Merry Christmas!"

Intern for the Worse[]

  • "Today's the fifth grade internship fair, and Clyde and I are making sure to put our best foot forward."

Baby Steps[]

  • "Ah, a big brother's work is never done."

Brawl in the Family[]

  • "Yeah, well, I have a protocol too. Which is, I don't like pooping in a bucket."

Making the Grade[]

  • "Fifth grade. After half a decade with these guys, I really feel like I'm part of the gang. Yep. Life is pretty good."

The Whole Picture[]

  • "Turns out I have nothing to worry about. With all my sisters, it's like having the Lincoln Library times ten. I'm pretty sure whatever happened in my life, they'll help me remember it."

No Such Luck[]

  • "I know what you're thinking, 'Lincoln, why are you trying to get out of your sisters' activities?' Well, you don't know my life. With ten sisters, my calendar's booked everyday with stuff. I'm supposed to go to rodeos, pageants, open mic nights...once and a while, a guy just need some time to himself."
  • "Dang it. Should've done a head count."
  • "I think I may be onto something here."
  • "I guess I brought this on myself."
  • "Ugh! Lynn and her superstitions! As long as she thinks I'm bad luck, I'm doomed. I have to find a way to prove her wrong."
  • "So sorry to miss it all!"
  • "My plan is simple: I watch the game in disguise, and when the Squirrels win, everyone will see I'm not bad luck."
  • "Well, my family doesn't think I'm bad luck anymore. In fact, now they think I'm good luck. (Lola: "Hey, Lincoln!" [shouts] "Put the head back on before we get stung by a jellyfish!") But unfortunately, only when I'm in the squirrel suit."

Kick the Bucket List[]

  • "I know this looks a little weird, but I'm doing it for a reason. Today's the first day of spring break, and to ensure we make the most of it, Clyde and I came up with this!"
  • "I meant, we came up with this! 'Clincoln McLoud's Totally Awesome and Rad Spring Break Bucket List (Patent Pending)'. It's a totally awesome and rad list of all the rad and awesome things Clyde and I wanna do over the nine days of spring break. We've been working on this baby since Christmas break ended, and that's why I'm stretching. With so many activities to get through, we can't afford to cramp up."

Party Down[]

  • "I did not spend a whole week mastering party tricks just to be shown the door. Lori doesn't want Lincoln Loud at her party, but she didn't say anything about..."

Fed Up[]

  • "Yeah, so this never happens. Dad cooks all our dinners, and he's not a bad cook, but his repertoire is kind of limited. You've got Salisbury Steak Sundays, Meatball Mondays, Turkey Loaf Tuesdays, Wienerschnitzel Wednesdays, Goulash Thursdays, Fish Fry Fridays, and Succotash Saturdays. Then it all repeats week after week after week. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go choke down some... (Lynn Sr.: "...wienerschnitzel.")"
  • "Wow. What a night. Maybe next week we can get Dad to order Chinese. (Lynn Sr.: "WHY IS THERE MEAT IN MY SHOES?!") Dang it!"

Shell Shock[]

  • "Oh, no. Not Ronnie Anne. I can't be paired with Ronnie Anne. She's, well, Ronnie Anne. And she's not exactly the careful, nurturing type."

The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos[]

NOTE: Lincoln does not break the fourth wall in this episode.

  • Ronnie Anne: "Well, things are definitely gonna be different for me. My whole family just quadrupled in size. My backyard is now a fire escape, and I definitely need a lock for that bathroom door. It's gonna be quite an adventure, but I'm up for it. Huh. Lincoln was right. It does help talking to you guys."

Lynner Takes All[]

  • "Tonight's game night in the Loud House. Sounds fun, right? Not when you have a sister like Lynn."
  • "It's not that the rest of us don't like playing games. Heck, we don't care that Lynn wins every time. It's just, she's not exactly a 'good winner'."
  • "And if you think that's bad, last week she waited till everyone fell asleep and then wrote 'loser' on their foreheads. Fortunately, I got out of that one."

Yes Man[]

  • "SMOOCH is having a special VIP concert tonight, where you get to go backstage and meet the band. In the immortal words of my sister Luna, it's gonna be rockin'!"
  • "Wow! Can you believe this, my sisters are pretty cool, even if I can't see SMOOCH, this is definitely the next best thing."

No Spoilers[]

  • "We've tried throwing a few surprise parties in this family, but it's always gone wrong. And we all know why. Or should I say, who?"
  • "Well, this year, we want to throw a surprise party for Mom, which means, as much as we love her, we have to keep Leni out of it."


