milk tea - sonradow - Sonic the Hedgehog (2024)


Sonic and his striking green eyes and lithe and lean body.

Sonic, and his confident, charming personality and the sweet and gentle side of him that only Shadow had the privilege of knowing.

Sonic, Sonic, Sonic.

Sonic was a problem.

It hit him before he realized it, but Sonic had been the first and last Mobian that kept his interest since he descended to Earth. It took nearly fifty years of his life to find the one who was made just for him, and he was on the opposite side of where his own virtues lay. Shadow spent most of his immortal life partnered alongside those who hungered for destruction and death, and he took pleasure in taking the lives of those who were unable to control their own fate. Those who had wronged him; those who followed the path of faux righteousness. He was the God of Chaos; he was judge, jury, and executioner; no hero was safe from his wrath.

Until he met Sonic.

The first time he had heard of him, he was only a child. An obnoxious little thing the doctor wailed on about as each of his projects came back to him in pieces. At first he found it boring; the doctor was a weak man. How could someone so young break his little toys? He tried convincing Shadow to end the runt's life, but Shadow politely declined. A young boy playing hero was nothing to be worried about, and Shadow didn’t harm children. His morals, dubious and downright cruel, had drawn a line in regards to anything that reminded him of her. So, no murdering children, no matter how much of a nuisance they were.

And he regretted those morals when Sonic came to him as a young man years later; bright eyed and cheeky. It wasn’t an intentional first meeting, at least not for Shadow. He had heard the doctor’s cries of rage from his wing of the building, and took his time making his way over to the commotion. He wasn’t necessarily fond of the doctor, but his laboratories were adequate enough to keep Shadow alive when he felt like resting without any threat of heroes to attack him while unconscious.

When he rounded the corner and was met with a body of blue colliding into him, he was startled and a little starstruck. The hedgehog had toppled them over and slammed face first into Shadow’s chest, before he was scrambling up and making eye contact with him. Big, green eyes wide and blinking rapidly as if he wasn’t sure Shadow was really there. “Woah.” Sonic had mumbled under his breath, and it felt like they were the only ones there for such an insignificant amount of time. He was so small, so much smaller than Shadow himself. Where Shadow was broad and sharp, the little hedgehog was soft and thin. His eyes trailed from bright eyes and parted lips, down to a flat chest and smooth plains of fur. “Are you the guy Sally was telling me about?” He rushed out, pulling Shadow out of his daze and scrambling to stand while outstretching a hand for Shadow to take.

Curious, he took it. He was pulled up without an ounce of strain, and tugged along in the direction in which Shadow came from. “We’ve really gotta get out of here; I might’ve made Batnik real angry this time.” He continued to tug Shadow along through corridors, trying to find a way out of the building. It was somewhat amusing, seeing the little blue thing chat incessantly while he pulled along a well known deadly weapon throughout the building.

“What did you do?” Shadow asked, his voice rough and gravely. He hardly spoke, and his throat strained from disuse; there was no need to speak when those who met him lived only for a short time after encountering him. Sonic turned to look at him, giving him a cheeky smile. It might’ve been in that moment that Shadow’s heart was stolen by him. Because that smile was infectious, even to someone as angry at the world as he was.

“I broke a few collectible glass eggs of his by accident! He was trying to kill me and,” Sonic laughed a little at the thought, “I may have grabbed one and threw it at him. I didn’t know they were collectibles!” Shadow snorted, and he watched the way Sonic’s eyes crinkled a little as he smiled at him. And he should’ve known he was hooked from the very start.

That day had been one of the first moments of his modern life where he had experienced joy. As a child, he experienced true happiness with one of the only people in his life that mattered, but she was ripped away from him by those that acted as heroes, trying to protect the world from him, but instead taking the life of someone so innocent. And who was Shadow to blame but the rest of the world for what happened to his only source of happiness?

All of the love and kindness once in his heart was torn to pieces and left on the blood stained ground along with Maria’s corpse, while Shadow’s hatred for earth and all encompassing rage fell to the planet alongside him.

The first day he had spent time with Sonic had been the second most unpleasant day of his life. After Maria’s death, he found purpose in ending the lives of those like Maria’s murderers. It was so simple, so easy, taking the lives of others as easily as crushing insects under his feet. In a way he found joy in it, a dark and heavy pleasure in vindicating her life and what she truly deserved. If she was stripped of her happiness and future, Shadow would do the same to everyone else; it was only fair. But Sonic… he was a perplexing thing. He had managed to find a way to escape the doctor’s base, tugging him along in a soft jog until they were hidden away in the forest without Shadow crushing his skull within seconds of their meeting.

It was a new experience for Shadow, and he didn’t know how he felt about it.

Sonic was looking over his shoulder every few moments, his smile never leaving his face as he continued deeper into the forest with Shadow by his side. It was… interesting. Seeing the hero so up close and nonchalant. He had only ever heard about him from the doctor. Blue and fast and rage inducing, those were the three things Shadow was told. But he had only seen the blue fur and the charm; nothing irritating and nothing fast about the little thing. Maybe his mouth, but nothing more.

“That was close, huh?” He said with a bright smile, stopping to finally look at Shadow. He looked him up and down, so shamelessly; his eyes dragging up his torso and settling there for a moment before he was making eye contact with him again. “Uh,” he seemed to notice that he was still holding Shadow’s hand, and quickly dropped it. It was so small in Shadow’s palm; it left an odd feeling in the back of his mind. “Are you coming back to base with me?” he asked, taking a step back and scratching at the back of his neck, shyly looking away.

Back to base? Back to the rebellion, where he could crack open the skulls of those who tried to put a stop to his efforts? He could do that… it might even be a bit fun. But something held him back, and he didn’t know what it was, but he knew he would regret it when the fun was only beginning. Why not indulge in a little pleasure once in a while? “Do you… not know who I am?” Shadow asked, suddenly. Sonic’s smile turned into a frown, his eyebrow quirking up.

“Sally’s partner, right? Uh, Laz… right? I was kinda in a rush when she was getting me up to speed–” Shadow took a step into his space, smiling and shaking his head. He idly wondered how he looked when he smiled; it was an unfamiliar muscle tension. The hedgehog was making him lose himself in the foolishness of it all. He mistook him for a rebel; how moronic. Minor mistakes like that would usually cost a life, if Shadow felt like it. How easy it would be to crush the little hedgehog’s throat with his bare hand. He would struggle and cry out as Shadow pushed his frail and helpless body against the thick body of the nearest tree, eyes spilling with terrified tears. He would claw at Shadow’s forearm, while Shadow could only watch. And maybe he would release his grip and let him breathe again, only to repeat the process once more. The idea was thrilling, but he would refrain. For now.

“My name is Shadow.” He said simply, and Sonic looked at him for a long moment, before that infectious smile was breaking out over his features again.

“I’m Sonic!” He took Shadow’s hand in his and gave it a shake, before he was looking behind him again. “Must’ve missed Laz or Lars or whatever his name is, then. Were you trying to get into the base too?” He asked, almost giddy with excitement. Perhaps new faces were hard to come by, for Sonic. Or he was excited to meet another Mobian with the intention of destroying the doctor’s base. What a shame.

“I live there.” he said simply, but Sonic only looked confused. “You really don’t know who I am, do you?” How was his idiocy so precious? “Let me help.” In a flash he had Sonic pinned against the nearest tree, his hand wrapped tight around his throat while the other gripped at his wrists, holding them low between their abdomens. He could feel Sonic’s fingers tense against where they were splayed against his body. He bristled. “Shadow the hedgehog… known as Chaos himself in some parts of the world. Honored to finally meet Eggman’s little nuisance.”

His startled face quickly morphed into a scowl, glaring up at him while giving his wrists an experimental tug. “Oh, great, you're Eggman’s pet project, aren’t you?” Sonic hissed, his head thumping back against the tree with an irritated groan. “The displeasure’s all mine.” Sonic muttered, and Shadow smiled again.

“You’re an interesting little thing.”

He snarled up at Shadow, baring his teeth at him. “I'm not little.” He managed to plant his feet onto Shadow’s torso, and Shadow only watched, curious. A weak little thing like him would hardly be a match for him. He almost felt a bit bad for the little hedgehog. He wasn’t prepared for the bone cracking force of his legs launching him backwards. He hit an opposing tree with a harsh crack against his spine, gasping in surprise more so than pain. That was interesting.

Sonic had run off in a flash, and Shadow didn’t bother to chase him. What was the point? He knew he would see him again. He could taste blood on his tongue, and he sat up with a soft sigh. The ache in his back would subside, but the unfamiliar feeling of his rapidly beating pulse continued long after their altercation.

When he made it back to the base, the doctor was still cradling a pile of ceramic in his hands. “Did you kill him?” He asked, not bothering to look up at Shadow. Pathetic.

“A glass egg is not a reason to kill someone, doctor.” He slipped by the man, who continued to sniffle to himself as his robots helped him reassemble his collectible items.

That was the second worst day of his life, because he felt something he hadn’t felt in a long time. Curiosity, amusem*nt, interest. Things he thought he could no longer feel were erupting in his mind like popped blood vessels. He could already feel the shift in his demeanor whenever he saw the hedgehog, which had become more frequent as time went on. It was as though he decided to make his presence known to Shadow; that he was an equal force that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and Shadow admired that.

The rest went better than he had expected. More battles against Sonic than he could count, angry arguments and misunderstandings, paired with unpleasant conversations about good and evil and Maria; one of the harder conversations they had that nearly led to Sonic losing his life. But it worked. It broke a dam that Shadow had built inside him, and that was enough for him to begin his downward spiral into reluctant heroism. Years of fiery rage dampened down to a kindling warmth with the help of a gentle hand to guide him. G.U.N had been more than happy to take him in and assign him with a handler to keep him on a tight leash; he had murdered countless civilians and heroes alike. But he was surprised to find that he could repent for those deeds by doing good, somehow.

It was hard, but seeing the smile on Sonic’s face was enough to push him along.

And somewhere down this road to salvation, Sonic began to see him in a new light after years of repentance. He believed in him, he trusted him and saw him as an ally when others kept him at a distance. They grew closer, orbiting each other in a way that Shadow never expected. Where acquaintanceship melded into a hesitant friendship, then to a foreign place in which Shadow had no real experience in. Where he was looking at Sonic through rose-colored lenses; where every smile and laugh made his heart lurch and his mind dazed.

The talking stage, that’s what Sonic called it. Where they tentatively held hands and stood closer whenever they spoke; shared soft smiles and had the occasional hug. It was new, and it was different. But it was… nice.

