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Locksmith Plus, Inc. is partnering with the best, local technicians in and around Medford, Oregon to deliver 24 hour mobile locksmith services. Our contractors are licensed with the CCB as well as both bonded & insured.

Call:(541) 550-7931

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    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (1)

    Local, Professional Locksmith Services

    Locksmith Plus Inc. is on a mission to expand our service area and deliver the fastest and friendliest locksmith services.

    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (2)

    (541) 550-7931

    Call us today for fast and friendly service.


    Home locksmith and security services, emergency home unlocking, lock change, surveillance camera system and more. Call us now for an obligation free home security consultation.

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    ‘Round the clock car unlocking, key replacement, ignition lock repair and replacement services and more. Find out more by clicking the button below or by calling us.

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    We understand business and business security. We offer extensive commercial locksmith services 24 hour a day 7 days a week. Call us to get the job done right and fast the first time.

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    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (3)


    A lock rekey takes just a few steps, and the first step is to call Locksmith Plus, Inc. at (877) 202-5790.

    (Video) Locksmith ripoffs: Hidden camera investigation (Marketplace)

    We’re an excellent nationwide choice for boosting the security of your local home or business via professional lock rekeys. If you want to render the old keys to your home or office useless, a residential or business re-key is the perfect solution. Concerned about a former roommate or a terminated employee unlawfully entering your home or office with that key they kept? Locksmith Plus, Inc., can help you let go of your lock worries. Our locksmith technician will reposition the wafers in your lock to match a new key, making any old keys useless in your locks. Contact us now for fast, local locksmith service, even at 3am.

    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (4)


    Some things can be hard to repair, like relationships or a bad economy. Luckily, locks are not one of them, especially when you call Locksmith Plus, Inc.

    We’re a growing, nationwide locksmith company with local locksmith technicians available around the clock to fix your damaged, jammed, or finicky locks. Worried about a worn out lock downgrading your home or business security? Looking to create a high security environment for your house or office? Call Locksmith Plus, Inc., today for reliable, guaranteed locksmith service. Our locksmiths carry all the tools they need to fix your locks on site, quickly and carefully and without leaving a mess. All of our locksmith solutions are guaranteed for 90 days.

    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (5)


    It’s a fact too obvious to deny: most things wear out eventually, and when they do, you need to replace them. Locks are no different.

    When it’s time for new locks at your home or office, Locksmith Plus, Inc., is the nation’s top choice for reliable locksmith solutions. Our dispatchers and locksmith technicians are on call 24/7 and are happy to help you with all of your lock replacement needs. Whether it’s a new front door lock, an upgrade to high-security commercial locks, or a complete lock change for your entire home or business, our professional local locksmith will be on site to perform a guaranteed lock change. Call now and exchange your weary old locks for fresh new faces.

    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (6)


    Lost keys to your business, house or car? Contact Locksmith Plus, Inc., now and help will be on the way.

    As the top provider of 24 hour mobile locksmith service in the country, we work with a fleet of trained local locksmiths to handle all your automotive, residential, and commercial key replacement needs. Our 24/7 technicians travel to your car, home, or office location to make new keys for your auto, house or business on the spot. We can also cut and transponder keys, high security keys and motorcycle keys in most cities. Save (877) 202-5790 to your phone’s contacts and next time you’re stuck with a lost key emergency, call Locksmith Plus, Inc., for a speedy new key.


    Locksmith Plus, Inc. is a local locksmith service provider. Car Lockout? Lost Keys? House lock change? Business security upgrade? The experts at Locksmith Plus, Inc., can handle any locksmith service that you require – 24/7!

    Our professional locksmith technicians deliver all the essential lock-related services for your car, home, business and more at all hours of the day and night. Whether you’re in the midst of a lockout emergency or taking proactive steps to boost the safety of your car, home or office, call us today at (877) 202-5790 and we’ll quickly connect you with a trained, tested, and trusted local locksmith technician in your area.

    It is also one of the oldest professions on the earth. This profession began as man started living groups, to safeguard his possession from theft. Gradually this has become a professional carried over from one generation to another generation. It has passed as sacred family heredity business even in modern times. There are companies that have retained its reputation for decades.

    Our response time varies based on how far you are from our nearest technician. We strive to get reach every customer in a timely fashion. To find out an approximate estimated time of arrival, call Locksmith Plus, Inc. today!


