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Four years down the line and Lucifer is now twelve years old and as a little trickster he decided that he wanted to play a Prank on his mother,

God was in his work room, not only working on his Garden but working on a Very New Creation, he was so busy that he didn't notice his son Lucifer had quietly snucked in to give him a scare

God: "Okay just a few more Quirks I need to add to him-"

Lucifer: *Elephant Trumpet Noises*

Lucifer immediately scared his poor mother from his shapeshifting powers that he got from his Father Calcifer, God jumped out of fright and quickly covered his Creation with a blanket and looked over to Lucifer with bit of a Angry look for scaring him, and Lucifer couldn't help himself but laughed with having his nose as a Elephant trunk both his young boy laughing and his trumpeting, his Mother did not stay mad at him for very long after all seeing his son trumpeting like a Hyena made him burst into Laughter as well

God: *Wipes away a tear* *Sighs*
"Lucifer you know better just to come in her without my Permission, Right?"

Lucifer: "Yeah I know, I'm just so Excited for today that I couldn't help it!"

God: "I know you are Ducking, now go get changed and brush your teeth and wash your face for me please?"

Lucifer: "Okay mom, I love you."

God: "I Love You More than the Moon, I Love You More than the Sun, I Love You More than all the Water in the World, I Love You More than all the Rocks in the World, And I Love You More than all the Stars in the Entire Galaxy, I Love You so So Much Lucifer..."

Lucifer: "And I Love You so So Much More than Life itself Mama..."

God heart grew ten times more every time his son tells him that, and with that he hugged his Sweet Beautiful Precious Golden Child again this time a little tighter and a bit longer, after a few minutes God Finally let go of Lucifer and gave him three kisses, one on his forehead and two on both of his Adorable chubby red circular pikachu cheeks another facial trait that he got from his father,

speaking of Calcifer was down stairs in the kitchen just finishing cooking Chilaquiles for breakfast, he turned off the stove and went over towards the cupboards and got three plates for himself and his Wife and Son, and placed them at the dinner table and grabbed the medium sized skillet from the stove along with his wooden spoon and neatly spread the food on all three plates, after he put the skillet in the sink with soap and water to let it soak for a while, he then went back at the cupboards and got three glasses and set them on the table beside the plate of food in front of them, and went over to the refrigerator and open the door and looked inside and grabbed a large water pitcher filled with homade both hibiscus and prickly pear Jamaica juice, and went back over to the table and poured the juice in the glasses, after he was down doing all that he set the water pitcher on the table and summoned a bunch of utensils and some paper towels with the flick of his wrist and a snapped of his fingers, and pulled out his chair for him to sit and enjoy his breakfast, Oh he knew he forgot something he then snapped his fingers yet again, there appeared in front of his plate was a small burnt orange Clay ceramic sugar pot with a bright red flores design around the chubby body of the pot, and inside of the pot was filled with red hot chili hot sauce that he also made last night and used his spoon and took a generously amount of the hot sauce and put some on his food, probably a little more than usual but that's Okay since Calcifer loved both the sensation and actual taste of his homade hot sauce, but before he could dig into his food he then shout out to his Wife and Lucifer

Calcifer: "Mi amor, hijo mío, ¡¡¡el desayuno está listo!!!"

After he said that both God and Lucifer came down the stairs and walked in the kitchen and pulled out both of their chairs and God placed his napkin on his lap, while Lucifer impatiently scarved down his breakfast and Only taking a small break just to chug down his juice, while Calcifer made "That Look" and told his Son Lucifer

Calcifer: "¡¡¡Cálmate muchacho, te vas a ahogar con la comida!!!"

Lucifer: "Sorry Dad, I'll be More Careful..."

Calcifer: "So mi hijo, have you been practicing on your powers lately?"

Lucifer: *Gulps* "Um Y-yeah?!"

Calcifer: *Deep Sigh* "Okay!, after you're done eating I'll help you with your practicing..."

Lucifer: *Muffled* "Thanks Pops...!"

God: "Table manners Sweetheart..."

Lucifer: *Swallows* "Sorry Mom..."

after the Morningstars finished their breakfast and got ready they headed out the door and began to walk towards the Arena, as they were walking on the sidewalk Lucifer the looked up and spotted his fellow students Raphael and Sera walking up a head of them, Lucifer looked back his parents and asked them

Lucifer: "Hey my friends!, Mom, Dad can I walk a head to walk with them?!"