But Shadow wanted more. He wanted so much more. He wanted to consume every inch of Sonic, since the moment he laid eyes upon him. He wanted his overwhelming obsession with the hero to be satisfied; he wanted to touch him, feel him, eat him alive.

But he could settle with holding his hand, and shy kisses every once in a while.

He could wait.


“Sonic, are you sure–” Shadow started, but was cut off by Sonic raising a hand at him, rolling his eyes in Shadow’s direction as he made his way toward the cot. Shadow didn’t like this, he didn’t like it one bit. Perhaps it was the idea of being experimented on that Sonic and Shadow seemed to have differing opinions on. Sonic seemed to take it in stride whenever Tails asked him to take an unnamed drug or to step into an undisclosed machine; Shadow vaguely wondered if Sonic would jump off a bridge if Tails asked him to. He wondered if Sonic would jump off a bridge if he asked him to.

“Shadow, it’s gonna be fine. Tails has never let me down before, and he wouldn’t experiment on me if he wasn’t a hundred percent sure about what he was doing, right bud?” Sonic looked over at Tails, whose bright eyes seemed to sparkle whenever he looked at his brother. It was somewhat cute, seeing him desperately try to impress Sonic with his intellect. Sonic wasn’t smart enough to truly wrap his head around his younger brother’s genius; or he wasn’t interested enough to engage with it. But he appreciated it in his own way, and maybe putting his blind trust in Tails was the only way he knew how to support him.

Despite that, Shadow still had his doubts.

He had made his way to Sonic’s home for their weekly rounds of racing and sparring hours prior. He was desperate to rid himself of the mounting irritation of G.U.N missions, and the tension only rose when he missed his date with Sonic the week prior. He’d only recently realized that his one day with Sonic each week had kept his anger at bay for the rest of society to reap the rewards of his mild irritation rather than imposing rage. But as the days wore on without being able to speak to him, his mind would briefly drift to killing a suspect instead of bringing them in, knowing that it would cut the day short for him and he would be allowed to leave early to go see the one hedgehog that brought him joy. But then Sonic would be disappointed. And Shadow couldn’t have that.

After his longer than necessary mission with Rouge and Omega, he was finally free to see his little hedgehog. He knocked on the door, waiting idly as he thought back to what he would do after his alone time with Sonic. His days of boredom used to consist of tearing flesh from bone, enjoying the bloodshed and piercing screams of those beneath him. But Sonic was enough to distract Shadow’s bloodlust and clouded dwellings of his past; he made him feel more… present. So perhaps he would settle in at home and watch a movie instead.

He was then pulled from his thoughts when he was met with Sonic’s door being thrown open and the face of his affection planting into his chest and nearly taking them both out; all of that anger seemed to seep away right at the sight of him. Bright eyed and smiling at Shadow as he righted himself up, only to sheepishly explain to him that he might have double-booked himself. What the hell did that mean?

“Well, we can still do our usual race and spar after this experiment with Tails, wanna come with?”

And that was where he ended up, sitting in a seat beside countless computers in one of Eggman’s countless bases. They reminded him of his past, which would usually light an unpleasant flame of fury inside of him, but it was different with Sonic there. He was able to keep him grounded in places that reminded him of a past he’d left behind, and he was thankful for it. Eggman had changed as well; although the timeline was blurred for Shadow. He was only allowed on missions that had nothing to do with him, and he preferred it that way. He didn’t want anything to distract him from what he had been striving for; and the professor’s promises could have tangled up his good streak.

But instead, the doctor had reluctantly found peace between himself and Sonic’s team. He had aligned his values alongside theirs to help defeat those that were bigger than them. Although his morals were still unstable, he seemed to be looking for the same thing as Shadow. Acceptance and alliship and perhaps even those he could call a family. It was almost admirable that he was trying to do good.

But at that moment he was irritating him.

The doctor and Tails had been collaborating on a new concoction for Sonic to take with the hope of temporarily strengthening his abilities. With the help of Eggman, Tails believed that they would be able to crack the code in Sonic’s own genetics to allow for a new adaptation that would change him into a bigger, stronger and faster version of himself for a short period of time.

As Tails rattled on and on about the expectations of the experiment to Sonic, Shadow glanced through a few files that littered the table nearby. After reading through a few mathematical equations that were then translated into some vague bio-chemistretic operating system, Shadow thought a few of the expressions seemed somewhat off to him, but he made no comment on it. He hadn’t felt the need to brush up on his formal education in any STEM fields, and he made the simple conclusion that he had to be wrong. Tails and Robotnik were the ones who understood the material, and he himself was by no means a scientist. He was the one on the other end, being poked and prodded and torn into pieces and stitched back up over and over again. He glanced through the coding of the program, idly flipping through a few documents while the other two prepared Sonic for the quick procedure.

He hopped up on the hospital bed and watched Tails and Eggman flit around the room for a little bit before he began poking holes in the wax paper underneath him. The pair retrieved a vial of something the doctor called Rasmodia-E, and the pair seemed to be nearly jumping with excitement together. “Tails, you’ve truly outdone yourself.” Eggman said with a bright smile on his face. He and Tails wore matching white lab coats and black gloves as they clicked away at a few computers nearby.

“Oh doctor, you were the one who worked on codes four to eighteen and also found a way to distill the romoid-three, I couldn’t possibly take all the credit when you essentially developed the software and the process in which it can be safely injected into the bloodstream!” Tails replied. Sonic looked at the pair boredly, and then caught sight of Shadow from across the room and smiled a little. Sonic seemed just as bored as Shadow felt, and he couldn’t help the smile creeping up his own face. How could such a simple gesture make Shadow’s heart beat just a touch faster?

“You harvested the serum's main ingredients! You were capable of handling flesh-eating parasitic fentols without–”

“Excuse me, what?” Sonic interrupted, his head snapping to look at Eggman. “You let my brother touch something that could have eaten him?” Sonic snapped, and Eggman’s eyes widened. Shadow wanted to hear more about the possibility of flesh-eating parasites entering Sonic’s bloodstream, but he held his tongue. Not believing in Tails meant not believing in Sonic, at least, according to Sonic himself.

“Human flesh, they only eat human flesh.” Eggman corrected quickly, sighing when Sonic seemed to relax a bit.

“Can you just stick me with the thing?” He glanced over at Shadow, who was watching the three from a safe distance. “We’ve got a date.” He said with a cheeky smile, and Shadow narrowed his eyes at him.

“If you consider me holding you down until you beg for mercy a date, then…” The other three looked at him as though he said something out of line, before Tails and Eggman were looking at Sonic’s face, suddenly flushed pink and struggling to come up with an explanation for what Shadow said.

“We’re supposed to be sparring after this.” Sonic stammered, and the other two said nothing else, but glanced at each other. He watched with minor interest as Tails quickly injected his own brother with the silvery liquid, before taking a few cautious steps back to admire the instantaneous effects of his work.


“Uh, was this supposed to do anything immediately?” Sonic asked, looking at the small dribble of blood matting his fur just when he tried to wipe it away. Shadow sat up in his seat, waiting for any noticeable changes. A twitch of his ear here, a tremble of his hand there. But aside from that, nothing came.

“How do you feel?” Tails asked, quickly dropping the empty syringe into Eggman’s hands to toss into a hazardous waste bin.

Sonic sat there for a brief moment, swinging his legs from the edge of the cot, trying to think for a moment. “Normal.”


“Language, Tails.” He replied, smiling when Tail’s ear flickered in annoyance.

“...shoot.” he muttered, as he was removing his gloves and tossing them aside. “The effects were supposed to be instant. You were supposed to become bigger… stronger!” He grabbed at a few stray notes, reading through them for a moment before dropping them onto a nearby table with an annoyed huff.

“Are there any side effects?” Shadow called from his place. Might as well ask now that he would be the one watching him for the rest of the day. Better to be prepared for an explosion of side effects now than later. Tails shook his head, before he was dropping into a seat at one of his computers to begin looking through long strings of code.

“None that will damage or cause him any discomfort.” He muttered, his hand slapping against the desk until he found his reading glasses to put on. “I’m gonna be up all night trying to find the error…” He mumbled, mostly to himself. “Sorry Sonic, you can go. The injection was mostly comprised of supplements and hormones, they won’t do any harm to you anyway.”

He hopped off of the table and made his way over to Shadow, co*cking a hip and crossing his arms. Shadow watched with rapt attention, his eyes dragging up from the curves of his legs and torso until he was gazing into his eyes. “You ready to make me beg for mercy?” He whispered against his twitching ear, before slipping past Shadow and making his way out of the building. Shadow followed behind him quickly, not bothering to say a word to the scientists as he followed swaying hips and a cheeky smile.

The rest of the day went on as usual, where the pair zipped through Zone 3 for their daily race. And if Sonic was a little bit faster this time, neither of them noticed. They ended their run through Emerald Hills by a nearby waterfall cascading down to a shallow lake. Sonic had thrown his arms around Shadow the moment they were alone, demanding to be carried safely into the shallow water to wash the sweat off their bodies. Shadow was more than happy to comply.


They dried off in the sun together, laying in a patch of grass that wasn’t hidden away by the shade of the trees before Sonic was sitting up to stretch. He slipped on his socks and shoes and stood up, while Shadow took his time to right himself up. He and Sonic may have been similar in speed, but Shadow fell short in the consistent energy that seemed to flow through Sonic at a constant, steady pace. Once he finished putting on his gloves, Sonic raised his arms in a fighting position. “I’m not gonna go easy on ya this time, got it?” Shadow had to suppress a roll of his eyes. He never ceased to amaze him. He stood up and stretched his arms a little, watching Sonic hop from one foot to the other. Cute.

“Are you going to hit me or continue talking?” He watched Sonic’s grin widen, taking his time circling Shadow, who fell in step with Sonic. The one time he let Sonic stand behind him was the one time Sonic nearly snapped his spine in two with a kick so forceful that he vowed to never allow Sonic to see his back again, unless he wanted permanent back pain.

Sonic swerved from one side and tackled him quickly, forcing Shadow on his back and grunting when Shadow rolled them over. The pair struggled around until Sonic’s knee was colliding with Shadow’s side. He grunted, rolling with the pain as he caught Sonic’s quills in his clenched fist and slammed his head down into the grass. They stumbled away from each other briefly, Sonic licking at the blood from his busted lip before they were swinging at each other again with vicious grins plastered on their faces.