  • "Lynn Loud Sr., also known as my dad. I love hanging out with the guy, but we're pretty different. So, we've had a hard time finding that one thing we both like doing. We've tried doing stuff that I'm into, like Ace Savvy."
  • "We've also tried stuff Dad's into, like cooking."
  • "When we discovered that Legends was doing a special father-son episode, we knew we had to get on it. So we sent in an amazing five-hour submission tape."
  • "And sealed the deal with a tray of Dad's lasagna. And guess what? It totally worked! We're going to be on the show!"
  • "Well, at least we're doing it together."

Not a Loud[]

  • "Everyone in our class has to do a report about the day they were born, and tomorrow is my turn. Should be a cinch because Mom and Dad keep detailed baby books for all of us."


  • "Trust me, she's excited."
  • "Speaking of the best Halloween ever, Clyde and I have some pretty big plans, too."
  • "For years, there have been rumors of a neighborhood, where people hand out full sized candy bars, instead of tiny bite sized ones. Clyde and I were determined to find this mythological place, so we did some research. By studying satellite photos, analyzing median income levels, and tracking candy buyers through out Southeastern Michigan, we found it!"

The Crying Dame[]

  • "Well, we might be doing this for the rest of our lives, but at least Lily's happy again."
  • Lincoln faces the audience when he and his sisters sing Fenton's song.

Snow Way Down[]

  • "This is great! My first ever vacation with Clyde and his dads! And if it's anything like their souffles, it's going to be awesome!"
  • "I'll give them a little privacy."


  • "This is a big moment for the Louds. We're finally taking a real family vacation! Not an overnight at Aunt Ruth's, or a campout in the church parking lot. A vacation vacation! But getting here wasn't easy." [voiceover] "In a family this big, a vacation cost a lot of money."
  • [voiceover] "So we all had to do our part."
  • "Thanks to all our hard work, we saved enough money for a week at the Weeping Willow Resort & Lodge on Lake Michigan! We're talking bumper boats, horseback riding, and twenty-six flavors of fudge!"
  • "Well, there goes our vacation."

White Hare[]

  • "You may be wondering, who's the cool new guy in the Loud House. It's me, Lincoln. And I can't wait to tell you why I've changed my look. You see-"
  • "Or Clyde can tell you."
  • "And now I have just one last obstacle, to get out of the house before my sisters figure out what I'm up to."
  • "Man, that's a lot of sisters, I can't even imagine what that would be like."


  • "It's a big night at the Loud House. Pop-Pop's coming to dinner, and he's bringing a very special guest."

A Fridge Too Far[]

  • "Last night, Dad made his famous mac 'n' cheese bites for dinner. And in order to make all that cheesy goodness last, I saved three bites for after school. But if I'm gonna get through this day without losing my mind, I'm just gonna have to stop thinking about them."

Selfie Improvement[]

NOTE: Lincoln does not break the fourth wall in this episode.

  • Lori: "Right?"

City Slickers[]

  • "We're visiting Bobby and Ronnie Anne this weekend, so Lori can get to know the city better. I'm just tagging along for moral support, and for some of that delicious Casagrande cuisine."

The Mad Scientist[]

NOTE: Lincoln does not break the fourth wall in this episode.

  • Lisa: [sighs happily] "Home, sweet home."

Deal Me Out[]

  • "Clyde and I are going to the Ace Savvy Convention tomorrow. It's one of the most sacred Clincoln McCloud traditions."


  • "You're probably wondering, 'What did you guys do now?' Well, to explain, I have to go back a few days." [voiceover] "You know us Louds. We're notorious for fighting over everything, which usually leaves us with nothing."
  • "But then, I discovered that to get what you want in this family, you don't necessarily have to fight."
  • "I called my discovery 'Playing the Friend Card'. It means Mom and Dad give you special privileges if you have a friend over. I'm pretty sure my siblings weren't aware of it, but now I was."
  • "My sisters had discovered the Friend Card, but they forgot that Lincoln Loud is the Man with the Plan. So, I just came up with a way to outsmart them."
  • "And now you're caught up."

Ruthless People[]

  • "Those other guys might be stuck at Aunt Ruth's, but Lincoln Loud doesn't roll that way. There's one member of Team Pop-Pop who might be willing to switch with me. I just gotta spin it the right way."
  • "Those guys might be stuck here. But as I stated earlier, Lincoln Loud does not roll that way." [after smelling Lynn's foul flatulence odor] "That is ripe."

Tea Tale Heart[]

NOTE: Lincoln does not break the fourth wall in this episode, but Lola does after Lucy leaves with Rosie.

  • Lola: "Heh, of course she does."

The Loudest Thanksgiving[]

  • Flip: "Hey there, happy holidays to ya. Make yourselves comfy 'cause ol' Flip's got a Thanksgiving tale to tell ya." [slurps a Flippee] "Aah. 'Twas the day before Thanksgiving and the Loud and Casagrande families were getting ready for the big shabang."
  • Flip: "Oh! Whoops, didn't realize you were back. Oh, so where was I? Ah, right. Turkey Day was here and the Louds was getting ready for a showdown with the Casa Gs."
  • Flip: "And that's how Bobby and Lori ended up at the only place in town that's open 24/7 365, except during fishing season."
  • Flip: "So that's the story of how ol' Flip saved Thanksgiving. Both families coming together to give thanks and celebrate the abundance that is the old Food and Fuel."
  • During "Grateful (Agradecido)", there is a brief moment where the Louds and Casagrandes look at the viewers.
  • Hector: [laughs] "Sweet."