Calcifer: "W-well I don't know Luci-"

God: "Of Course Ducking!, just make sure to stay where we could see you..."

Lucifer: "Thanks Mom!" *Runs off to meet his "friends"*

Calcifer: *Waits till Lucifer is far away from them* "I Don't Like That Raphael kid..."

God: "CALCIFER!!!"

Lucifer quickly runs behind both Raphael and Sera and shouts out to them while waving his hand

Lucifer: *Huffs* "Hey Raph!, Sera!, wait up!!!"

Sera was about to wave her hand and greet Lucifer but she stopped herself after she saw Raphael next to her looked at Lucifer with a Annoyed Pissed off look at him, he even rolled his eyes after seeing this "Pathetic some called Angel" trying to catch his little breath

Raphael: *Annoyed Sigh* "What do you Want Lucifer...!"

Lucifer: "I just thought it'd be cool, if we could walk together, right before our big match that it..."

Raphael: *Cruel Smug Laughter* *Points at Lucifers chest* "Ha!, You Actually think someone Like You could Defeat Me?!"

Lucifer: "Oh Come on Raph, it's not my Fault that I more Powers than you..."

Sera was about to say something just so they would not fight then and there on the sidewalk in the middle of the day for everyone and all the Angels to see, but before she could speak and try to keep the peace between the two boys, she was immediately cut off by Raphael who had his hand in front of her, he then got in Lucifers face still with that "Stupid Smug" grin on his face and coldly says

Raphael: *Chuckles Smugly* "Oh I'm Gonna Make Sure that Not just the Higher up Arch Angels see your Failure, But I'm going to Make Sure Literally All Angels Why DISGUSTING HALF BREEDS are Never Allowed on any Holy Grounds!!!"

Raphael smiled his Mean Smug at Lucifer yet again and before he went back to his walk, he then flicked Lucifers top hat off of Lucifers head and proceeds to walk a head of Lucifer on the rest of his way to the Arena, Sera looked back at Lucifer and at first wanted to say something to him but she stopped herself and ran back towards Raphael

Sera: "Hey Raphael!, Wait up!!, Don't forget about me!!!"

Lucifer then saw all the young Alpha Angel boys, and all the young Beta Angel girls, and finally saw all the young Omega Angel girls, some them in groups, but most of them were in lines of three, getting registered and putting there names on the list, and getting their badge numbers and name tag to strap on their chest, Lucifer looked over to the benches to see a couple of young Angels sitting down with their little friend groups and chatting with each other, until he saw a similar face that's sitting on one of the benches all by himself all of alone, he goes up to that Angel just to say hi to him

Lucifer: "Hey Zira!"

Aziraphale looked up from his book and saw his one and Only Best Friend Lucifer standing in front of him and gleefully replies back him and says

Aziraphale: "Oh hello Lucifer!, it's so good to see you, have you Registered yet and get your name badge?"

But before Lucifer could replie to his friend Aziraphale, he was immediately put in a choke hold by one of his Omega female cousins

Mammon: "Oi pop squeak what the Bloody Hell are you doing here?!"

Mammon then started to play wrestle with Lucifer and try to pin him to ground and even tried giving him a tickle attack, but luckily Lucifer was saved by Mammons other Omega sister Asmodeus who then ambushed Mammon and started to play wrestle with him, while their third Beta sister Beelzebub help picked up her cousin Lucifer off the ground even Aziraphale picked up his top hat that was on the ground and placed it back on his head, and her and Aziraphale started to pat clean the dirt off of Lucifers Angelic robes as Lucifer fix himself and his hat, as the two Omega girls could finish their wrestling match on the ground they were stopped by their Father Samuel Satan's loud joyful and Prideful Santa like deep heavy Laughter, while his Wife and the Mother of Asmodeus, Mammon, and Beelzebub Cletus smacks him on the chest, Lucifer looks up to see both his Aunt and Uncle

his Uncle Samuel stands at a towering 6'9 feet tall with his big trucker stature and his big trucker bicep arms that had both sleeve tattoos on both arms, one arm had a somewhat Japanese Yakuza like design, with a wave coming down while a bright orange koi fish is riding the wave and they were a few yellow and red Chrysanthemums placed neatly around both waves and koi fish, while his other sleeve tattoo is more tide with Latin Roots, his other tattoo design was more of a Ancient Aztec design,on the top of his arm he had the Aztec face calendar and underneath of the face calendar there was a big strong Aztec Warrior as he holds his snake design shield in one hand while his other hand hold his Macuahuitl tightly ready to strike his Enemies on the head with it, he also bit of a pot belly, who had a short spiky haircut *kinda like Lt Surges haircut from Pokemon* and had bit of a semi long bushy and kept beard with some braids in it and a few silver beads in the braids with Celtic knots in the center of the beads, Samuel would get to keep his soft beard if he takes care of it, which is another thing he takes pride in,