Shadow couldn’t think of anything better than moments spent with Sonic like this. Where it was the two of them with only the company of each other, teasing and biting and ripping into each other to satisfy some animalistic need they had to fight when there were no foes around. They needed this, they needed each other, they–

“Thinking of someone else, Shads? You’ve got everything you need right in front of you!” He kicked Shadow’s legs out from under him, diving down to slam his weight into him and wriggle himself on top. The slimy f*cker– he gripped Shadow’s wrists tight, holding them down in the grass on either side of his head while he struggled. “You’re not on your A-game today. What’s got you so distracted?” He was panting hard, smiling over Shadow like he’d won. As if Shadow would ever make it that easy.

“Just thinking about how much I enjoy being with you.” Shadow said easily, because why lie? Would it be so bad to admit that? The face Sonic made told him yes. He’d noticed early on that Sonic wasn’t used to Shadow’s blunt honesty. It was likely because of how truthful he was about his feelings toward Sonic; and maybe Sonic simply didn’t believe him. His eyes widened a little, his mouth opening and closing for a second before his hands loosened their grip just enough. His face was flushed a little pink, and before either of them realized it, Shadow was slamming his skull into Sonic’s and shoving him hard on the ground.

“f*ck!” Sonic scowled as Shadow rolled himself onto Sonic easily, planting himself between Sonic’s legs and settling his weight on top of him. He grabbed Sonic’s hands from his face and forced them down much like Sonic had him before, but he was glaring up at Shadow with an irritation that thrilled him. Sonic was the one that was usually irritating Shadow, it was a little nice to switch roles every once in a while. “I thought we said no headbutting!” he growled, his tongue swiping at the blood trailing down his nose and to his mouth.

“I thought the rules reset during every spar, didn’t you say that a few weeks ago?” Shadow teased, his tongue darting out to lap up the blood on Sonic’s face. Sonic closed his eyes and made a quiet sound of protest, but Shadow ignored him. It was something Sonic had done for him before, why was it any different now? Sure, it had been Shadow’s arm, but the fact remained the same. Once the blood was cleaned up for the most part, Shadow stared down at Sonic. “Does this mean I win?” he asked, but Sonic ignored him. His eyes looked a little unfocused, staring up at Shadow like he was seeing him for the first time. He briefly looked starstruck before he was shaking his head quickly.

“You only won because you cheated.” He said, so sure of himself that Shadow was surprised. It was cute. He couldn’t remember a time where Sonic would be so high strung over who won their silly little brawls. He was certainly not acting like his usual self; he seemed almost shy.

“I won because I followed the rules we created beforehand. It isn’t my fault that you forgot your own rules.” Sonic squirmed underneath Shadow, his feet digging into the ground as he shook him off with an irritated huff. Shadow moved off of him, watching him stand and dust off the dirt and leaves from his fur and quills.

“Whatever. I’ve… I’ve gotta go.”

Wait, what? Shadow frowned. He had to leave? That wasn’t normal. He stumbled as he moved to stand, ignoring the brief bruising pain that pulsed against his side. Sonic’s face was still a little pink, and his ears were pinned flat against his skull. Shadow took a step forward, and Sonic took a matching step back. What changed? Had he said or done something wrong?

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” Sonic rushed out, before he was taking a few steps back. “I forgot I had something to do tonight so…” he took a few steps back and scratched at the back of his head. “Or, well… Y’know, Tails might need me for more tests… I really shouldn’t have left!”

“Then I’ll go with you,” he said easily, taking another step forward.

“No!” Sonic snapped, startling both of them into silence. He glared down at the ground, letting out a shaky breath before glancing up at Shadow. “No. I’ll just… see you next week.” He gave an awkward wave before he was out of sight faster than Shadow could say goodbye.

He watched him run off, before he looked down at the shallow pool of water that trembled with each passing gust of wind. That wasn’t how their fights typically ended; Sonic would usually laugh it off and throw an arm around Shadow and they would walk back into town together, making slight jabs at one another after a long day of fighting. Maybe he would manage to hold Sonic’s hand, or even steal a brief kiss if he was feeling bold. But seeing Sonic scramble away from him and rushing off was different. Had Shadow been too rough? They had bruised and bloodied each other worse than Sonic's bloody nose; hell, Sonic snapped Shadow’s own arm once. It was an accident, but they still managed to laugh that off.

It couldn’t have been anything he said, either. They’ve ripped into each other with words so venomous that a regular fight was a simple chat at that point. The unknown began to frustrate him, he was never good at letting things lie. But it didn’t matter; he would see Sonic eventually and by that point he would stop brooding over something as childish as losing and they would continue on with their scheduled trysts.


When Shadow had settled back home a few hours later, it was already raining heavily, something Shadow found joy in. He didn’t enjoy being in the rain, but he admired it in the comfort of his own home. He never had the pleasure of admiring weather changes while he was imprisoned on the ARK, so it was always a welcome sight. The knock at the door pulled his thoughts away from his current task. He was settled comfortably in the kitchen, humming along to an old song as he prepared dinner for himself. He didn’t technically need to eat or sleep, but it made him feel somewhat more refreshed and a little less irritable. Maybe the biologically Mobian part of him wanted it, but it wasn’t a requirement.

He wiped his hands off with a kitchen towel and made his way toward the door, half expecting Rouge to come inside uninvited as she usually did. Why he always allowed her inside, he didn’t know. But he could use the company. His thoughts had been clouded with Sonic’s uncomfortable demeanor after their not quite argument slash not quite conversation. Maybe he really had done something wrong; and maybe Rouge would be able to help him decipher Sonic’s sudden change in behavior.

But instead of the usual flirtatious bat, he was surprised to see the hedgehog he’d been thinking about in a bright yellow raincoat and rain boots, arms crossed and eyes downcast as he waited impatiently for him to let him inside. “What are you doing here?” Shadow asked, rolling his eyes when Sonic shoved past him and made his way into his living room. His breathing was a little erratic, and he paced back and forth for a moment while Shadow closed the door, not the least bit surprised by Sonic’s rude welcome. His little raincoat dripped water on the floor, but Shadow didn’t comment on it. He made his way back toward the kitchen to turn off the stove, before walking around the kitchen island to face him.

He noticed the way Sonic was hunched over himself on one of his dining room chairs, his face a little pink and his ears drooping flat against his skull. He looked embarrassed. Perhaps about the way he had cut their meeting short? Or maybe he realized how silly it was to be angry over losing a wrestling match. Shadow held his tongue, not wanting to risk even the slightest possibility of Sonic running away just yet. He rolled up his sleeves and leaned against the counter behind him, crossing his arms and trying to garner the perfect image of nonchalance. “So? You’ve come running back with your tail between your legs?” A little teasing wouldn’t hurt, though, would it?

Sonic didn’t say anything, but the embarrassed look in his eyes was enough to send a shot of pleasure through Shadow’s ego. He wasn’t usually one to take pleasure in the embarrassment and discomfort of others, but Sonic’s overzealous confidence being brought down a peg or two always left Shadow feeling a little… excited. “Well? Are you going to apologize for being a sore loser? Or cutting our time together short?” He wasn’t too sore about Sonic’s comments and sudden departure earlier in the day, but seeing the hedgehog come all this way with a vulnerable sway in his step only made Shadow want to push him just a little more.

“Shads…” Sonic mumbled, and his ear twitched at the shaky sound of Sonic’s voice. He was looking down at his lap, squirming a little while he kept his arms wrapped tightly around himself. “Please…” he looked up at him, and the tears springing in his eyes sent a jolt of something through him. “It hurts.” He let his arms fall from his chest and shakily unzipped his raincoat, revealing the wetness that soaked through his white shirt just enough to reveal his nipples, hard and perky behind the fabric that clung to his chest and Christ above, what did he do to deserve this? “I don’t know what’s happening to me!” His lip wobbled and he sniffled a little, before his wide and scared eyes shyly looked up at him. Shadow could already feel the rumble of something dark beginning to take over.

Sonic was scared.

Sonic needed him.

Sonic was looking to him for help.

He would do anything to ease his suffering.

“What… what happened?” Shadow’s voice noticeably trembled in pitch, and he cringed at the sound. Sonic shyly removed the rest of his coat, letting it carelessly fall to the ground with a wet plop! But Shadow paid it no mind. His chest was noticeably more pronounced than the last time he’d seen him, and his shirt was thin enough to reveal his pretty pink nipples. He couldn’t look away. Sonic looked… f*ck. He looked so good. Wet and whimpering and shaking under Shadow’s startled gaze. When he pulled his hands away from the dampened shirt, Shadow could see the milky color at his fingertips before he wiped it away. He couldn’t have been lactating… no, that was… Shadow muffled a groan, covering it with a cough as he watched Sonic squirm.

“I started feeling weird during our date.” He admitted, his hands moving to cover his chest again. “Then when I got home, my chest felt… sensitive to touch.” He winced when his hands grazed along his chest, but kept them there to hide away the wet stains on his shirt. “Stuff’s… coming out.” His ears pinned against his skull and he sobbed so pathetically it was almost angelic to Shadow’s ears. In all the years he had known Sonic, in all the years he had watched him beaten, tortured, nearly destroyed– not once had he seen such weak tears. “Please make it stop…” he bit his lip and rubbed a hand over his face, falling back into his hunched position and covering himself up. “Chaos, this is so embarrassing…it— it hurts when I do it myself and… you’re the only one who knows now, so…”

Shadow let out a shaky breath. This was not what he was expecting. He expected a half assed apology, and for Sonic to stay over uninvited and eat Shadow’s food. Not that he would have minded. But no… He wanted Shadow’s help? He needed Shadow’s help. He gripped the counter behind him tightly, trying to relax his breathing.

Yeah, he could do that. He was his… Well, he didn’t know what they were. They didn’t have a title, but they confided in each other, and were more intimate than regular friends. So better for him to come to Shadow than to allow his brother or the doctor to see him in this state. He could help. He could sit behind Sonic and press against his full breasts until all of that milk was spilling down his chest. Until he was trembling and squirming under Shadow’s touch and his chest wasn’t the only thing that was wet—


Shadow was pulled out of his delirious thoughts running through his skull. He could already feel his co*ck beginning to fatten up at the fantasies seeping into his mind. “Is this…” he swallowed, his hands gripping the dish rag he forgot to throw into the kitchen. “Is this from the…” it had to be from Tails’ failed experiment, what else could have suddenly forced Sonic to start lactating?

Sonic nodded quickly, his face flushed a delicious shade of pink. “I mean– I think so… This hasn't happened to me before.” he mumbled. Shadow hesitantly made his way over to Sonic, frowning a little when Sonic's head hung low. Poor little hedgehog. His poor little hedgehog. He gently placed his hands against Sonic’s cheeks to lift his face. He shyly looked up at Shadow with fresh hot tears in his eyes that seemed to spill over the moment they made eye contact. Shadow was always weak to tears. He swiped his thumb over Sonic’s cheek and sighed heavily, as though he were making the most inconvenient decision of his life, despite the excitement nearly radiating off of him.