Predict Ability[]

  • "Am I seriously that predictable? Maybe my family just knows me really well."


  • "Today's the big day, the grand opening of my dad's restaurant: Lynn's Table. That's right, his dream of opening his own place is finally coming true. But let me tell ya, it hasn't been easy getting here." [voiceover] "First, Dad had to find a place."
  • [voiceover] "Once Dad bought the old fish shack, we all pitched in to fix it up. Lynn handled the demolition..."
  • [voiceover] "...and Lana fixed up the bathrooms..."
  • [voiceover] "...and Lisa helped Dad get ready for his health inspection, though I think she was a little tougher on Dad than the actual inspector."
  • [voiceover] "Next, it was time for Dad to hire a few employees."
  • [voiceover] "But eventually, Dad found the perfect people for the job: His best friend and bandmate, Kotaro, and Grant, the Burpin' Burger's two-time employee of the month."
  • [voiceover] "The best part of helping Dad get ready was tasting the sample menu."
  • "All that's left now are a few last-minute touches."
  • "Well, my sisters may be fine with dropping the ball, but I'm not. Dad's counting on us. So I'm just gonna go ahead and make my commercial without their help. And when busloads of customers show up to Dad's restaurant, he'll have me to thank. All I need now is a cameraman."

Washed Up[]

  • "It's Saturday morning, and for the first time in forever, every single member of the Loud family is free. To make the most of it, Mom and Dad are taking us on a boat trip around Lake Eddy. It's gonna be awesome! GAH! Sunscreen in my eye!"

Recipe for Disaster[]

  • "Yeah, but there's still one mystery: What happened to my dad's recipe book?"


  • "Things are pretty crazy around the Loud House this morning. It's the first day of school, and there are a lot of changes this year. For starters, Lori's leaving for college."
  • "And Lily's starting preschool, which means she had to be potty-trained. That's great, 'cause, y'know, no more dirty diapers, but it's also not, because that's one more sister hogging the bathroom."
  • "I saved the biggest news for last: This is my first day of middle school! Flawless hair. Check. Most kids would be nervous, but not this guy. I made customized checklists for my friends and me, so nothing can go wrong...if I make it out of here alive."
  • "What a difference a week makes, eh? Well, maybe not that much of a difference."
  • "You know what? I think I'm gonna like middle school."

Season's Cheatings[]

  • "It's the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm not talking about Lana's annual earwax removal. I'm talking about Christmas at the Loud House, and our annual family gift swap! Every Christmas, we each randomly draw a name from a hat, and only buy a present for that one family member. Now here's where it gets tricky for me, because this year, I want one gift more than anything else in the world."
  • "If I want that backpack, I need to make sure that my name ends up in the right hands. Now there are certain sisters that you definitely do not want as your gift-giver."
  • "The best sister to have as your gift-giver is...Lily. Now, it might seen strange to want a toddler to pick you at a gift swap, but because she's so young, Lily can't do her own shopping. So what you're actually getting is a present from Mom and Dad."
  • "So how can I make sure that Lily picks my name in the gift swap? Would the Man with the Plan not have a plan for that? Oldest picks first and youngest picks last. So with my name taped to the very bottom of the hat, I'm definitely gonna get picked by Lily."
  • "Sorry you had to see that. OK. I can deal with this. There's a simple solution: The Gift Swap-Swap. All I need to do is get my name card out of Lily's adorable little hands and into the hands of the next best sister, which is Leni. She's sweet, thoughtful, and best of all, easy to convince. Time for Step 1."
  • "And now for Step 2."
  • "OK, so that didn't quite work out as planned. But I'm not giving up. I've still got Lori. Even though she's away at school, she's a pretty good gift-giver too. But I can't just call her up and ask her to swap with Lily. I need to be smart about this."
  • "OK. All isn't lost quite yet. I'll just move on to the next best option: Luan. Gifts-giving is about the only thing she takes seriously."
  • "I'm sorry. I don't have time to go to Vanzilla."
  • "OK, I undid everything. This didn't go exactly as planned, but after a little more research, I think I found the best possible sister to get me the backpack. And since being sneaky has gotten me nowhere, I'm just gonna take the direct approach this time."

