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Nonstop Local Locksmith offers Emergency Locksmith Services in Dunwoody, GA.

We would like to thank youso much for visiting Nonstop Local Locksmith in your search for Dunwoody’s premier locksmith service.

Nonstop Local Locksmith - Dunwoody Locksmith - Call 678-801-6077 (2)Nonstop Local Locksmith has expert locksmiths available to assist you with any emergency lockout and we are just a phone call away. In case of a lockout, simply contact us and one of our courtesy dispatchers will have one of our techs on the way within moments. You can depend on our reliable service as we have demonstrated the utmost credibility and integrity through years of hard work and experience. In addition, Nonstop Local Locksmith is one of the few locksmith company’s that is actually fully insured.

We have the knowledge to assist you with a variety of different services such as automobile lockouts, rekeys, residential lockouts and lock replacement, commercial jobs and more. Our mobile locksmith units are equipped with the latest tools and technology in order to make certain that we are prepared for any situation. In addition, we will provide you with the best solution to fit within your budget. This is why our customers call us back time and time again and the reason that the best source of our business is referrals from our current and past customers.

Please understand that your personal safety and that of your family is our primary concern as well as your property and valuables that you have worked so hard to acquire over the years. Nonstop Local Locksmith is a complete “turnkey” locksmith company that specializes in complete solutions for your car, business and/or home. Hundreds of clients have relied on us over the years because we are not satisfied until you are.

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Please feel free to contact our dispatch hotlineat (678) 801-6077 and remember that all of our work is guaranteed and we will settle for no less than your complete satisfaction. Just read any of our Google or Yelp reviews and you’ll see that we go out of our way in order to earn and keep your business.

We invite you to compare with other locksmith services and find out why we’re Atlanta’s best.

Nonstop Local Locksmith - Dunwoody Locksmith - Call 678-801-6077 (4)

Have you ever had the experience of leaving your home only to find out that you have left your keys inside? If you have, you know how aggravating and inconvenient this situation can be. Why distresswhen there are professionals such as Nonstop Local Locksmith that can help you get back inside your home safely and efficiently?

Our team of friendly, highly skilled technicians are trained to handle all types of residential locksmith services. We are here to insure that what you get is nothing less than the very best service that you deserve.

Whether you want to install a brand new alarm system or you just need an emergency key for your home, we canhelp. Through our years of experience, we can assure you that allof yourlocksmith needs will be handledusing the latest technologyand methods that adhere to our industry’s highest standards.

Nonstop Local Locksmithis just a call away, so you can be certain that there is someone you can rely on during those times when you need to desperately gain access to your home. We never consider our work done until you are inside your home safely and are completely satisfied with our services.

We are fully committed to delivering efficient and fast services at prices that you can easily afford. Thanks to our reputation and quality, we have a loyal customer base, that comes back to us again and again.

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Once you see our technician arrive at your location, you can rest assuredthat you are in good hands.

Our residential locksmith services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lost or Stolen Keys
  • House Lockouts
  • Change or Repair Locks
  • Re-keying/Master Key System
  • Key-less Entry System
  • Fresh Installation
  • Mailbox Locks and Keys
  • File/Desk Cabinets Lock
  • Garage Door Lock
  • Safes
  • High Security Locks

Our trustworthy and reliable technicians will be more than happy to help you! Call us today for all of your residential locksmith needs!

You are welcome to check out the rest of our website to learn more about our local locksmith’s repairs Dunwoody.

Nonstop Local Locksmith - Dunwoody Locksmith - Call 678-801-6077 (6)If being locked out of your home or car is frustrating, just imagine how desperate you will be when you have locked yourself out of your office building or business where every desk drawer, cabinet or shelf could potentially contain valuable items. Whether you are an employee who is in charge of cash or sensitive documents or a business owner, hiring the services of a commercial locksmith professional is one of the best decisions that you can ever make.

At Nonstop Local Locksmithwe offer a comprehensive and complete array of locksmith services and security solutions that are suitable for all types of businesses and industries, both large and small. Our team carefully selects the right products and solutions tomeet your needs.

Nonstop Local Locksmith offers an extensive selection of lock and security products from the finest and most reputable manufacturers. Just like our services, the products that we offer come at affordable prices, with special discounts for our commercial clients.