While Lucifers Aunt Cletus was a short bit of a stout Omega woman, way much shorter than his Husband, coming in around a total 5'0 tall,he wasn't in his Cherub form who is normally 3'0 or 4'0 feet tall or even shorter than that, he was Only in his Cherub form when he's working, but now he was his normal Angel form since he was there for his Daughters and for his Nephew Lucifer as well, Samuels Wife may have been a little shorty but his shortness added to his Beautiful Curvyness Fluffy body, his soft pink and lavender Greek like empire robe dress hugged his thicc body nice and super well, as the soft smooth fabric falls Oh so nicely off his big plus size Luscious and Very Curvaceous Peach like Booty, while his empire dress showed his cleavage area, his Ridiculous butt wasn’t the Only Thing That You Should Be Starring At, cause Cletus had a nice set of watermelons for tit* and Samuel would always would use them as soft pillows to rest his head on, also in Cletus’s regular Angel form his soft light pink hair was long and flowing and part of the top of his hair swooped over one his light purple eyes, while his white Gold Halo sat more on top of head more like a Tirana like crown rather above his head like in his Cherub form, but his body wasn’t the Only nice thing about him but his Beautiful Angelic complexion was absolutely breathtaking with his soft silk like white skin that sometimes has bit a soft lavender glitter/glow to it, Especially his cute soft round chubby cheeks that had a bright pastel purple color to them when ever he would blush, his Wife also had a really cute small button reindeer like nose


Both Mammon and Asmodeus: *Gulps Nervously* “Yes Mama!”

What people didn’t know about Cletus that Only his husband knew about his Wife, is that Cletus Definitely a Fiery Southern Temper and he may be small for a little Omega Angel he was Surprisingly strong for his shorty stature, in fact that’s how he madly feel in Love with him, way back in the day way before Lucifer, Asmodeus, Mammon, and Beelzebub were even born Samuel would try so hard to get Cletus to go out with him, it really didn’t help that Cletus thought was Annoying and overbearing plus it also didn’t help that his two best friends Keenie and Collin weren’t really a huge fan of Samuel Satan as well, Keenie Especially who would always out loud express her dislike and upper status about Samuel, while Collin was more of afraid of him and always try to stay clear of his path, but eventually just to shut Samuel up already he finally decided to go with one date with him, and that one date two dates and those two dates became well nine and ten dates until eventually they became a official boyfriend and girlfriend and spend all their time and together, Collin came around after seeing how happy Cletus felt and would often talk about Samuel in such a Loving way and he’s never been any happier ever since he finally agreed to go out with him, Collin even eventually had enough courage to meet Samuel and instead of Samuel shaking his hand he Actually bear hugged him and almost crushed his bones with his strength after all a friend of his Angel girlfriend is a friend of his, it really took a while for Keenie to come around even she still didn’t really care for him but she did stop talking bad about him since Cletus would ask her to stop, when the moment was right for Samuel to finally ask Cletus to marry him, it didn’t exactly go right with his plan instead of having a nice date like a fancy restaurant by the shoreline right next to the beach and instead of walking on the beach and when it was just sunset and getting on his knees and opening a small box with a diamond and pearl ring while having his little brother Calcifer and his sister in law God and having both Collin and Keenie there to witness the beautiful satisfying moment that they’ll never forget and always remember and treasure,

instead it was kinda of a sh*t show cause Cletus wanted to share what his at the time boyfriend likes and interests, so they went to a bar that was playing a rock band playing in the background while instead of having a fancy dinner, they actually had burgers and fries and some cold refreshing soda with some pretty good warm slice of peach pie for dessert, Cletus even had a couple of pints of beer and danced along the songs with the band was playing, but unfortunately Cletus got a couple unwanted sexual looks from a bunch of random Alpha Angels and some even tried to touch his curves, which really pissed off Samuel when he tried to tell off the group of male Angels that were now trying to form a ring around Cletus, with a sh*t ton of alcohol in their system instead normally backing off from Samuel, the group of guys held him back while their leader was giving Samuel a beating to his face, but just then the leader felt the back of his shirt being tugged on as Cletus straight up punched him dead in the f*cking face and across on the other side of the bar, people there said it looked like a crash dummy slammed his entire body against a brick wall, while everyone and including the leaders posse immediately backed away from him, while everyone who wasn’t Samuel saw a Deranged mad Omega Woman with steam coming from his nostrils like a Angry bull that’s seeing red for the first time as his eyes were filled with Malice and rage that’s radiating off of him, but in Samuels vision he saw a Rocking Badass Omega woman that he Definitely wanted to put a ring on as Hearts are floating around him, he also thought he could’ve heard the rock band playing the song “Don’t Stop Believing” in the background with bit of a 80s flare to it