Silence of the Luans[]

  • "You may be wondering why I have my David Steele squirt blaster loaded full of gravy. I'm on guard duty. Today's April Fools Day. Yes, April Fools Day, a.k.a. a living nightmare led by a rampaging lunatic named Luan. OK, she doesn't look like a rampaging lunatic in her school photo, but trust me, that changes on April 1st. Luan uses this holiday as an excuse to torture our family with prank after prank. There was the Great Mustarding of three years ago."
  • "The Mass Hairwaxing Disaster - oh, I can't even show you that flashback, but I can play you the audio. And who can forget when she floated our house down the Kalamazoo River?"
  • "But this year, things are going to be different. We've taken the most drastic security measures ever. Lisa created a highly secure containment cube, complete with 25-ton blast-proof doors. No one in the world is capable of escaping. In the past, we've tried trapping Luan the night before, but it's made no difference. So this year, we locked her in a week ago. Don't worry. We gave her a friend to keep her company. She's doing fine."
  • "Luan's really done a number on the family, but this year, Dad can kiss those worry ulcers goodbye. April Fools Day has been officially neutralized."
  • "OK, I've never seen Charles do that before."
  • He looks at the viewers when he realizes that Lily is the prankster.

Present Danger[]

  • "Well, today's a really big day. It's my 12th birthday. Feels like I've been 11 forever, so this year, I'm doing it in style. David Steele-style. I asked all my friends to come to Gus's dressed as their favorite MALICE villains. You have Golden Toe, Blowfish, Odd Bob, and Patty Whack. So far, it's been great. One moment... Nothing but net. And now that we've finished playing Agents and MALICE, it's time for... (Rita: "Presents!")"
  • "If I'm gonna solve this, I'll need some help. David Steele gets his gadgets from Cue Stick, his wisecracking billiard-loving tech guy. I have my own tech person."
  • "David Steele will return. (Lola: "LINCOLN!!!") Hopefully..."

Flip This Flip[]

  • Lincoln: "Welcome to Flip This Flip, where we take people that are complete disasters and make them shiny and new. Let's meet our panel of experts."
    Lana: "Lana: Hygiene."
    Leni: "Leni: Fashion."
    Lola: "Lola: Etiquette."
    Lisa: "Lisa: Interesting Conversation."
    Lincoln: "Lincoln: Transportation."
  • "Next time, I'm hiring a limo."

Lynn and Order[]

NOTE: Lincoln does not break the fourth wall in this episode.

  • Lynn: [voiceover] "Preserving law and order has always been a tough job, but luckily for the students and teachers at Royal Woods Middle School, one person has always had it under control. I'm Lynn Loud, and this is my story."
  • Lynn: [voiceover] "Preserving law and order has always been a tough job, but luckily for the students and teachers at Royal Woods Middle School, two people have it under control."

Snow Escape[]

  • "Today's the last day of school before the winter break, and each of our classes is throwing a holiday party to celebrate. We're talking carols, gift exchanges, and then there's the food. Gingerbread houses, peppermint cookies, and the best part: Clyde's surprise Christmas bake!"
  • "Even Lucy's in the festive spirit. She found the perfect gift for Haiku. This is the one school day you definitely don't wanna miss."
  • "Whenever Patchy declares it a Packing Day, Lynn goes full beast mode. She lurks outside waiting to hunt us down and pummel us with snowballs! No one is safe. She's the reason the house slants."

Master of Delusion[]

  • "Feast your eyes as Lincoln the Magnificent performs an incredible escape!"

Road Trip: Bizarritorium[]

  • "It's summer break for the Louds! That means three months of nonstop fun!"
  • Mr. Grouse: "It's summer break for the Louds. That means three months of nonstop torture."
  • "If I want to be able to stop at the Bizzaritorium, I have to make sure we end up with lots of extra time. Phase One: 'Operation Turn the Clocks Forward'. This calls for some David Steele stealth action."
  • "Now to get us on the road. Phase Two: 'Operation Move It or Lose It'."
  • "Okay, okay, emergency change of plans. Time for Operation Get Them In and Out of the Rest Stop as Fast as Possible."
  • "Good news! We're way ahead of schedule! Looks like nothing's gonna stop us now!"
  • "Well, even though I didn't get to see the Bizarritorum, at least I ended up with a cool souvenir. Who knows? Maybe it'll be my very own good luck charm."

Road Trip: Mountain Hard Pass[]

  • "You know, I'm really getting used to life on the road. Living with the bare essentials isn't so bad."

Too Cool for School[]

  • "As you can see, I'm pretty much an expert at this middle school thing."

Fluff and Foiled[]

  • "You may be wondering why I'm screaming, and no, it's not because I just found out Lana's been hiding her booger stash in my room."
  • "Anyway, I was practicing my ride scream. Today's the annual Udder Madness Day at Dairyland. Clyde and I never miss it. If you can go on the ten most stomach-curdling rides before the park closes, you win an awesome prize. And this year's prize is gonna be legen-dairy."
  • "As I was saying, check out this year's prize: This moo-tiful Tippy hat. It's gonna look so good with the rest of my Udder Madness collection. Let me show you."
  • "I've got a Tippy bobblehead, an udder backpack with squirt action, and a light-up Tippy cheese curd bucket. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to wi-"
  • "This is not good..."
  • "I've got a better idea."
  • "Uh-oh."