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Through the years, our proven locksmith techniques have provided in assisting topnotch security solutions for all types of businesses, including apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, hotels, motels, condominiums as well as alltypes of commercial buildings.

We take pride in our competitive pricing and we are committed to offering the most suitable commercial locksmith services at the best prices in order to guarantee that our client’s locksmith needs will be handled in the most efficient manner possible.

We also provide service for management and maintenance companies. All of the parts, services and work of Nonstop Local Locksmith are guaranteed.

Nonstop Local Locksmith commercial locksmith services include the following:

  • Repair and installation of all types of commercial locks
  • Keyless Entry Access
  • Installation ofHigh Security Locks
  • AlarmSystem Installation and Maintenance
  • Access Control Systems
  • EmergencyLockout Services
  • Intercom
  • MasterKey Systems
  • Lock Rekeying
  • Safes

Nonstop Local Locksmith service is always prepared to serve youand ready to assist in all of your locksmith needs at anytime.

With a team comprised of licensed professionals who know the ins and outs of our industry, you can rest assuredthat having Nonstop Local Locksmith at your disposal will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you and your business are in safe hands.

Quick response and topnotch quality service is always our mission.

Contact us today for your commercial locksmith needs!

In the event you are like most of us, you really can get confused when you’re trying to find the most effective approach for selecting a master locksmith.

Nonstop Local Locksmith - Dunwoody Locksmith - Call 678-801-6077 (8)Every car owner experiences this at one time or another. That sick feeling when you accidentally lockyour keys in your car and you don’t have a spare, however there is no need to despair. You can always call Nonstop Local Locksmith and we will immediately sendone of ourexperienced car locksmiths. Whether you need emergency car lockout services or you just need a replacement for your car key, our team is ready to assistyou when you need it the most.

Our locksmiths can also provideyouwith a variety of other car locksmith services as well. For instance, if you misplaced your transponder key, we can come to your location and replace and/or reprogram a new one for you.

If you find yourself in a situation where a locksmith is needed, it is understandable that you are stressed and feeling uncertain. This can be especially truewhen you have locked yourself out of your car and you are in an unfamiliar area late atnight. That is why we provide service and will come to your location and provide prompt and reliable service so that you can be safely on your way home or continue with your travel plans.

Our car locksmith services include the following:

  • Car Lockouts
  • Keys Replacement
  • IgnitionJammed
  • Transponder Key Programming
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Door and Trunk Locks
  • Remote Keys

We know how well that being locked out of your car can be one of the most frustrating and stressful situations that you can experience, especially when you have an important appointment or place to be. No matter ifit is a holiday or weekend, you can always rely on Nonstop Local Locksmithto provide you with promptand professional locksmith services.

Whatever the model or make of your car, you can rest assured that we will be there tohelp you so that you can be backon the roadright away. The equipment that we use is the latest state of the art technology and you can be assured that we will treat yourvehicle as if it were our own.

Contact us today forall ofyour vehicle locksmith needs!

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Nonstop Local Locksmith - Dunwoody Locksmith - Call 678-801-6077 (9)

smsandel – Atlanta, GA

Nonstop Local Locksmith - Dunwoody Locksmith - Call 678-801-6077 (10)I purchased several locks for my home and office from this business. They delivered the locks on the same day and installed them very quickly and they work very well and look great.
I would highly recommend him for residential and commercial.

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Nonstop Local Locksmith Rated 5 out of 5 based on 85 ratings and reviews.


Do locksmiths overcharge? ›

Safety Tips for Hiring a Locksmith

It's recommended not to trust a company that significantly undercuts the normal costs, as it's likely they will overcharge you after the job is done.

What to Know Before Hiring a locksmith? ›

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Locksmith
  • Availability. When you're hiring a locksmith, you're going to want to think about their availability. ...
  • Insured. You'll want to find a reliable local locksmith who is insured to cover any damages. ...
  • Reasonable Price. ...
  • Reliable. ...
  • Trained. ...
  • Final Thoughts.
17 Aug 2021

Who to call to unlock a door? ›

Call a Locksmith

A locksmith can unlock your door in a matter of minutes, and they can do it without causing any unnecessary damage to your door.