“Well, I suppose I have no choice.”


Shadow settled on the couch, leaning back and spreading his legs a little. He said nothing as he made himself comfortable in his living room, trying to gather his thoughts before he called Sonic over. They hadn’t been intimate to this extent before, and now Sonic was begging him for his help. Shadow suppressed a whimper from bubbling up at the thoughts that were already flooding his mind. Christ, he didn’t know if he would be able to ease Sonic’s pain while ignoring his own ache pulsing between his legs. Sonic watched him grab the towel he had thrown to the side of the couch before he was looking over at him again. He remained stoic; perhaps feigning a lack of care would ease Sonic's nerves. “Well?” He patted the small space in front of him. “Take a seat.”

Sonic hesitated. It was clear as day.

Sonic swallowed. He had ditched Shadow with a half baked accusation of him cheating as soon as he felt the weird, pleasurable ache in his chest. He tried to ignore it during their spar, but the foreign feeling only spread through him in slow pulsing waves. It was faint, but grew stronger with each passing moment, until he couldn’t ignore the tingling sensation anymore. He didn’t know what was happening, but he knew that he didn’t want to be seen if the side effects were as strange as they felt. The thought of Shadow seeing him in such a vulnerable state was humiliating; he couldn’t imagine trying to explain it to him when they were still tiptoeing around each other with shy smiles and faint touches.

After stumbling off and locking himself away at home, he hid himself in his room to try and figure out what was happening to him.

It had only taken a few hours for the side effects of the experimental injection to make itself known. Tails was right, it wasn’t harming Sonic. No, quite the opposite. He had spent those short hours after sparring with Shadow with his fingers clawing at his sheets, grinding against anything to satisfy an itch that couldn’t be scratched no matter how hard he tried.

He had spent most of his time rolling his hips forward, humping uselessly against his slick stained pillow while he rubbed his sensitive chest raw against his sheets. He could feel his wetness dampening the fur between his thighs, and even the gentle breeze of his air conditioning was overwhelming him as it washed over his body in gentle waves. The painful pleasure was mind numbing and leaving him oversensitive and shaky, and nothing he tried was enough. He held back frustrated tears as the pain in his chest twisted unpleasantly, and he freely let pathetic whines and whimpers echo throughout the room as he buried his hand between his legs to rub against his co*ck.

It only got worse when he had sat up and felt the dampness of his chest. He glanced down to see his aching pecs soaking wet, his nipples perky and puffy and oversensitive as a milky liquid dribbled out of him. It was startling, and he couldn’t help but choke out a pained sound as more bubbled up from his nipples. He tried to touch his chest, hissing a little at how sensitive he felt. It didn’t feel good; he couldn’t do it. This was bad.

He thought the experimental drug could have sent him into an early heat, but he was beginning to think that it had sent him into something else entirely.

Something he couldn’t handle without Shadow to help him.

The pain in his chest was worse than the pain between his legs. He needed Shadow to help him, but what could Shadow do that Sonic hasn’t tried already? Maybe he could help him find a way to extract whatever was coming out of him. But if Shadow knew about the way it left Sonic panting for more than just relief from his sore chest… he wouldn’t survive from the embarrassment.

He startled a little when Shadow cleared his throat, staring at him while he settled comfortably on the couch. It would be quick, Sonic told himself. All he needed to do was have Shadow help him with his broad, thick fingers massaging his chest… and then he would be free to go home and hump his pillow for the rest of the night. He swallowed thickly, trying his best to ignore the way his co*ck jumped at just the thought of Shadow’s hands. How desperate was he?

After that split second of uncertainty, he made his way into the living room and sat down between Shadow’s spread legs. He kept himself small, trying his best to sit down just enough to have space between them. He felt stiff and uncomfortable, but keeping his distance was the only leverage Sonic had in keeping his other problems in his pants.

Shadow watched as Sonic struggled to keep stockstill and straight, but that wouldn’t do. He needed him to relax if Shadow was going to help him. He pressed firm hands against Sonic’s hips, ignoring his yelping and squirming as he pulled him back against his hips until they were flush against each other. Tight jeans pressed roughly against the fabric of his joggers, but all Shadow could feel was the pleasant curve of Sonic’s ass and tail pressing snugly against him. “Shads?” He mumbled, nervously glancing behind him. Shadow didn’t know how much of this power trip he could take. Sonic’s nervousness and uncertainty were bringing out a side of him he hardly ever acknowledged; and it felt good.

Sonic had made it a point to come to Shadow, he needed to be taken care of by him. Shadow would do whatever it took to fix the problem as quickly and painlessly as he could. And if he and Sonic were able to take a step further into their relationship because of this unfortunate mishap, he would have to send Tails and Eggman a floral arrangement.

“Relax, hedgehog.” He placed the towel over Sonic’s lap, smoothing it out with one hand while searching for the remote with the other. He glanced over at the coffee table and bent forward to snatch it up, pressing into Sonic’s space just enough to hear his breath hitch and feel his body tremble. He wanted to press down more, more, more until Sonic was on the ground and underneath him and sobbing broken promises to be good for Shadow—

He dropped the remote into Sonic’s twitching lap, before settling back into the cushions. “Find something to distract yourself with.” He murmured. Sonic was still tense while Shadow leaned back far enough away from him. He relaxed comfortably, eyes dragging along the white shirt that hugged his frame so delicately. His jeans hung low on his hips, and they may have been a size too big on him. The waistband was loose and gave Shadow an extra inch of exposed skin to feast upon. After a beat of silence, Shadow watched as he flicked on the TV, going from channel to channel until he settled on a movie Shadow didn’t bother looking at. No, he had something much more engaging in front of him. He was still so stiff and still before Shadow, his body pressed tightly into itself. That wasn't going to work, no, not if he was going to help him. “Relax.” He mumbled again, sitting up and hooking his chin over Sonic’s shoulder while his fingers trailed up his back a little, pressing against the sides of his spine to try and ease the tension there.

Sonic sighed quietly, his eyes falling shut as Shadow’s fingers pressed up along his back, taking his time in pulling all the tension from his body. With every gentle touch, Sonic gently leaned more of his weight into Shadow’s chest with a pleased sigh, his eyes half lidded as he watched the movie. “This is kinda nice…” he admitted, his eyes fluttering shut when Shadow pressed just right against his shoulder. “That’s good.” He moaned, soft and breathy and Shadow had to close his eyes for a second. f*ck. Pressing himself against Shadow so easily, eyes shut and mouth open and letting out those pretty little gasps and sighs and moans— Shadow could feel his co*ck throb at the sound. He wanted to hear it again, he wanted to draw out those moans and pull them out of Sonic with teasing touches and purposeful bites.

With one hand still pressing along his spine, his other hand slowly trailed along the front of Sonic’s shirt, teasing the hem with his fingertips. He didn’t seem to notice for a moment, enjoying the massage and the movie before he could feel Shadow’s fingers brushing against his abdomen. His breath hitched again, startling himself out of his relaxed state and tensing up a little. But Shadow pressed his hand flat against Sonic’s torso, rubbing gentle circles with his thumb. “It’s okay, you’re going to be good for me, aren’t you?” Shadow’s voice rumbled in his ear, pressing Sonic back a little with the hand on his stomach. Sonic leaned back easily, and Shadow relished in the fact that he could so easily push Sonic how he wanted him. “Good boy.” He murmured, and the rush of air leaving Sonic’s lips didn’t go unnoticed. He physically trembled under Shadow’s touch; was he enjoying this as much as Shadow was? “Do you like being a good boy?” Shadow asked, his fingers continuing their trailing up Sonic’s body.

“I…” Sonic swallowed another gasp when Shadow’s fingers barely grazed along his nipple, before moving back down to his lower abdomen. He repeated the pattern, waiting patiently for Sonic’s response. “Yeah… it, it feels good.” He said, “Wh-When you say that, I mean.” He added, quickly. He didn’t try to catch Shadow’s eye, and Shadow was glad for that. He didn’t know if he could cover his hungry and desperate look with faux care and gentle kindness anymore.

Shadow hid his biting smile away from Sonic, but let his fingers finally tease along Sonic’s nipple. A reward for good behavior. “I like when you’re good for me.” Shadow said softly against Sonic’s ear, smiling a little more openly when it twitched and fluttered a little against his lips. He was like a kitten; something to be teased and played with.

“Shadow… maybe we shouldn’t—” Sonic started, audibly gasping when Shadow’s large palm cupped at his chest, giving it a gentle squeeze. He let out a shaky whine, his eyes clenching shut and one hand landing on Shadow’s knee to grip while the other grabbed at Shadow’s hand that kneaded at the tender flesh there. “It hurts.” He whimpered again, his own legs squeezing tightly together as he squirmed.

“Sometimes pain can feel good.” Shadow replied, letting his other hand move from Sonic’s back to his chest, gently taking his other breast in hand and giving in a matching squeeze. He was perfect, Shadow wanted to sink his teeth into him and never let him go. “Let me show you.” Sonic’s grip on his wrist loosened, and he closed his eyes tightly as Shadow began to gently massage at his chest again. “Lean all of your weight on me, yes, like that, good. Focus on breathing.”

With Sonic’s weight slotted against him, it was easier for Shadow to lean them back against the cushions, allowing Sonic just a little more space and allowing Shadow for a better view of what he was doing to him. His chest was still concealed by the damp shirt he wore, but Shadow appreciated the view nonetheless. With the towel now discarded, likely having slipped from Sonic's legs, Shadow could now see Sonic’s lower abdomen, exposed just enough for Shadow to rake his eyes over. His sharp hip bones and his bare skin nearly distracted Shadow from his work. But not enough. The little gasps and whimpers leaving Sonic every so often were setting Shadow off; he could feel the warmth radiating from his cheeks as Sonic whimpered his name again in that pretty and breathless and hopeless way. “Thank you for being so good for me.” Shadow mumbled, and Sonic groaned at that, his head falling back on Shadow’s shoulder and his brows furrowing up.

“You’re doing that on purpose…” Sonic grumbled, and Shadow wanted so much to kiss the pout off of his lips. But instead he closed his eyes and teased one of his nipples between his index finger and thumb, giving it a small squeeze to elicit another yelp from him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He could feel the milk trailing down his fingers, dampening his fur and emitting a sweetness in the air that Shadow wanted to taste. He furrowed his eyebrow a little when he felt pressure against his crotch, and he paused for a moment before he continued the gentle massaging. But then he felt it again, the swish of Sonic’s tail swiping along the hardness of his co*ck. “Are you enjoying this?” Shadow murmured, but Sonic shook his head. He was so quick to lie— that didn’t make for a good boy.