Cletus: “Oh Luci Baby come on give your Auntie a big ole hug!!!”

But before Lucifer could react he was immediately pulled into a big tight bear hug and the poor boy almost had his poor spine crushed, a trick that he Definitely got from his husband over the years, after a few minutes of saying hello to his sweet little Nephew he finally lets go of him and allowed Lucifer to speak for himself

Lucifer: “Hey tía Cletus, hey tío Samuel, and Ozzie, Manny, and Bee, it’s nice to see you guys are you here to sign up for the arena?”

Mammon: “Hell Yeah!, and don’t Expect to win cause you’re looking at the first young Arch Omega Angel here all of Heaven!!!”

Just then the small family sized group could hear a Cruel Smug Laughter that’s coming from behind them from Of f*cking Course Raphael himself as he says out loud right in front of Mammons face

Raphael: “Maybe winning the Pie Eating Contest is more suited for some little Omega girl like you, or should I say a really Really big Omega girl like yourself…”

Mammon was ready to fight the little Snot Rocket right in front of everyone but he was immediately pulled back from his two sisters and his cousin along with Aziraphale as Raphael heads back to his ground of his Admirers and fans

Samuel: “Man I Hate that f*cking kid!!!”

Calcifer: “Welcome to the Club Sammy…”

God: “CAL!!!”

Cletus: “Yknow for once I’m starting to think that their onto something…”

God: “Cletus!!!”

Samuel: *Power Laughs yet again* “There’s the Badass Lady I madly fell in Love with!!!”

Samuel then picked up his Wife and the two started to have a full on Make out session, as Cletus wiggled his soft curvy hips directly on Samuels ten inch dick, as he curled his legs around his husband’s waist and had his arms around Samuels neck and even messed with his hair a little while Samuel had both of his hands directly on his Wife’s Luscious Voluptuous Booty giving his fat cheek meat a nice little squeeze as well

Asmodeus: “Awww…”

Mammon: “SICK!!!”

Beelzebub: “YOU’RE A COUPLE OF slu*tS!!!”

Calcifer: *Smacks his Wife’s Ass*

God: “Oh My!!!”

Everyone then heard the voice on the loudspeaker to get everyone in their groups and in lines for the show and contest on who’s going to be the very first young Arch Angel wins!, as both God and Cletus hugged and gave multiple kisses to their babies for good luck and Samuel Satan gave his three Daughters and gave his little Nephew a Great big bear hug for good luck as well, as Calcifer gave his Son Lucifer a good luck high five and told him

Calcifer: “Make sure to Break their legs instead…”

God: “CALCIFER!!!”

Cletus: “Cal Stop!, Don’t put the Wrong ideas in my babies heads!!!”

Mammon: “Oh I’m gonna Break more than just their legs Uncle Cal!!!”

Samuel: *Belly Laughs yet again* "Too Late..."

as many and many of contests and battles go on, lot of young Angels were Eliminated as fewer and fewer Angels leaving the Arena in both Tears and Shame, and now it was just Lucifer and Raphael together as the two Alpha Angel boys step on the giant large Battling platform, the Referee walked in front of the boys and told them

Referee: "Alright Boys I want a Nice Clean Fair Fight, Now chose the Side of the Coin what you want..."

Raphael: "Heads!!!"

Lucifer: "Tails!!!"

The Referee proceeds to flip the coin in the air and landing it back in his hand, he takes a quick look at at and shows the side of the coin that won the coin toss, while he tells everyone in the crowd there in the Arena and the Live Broadcast to everyone who's watching the game back in their homes

Referee: "Lucifer has Won the Coin Toss!, Now he will Decide on which Elemental Environment he Wants to Chose for Final Battle Platform!!!"

Lucifer: "I Chose Air!!!"