What questions do locksmiths ask? ›

Find a Reputable Residential Locksmith
  • Do They Offer Emergency Service? ...
  • Are They Licensed, Bonded, and Insured? ...
  • Do They Conduct Background Checks on Employees? ...
  • Do They Have Consistently Positive Reviews? ...
  • Do They Offer a Wide Range of Residential Services? ...
  • Can They Perform a Comprehensive Security Audit?
29 Feb 2020

How much does a local locksmith cost? ›

Locksmith Cost Calculator
National Average$158
Typical Range$98 - $218
Low End - High End$50 - $395

Do locksmiths keep a key? ›

Do locksmiths keep a cabinet full of keys? No! First of all, it would be impractical. Some customers are under the impression that when we make a spare set of keys, we keep a set for ourselves as well––“just in case.” If we did that, we'd quickly run out of room simply because we see so many customers each week.

How do you open a locked door without a key from outside? ›

How to unlock a door without a key? Locksmith Monkey
  1. Use a bobby pin. The bobby pin lock pick is one of the most common tricks used to unlock doors. ...
  2. Use a screwdriver. The way you use a screwdriver to open a door without using a key is quite easy. ...
  3. Use a knife. ...
  4. Lock picking. ...
  5. Use a credit card. ...
  6. Use a Bump key. ...
  7. Remove the hinges.
3 Jan 2022

Will the police help with keys locked in car? ›

Option 1 — Calling 911: Many people who wind up with their keys locked in their car call the police to come to their location and help fix the problem. In most cases, the police will be able to unlock the car, but they can also call a tow truck if they cannot.

How do you unlock a door without a key with a card? ›

How to Get into Your House with a Credit Card If You're Locked Out

Is it safe to have a locksmith change your locks? ›

Rekeying a lock does not hurt the security of the lock, nor does it make it more secure. One of the factors that makes a lock secure is how many pins are inside of it. As long as the locksmith swaps the old 5 pins with 5 new ones, the lock will remain just as secure as it was before.

How much do keys cost? ›

Highlights. The typical cost to copy a basic key is $1 to $4. Chipped keys cost the most to copy, ranging from $50 to $1,000. Hardware and home improvement stores offer the lowest rates.

How much does a locksmith cost to make a car key? ›

A professional locksmith can help you regain access. Locksmiths can make new car transponders, remotes, cut new keys and repair broken locks.
Average Locksmith Prices.
General door key replacementR500R700
Repair of key stuck in lockR650R1000
Car key replacementR500R1200
5 more rows

What does rekey a lock mean? ›

When you rekey your locks, you're altering the lock mechanism so that the old key will no longer open it. Instead, a new key will be necessary. In many circumstances, rekeying your locks makes more sense than changing your locks.

Which keys Cannot be copied? ›

Transponder Key:
  • Transponder Keys are used in cars and they cannot be copied because a computer chip inside sends out an encrypted code. ...
  • With a unique cut, these keys cannot be duplicated and are commonly referred to as sidewinder keys. ...
  • These keys are the first-ever electric keys.

Can a locksmith make a key without the original? ›

Head to a locksmith

You can replace your lost car key at a locksmith, even if you don't have the original key. Going straight to a locksmith may be more cost-effective than going to your car dealer, but you'll need some information to make the process easier.

How do locksmiths open doors without keys? ›

This method of door opening will usually be accomplished by utilising one or more of the following opening techniques and tools: lock picking with hand picks or an electric pick gun, using mortice lock decoders, manually sliding open the lock latch, bypassing the lock and using other specialist tools, such as the ...

Can a locksmith open a locked door? ›

Yes, a locksmith can open your lock without damaging it, most locksmiths use a non-destructive way to open your door to enter the property ensuring no damage is done to the lock or door.

Can police open your house door if locked out? ›

The warrant allows a police office to open a locked door by force if necessary.

What to do if someone locks you out of your house? ›

If you get locked out of your home, here's what to do.
  1. Call a Friend, Family Member, or Your Landlord. ...
  2. See If a Window Is Open. ...
  3. Ask a Neighbor For Help––Or a Warm Place to Stay. ...
  4. Break Out Your Credit Card. ...
  5. Take Apart the Door Knob. ...
  6. Break In. ...
  7. Contact an Emergency Locksmith.

What happens if you get locked out of your house? ›

Contact a Local Locksmith and Ask Them to Assist You

The easiest way to get back into your home when you're locked out of it without a key is by contacting a local locksmith service and asking them to help.


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