Shadow’s fingers pinched at Sonic’s nipples, a little harder than he meant to, but he enjoyed the reaction anyway. Sonic gasped in surprise, eyes snapping open and his body rocking back against Shadow, and he couldn’t suppress his groan as Sonic’s ass made contact with his straining co*ck. The friction was good, too good. “Use your words.” He squeezed them a little harder, enjoying the way Sonic’s hands scrambled to uselessly claw at his arms.

“Your hands!” Sonic stumbled over his words, trying to think of something, anything to say. His feet ground down uselessly against the floor, and his hips rose just a fraction off of the couch as he leaned his weight into Shadow. “They’re good— they feel so good… you’re making me feel so good.” He said finally. Shadow eased the pain with a gentle squeeze of his breasts, continuing to massage them a little while Sonic took panting breaths.

“I can tell.” He replied with a snort, his eyes glancing down at the hardness between his legs. Sonic was enjoying this. He was enjoying the pleasurable pain of Shadow’s hands teasing out the breast milk while Shadow’s words turned him into a puddle of moans and whimpers. Sonic’s eyes snapped open, his eyes glancing down at his open legs and heavy erection digging into the zipper. He made a sudden high pitched squealing noise and slapped a hand over his crotch, his face flushing red. Who knew the hero of Mobius would’ve been so sex conscious, Shadow thought.

“It’s— I don’t know why I’m—” he started, panicked as Shadow pressed his lips against his ear.

“It’s natural to get hard during a process like this, Sonic. It feels good, your body will respond. It’s okay.” Shadow whispered a little too roughly against him. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold back from this. He couldn’t just make a move, not when Sonic was too jumpy and scared to allow him to.


Could he take advantage of his anxieties?

Would it be so wrong to convince stupid, naive and anxious Sonic that he should help him out with the problem between his own legs in return? That he could suck out all of the milk in his tit* and in exchange it was only fair that he suck the milk out of Shadow’s co*ck afterward? Christ above, he wasn’t that twisted. But a man could dream. Sonic continued to squirm in front of him, fighting with himself to hold still while Shadow continued with gentle squeezes. “What’s wrong now?” He asked, and Sonic made a pathetic noise.

“I’m getting really wet.” Sonic mumbled, and Shadow glanced down at his stomach. He was right. The milk had matted his fur all the way down to his exposed abdomen, and he could see the liquid beginning to dampen the hem of his pants.

“Oh, the towel.” He glanced down at the towel on the floor, but Sonic shook his head quickly. His thighs squeezed together tightly and Shadow took one of his wrists in one hand, trying to stop him from trying to separate himself from Shadow. “What is it?”

“Shadow, I’m… I’m wet.” It took a moment of Shadow to slowly process Sonic’s admission, and Shadow’s resolve was so easily crumbled by those innocent words. The way he trembled under Shadow’s hold added to the frenzied chaos rattling in Shadow’s mind, trying to regain control over itself and uselessly finding no point in continuing to be reasonable.

Sonic really was too stupid.

And so was he.

Shadow pushed Sonic onto his side and off of his legs, finding a sweet pleasure in Sonic thumping onto the couch cushions with a soft huff escaping his lips; the light of the television catching the wild look in Shadow’s eye as he moved to settle over him. “This is getting us nowhere.” He gripped at the hem of Sonic’s wet shirt and yanked it up, ignoring Sonic’s surprised yelp and the sound of tearing fabric before he was hastily pressing his tongue against his chest, finally tasting that sweetness that was tickling his nose for the last eon they had been trapped in such a tight space together.

Sonic made a startled noise, his legs squirming on either side of Shadow’s hips while Shadow sucked and slurped at whatever he could. “Shadow! Shadow— this is weird, right? Is this— aren’t we moving too fastChaos!” He yelped again after Shadow’s teeth grazed along his chest. “Shadow! Wait– just wait–” He gripped at Shadow’s quills hard, and Shadow couldn’t help the indecent moan that rumbled through his chest. Sonic cried out again, his thighs clenching around his sides as Shadow brutalized his tit*.

“We,” Shadow’s long tongue trailed down to his navel, teasing it for only a moment before his tongue made its way back up to his chest, “have yet to take even a step forward for months now, Sonic.” He said, breathlessly. His lips were shiny with milk or spit, he didn’t know anymore. All he knew was that he wanted more. He wanted more of Sonic’s milk, he wanted to be suffocated by Sonic’s beautiful breasts and wanted the last thing he heard to be Sonic’s shaky moans of his name. He refused to take no for an answer.

He took one of Sonic’s hands from the back of his head, gently tugging at it until he was letting go on his quills. He pulled his hand up to his lips, kissing at Sonic’s knuckles and glancing up at him with a small frown. His tongue darted out to lick at the tip of his finger, before letting Sonic’s hand flop between them. Sonic’s eyes were transfixed to his lips, and he couldn’t help but dart his tongue out to lick at his lower lip just to watch his glittering eyes widen and his mouth go slack. “Don’t you trust me?” He asked, eyes blinking up at him with as much softness as he could muster. If this didn’t work, then he was going to have to apologize to Sonic for what he was going to do to him regardless.

He sat back against the cushions, his eyes no longer darting from one part of the room to the next. He kept his eyes on Shadow’s, worrying his lip between his teeth as he thought about what to say. Shadow tried to be patient, but couldn’t stop himself from subtly grinding his co*ck down against his couch to relieve some of the unpleasant pressure pressing against him. He closed his eyes and let out a quiet sigh, while Sonic watched in awe. The way Shadow’s hips thrust gently against the couch, rutting forward just like he had been as he desperately needed relief only hours ago… Shadow must have been feeling the same way. And Sonic could help him the same way Shadow was helping him. He couldn’t let Shadow suffer like he had been. “Yeah… okay, I… I trust you.” Sonic mumbled, seeming to settle down a little bit after watching Shadow. “Be gentle.” Sonic’s ears flattened, glancing up at Shadow. He didn’t understand why he was so nervous and needed Shadow to handle him with such care. He felt pathetic and weak, like he could break apart at any moment.

Shadow moaned low in his throat as he settled himself over Sonic. The hardness of his co*ck pressed right against his own, teasing pleasure sparking between them. “Don’t say that… I might not be able to keep that promise.” He mumbled. Sonic’s words were always able to get a rise out of him, and that was still the case in regards to the situation they were in. But instead of irritating him, he was becoming so filled with lust he could hardly contain himself. He wanted to help Sonic, and help himself in the process, but he was splitting at the seams.

“Oh God.” Sonic whispered, and Shadow wanted to laugh. God, a simple word Sonic picked up from him. He knew that God wasn’t going to swoop down to save him from the devil himself. With the way Shadow was going, no one would be able to pull Sonic away from him. Sonic glanced down between their legs and it was clear when his eyes locked onto the heavy bulge in Shadow’s pants. He squirmed a little, eyes going wide before he was looking up at Shadow and making a quiet noise in the back of his throat. He looked so docile like that, wet and pink and pliant underneath him while he waited for Shadow to just take and push and pull him around like a doll. Shadow liked that, he liked how quick Sonic was to step down from his pedestal of confidence to kneel down before him. “Does it hurt?” Sonic asked absently, pulling Shadow from his thoughts.

“Does it..?” He followed Sonic’s eyes to the marred skin at his forearm. His fingers eased along the visible flesh there, and he frowned. It didn’t hurt. Not at all, and it would heal in no time. He didn’t want to think back on past mistakes, he wanted to be present. He wanted to think about all of the pleasure he would take and give to Sonic for however long he would allow it. “This hurts much more.” Shadow murmured, gripping the hand that Sonic used to touch his wound and pulling it down to his hips. Sonic’s eyes widened, his mouth falling open just a little bit while Shadow pressed his hand against his hardened length. “Help me so I can help you?”

Sonic swallowed, his eyes clenching shut when he felt Shadow’s lips attach to his nipple again and begin his merciless tonguing and biting and— Shadow closed his eyes and trembled a little. He felt Sonic's hand snake between his legs, gently grazing his hard on with his knuckles before he was wiggling his fingers against the hem of his pants. He managed to push them past his waistband, but slid his fingertips in just enough to touch at his co*ck through his briefs and Shadow moaned. He rolled his hips forward, gaining newfound energy in burying his face into Sonic's breasts to drink away at whatever he could. Sonic’s hand went rigid between them, heavy breaths rising and falling as Shadow pressed harsh kisses against his sensitive chest. He bit at skin, satisfied by the choked off noises Sonic made. “Touch me.” Shadow mumbled between harsh breaths, ignoring the way Sonic struggled a little underneath him.

“Am I… doing it right?” Sonic whimpered while his hand clumsily palmed and squeezed at the thick length of Shadow’s co*ck. Shadow nodded along, thrusting against Sonic’s hand while sucking bruising marks into his sensitive neck. Sonic screwed his eyes shut, allowing his head to fall back against the arm of the couch while Shadow humped against him. It was so hot and stifling between them, each movement so foreign for Sonic. He never thought they would get to this point, and yet there he was, with each thrust of Shadow’s hips promising more later on.

Shadow nodded along before pulling away from his neck to look down at him. “It feels good.” Shadow said breathlessly. Sonic’s hand trailed up from inside Shadow’s pants and to the fur at his chest, until he was swiping at Shadow’s milk slick mouth and wiping away a drop of fluid.

“Good boy.” He said with a small smile, and Christ that was enough. Shadow bullied his way into Sonic's space, crowding him against the couch cushions before he was pressing a harsh kiss against his slack jawed mouth. Sonic’s eyes widened as Shadow licked into his mouth, licking at his tongue, teeth, anything he could get to. He wanted to taste every inch, every crevice and every molar in his mouth and then ruin that mouth the same way it was ruining him.

He pulled away to allow Sonic to gulp down heavy breaths, before he was glowering at him. “You’re playing with fire.” He warned, both hands moving to grip Sonic’s hips and dragging him down until Shadow was pressed flush against him.

“I like the heat.” Sonic replied, and he gave Shadow’s chest fur a rough tug, just enough to burn in that pleasant way that an itch too deep felt. Sizzling warmth that pitter pattered down into a mellow heat. He could feel the deep rumblings of purring dragging itself up his throat, and he rolled his eyes when he caught sight of Sonic’s surprised gaze.

“You can purr?”

“It’s involuntary.”

