Litter Robot 3 Review - (At Last! No More Scooping. Ever.) (2024)

What if you never had to scoop cat litter again. Forever

Wouldn’t that make your life easier?


Let me answer that

Of course it would

The worst thing is

Coming home from a hard days work

And now you got to clean the litter box

Is it easy?


Do you want to do this chore everyday?

I doubt it but you have no choice because a dirty litter box will result in your cat using someplace else to pee

And that could be on your beautiful carpet!

So instead of facing this issue you have to drag yourself and clean the litter box

It’s time consuming too

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My Review: Here’s My Thoughts And Opinions On Litter Robot 3

An intro to the Litter Robot

Litter Robot 3 Review - (At Last! No More Scooping. Ever.) (1)

If you are a cat parent you may well have heard that there has been a great change in the design of cat litter trays, with the introduction of automatic cat litter boxes.

Litter Robot is one of the market leaders and Litter Robot has been widely put to the test by consumer magazines and forums to see how it compares to other models on the market.

The great news is that it comes out top every time!

How does Litter Robot work?

Litter Robot is a stylish domed cat little box that your cat can use for its toilet.

Because the cat litter is enclosed, there is less chance for the cat litter to be tracked.

Once your cat has finished in the litter box, the patented sifting process begins.

This process carefully collects the soiled and clumped cat litter and pops it into a lined waste drawer.

This ensures that the soiled litter is dealt with quickly so that there is no chance for any unpleasant odors to escape and because the cat litter is carefully sifted, it ensures that less clean cat litter is discarded.

The waste drawer must be emptied approximately once a week (slightly more often if more than one cat is using the litter box) and this is done simply, by removing the plastic liner in the waste drawer and replacing it with a clean plastic bag.

Clear instructions are provided on how to keep your Litter Robot clean and working efficiently.

Can I customize it?

The Litter Robot has a clear easy read button function control panel, which can be adjusted to suit you.

The unit switches to ‘night mode’ for eight hours each night, during which time, the sifting process will not be activated.

You can also choose the time delay between your cat leaving the litter box and the start of the sifting process from 3,7 and 15 minutes.

A very helpful feature is that the control panel can be locked, which is ideal if there are children in the house.

Introducing Litter Robot 3 Connect

The newly launched Litter Robot 3 Connect model, makes care for your cat even easier!

The connect app can be easily linked to your Apple or Android mobile phone (Apple needs iOS 9.0 or greater and Android iOS 6.0 or greater) and you will be supplied with all the useful information you will need including how regularly your cat is using the litter box, whether the cat litter is currently being sifted and importantly, whether the waste drawer is getting full.

The real bonus is that you can access this information wherever you are, making it easy to spot if your cat’s toilet habits are changing and whether this is highlighting a potential health problem.

Litter Robot 3 Connect is Wi-Fi enabled so getting the information just couldn’t be easier.

There must be hidden costs?

After the purchase of the Litter Robot unit, the only spare part you will have to replace regularly is the carbon filter.

The Litter Robot is fitted with a small night light, to aid older cats, but you can purchase a special ramp to help your cat have easy access as the Litter Robot stands 13.5 inches off the ground.

The Litter Robot comes with full instructions plus an 18 month warranty- with the option to buy an extension period of warranty.

Litter Robots are so easy to use.

You can use any type of clumping cat litter and any type of plastic bag to line the waste drawer.

If you would like to use ecological versions of bothof these, it is possible.

Using a Litter Robot is economical on cat litter as the thorough sifting process ensures that only soiled cat litter is discarded.

Sounds like a win-win situation!

Although the initial cost of purchasing a Litter Robot is not small, the Litter Robot will pay for itself in saved time and cat litter.

You will be able to say goodbye to the daily drudge of scooping out the cat litter and the distinctive aroma of a soiled cat litter tray in your home.

There will be no more litter tracking across your floors and you will not be lugging bags of cat litter home nearly so often.

It has plenty of great reviews too and cat parents speak highly of it

You can pretty much say goodbye to cleaning your cat litter box!

Just like with any product there are always going to be pros and cons

I don’t want this review to be biased and say oh my god buy the litter robot

It’s best you know everything about it so you can make a good decision whether it’s something you’d want to buy

Litter Robot 3 Pros & Cons

There has been much written in consumer and pet magazines about automatic cat litter boxes and certainly the brand that is consistently scoring well is the Litter Robot 3.

Reading through the reviews, most cat parentsare delighted with their purchase and several wish they has bought a Litter Robot 3 sooner, but nevertheless, as well as plenty of positive comments, when you dig deeper there are some negative ones too.

The Pros of having a Litter Robot 3.