    • Vancouver WA
    • Everett WA
    • Seattle WA
    • Tacoma WA
    • Eugene OR
    • Portland
    • Sacramento CA
    • Tucson AZ
    • Medford OR
    • Chattanooga TN
    • Tri-Cities WA
    • Salem OR
    • Phoenix AZ
    • Bend OR
    • Roseburg OR


    We have flat rates on several on our services as well as minimum (and maximum) price ranges for the rest of our services. No hidden fees or convoluted pricing schemes. What you see is what you get. For more information on pricing in your area, please visit our pricing page or call us today!

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    Locksmith Plus Inc Reviews

    4.6 / 5 Star Google Rating with over 656 reviews!

    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (7)


    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (8)


    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (9)

    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (10)


    Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (11)


    (541) 550-7931

    5901 S Macadam Ave #110, Portland, OR 97239, United States

    Free No Obligation Quote

    By phone or email

      For 24 hour lockouts, car key replacement, lock rekey, garage door service, ignition replacement, security installation, and more, look to Locksmith Plus, Inc. for quality services around the clock! Perhaps better than anyone, we know the stress and anxiety that losing a car key or locking oneself out of one’s home can have. No matter who you are or how careful you try to be, locksmith emergencies are common. Knowing the number of a local locksmith in Medford will save you time and energy if you ever find yourself in need of service.

      Locksmith Plus, Inc. Medford OR can be reached right this minute at (541) 550-7931! While the bulk of are services require no appointment, we do offer them for customers that find them more convenient. This is especially true for non emergency type services such as garage door installation or residential lock rekey. However, appointments can also be pertinent for people lockout of their car at work and want to make sure the technician is there at a specific time!

      Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (12)


      Lost keys? Locked out? — call Us.

      • Unlocking services
      • Ignition repairs and replacements
      • Key repairs and replacements
      • Transponder key programming
      • FREE phone consultation – Call a locksmith before trying to solve the problem on your own.

      Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (13)

      (Video) LSL Lock Services Limited - Certified Master Locksmiths


      Home is where the heart is

      • Unlocking services
      • Lock replacements/ installation
      • Create keys
      • Lock repairs/ upgrades
      • Real Estate locksmith services are available – Call for details.
      • Super fast service

      Locksmith Medford Oregon - Locksmith Plus, Inc. 24 Hr. service (14)


      Professionally licensed business locksmith technicians.

      • Unlocking services
      • Master key system
      • Lock repairs
      • Lock upgrades
      • Create keys
      • Exit device installation

      Locksmith Plus, Inc. is your trustworthy locksmith services near you.

      • Need to get into a safe, a jewelry box, a chest, etc? LPI can assist you (without damaging your property)
      • LPI takes pride in their ability to assist in any situation regarding locks and keys. They encourage you to call regardless of the difficulty in your desired service needs.
      • Unbeatable customer service
      • Professionallytrained technicians

      Locksmith Medford Or, Emergency

      Here in Medford Oregon, we have you covered 24/7! Gives a call anytime and we will send an expert to help you.

      There is a wide range of locksmith services available. Finding one which is reliable and full proof may not be that easy. It is important to consider the safety of home, commercial property, or a vehicle.

      As part of our mission to deliver speedy, professional 24/7 key replacement services across the nation, Locksmith Plus, Inc., takes particular pride in our Medford Oregon team!

      Locksmith Medford OR services include 24-hour help with all automotive, residential and commercial lock replacement needs. Locked out of your car? Lost your keys after a fabulous day on whatever mountain is around that area? Need to re-key the locks to your business? Locksmith Plus Inc is ready to help in the best way possible! Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week – we work around your schedule.

      “We are fast and efficient. We care about your situation and want to relieve as much stress as possible. We work with government and city buildings and have been trusted since beginning LPI in 2009. Give us a call, and we will be to you in 30 minutes or less. ” -LPI Employees

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      • Ashland
      • Talent
      • Jacksonville
      • Rogue River
      • Phoenix
      • Butte Falls
      • Central Point
      • Gold Hill
      • Shady Cove
      • Foots Creek


      Our technicians provide 24 hourautomotive locksmithservices at a moment’s notice or by appointment.Lockouts and lost keys can have an impact no matter who are you or how busy your day is. That is why Locksmith Plus, Inc. ensures a speedy arrival no matter what time!

      • Unlocking services
      • Create keys
      • Cylinder and door lock repairs
      • Ignitions
      • Program key fobs.

      What should I expect to pay for these services?

      The cost will vary depending on the job but expect to pay anywhere between $150.00 and $300.00.

      About how long does the service take?

      With automotive, a locksmith can usually be on site within 15 minutes of your call, but they max out at about 30 minutes. Typically the process to unlock a car door takes about 5 or 10 minutes. LPI locksmiths do it right, without damaging your vehicle.

