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If you are considering where to travel for your next vacation, look no further. Switzerland is the country you should visit and travel in using our limousine service. It is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Even though it is famous for its stunning ski resorts during winter its natural beauty shines very brightly in summer too. There is something special about seeing snow-capped mountains shining in the distance on a sunny summer day.

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You can enjoy the stroll on the fields covered with sentient alpine flowers. If you like to be next to the water when you travel, Switzerland is home to stunning turquoise lakes, which are said to be the cleanest in the world.

You can swim, do some aquatic sports or just simply bask in the sunlight next to the lake. If you are a food lover remember that Switzerland is the country of fondue and amazing chocolate.

In this article, we will list some of the main reasons why Switzerland is so appealing and worth visiting and talk about the cost of a Swiss vacation.

  1. Reasons to take Switzerland holidays
  2. Winter holidays in Switzerland
  3. Summer holidays in Switzerland
  4. How much is a holiday to Switzerland?

1. Reasons that speak in favor of Switzerland holidays

Let’s face it – reasons are abundant. The main rule of true beauty is that it can never be tamed and captured completely. You, as the beholder, may find beauty in one corner of the art gallery, or in one flower that stands proudly in a vast meadow.

Here we will list the most familiar ones and preferred by the majority. Let’s explore them together:

  1. Nature
  2. Chocolate and cheese
  3. Cultural diversity


When you hear Switzerland you immediately think of the country of snowy mountains. But Switzerland is more than that, it has beautiful lakes and stunning scenery during all seasons of the year. It is one of the reasons why Switzerland holidays are so amazing. But let’s talk about the mountains first.

If you have seen the chocolate brand Toblerone, you have seen the Matterhorn immortalized on its packaging. It is the most famous mountain in Europe and the crown jewel of the Alps. Zermatt is the most popular ski destination in Switzerland and it is located at the foot of the Matterhorn.

The lake Stellisee reflecting this glorious mountain on its surface creates a breathtaking view that should be on your bucket list. Therefore, to see the Matterhorn up close go to Zermatt.

The beautiful nature of Switzerland consists of more than the Alps. It is a country of stunning lakes, forests, and beautiful natural scenery. To experience it all you should go to Lucerne or Interlaken and stay a couple of nights. From the little and a bit on the touristy side Lucerne you will be able to see the gorgeous Alps and a beautiful lake.

For a historical touch, visit its incredibly preserved medieval town. When in Lucerne, make sure not to miss Mt. Pilatus. The picturesque view of the city from this mountain will make you gasp and you can experience snow without the need to ski.

One of the best views of the Swiss Alps is available when you visit Interlaken. This resort town is located between mountains, forests, and lakes. You can go on a cruise on the beautiful lakes, or simply enjoy the view. There are many outdoor activities available for spot enthusiasts. One more interesting thing to do is to visit one of the villages above the Interlaken. If you want to get in touch with the Swiss feeling the villages Gimmelwald and Murren are the places to go and that can be made easy by using our chauffeur service.

Chocolate and cheese

Swiss chocolate is among the best in the world. Your Switzerland holidays will not be complete without eating swiss chocolate.

You can never go wrong with choosing the previously mentioned brand Toblerone. Nestle and Lindt chocolate brands are world-famous too and they come from Switzerland as well. Aside from these brands, you should try chocolate produced locally. Make sure not to leave the country before sampling all the different tastes chocolatiers from Switzerland have to offer.

Don’t worry you won’t gain weight. You can get your cardio in from skiing, outdoor activities, and all the sightseeing. The shops that you should stop by when in Geneva are Favarger, Auer Chocolatier, and Rhone Chocolatier. Your endorphins will go haywire when you taste what a country-famous Laderach has to offer. They have stores all over the country.

Have you ever imagined going on a chocolate tour? You can do that while in Switzerland.

Let’s talk about cheese now. You cannot talk about Switzerland without mentioning the cheese. One of the most famous cheese dishes is most certainly fondue.