Litter Robot 3 Review - (At Last! No More Scooping. Ever.) (2)

* You will never have to scoop cat litter every day ever again.

The Litter Robot 3 has just that!

There is a mini robot inside the litter box that gets to work once your cat has left the box. Sensors detect that your cat has used the litter box and a patented sifting process begins.

The ‘robot’ carefully sifts the litter by moving it in a clockwise direction for about 2.5 minutes.

During this time, all soiled and clumped litter is removed and stored in the waste box.

* You will never have to worry about what to scoop the soiled cat litter into.

One of the problems of using traditional cat litter is that you have to use the scooper at least once a day to clean the litter of any cat poop or clumped litter and each time, you have to be armed with a suitable bag to pop the soiled waste in and then take it outside (rain or shine) to dispose of it in the rubbish in.

With a Litter Robot 3, all the waste is carefully stored in a plastic bag in the waste drawer of the Litter Robot 3.

You will only need to clear the drawer once a week if you have one cat, maybe slightly more frequently if you have several cats.

* No More Cat Urine Odor Stinking Up Your House!

It is very hard to keep cat litter smelling sweet, even if you do try to remove any clumped litter as soon as your cat has used the litter tray.

Litter Robot 3 deals with cat odors promptly.

The shifting process begins moments after your cat has left the litter box and the soiled cat litter is quickly sifted and placed in the units waste drawer.

Litter Robot 3 is fitted with a carbon filter that works efficiently too.

* Can Be Used For Multi-Cat Households

You can use your stylish Cat Litter 3 if you have one, two or even more cats.

The bonus is that your home will remain smelling good, the only drawback is that you will have to remove the filled plastic bag from the waste drawer more often but this is still much speedier than scooping cat litter every day!

* Save Money On Cat Litter

Any clumping cat litter works well and if you prefer an ecological clumping litter that is great.

The same applies to the liner gas used in the waste drawer, any suitable plastic bag can be used or a bag made from suitable ecological materials.

* Use Less Cat Litter (Save Money This Way Too!)

Because the robot is very efficient, the patented sifting process only removes soiled litter so this ensures that all clean litter remains in the box.

The amount of cat litter this saves is surprising and the sifting process is fast, taking just 2.5 minutes.

* 18 Months Warranty

I get it, it is expensive and you’re scared it might stop working

Well, you don’t need to worry because it comes with a 18 month warranty

Stopped working? No problem you can get it fixed. Easy.

The cons of having the Robot Litter 3.

Litter Robot 3 Review - (At Last! No More Scooping. Ever.) (3)

* The machine cannot be used by kittens or small cats.

This is absolutely true as kittens or cats weighing under 5lbs just weight too little for the sensors in the little box to register their movement.

* The litter box is huge on the outside, small on the inside!

The Robot Litter 3 is large but very stylish. The inside measures 14 inch by 14 inches (35cm X 35 cm) and inside does appear small in comparison.

Nevertheless, even the largest cats seem to be happy to use the litter box, although they may seem surprised when the sifting process begins!

* The Robot Litter 3 can fail to function.

Unfortunately, this is an occasional problem and certainly in consumer tests, the Robot Litter 3 was much more reliable than its rivals.

The instruction booklet does give good advice on how to clean the litter box to solve most problems including the sensors becoming dirty. If the problem cannot be solved easily, there is peace of mind as all units come with an 18 month warranty.

Just like any machine, it can fall apart but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed again right?

* The Litter Robot 3 is expensive to buy.

The cost of an automatic cat litter box does not appear cheap, but in order to understand its cost, you need to appreciate the technology that is has, using sophisticated sensors to detect your cat’s entrance and exit from the box and a patented sifting process to remove soiled litter and to deposit it in the unit’s waste drawer – there really is a clever robot inside!

When you take everything into consideration

It’s pretty safe to say that the pros outweighs the cons

Check Out This Video On How Litter Robot 3 Works

If you’re wondering exactly how does litter robot 3 work then check out the video below

You’ll get a better understand exactly what it does and how it will save you so much time

Litter Robot 3 – Where You Can Get Yours From With a $25 OFF Discount!

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A dirty litter box means one thing

Cat poo and pee all over the house

Your cat won’t use a dirty litter box so you need to make sure it’s cleaned everyday

Cleaning the litter box is no easy task

Especially if you work everyday and then you have to come home and clean the litter box

Why not just automate the whole process by getting your cat a litter robot

You never have to worry about scooping litter again

Overall it’s a great investment to have and trust me, you won’t look back!

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How does the Litter Robot 3 work?

The Litter Robot 3 is a clever piece of equipment that is revolutionizing the way in which we care for our cats – never has having a cat living indoors been so easy!