One in a Million[]

  • "You're probably wondering what Clyde and I are doing. Well, it's a fun story. A few years ago, to draw in more business to the Food & Fuel, Flip started a contest to reward his one millionth customer."
  • "The winner gets 30 seconds to run through the store and take as much merchandise as they can! To keep track of all the customers, Flip installed a counter behind the cash register. Over time, the counter was buried, and Flip never brought up the contest again. But Clyde and I never forgot. In fact, we installed a camera nearby to keep track of the customer count. And today's the day, we're almost here!"

Dread of the Class[]

  • "That's right, Ronnie Anne's about to get her pranking PHD, which is cool. But I'm just excited my buddy's in town and we get to hang out. Plus, Dad made the appetizers like mac 'n' cheese bites..." [eats a mac 'n' cheese bite as he spits out octopus ink] "...which, of course, Luan filled with octopus ink. Real nice."

'Twas the Fight Before Christmas[]

  • "You probably think my sisters are being a little harsh, but let me assure you, my dad's totally fine. Every year, he fakes the same back injury to get out of seeing his brother, our Uncle Lance, which stinks, because that means we can't spend the holidays with our Aunt Sharon or our cousins. The trouble started five years ago. Uncle Lance and his family drove all the way from Petoskey Falls to spend the holidays with us." [voiceover] "'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Loud House, not a child was stirring, to the relief of Mr. Grouse. The adults finished dessert, figgy pudding so decadent, when Mom stood to call out... (Rita: "It's time to play White Elephant!")
    (Lynn Sr.: "I'm up first!") ...Dad said as he reached in the pile, and pulled out a present that gave him a smile.
    (Lynn Sr.: [gasps] "It's a spatula!") ...he shouted, and the new model, too.
    Then Uncle Lance eyed his paper as a giddy grin grew.
    (Lance: "Oh, I'm up next in this game, and I think I'll take that.")
    ...which made Dad jump to his feet in two seconds flat.
    (Lynn Sr.: "But I wanted that, Lance!") dad did burst.
    (Lance: "Tough toenails, it's mine now. You'll have to catch me first.")
    (Lynn Sr.: [grunting] "Give it!")
    Acting like children, the men gave chase over sofas, side tables, and the crackling fireplace.
    (Lance: "I can do this all night, champ. You should give up and stop.")
    But Dad leapt for the spatula, making Lance's new ball pop.
    (Lance: "My Ab Blaster 3000! Lynnie, look what you did!")
    (Lynn Sr.: "It's your fault! You've been messing with me since we were kids!")
    (Lance: "Your fault times a thousand!") (Lynn Sr.: "Nuh-uh, it's your fault times infinity!")
    The brothers continued their bickering symphony.
    (Lance and Lynn Sr.: "Well, we agree on one thing.") ...barked these two angry men.
    (Lance and Lynn Sr.: [turning away from each other] "Let's never speak to each other. Never, ever again.")"
  • "But this year's going to be different, I promise you that. For the first time in years, Gramps is finally back. Ugh. Sorry, still in rhyme mode."
  • Sweater Santa: "Merry Christmas, everybody! Ho-ho-ho!"

Beg, Borrow and Steele[]

  • "It's Allowance Day, which means one thing: I can finally buy another David Steele mystery box. Each one has a different character inside. I've collected all of them except for the coolest, rarest one: Mr. David Steele himself. And bonus: He comes with a stain-resistant tux."
  • "So it all worked out in the end. I was able to pay my sisters back and keep almost all of my collection."

Riddle School[]

  • "It's here... finally. Spaghetti day! It only happens once a month and everybody goes wild for it, which is why I need to get a good spot in line."

Season 1[]

The Macho Man with the Plan[]

  • "Today is a big day. Today is the day Lincoln Loud becomes a man. And I am super pumped! I've always been known as the Man with the Plan, but tonight, I'm gonna take it up a notch. My best friend Clyde and I will be watching the Rip Hardcore Midnight Marathon and getting our official Macho Man badges."
  • "When you're the only boy in a family with ten sisters, you learn two things. Number one: Always put the toilet seat down when you're finished."
  • "And number two... (Lynn: "Hey, Stinkin'!") gotta reserve your TV time."
  • "I've even staked out my favorite spot on the couch. Guess this one's out of flips. The only thing left to do is prepare the midnight snacks. Ah, the life of a chef. Poor guy works too hard."
  • "My dad loves his half-birthday."
  • "Told ya."
  • "Probably gonna be no more sneaking up on people."
  • "I need to come up with a plan."
  • "Bingo."