      Commercial Locksmith Services

      • Replace door bars
      • Rekey commercial grade locks
      • Lock installations
      • Cut new keys, as well as branded keys

      Master Key System

      The master key system is most popular with commercial businesses. Often times it’s used in school buildings (sometimes even for locker rooms), and it’s also used in bigger businesses with several small offices inside of the business. The master key is a key that provides access to all the other doors in the building. Typically a manager will have one of these keys in case an employee is locked out, or in the case that an employee is fired, and locks their office on the way out. It’s a convenient system, and is highly recommended.

      (Video) Panic Bar Crash Bar Exit Device alignment repair trouble shooting fix video.


      A residential locksmith is critical to guaranteeing that a home is secure in and out. This is especially true for new homeowners. If you are looking to ensure the security of their new property. Locksmith Plus, Inc. will re-key one or more locks on your home the same day that you call us! With or without an appointment scheduled we will work with you.

      • Unlocking services
      • Rekeying services
      • Hardware repairs
      • Hardware replacements for locks that are outdated and/ or falling apart

      When do I replace my residential locks?

      When it becomes hard to unlock a door it’s typically because the key has gradually been ground down over time, or it’s because the lock system has been overused, and is likely falling apart on the inside. If you feel the lock slipping when you turn the handle on it, and it doesn’t open up real well, but you try and pry it open, what could happen is the spring could get jammed, which will likely cause the pins to explode inside the lock. In this kind of a situation, your door will not open again. If this happens, call a locksmith. LPI employees recommend calling before this happens though.

      Find References

      To get assurance that your locksmith is reliable, you may want to check references or recommendations of friends and acquaintances. This way you can get quality service. Someone may have benefited from these services recently. See what their experience was like. It may help you!vice.

      Look at License to Ensure Credibility

      Our technicians provide 24 hour automotive locksmith services at a moment’s notice or by appointment. Lockouts and lost keys can have an impact no matter who are you or how busy your day is. That is why Locksmith Plus, Inc. ensures a speedy arrival no matter what time!


      Locked your keys in the car? Call Locksmith Plus, Inc. now and we will arrive at your location in no time. We are equipped to get you into any make and model vehicle using certified professional car unlocking tools. Our tools make no damage to your car at all.

      Lost your car key? When it comes to lost car key replacement we cover most make and model vehicles. That’s including transponder and VATS system keys. Our services are offered 24 hours a day or night.


      • Car Unlocking
      • Car Key Replacement
      • Ignition Lock Repair
      • Ignition Lock Replacement
      • Auto Door Lock Repair
      • Auto Door Lock Replacement
      • Broken Key Extract


      Locked out of your home? Our technicians are standing by and ready to assist you 24/7. Call now to have us come out to help you back into your home! We respond in less than 25 minutes. In most cases we will be able to bypass your home lock without the need to damage the lock in the process! However, in some cases damaging the lock in order to bypass it is necessary and for that reason technicians carry a wide variety of replacements.

      Need to change the locks at your home? It is important to have your home lock replaces by a professional. That way you can be sure to install the right locks. Safety throughout the home based on what each door is there to do. For example you wouldn’t want a nice decorative keyed lock to be install on a bathroom door. Instead you would need a passage bathroom lock. We carry high security locks for residential use in case you are considering upgrading the security of your home. Give us a call today for a free security consultation.

      • Home Unlocking
      • House Key Replacement
      • Home Lock Repair
      • Residential Lock Replacement
      • Residential Lock Rekey
      • Home Security Upgrade
      • Security Camera System
      • 24 Hour Residential Locksmith Services

      Locksmith Plus, Inc. is a local locksmith service provider. Car Lockout? Lost Keys? House lock change? Business security upgrade? We can handle any locksmith service that you require– 24/7!

      Our professional locksmith technicians deliver all the essential lock-related services for your car, home, business and more at all hours of the day and night. Whether you’re in the midst of a lockout emergency or taking proactive steps to boost the safety of your car, home or office. Call Locksmith Medford today!

      Locksmith Plus, Inc. is licensed with the Oregon CCB as well as the Oregon Secretary of State. With this license, we are eligible to perform locksmith services throughout the state of Oregon. We are also registered with the City of Medford! For verification, visit the Oregon Secretary of State or the Construction Contractor’s Board! Our CCB# is 187736 and our registry number with the Secretary of State is 575782-97. Our office is located at 33 N Central Ave #200 in Medford, OR 97501. While we have an office for storing parts and answering calls, we are strictly a mobile service. We do not conduct business at our office! To reach our 24 hour mobile locksmith service in Medford, call (541) 550-7931 now!