One of the main drawbacks to keeping cats in the house has long been their cat litter tray.

Trying to keep the litter tray smelling good has been a challenge and regularly scooping out the soiled, clumped litter is a drudge.

Litter Robot 3 cleverly puts an end to both of these problems!

The basics

Litter Robot 3 is a self-cleaning litter box.

Your cat uses the cat litter in the box and as soon as he leaves the box, the patented sifting process begins.

This process carefully removes all the soiled and clumped cat litter in just 2.5 minutes, leaving the litter tray clean and smelling fresh, in no time.

You will be surprised and delighted how it is impossible to smell the cat litter box in a room and the litter box helps prevent the cat litter being tracked too.

How you can customize your Litter Robot

You can adjust the settings on your Litter Robot 3, to suit you.

You can decide whether you would like the sifting process to begin 3,7 or 15 minutes after your cat has left the litter box and the sifting mechanism can be turned off for an eight hour period at night.

You don’t have to worry if you have children in your home as there is a control panel lockout feature so that ‘little fingers’ cannot press the button functions.

The good news about the waste drawer

Litter Robot 3 can be used with any kind of clumping cat litter and the waste drawer can be lined with any plastic bag, but if you want to be as ecological as possible, that is great.

The waste drawer will need to be emptied every 5-7 days, depending how many cats are using the litter box. Emptying the waste drawer is easy; simply remove the plastic bag and reline the drawer with a new bag.

Once you have bought the Robot 3 cat litter box, you do not have to buy anything else to use it successfully.

The cat litter box is fitted with a small night light to help older cats to find their way and a ramp to give them easy access into the litter box is an optional accessory to consider.

And if you have more than one cat…

Litter Robot 3 is perfect if you are a multi-cat household too as it is just as easy to have several Litter Robot 3 self-cleaning litter boxes linked to your mobile. Just imagine how hassle-free dealing with cat litter has become!

And yes it can be slightly expensive

But the thing is

If you want quality you have to pay up

So Is Litter-Robot worth the Money?

Litter robot is the new innovation of regular litter boxes.

It’s already a difficult job changing the litter everyday

And if you don’t, you know what happens right?

Yep, your cat will decide to use your carpet or on your couch to do their business

They need a clean litter box everyday

Coming home from a long days work and then you realize you have to clean the litter box!

It takes a lot of time to clean them regularly and time is money so why not save your time and get the litter robot!

This new technology will give satisfaction, not only to you but also to your cat who wants to keep their business in private with its enclosed globe feature.

Since you’ve already read or seen this litter robot on the internet, you might be wondering if it’s really worth your money.

Let’s take a look at some of its functions for you to see the various benefits of this product.

You save more money by minimizing the litter sand you buy.

Litter is one of the necessities you buy for your furbabies, which means you need to spend more money on that.

Through this litter robot, you can save 40-50% on cat litter, and it will also save you time on going back to the pet supplies back and forth.

This technology comes with a feature where it eliminates the odor of your cat’s waste.

It also filters the cat’s waste and urine at the same time.

Thankfully, your bag of litter can last longer than usual. Given this fact, you can use more of your money to buy nutritious foods for your pets.

Litter-robot is made of high-quality materials.

You can trust this new technology when it comes to its quality (Which is why it is pricey)

It guarantees the users that it was built to last

So, you can use it for a very long time.

The problem with other litter boxes is that their quality worsens with time, primarily if more cats use it.

Sometimes, the odor sticks with them that you need to buy another one for your pet.

That is the total opposite of this litter robot.

It doesn’t stink, and at the same time, it has a quality that lasts for a lifetime.

It really is a good investment

It is safe for your cats and for the environment.

Although it is a robot with the inclusion of buttons and unique materials, it doesn’t have moving parts that might harm your cats.

You won’t find sharp objects that will jeopardize your furbaby’s health.

With its safest voltage of 12 Volts DC, it is safe to use and prevent electric shock or shortage.

This litter robot doesn’t have materials that affect the environment negatively.

Rest assured that you can use it without worrying about anything.

Last but not least, you don’t have to worry about the litter box odor anymore.

Maybe this one is the trickiest thing of having cats at home – and totally inevitable.

With the litter robot, you only need to clean it once or twice a month.

This gives you more time to clean your home or do productive hobbies.

Such as spending more quality time with your cat!

So, for the question, if it’s worth your money, the answer is yes.

Its solid construction ensures the quality and comfort of your lovely pets.

It comes with a 18 month warranty which is pretty awesome too so it gives you that piece of mind

Take advantage of their special offer $25 OFF your first purchase

Hurry! I don’t know how long this will last for!

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