It is the icon of Swiss cuisine. Cheese, most commonly Emmental or Gruyere, is melted in a big pot with dry white wine. Something is dipped in it. Most often cut up pieces of bread. Raclette is one more cheese dish worth mentioning. It got its name after the type of cheese used as one of its main ingredients.

Pieces of Raclette are most commonly placed on top of potatoes or meat and then grilled in mini grills. You are there to see the cheese melting, like the snow in the spring, releasing the mouthwatering aroma. For a cheese lover, this is as close as one can get to heaven.

Cultural diversity

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is the melting pot of various cultures. French, German, Italian are the national languages in this country. Romansh is also a national language, but it doesn’t have a big number of speakers. Despite being in one small country, when you are in Switzerland, you feel like you are in three countries at once. Switzerland holidays will help you experience diversity at its core.

Logically, you can meet with Italian speakers in the area close to Switzerland’s southern neighbor. Here you will experience culture, food, and architecture that is similar to the one in Italy.

If you are wondering where do French speakers mostly live, you will encounter them in the Romandy area. In cities like Geneva, Jura and Vaud. If you are in need of a glass of fine wine make sure not to miss the vineyards of Lavaux located around Lake Geneva. Wine and jazz go together like peanut butter and jelly and this great combination can be whipped together in the amazing Montreux. A city nestled in the quiet bay of Lake Geneva.

Bern, Fribourg, and Valais are places where mostly German speakers live. As a country’s capital, Bern has a lot to offer. Do you like Neo-Renaissance or medieval architecture? If you do, go to Bern. Make sure not to miss Zytgloge (Clock Tower), Parliament Building, and bear park when you are there. The canton of Valais is where Matterhorn is located. Need I say more?

2. Winter holidays in Switzerland

Switzerland is the perfect country to visit during winter. Without a question, it is the home to the most beautiful parts of the Alps, majestic landscapes, green hills and valleys, and high altitude villages with the cleanest air in Europe.

It is a perfect spot to enjoy winter delights and activities. The winter season begins in early December and lasts until early April. The temperature varies from +4° C to -10° C in the period between Christmas and early February. Even later, when it gets warmer, there is still good snow under the bright blue skies.

Snow-covered mountains are not only for the skiers, Switzerland holidays offer a variety of winter activities that will impress the wider audience.

Winter Switzerland holidays for non-skiers

A pair of skis will be totally unnecessary during your week in an alpine village while having a fresh beverage in one of the bars or having lunch in one of many scenic restaurants. Plus, there are many activities to enjoy from walking to sledding, or just relaxing in a spa.

Winter Switzerland holidays by the lakes

You can also find interesting excursions down the lakes and take a delightful rail journey with impressive scenery.

The boat services are active throughout the entire winter and are very efficient. You can visit museums, galleries, restaurants, and shops, or travel up to the mountains and soak up snowy landscapes.

Lake resorts with that offer winter delights are Montreux, Interlaken, Locarno, and Lucerne.

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Rail Switzerland holidays

Just try to imagine passing through the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, all covered in snow and under a clear blue sky on rails! The shift of landscapes is pretty dramatic and highly recommended to every nature lover.

The most used routes during the summer are Glacier Express, Bernina Express, or GoldenPass Line. Try them with snow, and have a magical mystery ride in white!

Winter holidays in Switzerland on foot

In most resorts, there are numerous hiking trails marked with signs to keep you on the right course. They are very clear and covered in snow. It’s such a bliss to feast your eyes on the winter scenery and breathe in the fresh alpine air.

You can take one of the walkers’ lift passes with special prices and take a walk among many unexplored trails, and have a break afterward in one of many welcoming restaurants with delicious food.

Winter sledging

The whole family can have a lot of fun while tobogganing in alpine resorts. Most resorts have designated toboggan runs, some of them with torchlights for a special ride down the runs in the night.

You can rent sledges in ski shops and even in some hotels where you can also buy day passes for the lifts.

Switzerland winter during Christmas

In the east of Switzerland, up above Lake Constance, lives Santa Claus – in a beautiful village of Wienacht. Just before Christmas, Santa and elves bring life to the village and attract tourists from all over the world.