The Chore Thing[]

  • "For me, the perfect Saturday has three things: The hot sun, a cool drink, and ocean as far as the eye can see. Now I know what you're thinking: There's no ocean in Royal Woods. Well, there is now. Clyde's dads wanted to renew their wedding vows in Hawaii, but they didn't want to leave Clyde behind."
  • "They only have these swaggy goggles rented for one more day. So, Clyde and I are gonna savor every moment at the virtual beach."
  • "Chore Day..."
  • "Chore Day in the Loud House is, well, a chore. Luckily, I've got a time-tested method to get out of it. It turns out if you do a job really bad, the grown-ups will get frustrated and just do it for you."
  • "Time for 'Operation Do a Bad Job At Chores So Dad Will Get Frustrated And Do My Chores For Me'."
  • "We'll see about that."
  • Lynn: "Oh, Dad already lost Lily, and he'd told Mom he'd watch her. Excited to see how this one unfolds."
  • Lynn: "We'll be right back after these messages."
  • Lynn: "With his back against the wall, Dad throws a desperation Hail Mary and lies to Mom."
  • Lynn: "If you're just joining us, Dad promised Mom he wouldn't lose Lily, and now he's lost four of his eleven children."
  • Lynn: "This is a sports update with Lynn Loud. Dad has now lost not four, but five of his eleven children."
  • Lynn: "Boo! The crowd did not like that one."
  • Lynn: "Strong words, sports fans, and a happy ending to this Cinderella story. This is Lynn Loud signing off, forever."


  • "Once a year, without fail, my dad wrenches his neck pretty bad."
  • "But luckily, he has a very elaborate routine to nurse himself back to health."
  • "L-Train? I'm not hating that nickname."

The Blemish Dilemish[]

  • "Real Talk with Rusty has been the top-rated middle school news show in the tri-state area for seven months running."

The Banana Split Decision[]

  • "You wouldn't think my sisters and I would be so excited about parent-teacher conferences. But every year, Dad promises that if more than half of us get a positive review, he'll treat us to the biggest dessert in Royal Woods: Auntie Pam's Banana Split in a Canoe."
  • "Since Clyde is an honorary member of the Loud Family, he's therefore eligible to partake in spoils of our victory. Clyde has agreed to track the conference results as they unfold."
  • "Or should I say, a canoe full of ice cream."
  • [when he realizes Mr. Bolhofner is in the bathroom] "Really?!"
  • "I hate to throw my parents under the bus, but we're talking about a canoe full of ice cream. Come on."

The Guy Who Makes You Fly[]

  • Clyde: "I can be the Man with the Plan. I just need my own clever nickname. I am the Guy Who...Tries."
  • "There's absolutely no way Clyde's gonna pull this off. Trust me."
  • "Seriously, being me is harder than it looks."
  • "Well, I'm officially on vacation."
  • Clyde: "Today is a big day. Today is the day I become the new Man with the Plan. Last night, I made a whole list of clever nicknames. I am...the Man with the Plan. Wait, no, that's his. I am the Man Who Seeks to Understand. That looked better on paper. I'll get it right. I've got the whole weekend."
  • Clyde: "I feel confident that I'm gonna be able to solve whatever problems come my way."
  • Clyde: "It's showtime."
  • Clyde: "I can't believe she said yes!"
  • Clyde: "Here we go."
  • Clyde: "The toothpaste idea was genius."
  • Clyde: "If you haven't noticed yet, Mr. Loud is a big fan of Leni's boyfriend. He digs what Chase does."
  • Clyde: "And he digs that Chase digs what he does. They log a lot of hours together."
  • Clyde: "It's like they never want to say goodbye."
  • Clyde: "Opportunity number two."
  • Clyde: "I wish Lincoln was here."
  • Clyde: "All's well that ends well."
  • "What can I say? When it comes to me and Clyde, teamwork makes the dream work. Clincoln McCloud is back. There's nothing we can't do together."

Some Buddy to Love[]

  • "Morning in the Loud House is--" (Rita: "No, we don't have time for that.")

Little-ol-lady-whoooo Has Talent[]

  • "Sometimes it's tough living in a family where everyone has a specific talent. Everyone except me."

Season 2[]

A Musical to Remember[]

  • "Today is a huge day. After three months, Clyde is finally returning from French camp, just in time for the last day of summer."
  • "Clyde's bus is about to drop him off. And when it does, Clincoln McCloud is gonna pack an entire summer of fun into one day. And there he is."
Lincoln Loud/Fourth Wall Breaks (2)"There's nothing here!"

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Last Friend Standing[]

  • "You're probably wondering why Lynn's announcement has just brought the Loud House to a standstill. Lynn has a long and complicated story with sleepovers."
  • "Her history with sleepovers is...complicated. In fact, she's never complicated to a single one."