      Emergency Locksmith Medford OR

      Mobile Locksmith Service Medford OR

      Key Cutting Medford OR

      Medford OR Locksmiths




      Locksmith Plus, Inc. Medford Or offers 24 hour mobile auto, home, and business locksmith solutions at your location!


      What do I need to know before calling a locksmith? ›

      Calling a Locksmith: An Overview

      Ideally, you will be familiar with a 24-hour emergency locksmith service ahead of time. Otherwise, you will have to do a few quick searches on your phone before making the call. Coordination. The company's dispatch department will coordinate the call with a service manager.

      How long does an emergency locksmith take? ›

      How Quickly Should an Emergency Locksmith Reach You in London? You should be able to get an emergency locksmith very quickly. A lot of companies guarantee that they will get to specific locations within an hour of you placing a call. Quite often you can have someone there is 20 or 30 minutes.

      What is one of the most common locksmith tasks? ›

      Repair and installation of locks, safes, door, door closer, entry systems, home and business security systems.

      How long do locksmiths take to arrive? ›

      Many factors influence the arrival time for a professional locksmith, but in most cases, it should take around 15 to 30 minutes for them to reach your destination. Situations that may extend this arrival time could be instances of bad weather like heavy snow or rain.

      How does emergency locksmith work? ›

      Auto locksmiths

      An emergency locksmith can provide a wide range of services for vehicle owners, including creating spare or duplicate keys, gaining access when keys have been lost or locked inside and reprogramming or repairing remote keys and transponder keys.

      Is it safe to call a locksmith? ›

      If someone recently broke in or tried to break in, call the police. Then, place a second call to your local locksmith. They can test the overall security of your home. Calling a locksmith to change your locks will reassure you that your home is safe.

      How much does a locksmith call out cost? ›

      £65 per hour before 6pm. £75 per hour after 6pm. £85 per hour 8pm till midnight. £120 per hour after midnight.

      How long does it take for a locksmith to unlock your door? ›

      It can take anywhere from 7 seconds to 45 minutes for a locksmith to pick open a lock. Generally a locksmith should be able to unlock most doors in about 10 minutes. Of course this is effected by the type of lock.

      Can a locksmith open a locked door? ›

      Yes, a locksmith can open your lock without damaging it, most locksmiths use a non-destructive way to open your door to enter the property ensuring no damage is done to the lock or door.

      Why do locksmiths charge so much? ›

      Locksmiths are expensive because they have the technical training and expertise to do jobs that most other people can't do. They're also available 24/7 which means they can charge extra if it's outside of normal business hours.

      Is being a locksmith hard? ›

      The job of a locksmith requires both creativity and logic. It allows you to use your hands and to use your brain. You get to solve puzzles, fix problems, help people in crises, and keep customers safe. Accessing the training necessary to become a locksmith isn't hard and can even be done online.

      How does he have an answer to every locked door? ›

      (b) How does he have an answer to every locked door? Answer: The locksmith has an answer to every locked door because he designs and makes keys that can fit into locks and open them.

      What to do when you are locked out? ›

      If you get locked out of your home, here's what to do.
      1. Call a Friend, Family Member, or Your Landlord. ...
      2. See If a Window Is Open. ...
      3. Ask a Neighbor For Help––Or a Warm Place to Stay. ...
      4. Break Out Your Credit Card. ...
      5. Take Apart the Door Knob. ...
      6. Break In. ...
      7. Contact an Emergency Locksmith. ...
      8. Call For a Home Locksmith in Midtown Manhattan.

      How do you get into your house when you get locked out? ›

      How to Get into Your House with a Credit Card If You're Locked Out

      How do police open locked doors? ›

      Hydraulic. Hydraulic breaching utilizes a hydraulic system to force the door open. These systems include hydraulic rescue tools (of the type used to extract people entrapped in vehicle wreckages) as well as specialized tools made specifically for door breaching.

      Can a locksmith open a locked window? ›

      So, if you're trying to open a window from the outside because you've locked yourself out, you might find it cheaper to call a locksmith.

      Can a locksmith open windows? ›

      UPVC locks and windows are a specialist area of locksmithing, most MLA locksmiths will be able to supply, fit, service and repair door and window locks. Of course, it's not only doors that need locks but windows too – so make sure your MLA licensed locksmith fits your window locks too.