“Can I purr?”

“No, but…” he trailed off, bending down to press a gentle kiss to Sonic’s temple. He pressed his lips to his ear, blowing against it just a little to watch it flutter. “I can make you scream.”

Sonic’s amusem*nt settled back down into shy reservation. He looked away from Shadow, his face pinkening up again. “I guess I ran into that one.” He said with a nervous laugh. But Shadow had enough. No more laughs, no more games. He leaned back into Sonic’s space, pressing a kiss to his cheek before Sonic was pressing a hesitant kiss to his lips. “Your tongue is so warm.”

“My internal body heat is a bit higher than the average Mobian.” He replied, before he was cupping Sonic’s chest again.

“It feels good.” He admitted, “like a heated weighted blanket.” He sighed when Shadow bent down to lick at Sonic’s chest again. “But better.” He gripped at Shadow’s quills with one hand, and began to slowly rock his hips against Shadow’s as Shadow sucked and teethed at his nipples. Each thrust and grind of Sonic’s hips left Shadow lightheaded, and the pleasant heat of his body only flared up a little more with each touch, each grind and press of Sonic against him, sending him further into a state of delirium. Sonic sighed beneath him, and he pulled off with a wet pop, licking his lips to drink up any excess sweetness he could. “So good.” he mumbled, a little breathless as Shadow righted himself.

He was beautiful. Open and pretty and pliant– why couldn’t he have had this months ago? Years ago? He had to bite back his irritation at not being able to see this side of Sonic for so long; but he had to remind himself that he was able to see it now. He glanced down at his trembling thighs, tensing around Shadow just enough for him to notice.

He wondered how wet he was; if he could pull back his pants and see slick leaking down his thighs and staining his couch while his co*ck bobbed with pre-come bubbling from the tip. “We’re not done yet.” One hand snuck lower, gently prying his thighs apart with strong hands while Sonic watched.

His hands moved to cover his mouth, while Shadow’s large hand cupped his bulge trapped within the tightness of his pants and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Don’t you want to feel better?” Sonic whined when he felt his fingers sneak lower, lower, teasing along the seam until he could feel Shadow’s rough fingers trying to press underneath his balls and press insistently along the dampness of his ass. He bit his lip, eyes falling shut as he rocked his hips forward, trying to ease the painful ache in his co*ck, trying to get Shadow to press harder, harder!

He didn’t realize he said it aloud until Shadow complied, pressing his hand down against Sonic’s clothed co*ck and watching in awe as Sonic rolled his hips against him, quickening his pace in fear of Shadow pulling away his hand. He absently humped against him, mouth falling open to allow soft ah ah ah’s to escape his mouth with each thrust. One hand gripped at the couch cushion, while the other slowly trailed up his wet stomach until he was gently teasing a finger along his swollen nipple. He winced at the oversensitive touch, but the feeling zipped through his body like electricity. He let himself feel the heavy weight of Shadow’s burning hot hand against him, his thighs clenching around it every so often while he tugged and pinched at his nipple to see just how hard he could take it.

Shadow’s eyes locked on Sonic’s perky little chest, flushed pink and soaked beautifully; then moved up to his scrunched up face. His eyebrow furrowed as he put more effort into pleasuring himself. Flush faced and clenching his teeth as he rolled his hips up harder, faster. His co*ck pressed insistently against Shadow’s hand, burning hot but somehow not enough for that ache to be satiated. “You’re being such a good girl.” Shadow mumbled, mostly to himself. It was a thoughtless statement, one that he hadn’t meant to voice aloud. But he couldn’t stop himself. Not when he was being shown something so intoxicating. Sonic made a sudden noise, his eyes snapping open to look at Shadow. His face burned a pretty pink, and he bit his lip hard, trying to rock himself faster against Shadow. Did he… like that? He could feel Sonic beginning to tremble beneath him as he quickened his pace, breathing hard through his nose as he tried to hold back his choked off moans. “You like being my good girl, too?” He teased, slowly making his way into Sonic’s space again. He replaced his hand with his thigh, allowing Sonic a solid space to rut against as he pressed gentle kisses wherever he could. “You’re perfect.” He whispered, “I bet you’d let me f*ck your little c*nt–”

“Shadow!” He squealed, his face screwing up. He tensed below him as he shuddered, body curling in on itself as he came in his pants. He sucked in a harsh breath and gripped at one of Shadow’s biceps to ground himself, whimpering weakly as his spasming hips slowed to a weak roll. Shadow gently pulled his hand away as Sonic laid limply against the couch cushions. He looked everywhere but at Shadow, his chest still rising and falling rapidly.

“Did you just come?” Shadow asked, and Sonic ran a weak hand over his face. He tried to plaster on his cool and confident smile, but it looked a little shaky and near tears; it was pretty.

“I… maybe.” he mumbled, but wasn’t given enough time to think. Shadow moved from his spot over Sonic. He pressed a brief kiss to his cheek as he moved to stand. He watched him for a moment as he stared distantly up at the ceiling with a soft look on his face. He looked blissful, and maybe a little sleepy. But Shadow wasn’t done with him yet, not at all. He refused to allow this to end with a Sonic coming in his pants and himself about to burst; he deserved his reward for taking care of him. He knelt down beside the couch and ran a hand along Sonic’s abdomen, gently moving up higher and higher until one of his claws was briefly flicking along his sensitive nipple. He gasped, one hand slapping over his chest while he glared at Shadow.

He chuckled, gently helping Sonic sit up on the couch until his back was pressed against the cushions. “‘m tired.” he huffed, but allowed Shadow to maneuver him until he was where he wanted him. He knelt down and pressed a kiss to Sonic’s knee, before his hands trailed from his thighs to the buttons of his pants. Sonic said nothing as Shadow began to pull down his zipper, only watching him curiously. Shadow’s fingers moved toward the sides of his pants, and he quietly raised his hips to allow Shadow to tug his pants down his thighs. Shadow watched as more and more of Sonic’s skin was exposed, toned legs finally free for Shadow to ogle. He folded up his pants and set them to the side, taking his time in admiring Sonic’s body. His briefs were completely soaked under his ass and a dark wet patch of come stained the front. His thighs were damp with slick that Shadow desperately wanted to taste. Would it be as sweet as the milk coming from his breasts?

He wanted to be slow and gentle. He really, really wanted to. But Sonic made that so hard. With the glazed over look in his eyes and the way he allowed Shadow to move him around in whatever way he saw fit… he was really making it hard on him. He shuffled closer to press a chaste kiss to Sonic’s knee. Sonic tilted his head down at him and smiled a little when Shadow kissed his other knee. He spread his legs just a bit, just enough for Shadow to settle himself down there. And maybe Sonic thought he was being sweet and gentle, but his thoughts were twisted up with painful want. He wanted to press his muzzle against his slick covered briefs and breathe him in; wanted to press his tongue there and lap up any of the taste he could. He could smell him from where he was, and it was taking everything in him to not rip apart his underwear and stuff his co*ck into that tight heat with everything he had. What was stopping him? Sonic seemed to enjoy the pleasure and attention he was giving him, why couldn’t Shadow give him more?

“We should wash your underwear, too.” He said, roughly. He didn’t give Sonic much time to agree, as he hooked his fingers into the hem of his underwear and tugged at them. Sonic hesitated, one hand covering his front as his wet co*ck sprung free. But below was even better. The musky sweet slick clung to his underwear, leaving a pearly string of wetness clinging between them and Sonic. He made a heavy noise in the back of his throat, something between a moan and a growl. Sonic trembled at the sound, snapping his legs shut as soon as Shadow removed his pants. He was nearly naked, save for his socks. But Shadow would worry about that later.

His breasts were still perky and wet; and if Shadow weren’t hungry for more he would wonder just how fast the milk was being replenished. Tails insisted that the injection wouldn’t be dangerous, but all of that nourishment was leaving Sonic’s body through the development of his mammary glands. But he would worry about that later. Sonic was beginning to press against his chest again, wincing as he pressed against it with his hand. “They still feel full…” he mumbled, and Shadow thanked whatever god that looked down upon him and deemed him worthy of this.

“Let’s go upstairs and fix that.”

“Can I borrow some clothes?” Sonic asked shyly, eyes wide and body stiff as Shadow tried to pull him forward.

“Of course you can.” he tugged Sonic up the stairs, slowing only a little when he stumbled. One hand held onto Shadow’s forearm while the other covered his co*ck. He was following Shadow’s dizzying pace, and Shadow was only going to move faster. He couldn’t slow the momentum down; he was finally getting to taste what he so desperately craved. He slipped through the door of his bedroom and watched Sonic look around the room.

It was simple. A bed and nightstand, as well as a desk and countless books littering the space. A picture frame of Sonic and himself sat comfortably on one of the nightstands. Sonic turned to grin at him a little at the sight of the photo. He rolled his eyes and shut the door behind him, moving to sit down while Sonic stood there. One hand still covered his co*ck, while the other arm hid away his chest. “Why am I the only one naked?” Sonic mumbled with a huff.

Shadow glanced down at himself, then back up at Sonic. “Are you asking me to undress?” he teased. Sonic narrowed his eyes and bit back an irritated noise, but Shadow just sighed heavily. “I suppose I can, if it will make you more comfortable.” He pulled at the hem of his shirt and yanked it over his head before Sonic could protest. He leaned back against his arms and allowed Sonic to stare. His eyes latched onto his flat chest, staring at some of the scars and marks that littered his body.

“I thought wounds completely healed on immortals.” he mumbled, taking a shy step forward to inspect Shadow’s old wounds.

“Some things last longer than others,” he said simply. He gently grabbed Sonic’s hand, tugging it away from his chest and pulling it close enough to press against his. “I sucked on them a moment ago, did you forget that?” Sonic glared at him, but it was half hearted. “You can touch me, if it makes you comfortable.” Sonic hesitated. His hand was already pressed against Shadow’s chest, but he didn’t know how to go about it. Shadow laid down against the bed, cushioning his head with his arms. “It’s okay.” he said softly. Sonic slowly made his way onto the bed, his weight dipping into it as he settled beside Shadow. He shyly pressed his hand back onto his chest and against his tuft of white fur, running his fingers through it shyly.

“I’ve always wanted to touch it.” he said quietly. “It’s soft.” He tugged gently at his fur, and Shadow sighed, settling more comfortably in the bed and closing his eyes. Each tug of his fur sent a pleasant shiver down his spine, his co*ck throbbing pleasantly at the feeling. He was already hard and heavy, pressing insistently against the zipper of his pants. But he was a patient man. He could let Sonic touch and get to know his body before he pushed him onto his back and tasted him again. He felt Sonic’s hand move from his chest and down toward his abdomen. He pressed against the hardness of his stomach and made a quiet noise. “You’re just hard everywhere.” he muttered.