The Tennessee Surprise: Love Is in the Air[]

  • [voiceover] "I know what you're saying to yourself: 'How did I end up in Tennessee on a hot air balloon with my girlfriend, my best friend, my worst teacher, and this kid?' Like most things in my life, it all started with a plan, and it all started about a month ago."
  • "After a month of planning, I'm finally heading to Tennessee to give the girl I love the surprise of her life. And there she is right now."
  • "You're probably wondering what that was, besides very smooth, I've been avoiding Charlie's phone calls for the past month because I don't want to risk ruining my big surprise. While I may be the Man with the Plan, I'm also the man with a history of ruining surprises."
Lincoln Loud/Fourth Wall Breaks (3)"There's nothing here!"

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A Loud House Christmas[]

  • "Christmas is only two days away, and I can't wait. When you've got ten sisters, Christmas can get pretty epic. 'Your Driver Bill is enroute with your package!' This year, I ordered an extra-special gift for my family."
  • "Now that Luan is gone, I'll be safe for a while."
  • "Spoke too soon."
  • "Christmas at the Loud House is full of traditions. Each one of us contributes something important to our special day."
  • "Or as I like to call it: Thursday."
  • He looks at the viewers unnerved at Lucy collecting the dead pine needles from the Christmas tree.
  • "Tomorrow night, Lily gets to turn on the lights for the Royal Woods Christmas tree!"
  • [on Lynn Sr.'s figgy pudding] "Yuck."
  • "I worked awkward and annoying jobs all year to save for this."
  • "What's in the box, you might be wondering? A 13-person toboggan so that my entire family can ride down the hill on one sled! That's the greatest thing about Christmas: whatever happens, it's the one day of the year we will always be together, no matter what. Guaranteed."
  • "Lori is getting my special delivery this morning. Oh. Look at that. Arriving in 3...2...1."
  • "As you can see, things turned out the best. I have 300 hours of community service, but we got to spend Christmas morning together. And in a few hours, Luna's going skiing with Sam, Luan has a double gig at Sunset Canyon, we're going to take Lori back to college, and then the rest of us are going to... (Lily: "Miami!")"
  • "Family's connected by their hearts. Even when we're apart, we're not really apart. I will miss how things used to be, but I'm really enjoying how they are."

A Really Haunted Loud House[]

  • "It's 24 hours until Halloween, and Clyde and I are super pumped for trick-or-treating."
  • "Royal Woods is the best town ever for trick-or-treating. Everybody in this town loves Halloween."
  • "That house gives out full-size candy bars."
  • "Mrs. Wright has the best homemade popcorn balls."
  • "There's scares around every corner. Even Flip goes all out with his spooky candy sale. And, of course, there's our house."
  • "We go kinda big."
  • "No one does Halloween like the Louds."
  • "Every year, we have the craziest, scariest, Halloween-iest house in Royal Woods: 'The Shroud House Spooktacular'. They say it takes a village to put on a Spooktacular. Luckily, with ten sisters, we are a village."
  • "Luna is our musical director."
  • "Leni and Lola are in charge of costumes."
  • "In Lisa's research, she found that if you talk to your pumpkins, they'll grow faster. And she's talked to Esmeralda... (Lisa: "There you are!") ...a lot."
  • "They've become new best friends, which is great. (Todd: "EXCUSE ME.") Unless, of course, you're Lisa's old best friend."
  • "Awkward..."
  • "Yep, everybody pitches in. Lori, being the oldest, is pretty much in charge of everything."
  • "But the visionary behind our haunted extravaganza is our very own queen of scream, Lucy."
  • "She's standing right behind me, isn't she?"
  • "Mom's our CCO: Chief Candy Officer. And she's been taking it very seriously."
  • "If you didn't already know, that's super-influencer Xander Coddington, AKA Xan-man."
  • "He just moved to Royal Woods, and throws the most epic parties."
  • "Clyde and I have been trying to get in with Xander since the day he got into town."
  • "What?! No trick-or-treating?! That's insane!"
  • "And that's when Clyde and I realized we were in way over our heads. What happens at a middle school party?" [grabs the camera] "Seriously, what happens?"

There Will Be Chaos[]

  • "Good thing I already came up with...'Lincoln Loud's Three D's to Avoid Spoilers'."
  • "The first 'D' is for...dodging!"
  • "The second 'D' is for diverting."
  • "The third 'D' is for drowning out."
  • "I forgot to mention the final 'D' is don't be a dope. Always check before spoiling."

There Will Be More Chaos[]

  • "No, these are not all for me. Today, I'm trapped at the mall with my sisters for our annual back-to-school shopping trip."
  • "It's the longest day of my life."
  • "They have to go to every single store in the mall and try every single thing on. But do they buy anything? Not unless every single one of them signs off on the purchase."
  • "But that's not the worst part...They try to dress me."
  • "Maybe I'll just hide behind these bags for the next four hours."