This Surprised Raphael since Air was his Specialty and almost all of his powers were Air Type Moves, Lucifer just simply Smugged a Devilish Grin back at Raphael which Only Pissed off Raph even More, then all of a sudden the Whole Platform began to rise high up to Heavens Skies in the Air way to high for Anyone to actually see for themselves, but luckily the Arena has Special Trained Aviator Angels for this kinda situation as two Aviator Angels are flapping their Large Powerful Angel Wings in the Air, one holds a Camera while the other Angel holds a Microphone pole, after a large heavy golden bell was rung that's when the Real battle began and the two boys used their Angel Wings and started to Fight each other right up in the Air, as Lucifer used his six Angel Wings to create Big Heavy Gust Winds to push Raphael Down to the Arena to try and get him Eliminated but Raph began to fall closer to the Arenas floors, which made everyone in the crowd Gasps in Fright and Nervousness Especially Sera who Practically Jumped out her seat and screamed out to her Crush

Sera: "RAPH LOOK OUT!!!"

but the at the Last Moment he sprung his Giant Thunder Bird Wings and began to flew right above the Audience and with that flew at in human speed and flew right passed Luci and higher above the Air, His Wings Fully Extended out with thier Long Large Wings as he used them to create a Literal Raging Thunder Rainstorm, his Wings even Sparked out some Powerful Lightning Rods, Lucifer Absolutely Tired of Raphaels Attitude and Fully Let Go of his who Disguise is Now is in his Full Demon Form, his once Angelic Face Now Replaced with A full on Goats head with Glowing Red Goat Eyes and Long Curved Upwards Black and Brown Ringed Like Horns, his Six Angel Wings Now Transformed into Giant Scarlet Dragon Wings with Some Black Obsidian Scales on the Outside of the Wings while having his Angel White Feathers on the Inside of the Wings, but Those Things weren't Only Noticable he Also Grew Long Goat Hind Legs and Hoves along with Three Long Goat Tails with little tufs of fur at the ends of the tails, it was almost like Time has Stopped as Literally All of Heaven stood in their seats in both Shock and Horror and Absolute Fear, many of Angels either Screamed or Gasp, while a few Fainted and most Parents Covered their Childrens eyes, and some Angels even threw up from the "Sicking Sight" even both the Camera man and Sound guy Aviator Angels were Shaking in their boots Especially since their So Close to the Half Angel Half Demon Hybrid, Lucifer could feel Everyones Cruel Mean Hatred Evil Judgement on him For the First time in Lucifers life he Never Felt So Much Fear in His Life, it wasn't until then he had Actually a huge Lighting Bolt Heading Straight towards him, he Actually Heard a Omega Females Voice Singing to him Then BAM!, Lucifer was Stuck by Raphaels Lighting as he Saw his Own Life Literally Flash Before His Eyes, He Saw Multiple Visions of Six Young kid Faces Some of Those Faces Even Looked Like Him While Some of Those Faces Looked Like This Omega Female with Soft brown Brunette Hair and Beautiful Golden Eyes, And That Beautiful Singing Turned into Banshee Screaming as could feel his body getting closer and Closer towards Heavens Floor as his Vision was getting More Blurry, the Last Thing he Saw his Own Mother Who Quickly Grabbed his Fathers hand with a Terrified Look on his Face along with his friend and the rest of his Family who was Scared to Death for Lucifer, just then Lucifer Saw his Own Father Calcifer who Immediately got up from his seat and Reached his Hand out Towards to his Son and Began to Speak out Old Ancient Latin then Everything got Dark, Lucifer woke up in a Hospital bed and tried to sit up but felt a Complete Shock of Burning Pain Coursing through his Vains, he then saw his chest as a huge lighting bolt scare is placed Directly Right in the Center of his Chest "f*ckING RAPHAEL!!!" he thought in his head as he could still Raphaels Stupid f*cking Smug Laughter in his Ears mocking and Taunting him, How what he Promised him was Absolutely f*cking Right!, how Heaven will Never except him!, that he has Face Only a Mother Could Love!, Lucifers vision got blurry again as tears overflowed from his face while he lays back down in the bed who now his both of his hands on his face as he Silently Sobs to himself