      What does the locksmith do? ›

      A locksmith is a professional who works on locks for windows, doors, safes, and vehicles. They adjust, repair, install, and maintain various types of security locks. Anyone who has been locked out of their home, business or vehicle knows the importance of locksmith services.

      How do you trust a locksmith? ›

      One of the easiest ways to determine the trustworthiness of a locksmith is asking to see some accreditation. All good locksmiths should have professional accreditation to a recognized locksmith organization, such as the Society of Professional Locksmiths (SOPL) or the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA).

      Should I tip my locksmith? ›

      Most locksmiths can appreciate a tip, as long as it's giving out of kindness or appreciation, and not in a condescending way. You should appreciate their skill, not be a charity. “We love tips,” Green says. “It's not very often that we get them, but when we do, it's really cool.”

      How do you unlock a door without a key? ›

      How to unlock a door without a key? Locksmith Monkey
      1. Use a bobby pin. The bobby pin lock pick is one of the most common tricks used to unlock doors. ...
      2. Use a screwdriver. The way you use a screwdriver to open a door without using a key is quite easy. ...
      3. Use a knife. ...
      4. Lock picking. ...
      5. Use a credit card. ...
      6. Use a Bump key. ...
      7. Remove the hinges.
      Jan 3, 2022

      How much does it cost to get a new lock on a door? ›

      You'll pay from $40 to $300 to buy a new door lock, depending on design, materials, and whether it's a simple key-in-knob lock or a high-end lock-and-handle combo with smart technology features. Professional locksmith installation can add another $80 to $200, depending on the complexity of the lock.

      How much does it cost to unlock a house door? ›

      You can expect to pay between $65 to $200. A locksmith should be able to open your door in minutes by picking your lock—be wary of a locksmith attempting to use a drill immediately for this task. An average rate is $150, and you can expect to pay more during peak times and after working hours.

      How do I change my locks cheaply? ›

      Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks? | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

      Can police help if locked out of house? ›

      Also, don't call 911 for help if you are locked out of your house (unless the lock out is connected to an actual emergency, like a fire)—the police and/or fire department aren't going to come to your rescue.

      How long does it take to get keys out of a locked car? ›

      For a professional locksmith that is fully equipped with the tools, they can unlock car doors within five minutes or less. A car with a complexed lock system and security could take longer.

      How do you unlock a door from the outside? ›

      How to Unlock a Bedroom Door from the Outside - YouTube

      How much does it cost to make a key from a lock? ›

      Key Duplication

      A regular house key usually costs $1 to $10 to copy, but if you have a transponder key that's coded to your car's security system, expect to pay a car locksmith $75 to $400 to duplicate it.

      How much does a locksmith cost to make a car key? ›

      A professional locksmith can help you regain access. Locksmiths can make new car transponders, remotes, cut new keys and repair broken locks. Average cost of Locksmith services listed below.
      Average Locksmith Prices.
      General door key replacementR500R700
      Car key replacement (no transponder)R850R2000
      6 more rows

      Do locksmiths take credit cards? ›

      If you pay with a check or cash, you are out of luck unless you go to court. Shady locksmith companies will always advertise that they take credit cards, but once they get there they will tell you they will not accept credit card payments and usually demand nothing but cold, hard, cash.

      Is locksmithing a dying trade? ›

      We believe that this profession is all but dying. It's just moving into a different phase. From our perspective, the future looks bright. As long as there is a need for security, there is a need for locksmiths.

      What is the best locksmith training course? ›

      What is the best certification for a Locksmith? The Certified Master Locksmith (CML) certification is most common among locksmiths. This certification is awarded by the Associated Locksmiths of America. The advanced certification is for more experienced employees as it often requires some work experience to acquire.

      How do I become a locksmith in Oregon? ›

      Locksmith certification
      1. Register for an Online Services account.
      2. Reque​st Locksmith Certification as an online service.
      3. Fill out the application.
      4. Pay for the application and test ($60 each).
      5. Take the test.
      6. Complete the Criminal History Information.
      7. Pay $60 for the two-year certification.

      How does a locksmith open a locked car door? ›

      Most of the time, locksmiths will use special tools to open locked car doors.
      Answer provided by
      1. If your key broke off in your lock, the locksmith will likely use a broken key extractor to remove any of the pieces. ...
      2. If you locked your keys in your car, your locksmith will probably use a slim jim to get into your car.

      How much does it cost to unlock a front door lock? ›

      You can expect to pay between $65 to $200. A locksmith should be able to open your door in minutes by picking your lock—be wary of a locksmith attempting to use a drill immediately for this task. An average rate is $150, and you can expect to pay more during peak times and after working hours.


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