Livin' La Casa Loud![]

  • "Peanut butter 'n' cheesy filled pretzel bite. The ultimate after-school snack entree. But how do I keep it away from my sisters? With a good hiding spot."
  • "Under the bed? Too obvious. In the closet? Too easy. In the pantry? Then it's up for grabs by my parents. Burying it outside? Too risky. An impenetrable safe? Nah. There's really only one place for it."

Promo #3[]

  • "When you've got ten loving sisters who always want to help out, things can get a little out of control."
  • "And that was just a paper cut!" [holds up a finger with a bandage wrapped around it] "Good thing it wasn't the hiccups."

Promo #4[]

  • "In a big family like mine, even the simplest things are impossible."
  • "Please tell me that was just mud."
Lincoln Loud/Fourth Wall Breaks (2024)


Does Lincoln Loud break the fourth wall? ›

Fourth wall breaks not by Lincoln

Although Lincoln speaks to the viewing audience in most episodes, characters in bold have been observed doing so as well while others look at the fourth wall, not speaking to the audience, but breaking the fourth wall nonetheless.

What was the first movie that broke the fourth wall? ›

One of the first ever recorded breaking of the fourth wall in cinema happened in Mary MacLane's silent film Men Who Have Made Love to Me (1918). The enigmatic protagonist interrupts the flow of the film on the screen and addresses the audience directly.

What was the first sitcom to break the fourth wall? ›

The idea of breaking the fourth wall has existed within television, particularly comedy, for nearly a century now. Starting in 1949 with The Jack and Benny Program, this concept has become increasingly popular over the decades, resulting in a myriad of contemporary media that also breaks the fourth wall.

What happens if you break the fourth wall? ›

The experience of the fourth wall being broken allows the audience to become something beyond just a mere observer. The story and characters become more personal to the audience because of the direct interaction through the imaginary fourth wall. And the technique can work in any genre and on any platform.

Who is the king of breaking the fourth wall? ›

The movies Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Deadpool & Wolverine are specifically known for the main character Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, consistently breaking the fourth wall.

Does anyone in DC break the 4th wall? ›

Throughout the DCAU, certain characters have appeared to directly interact with the viewer, or "break the fourth wall". This was usually done in a tongue in cheek manner, but was also used on Static Shock to teach children valuable lessons.

What show breaks the 4th wall the most? ›

  • Malcolm in the Middle. January 9, 2000. ...
  • Modern Family. September 23, 2009. ...
  • Hustle. February 24, 2004. ...
  • Unhappily Ever After. January 11, 1995.
  • 'Allo 'Allo! September 7, 1984. ...
  • Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. May 11, 2012. ...
  • House of Cards. February 1, 2013. ...
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. September 12, 2004.

Who was the first fictional character to break the fourth wall? ›

One of the earliest examples of breaking the fourth wall within cinema is the 1918 film, Men Who Have Made Love to Me. The main character, Mary MacLane, discussed her multiple love affairs directly to the camera, as if she's having a one-way conversation with the audience.

Who was the first superhero to break the 4th wall? ›

Plastic Man is the first superhero to break the fourth wall in 1941 (Police Comics #6) Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

What is breaking the fifth wall? ›

It is known in acting as “breaking the fifth wall” and is when actor's may make comments, or assides, sharing their internal process with the audience, as if stepping out of the world created on the stage to join with them on an intimate basis.

What is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wall? ›

The phrase is based on the physical layout of a stage. Walls 1, 2, and 3 exist as backstage/set, stage left, and stage right. The last wall, the “fourth wall”, is the front of the stage and is the imaginary wall separating the fictional world on stage from real life.

Does Deadpool break the 4th wall? ›

One of the most famous fourth wall breakers is Deadpool. He often steps out of the story to make humorous asides, comment on what's going on to the reader, and plan out his next moves.

What show do they break the 4th wall? ›

From Malcolm in the Middle to House of Cards, Fleabag and The Serpent Queen, the highly efficient TV trope of breaking the fourth wall is having a moment.

Does peep show break the fourth wall? ›

In the Peep Show, the characters are constantly staring at the camera directly. The entire show is a fourth wall breaker, which is something we have never seen before or since. The idea behind choosing this angle is so that the audience feels like they are actually inside the head of the character.

Who breaks the fourth wall in do the right thing? ›

Various characters break the fourth wall to express racial insults: Mookie against Italians; Pino against African-Americans; a Puerto Rican named Stevie against Koreans; Long against Puerto Ricans; and Korean store owner Sonny against Jews.

Who is Lincoln Loud's arch enemy? ›

Chandler McCann is a recurring antagonist on The Loud House. He is Lincoln and Clyde's arch-rival who is introduced as the most popular student at Royal Woods Elementary.

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