Shadow snorted. “Ultimate lifeform, remember?”

Sonic rolled his eyes. His fingers trailed lower and teased along the dusting of red fur that trailed down below his belly button, only to disappear underneath the hem of his pants. “Nothing but pure muscle.” Sonic mumbled, mostly to himself as his other hand pressed against one of Shadow’s biceps. “You should train me.” he said, but Shadow shook his head.

“I like how small you are.”

“I am not small.”

Shadow cracked an eye open and glanced at Sonic’s body. Where Shadow was hard and angled, Sonic was soft and curved. Shadow was the result of bioweaponry, whereas Sonic was natural work and strength. He looked better than Shadow by a mile.

He sat up fully beside Sonic, taking in the curve of his hips and the thickness of his thighs. He worked to create this body that Shadow hungered so desperately for; he was a living god amongst men. “Maybe compared to the average Mobian,” he replied. And maybe that was it. Maybe because Shadow wasn’t completely Mobian, he would always look different from the rest of them. Bigger and broader than even those in the echidna tribe. He was clearly alien; an outsider, he was different.

He swept those thoughts away, instead focusing on the sweet smell that was radiating off of Sonic in waves as he moved to get a little bit more comfortable beside Shadow. He no longer covered himself, instead opting to lay on his stomach to hide away his co*ck and breasts. But Shadow was given a lovely view of the curve of his ass, perky and pretty and oh how badly he wanted to bully his tongue into the sweet scent of slick there. Shadow watched his eyes go a little half lidded, pillowing his arms underneath himself and sighing so sweetly. It was cute, watching him yawn a little and settle a bit into the cushions beneath him. But that simply wouldn’t do. Not when Shadow had already made it this far. No, he was going to get what he deserved, and Sonic was going to enjoy every moment of it. “Do you think we’re finished?” Shadow asked with a smile so calm that Sonic nearly smiled back.

He hummed a little, shaking his head. “They still ache.” he mumbled, but didn’t move from his spot.

“What does it feel like?”

“It feels tight.” he twisted just enough to expose his chest for Shadow to see one of his nipples. He was already beginning to soak the sheets. “Oh, chaos, I’m sorry!” He sat up, wiping away at the dark spot on the sheets before looking up at Shadow a little sheepishly.

Shadow smiled and pushed him onto his back, ignoring the way one hand immediately moved to cup his stirring co*ck once more, while the other covered his chest. “Don’t worry, little one. We’ll be ruining these sheets, anyway.” He leaned back into Sonic’s space, noting the way he pressed deeper into the mattress; like they were playing a shy dance with one another. But Shadow was getting a little tired of the routine, and he wanted to get to the fun part of the act. Sonic glanced down at the bulge in his pants, his breath hitching a little when he watched Shadow squeeze himself to give himself some sort of relief. He sighed softly, closing his eyes for a second while Sonic watched.

“Aren’t you gonna…” Sonic trailed off, his head turning away when Shadow opened his eyes.

Shadow tilted his head, smiling in that soft way he did when he wanted to conceal that raging fire burning its way through him. He wanted to laugh, and maybe tease Sonic a little bit more, but he needed to have a little more patience if he wanted all of his hard work to pay off. To leave Sonic aching and wanting; knowing that Shadow was the one that was relieving him of all of his aches and pain with a fluttery pleasure that he so desperately wanted more of.

“My… y’know…” he muttered, glancing down at his chest. “It hurts…” he muttered, but Shadow wouldn’t relent.

“Are you asking me for something?” Shadow looked down at him expectantly, but didn’t expect Sonic to blink up at him with a dazed, glassy look in his eyes. His tongue swept along his lower lip, while he looked down at Shadow’s torso. He took in the hard lines of his abdomen, then locked onto the thick muscle of his biceps.

“Make me feel better, Shadow, please.” And Shadow wanted something more, he desperately craved to hear the vulgar words slip from Sonic’s lips. Suck my tit* and f*ck me, Shadow, please please please– but his heart lurched at the sight of Sonic raising his arms toward him, his brow furrowing and lip wobbling and looking so unsure of himself and so cute. He made a weak noise in the back of his throat as he shuffled over to him, settling between his legs and letting Sonic wrap his arms around his neck, threading through his quills and pulling him closer.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” Shadow muttered, pressing a chaste kiss to Sonic’s ear. “But,” he pressed another kiss against his temple, before breathing hotly against his flickering ear. “You have to make me feel better afterward, deal?” One hand slipped between them and cupped his breast, sighing when Sonic squealed in surprise. He nodded eagerly, letting a long, drawn out whine escape his lips as Shadow settled himself against Sonic once again. With his abdomen pressed against Sonic’s half hard co*ck, he was in sight of his swollen nipples.

Sure— just… hurry.

“Impatient.” Shadow muttered, but settled his tongue against the softness there. His breasts were so incredibly soft. Fluffy and perky and pretty. At first glance, no one would notice that they had gotten bigger unless they were close enough, but Shadow knew. He could tell from the way Sonic’s milk soaked shirt hugged his breasts tight like it never had before. He wished he had been able to see them sooner. How long had it taken for them to develop? Would they get bigger? Sonic was so small and curvy and petite, where he was all large and broad with harsh angles. They complemented each other in that way, and Shadow didn’t mind the new curves at all. In fact, they looked good on him. He closed his eyes, taking one of his nipples into his mouth and gently palming along his chest to massage it gently. Sonic shuddered underneath him, shifting a little while Shadow eased his pain.

He could feel Sonic roll his hips up against his abdomen, and felt the faintest wetness from his co*ckhead teasing just below his navel. He groaned a little, sighing when Sonic moaned along with him. “Take off your pants.” Sonic said, a little breathless. Shadow stopped sucking for a second to look up at Sonic, who was panting harder and harder. “I… I think I’m ready… to make you feel better, I mean.” He stumbled over his words, his face flushed pink and eyes downcast.

He sat up, trying not to be too hasty. But it was hard with Sonic. Of course, he didn’t want to make him feel pressured, but oh how he had been dreaming of this for so long. He sat up on his knees, looking at him curiously as he unbuttoned the front of his pants with one hand. Why was he having second thoughts? He had been wanting this for months– no, years, and he was feeling a slight panic in the back of his mind. What if Sonic was just drunk on hormones and pleasure? What if this was a big mistake? “Are you sure?” Shadow mumbled, and Sonic didn’t hesitate to nod eagerly. His tit* bounced along with his aggressive nodding.

Any nerves Shadow had flew right out the window.

Christ. Okay.” He yanked his pants down, struggling to kick them off of his legs to reveal his throbbing erection trapped within the confines of his briefs. It was just enough to keep himself separated from Sonic, but any more than this and it would become so much more real. He hooked his fingers underneath the hem of his briefs and gave Sonic a long look, who ignored him. His eyes were trained on the thing between his legs, and he swallowed thickly. He slowly tugged them down, wincing when his co*ck followed along with his underwear until it was springing free with a slap to his abdomen, standing proudly to attention.

“Woah.” Sonic whispered, eyes unblinking and mouth agape as he took in Shadow’s co*ck. It throbbed painfully at the scrutiny, bobbing back against his stomach while Sonic shimmied that much closer. “It’s…” Sonic trailed off, his eyes immediately darting away before sitting up.

Shadow made a grab for his bicep, pulling him forward with a thin smile before pressing a delicate kiss to his lips. “It’s?” He whispered against his lips, pressing another gentle kiss to his cheek before pulling away. Sonic’s eyes fell nearly shut, sighing softly against the gentle press of Shadow’s body against his. He was so simple. Like his perfect match should be. He maneuvered the pair around until he was on his back and Sonic was seated against his chest as he faced Shadow’s co*ck.

“It’s… big.” He admitted, and Shadow’s co*ck pulsed at the compliment. He settled deeper into the mattress, eyes never leaving what he so desperately wanted to taste. “Are you sure we need to do it like this?” He asked, sudden panic in his voice. He made a move to cover his ass, but Shadow gently tangled their fingers together instead.

“You’ll appreciate it later.” He muttered, his hands moving to yank his hips backward until he was closer to Shadow’s face. Sonic startled, hands gripping Shadow’s thighs to steady himself before he was looking down at the challenge set before him.

“Okay… I’m… I’m gonna do it.” he said, mostly to himself.

Shadow’s eyes were locked on his ass, his hands still gripping his waist impossibly tight. He gently smoothed his hands down Sonic’s sides, mumbling some sound of acknowledgement before gently spreading his cheeks to reveal his little hole. It twitched and fluttered with each of Sonic’s subtle movements, and Shadow could feel himself salivating. “Take your time.” Shadow mumbled, his jaw going slack and his eyes falling shut as he pressed a sloppy kiss to Sonic’s slick soaked hole.

He nearly jumped from the sudden onslaught of Shadow’s tongue pressing insistently against him, hungrily slurping and soaking him with spit and a slippery tongue attempting to pry him apart. He cried out in surprise, eyes going wide and one hand falling back to try and grip at Shadow’s quills. He didn’t know whether to stop him or force him deeper. He groaned aloud when he felt Shadow’s hand grip his wrist and pull it beside his hip before he could latch onto his quills. The tip of his tongue teased along his hole, barely breaching the tight furl. Sonic was tight. If he kept clenching down so hard, Shadow wouldn’t be able to force his tongue inside of him, let alone his co*ck.

He used his free hand to keep Sonic spread as he f*cked his tongue forward just a bit further. Sonic’s unintelligible sounds were enough to tell him he was doing something right, and the way he ground down before trying to buck away left a pleasant heat clouding Shadow’s brain. He could feel his body falling limp above him, barely keeping himself up on his knees while desperately trying to pull away. He felt too weak, his nerves were buzzing and numb all at the same time; no one ever told Sonic that sex was this dizzying.

Shadow shifted below him, thrusting his hips up just slightly. Sonic blinked back in surprise, lips parted as he tried to control his shaky breaths. “I’ve never…” he trailed off, hesitantly taking Shadow’s co*ck in hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. Shadow groaned below him, eyebrows furrowing as he tried to press his tongue in harder. His tongue ground against his ass, slowly bullying its way into Sonic and loosening him up just enough to where his thick tongue could slide through the tightness there.

