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For Frida Puga-Casagrande's crying moments, see Frida Puga-Casagrande/Crying Moments. For miscellaneous crying moments, see List of crying moments.





Crying Moments

Lynn Loud Sr./Crying Moments (1)I'm hiding for your surprise party.
Warning! This page contains spoilers regarding upcoming media. Continue reading at your own risk.
Lynn Loud Sr./Crying Moments (2)


  • 1 Force of Habits
  • 2 Road Trip: Mountain Hard Pass
  • 3 Leave No Van Behind
  • 4 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas
  • 5 A Dish Come True

This page is a comprehensive list of Lynn Loud Sr.'s crying moments, sorted by episodes from the Shorts, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, films, and assorted other media.

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Driving Miss Hazy[]

  • He was heard sobbing when Leni's twelfth driving test ended in the Fire Hydrant Paperboy Nun Incident.

The Sweet Spot[]

  • He cried after his van was demolished by his kids fighting over the Sweet Spot. Rita was enraged by this.

Toads and Tiaras[]

  • He began sobbing when he didn't get the Sports Channel.

House Music[]

  • In his college times, he cried when he got kicked out of his band.
  • He also cried his eyes out when Luna kicked him out of her band.


  • He cried out of joy, when his kids made their colorful handprints on the outer wall of his house.

Suite and Sour[]

  • He cried after the TV had gone out by Lori who broke the antenna off of the satellite dish.
  • He cries in despondence after throwing a button into the jug and realizing he won't pool enough money soon for next weekend at hotel.

Fool's Paradise[]

  • He begins sobbing with remorse after revealing the whole truth with Lincoln about why he helped Luan with all of the pranks.

Garage Banned[]

  • He cried profusely as Lori moved into the garage.


  • He cried when he ended up sending Vanzilla nose-first in a ditch.

The Mad Scientist[]

  • He cried when Lisa decided she was moving to the institute, and he cried even harder as she tried to assure him that he would be over it.

Breaking Dad[]

  • He was in tears after Lily called Mr. Grouse "dada" instead of him. He thinks he deserved it for asking Mr. Grouse to babysit Lily.
  • He is moved to tears when Lily says, "Dada", thinking he won her back.
  • He also bitterly wept after trying and failing to make Lily remember he's her father and not Mr. Grouse.

The Loudest Thanksgiving[]

  • He tearfully begged Lori not to leave the Loud family to spend Thanksgiving with Bobby.
  • He was also reduced to tears when Rosa insulted his turgoosen.

Washed Up[]

  • He along with Rita break down in tears when they are convinced that there is no way off the island for eight months.

Recipe for Disaster[]

  • He cried when he found out that his cookbook, which he started in middle school, was missing.

Present Tense[]

  • He cries for joy when Kotaro gets him a real-life beefeater for his birthday.
  • He again breaks into tears of joy when he opens the scrapbook his kids got him for his birthday.

Any Given Sundae[]

  • He gets tears in his eyes when Lily is about to try her first bite of ice cream, realizing it will be the last time he will introduce a Loud to ice cream.

Can't Hardly Wait[]

  • He breaks down sobbing when he remembers young Lori, realizing that his eldest daughter is all grown up and is going to move out soon.

Sister Act[]

  • He tears up when Lola gives his leftover hash a positive rating.

House Flip[]

  • He overreacts and cries after Lori accidentally dents Vanzilla for the fourth time.

Coupe Dreams[]

  • He cried into Rita's chest as he saw Lori looking for a new car and remembered her as a baby riding her tricycle.


  • He cries when he realizes that his kids are growing up and moving on.
  • He is also brought to tears when Lori leaves the Louds, begging her to not go.
  • He breaks down sobbing when Lily goes to preschool.

Band Together[]

  • He tears up when Katie Crest accepts Luna's band.

A Flipmas Carol[]

  • He broke down in tears when he failed to buy ingredients for Christmas dinner.


  • He cried his eyes out when he learned that his childhood camp, Camp Mastodon, was closing.
  • He and his father cry together when the latter mentions that he misses his family.
  • He and his father cry again after having relived the three-legged race.

Much Ado About Noshing[]

  • He cries when somebody gives his restaurant 30 "thumbs down"s on the Nosh website.
  • He cries after dialing Lola.

Dad Reputation[]

  • He cries when he thinks Luna hates his band.
  • He cries after falling for Luna's faked injury.

Present Danger[]

  • He and his father are moved to tears during Lincoln's twelfth birthday party.

Musical Chairs[]

  • He cries while mourning the destruction of his cowbell.

Dine and Bash[]

  • He cries with joy when he sees Guy Grazer's positive review of his restaurant.

Pop Pop the Question[]

  • He cries happily at Albert and Myrtle's engagement party.