After a weeks has gone people kept Gossiping about Lucifer, about What he Really is as Pretty Nasty Rumors started to go Around and a lot of people talked behind Lucifers back, Lucifer got a lot of Hateful stares from Practically everyone and was Quickly got both Bullied and Discrimination from almost by Everyone even when he was Still a Child, he learned how to put make up on after the Incident, he would put tan skin tone foundation to his Entire face making sure on Never Leaving any spots of his Actual skin showing, he even painted his Rosey Red Circular Cheeks with water resistant a Bright Blue paint instead, and he would take countless of many and Many of his Blue eye color contacts and immediately use them to cover his Naturally Ruby red Eyes irises, and he would wear his long robes with his initial on the front of the center of his chest, he would also wear a bright blue long Opera like Gloves so his Ashy Obsidian hands skin color doesn't show as well, he also wears Actual pants underneath his robes so no one would Ever See his Imp tail, until one day he goes up to his Mother God and just Tightly Hugs him a little longer than usual and when Finally does pull back he looks up to God and ask the Dreadful Question

Lucifer: "Why is Heaven Trying So Hard To Change Me Mom??!!"


A Total of Six Years has Passed So Quickly Lucifer was No longer a Child any more but a Young Man, infact it was his Eighteen Birthday and Lucifer quickly got up from his bed and proceed to do he Daily Routine like Always, by starting the day by fixing and setting up his bed neatly the way he like it, going into his bedroom bathroom and brushing his teeth, grabbing a towel from one of the linen closet and hanging it on a wall hanging hook that's right next to the shower tub, a taking a nice warm shower in the process, after drying himself off and going to his big walk in closet getting his robes and pants out and puts both on, goes back into the bathroom and opens one of the drawers and gets out his make up kit and supplies as long with his blue color eye contacts and get's his face done and put his make up back in the drawers and opens another drawer right next to his make up drawer and take out a hair comb and quickly fixes his hair and puts the comb away, and leaves the bathroom and goes over to his cherry wooden coat and hat hanging stand and grabbing both his Top hat and his bright blue Opera gloves and proceeds to put both Clothing Accessories on his body, then closes his bedroom door as he heads down the stairs to Greet his parents for today

Lucifer: "Mom, Dad you guys here?"

Lucifer then looked down and a paper note that his Mother wrote for him, "Lucifer Please make sure to in my Garden and feed some of the Animals for me please, I didn't have Enough time to do it myself since your Father and I are out shopping for your Birthday dinner for you and for the Whole Family, and Please Make Sure to Open your Very Special Birthday Gift in the Garden itself, it's My Newest Creation and I made it Specifically Just for You My Precious Little Duckling...", And with that Lucifer started to grab a big wheel barrel filled with animal food and headed straight into the Garden of Eden, as Lucifer was in Eden he then saw a bunch of animals gathering a long side him happy and ready to get feed, as Lucifer started to using a large deep silver food shovel and pouring it in small decent amount of piles for each different animal could eat in peace, just then he could've Sworn he heard someones Beautiful Angelic Singing, he then stopped what he was doing and immediately followed the Singing voice like a unsuspecting Sailor Caught in a Sirens Lure, as he push back thick bushes and vines and Banana Leaves he Finally saw it, he Finally Saw Him!, that Exact same Omega female he saw in his Dreams when he was Eight and from his Visions when he was Twelve, he Couldn't Believe it he was Real, He was Actually f*cking Real!, he was absolutely Flawless with Undesirable Breathtaking Beauty, he had a nice shade of Brown Brunette hair with a soft fluffy birds nest hairstyle, he had Just such Alluring Golden eye that shined just right under the sunlight even Complementing his Perfection, he also had bit of a small chin stubble that added a Cuteness Edge to him, but the Absolute Amazing thing about his was his Body, My Heaven Did he have a body, Nice Juicy Curves for Days, his Butt was covered with some Banana Leaves for a skirt design and also wore the Banana Leaves like a Tube Bra style that Definitely Accentuate his Large Watermelon like Breast, that will sometimes make a small Jiggle and Bounce a little whenever he did Anything Physical his Peach like Rump did the exact thing too, man his Outfit looked Hella Nice on him *Likes Chels outfit from Road to Eldorado* he was Singing to a bunch of Ducks simply minding his own business untill he heard a twig snapped, he Very Quickly got up and Grabbed his Homade Spear that he made from a long heavy duty tree branch and sharpen dagger like stone tide at end of the stick with tree vines to keep it in place, he then stopped after he saw Lucifers Angelic Beauty and Handsomeness mixed into one

Adam: "H-hey..."

Lucifer: "H-hey..."

"Meet The Morningstars AU" - Mayjor_Lochardt (2024)
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