Sonic tried to ignore the sparks of bursting pleasure by gently pressing kitten licks to the head of Shadow’s co*ck, mouthing at it gently as he was worked open. He could hardly breathe with each wet sound Shadow made with his tongue and lips against him. He seemed so… hungry. Sonic shivered when he heard Shadow growl, sitting up just enough to push Sonic forward. “I can’t wait anymore.” he let Sonic fall face first into the mattress as he moved to sit up on his knees. He ignored Sonic’s yelp of surprise as he was dragged backward by his ankle, only to feel Shadow’s thick co*ck pressing against him insistently.

“Shadow? Wait! I… I don’t know if I can take it all.” he couldn’t bear to turn around and face Shadow; and Shadow was glad he didn’t. He wouldn’t be able to hide the dirty way he was looking down at Sonic as though he were the last meal he’d ever have.

He took in a breath, holding his co*ck by its base and slapping the head against Sonic’s spit slick ass. “Don’t worry, baby…” Shadow mumbled, while Sonic clenched weakly at the word baby. “Let me do all the work. You don’t need to move a muscle.” He tried to be gentle, he did. But seeing Sonic’s trembling tail and hearing his shaky breaths and feeling the head of his co*ck pressing against the tight heat of Sonic’s ass? He was surprised he didn’t tear anything.

“Oh… oh!” Sonic clenched his teeth, eyes screwing shut as Shadow’s thick length bullied its way into him. Despite being so wet and open, Shadow was not the average Mobian. His co*ck was thick and heavy, vein protruding along the underside and filling Sonic so completely that a sudden sob wracked through his body. Shadow let his head hang back, hands gripping onto Sonic’s hips hard enough to bruise while Sonic clawed desperately at the sheets. “It’s too much!” he heard Sonic cry out, but it was so distant. He could feel Sonic scrambling to get away, but he wouldn’t allow him to control this moment.

“Don’t fight it.” Shadow mumbled, keeping his body tucked firmly behind Sonic as he bottomed out. He finally took the time to look down, one hand moving from Sonic’s hip to spread his ass and admire how stretched he was around Shadow’s throbbing co*ck. His heart fluttered when he heard Sonic’s harsh breaths, struggling to take him and tearing through Shadow’s sheets. Cute.

Shadow began a brutal pace, hips bruising Sonic’s ass with the speed of his thrusts. He couldn’t pinpoint when Sonic’s cries of pain had twisted into screams of pleasure, but he could feel Sonic’s body go limp as he succumbed to the overbearing pleasure that was the drag of Shadow’s thick co*ck along inside him. He bent over Sonic, pressing a gentle kiss against his temple as he f*cked forward. “Loose little c*nt.” Shadow whispered in his ear; Sonic clenched down harder, eyes still wet with tears and mouth hanging open as he sucked in heavy breaths. “f*ck.” Shadow clenched his eyes shut, biting back a snarl as he felt his knot nudging against Sonic. He was already so close. Throughout the entire night he was hard and heavy and he was damn near ready to burst after finally being inside him. “Gonna give you a reward for–” he pushed Sonic’s head down against the mattress, quickening his pace, “being sucha good girl.”

Sonic slurred out something incomprehensible, before his eyes snapped open and he began to scramble underneath Shadow again, but Shadow kept him pinned. “Wait– you can’t. Don’t, Shadow!” His eyes screwed shut as he wriggled underneath him, legs shaking as Shadow continued his punishing thrusts. “I don’t wanna get pregnant– pull out!” he felt Shadow’s knot catch against his rim, and he tensed, twisting his head to the side and opening his eyes to see Shadow looking down at him with that look that made Sonic’s heart lurch a little. “I can’t…” he gasped out quietly.

“You won’t.” Shadow mumbled, pressing a chaste kiss to Sonic’s lips. “We’re not biologically similar enough. I’m half— f*ck–” he bit back another moan, stuttering his hips, “half alien, now shut up and just take it.” He pressed another kiss against his lips and let go of his hands, opting to grab his hips and quicken his brutal pace. Sonic’s words turned into unintelligible syllables, his mouth hanging open as strings of whimpers and moans were knocked out of him.’

With each punishing thrust, Shadow could feel Sonic tightening around him. He could feel his knot already begging to pop into the tight heat of Sonic’s ass. He couldn’t wait, he couldn’t last any longer. He clenched his eyes shut, baring his teeth and he forced his co*ck harder into Sonic’s ass. He bullied his way inside, burying his knot in deep until he was locked into Sonic’s spasming body. He clenched hard around him, babbling nonsense and crying out Shadow’s name as Shadow’s come burst through him like a neverending flood. He gripped Sonic’s hips again while Sonic’s nails dug into the torn up sheets below him, eyes wide and wet with tears as he hiccuped on shaky sobs. “‘s too much, Shadow!” he cried, but he couldn’t stop himself from releasing inside of him. It burned Sonic from the inside out, and he wailed aloud, shaking his head.

Shadow grit his teeth, trying to settle down as Sonic tried to wriggle out from underneath him. They both groaned at the pain of being locked together; Shadow gripped onto him harder. “Don’t f*cking move” he whispered. He tried catching his breath as he stared down at Sonic’s twitching body. His eyes were glazed over, face wet with spit and tears and mouth parted and panting. He hiccuped after every third or fourth intake of breath, and his right leg twitched after every other. “I… Sonic,” he tried to regain his composure; desperately trying to find the good part inside of him that wanted to apologize and kiss the pain away.

But he couldn’t find it.

This was exactly what he wanted. Sonic, underneath him with a stretched out hole and tear stained eyes. He wanted Sonic to be shaking and crying with the only source of consistency being Shadow. Where he would crumple into Shadow’s arms and cry while Shadow told him how good he was. How he was so so good for Shadow. Where he would think that maybe this is what sex was, and even if it was scary it would be okay because Shadow would always be there to guide him through it. And maybe he could convince Sonic that it was meant to be rough and brutal and Sonic wouldn’t know any better. It wasn’t as if he had any other experiences that promised kindness and love. And Shadow knew he’d never be able to provide something like that–

“Chaos.” he heard from below him, then a deep inhale and long exhale. “That… was amazing.

Shadow frowned, looking down at Sonic’s tear stained face. Amazing? Sonic kept his face planted against the pillow below him for a while longer, while squeezing experimentally around Shadow’s co*ck. Shadow made a weak noise, ear twitching at the sound of Sonic’s shaky laugh. “You… enjoyed it?”

“It felt good, of course I enjoyed it.” Sonic finally peeled his face away from the pillow, face still wet with tears but without a touch of fear or anxiety in his eyes. He enjoyed it. He enjoyed it? Through his screams and cries and pleas for Shadow to stop, he enjoyed it?

“You… really?” Shadow looked down at his gentle smile as he wiped away some tears.

“Shadow…” Shadow maneuvered them gently on the bed, where they laid chest to back comfortably while he listened to Sonic. “I was so nervous doing this because I thought you’d go easy on me.” he kept Shadow’s hand close to his chest. “You did it without mercy, and you made me feel good, too.” he nuzzled back a little, and Shadow could feel his throat bubbling up with purrs. “I love you, okay?”


Sonic poked holes against the wax paper, his cheeks a little flushed from the embarrassment of it all while Shadow leaned against the exam table next to him. Tails and Eggman clicked away at their computers, analyzing a few samples Sonic had reluctantly provided.

Okay, so.” Tails removed his glasses and stood up from his seat while the machine beside him buzzed and beeped. “The side effects should wear off in a few days, which is great.”

Sonic sighed in relief, turning to look at Shadow with a grin. “Thank Chaos.” Sonic looked more refreshed after hearing the news, and Shadow was too, to an extent. Surely he would miss the way Sonic looked underneath him, with perky breasts bitten and bruised and wet with milk and come. He supposed that once they were back to normal, he could mark them again.

“Yeah, so as long as you use protection during intercourse while your body is like this, you won’t get pregnant.”

“Wait, wait… what? Pregnant? Tails, look at me.” He gestured toward himself, then glanced at Shadow. “I don’t exactly have the hardware for it.”

“Or the software.” Shadow muttered, startling when he felt Sonic punch him.

“About that…” Tails laughed a little, turning to look at the doctor.

Eggman sighed and stepped beside him. “Your mammary glands aren’t the only part of your body that had the opportunity of developing, hedgehog.” He pressed his fingers against the bridge of his nose, sighing heavily. “In layman's terms… you could develop a child inside your body. But only if you’ve had unprotected—” he covered Tails ears, who glared up at him. “Sex.” He said quickly, before letting go of him. “But, the chance of you doing that is low. You’re not that stupid.”

Shadow stared straight ahead, his mind blank as he felt the burning heat of Sonic’s eyes on him. “And what would happen if that was the case, doc?”

“Well, let’s see.” He crossed his arms, humming a bit to himself. “If that were to happen, your body would immediately begin to develop a womb to assist in its hosting of the paras— the child. The s-e-m-e-n—”

“You know I can spell, right?” Tails muttered as he walked back to his computer, but Eggman ignored him.

“— would be what triggers this process. It would be incredibly difficult for us to terminate it, as your body would become a hostile environment dedicated to protecting the cells. If we were to attempt any sort of extraction before the expected date of birth, it could kill you.”

“Oh, okay! Good to know.” Sonic hopped up from his seat and smiled at Eggman. He grabbed his hand and shook it tightly, before glancing up at him. “You can fix injuries here, right?”

Eggman wiggled his hand free and hesitated. “Well, yes. Technically.”

“Great!” He turned to Shadow with a speed that crackled the air around them as he slammed his fist into Shadow’s nose. He staggered back, one hand slapping over his muzzle while the other tried and failed to break his fall. He crashed against a metal table full of equipment, startling the other two.

Sonic stormed over to Shadow, who watched Sonic clench his fists and bare his teeth at him. “You better find a way to fix this. Before I get you fixed.” He turned and stormed off, passing by without looking at the pair while Shadow just sat there.

The silence was unpleasant. More unpleasant than the pain in his nose. It was definitely broken. He slumped onto his back, staring up at the ceiling with a sigh.

“You’re screwed.” Tails said as he made his way over to him. “Your DNA with our drug? We won’t be able to create a complex antidote before the extraction date.” Tails walked by Shadow, who stayed on the ground in defeat while Tails stepped over him again with a drink in his hand.

“So you’re saying there’s no way to terminate the cells?” Shadow mumbled, wiping his bloodied nose against the back of his glove.

Tails sat back in his seat and turned to his computer, opening up his drink and taking a sip. “Nope.” He turned to Eggman, then back to the computer monitor. “I mean, there might be some way to do it if we kill you and use most of your genetic makeup to create a serum to prevent this but I don’t have a juicer big enough to grind your body parts up. So… good luck.”

Shadow was f*cked.

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