Force of Habits[]

  • He hugs Lori while sobbing when she comes home for the weekend.

Road Trip: Mountain Hard Pass[]

  • He cries when he thinks he and his family will die on the mountain.

Leave No Van Behind[]

  • He cries during Vanzilla's "funeral" along with Lana.

'Twas the Fight Before Christmas[]

  • He is mentioned to occasionally pretend to cry when faking back injuries.
  • He cries along with Lance and Leonard when the brothers reconcile.

A Dish Come True[]

  • He tears up at Lincoln offering to help at Lynn's Table.
  • He also tears up at the thought of Luna, Luan, Lynn Jr., and Lana also helping.
  • His eyes water at the stench of onions that Lincoln uses to replace the potatoes unpeeled by Luan.

King of the Chair[]

  • He bursts into tears after his new chair gets destroyed.

Robot Reboot[]

  • He gets teary-eyed when Todd burns his chopped-up carrot.

The Loud House Movie[]

  • He was moved to tears when he saw himself doing the Highland Dance in the slideshow.
  • He was moved to tears again that Lincoln has become the Duke.

A Loud House Christmas[]

  • He cries when Lori announces she can't come for Christmas.
  • He cries twice while under the effects of Lisa's tranquilizing spray.

The Struggle Is Real[]

  • He cries when he finds his English biscuits eaten (he didn't know that he ate them in his sleep).

Guessing Games[]

  • He cries when his sunglasses break.

Loud and Clear[]

  • He cries a little when he cannot find his pie recipe.

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Lynn Loud Sr./Crying Moments (2024)


Who is Lynn Loud's crush? ›

Her main outfit is used for roller derby. Lynn thought she had a crush on a boy named Francisco, but it turned out to be a delusion due to dehydration. She once fell off a climbing wall and broke her tibia so badly that her bone was visible.

What does Lynn Loud SR do for a living? ›

Lynn Loud Sr. is a fun-loving, upbeat chef and owner of Lynn's Table – a family style restaurant.

How old is Lynn Loud in the really loud house? ›

Lynn L. Loud Jr. (voiced by Jessica DiCicco, portrayed by Morgan McGill in A Loud House Christmas, Annaka Fourneret in The Really Loud House and A Really Haunted Loud House, Nyomei Valentina as a young girl in The Really Loud House) is the 13-year-old (14-year-old from season 5 onward and live-action media) athletic ...

What grade is Lynn Loud Jr in? ›

Lynn attends Royal Woods Middle School as a 7th grader with no other siblings for the first four seasons. As of the fifth season, Lincoln attends middle school with her and she is an 8th grader.

Who is Luna Loud's girlfriend? ›

"Sam is Luna's girlfriend and a member of the Moon Goats. She's sweet and kind, and is able to keep her feet on the ground even as she and Luna dream of a famous future.

Does Lynn Loud have a boyfriend? ›

Francisco is Lynn's love interest. He plays for another softball team.

Is The Loud House kid friendly? ›

Because of its cartoon violence and visually menacing characters, who might frighten younger children, The Loud House Movie isn't suitable for children under 5 years. We also recommend parental guidance for children aged 5-8 years.

Why is Lynn Loud named after her dad? ›

As a kid, he slightly resembled his daughter, Lynn Jr. possibly explaining why she was named after him. As a child, he and his father would routinely go to a camp called Camp Mastodon, which is where Lynn Sr.

Who is Leni Loud's boyfriend? ›

Scott is Leni's boyfriend from Loch Loud, Scotland, after they first met, they fall in love & they have started a long-distance relationship which they can keep in touch (as shown in TLHM credits), just like Lori with Bobby.

How old is Lincoln Loud in 2024? ›

He is 11 years old in the first five seasons and 12 years old in the sixth season onward.

Who does Leni Loud have a crush on? ›

Leni is shown to have a few different crushes throughout the series: Hugh in "Study Muffin", Chaz in several episodes, Scott in The Loud House Movie, an unnamed boy with cowlicks in "Undercover Mom", and Gavin in "Food Courting".

Who is Lisa Loud's crush? ›

David is Lisa's classmate in Ms. Shrinivas's kindergarten class and her love interest.

Does Leni Loud have a boyfriend? ›

Scott. Leni and Scott hold their hands together. Scott is Leni's boyfriend from Loch Loud, Scotland, after they first met, they fall in love & they have started a long-distance relationship which they can keep in touch (as shown in TLHM credits), just like Lori with Bobby.

Who does Lily Loud have a crush on? ›

Teddy Bear

Lily with her "crush". Despite being an inanimate object, Lily loves her teddy bear, both in a friendly way and a romantic way. It's justified in that Lily's still just a baby (later toddler) and probably does not have a full understanding of the concept of romance.

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