Many other resorts have a traditional Christmas market, offering unique gifts and handiworks to the visitors. They are nicely positioned on the wooden stalls, and after choosing them, you can taste warm snacks and enjoy the mulled wine. There is usually a festive brass band to keep the merriment going.

A traditional fondue perfectly matches the Christmas spirit just like putting on the ice skates on your way to an ice rink that beams with lights! Switzerland for Christmas will be fun for everyone, age 3-103!

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Winter Ice skating

In the capital of Switzerland, there is a special skating atmosphere right in front of the Parliament building and by the lake in Lucerne.

Each winter in Interlaken the gigantic ‘Ice-Magic‘ complex comes to life.

Most alpine resorts offer an ice rink, and you can also try natural ice rinks at Caux (close to Montreux), Bever (close to St. Moritz), and Davos.

Switzerland holidays on winter excursions

Winter scenery in Switzerland will definitely be in the top 5 sights you have witnessed in your entire life! You can take an excursion and marvel at the most popular sites that will have an additional appeal under the white powder.

For a scenic cruise down the stunning lakes, boats are operating in winter, too. You can travel up to the Jungfraujoch to see the magnificent Aletsch Glacier, or Pilatus, and Mount Rigi.

If you choose to visit Geneva during the winter, don’t miss the opportunity to take a scenic ride on the Cheese Train, and enjoy the shift of magical landscapes.

Spas and wellnesses for winter holidays

Switzerland is famous for its relaxation centers and it preserves a reputation of a country for taking rest and having a decent recuperation.

In each resort, you will find a good spa and wellness facilities. Some of them offer ‘quiet rooms’ with loungers that capture beautiful winter landscapes. Just imagine how soothing would be to have a relaxing evening in that environment and after skiing all day! Your sore muscles will be regenerated and you will sleep like a baby afterward.

3. Summer holidays in Switzerland

Many people associate Switzerland with winter vacation, ice, and snow. However, summer holidays in Switzerland are nothing less fascinating. Pleasant sunny weather and green hills decorated with flowers give some of the most outstanding views.

Turquoise lakes and numerous hiking trails offer so much fun during each day of the summer.

Swiss Alps summer vacation

The Swiss Alps are known worldwide for their fascinating delights. Summer in the mountains arrives a little bit later – somewhere in the mid-Jun when the snow turns into mountain streams around which beautiful flowers start to blossom.

Vast green meadows under the blue sky will steal everyone’s attention. You will be delighted to see Swiss cows grazing in their slow-motion manner.

An impeccable Swiss network of trains and cable cars provides a detailed exploration of nature and its hidden charms. There are mountain restaurants at the summit stations where you can freshen up with cool drinks and have a delicious meal enjoying in a beautiful panorama. Along the walking trails you can find smaller restaurants known as ‘hütte’.

To have a perfect summer holiday in Switzerland, we highly recommend the following places: St. Moritz, Zermatt, Arosa, Grindelwald, Davos, Saas-Fee, Wengen, Kandersteg, Villars, Klosters, Adelboden, Pontresina, and Mürren.

You’ll find yourself in the center of winter paradise wherever you choose to go for Switzerland holidays.

Summer holidays in Switzerland by the lakeshore

Summer by the lake cannot be compared with anything! Just imaging the color spectrum – sunrays dancing on the surface of clear turquoise water, penetrating deep to the bottom, discovering the clear ground. Such a scenic spot will be a blessing for your eyes! This is one of the reasons people choose Switzerland holidays.

In the summer months, lakes boast higher temperatures than the mountains. The hotter weather allows you to enjoy numerous outdoor activities such as having a lovely afternoon stroll on the promenade, hiking on lakeside trails, and swimming in the waters.

When having a summer holiday on the lake, do not miss taking a cruise down the lake and exploring towns and villages on its shores. Older paddle steamers and newer tourist boats will carry you down the lake, allowing you to make stops and meet some of the impressive villages. Or you can stay on board and have a lovely meal while watching the majestic landscapes glide by.

We highly recommend visiting the following lakes in Switzerland that will surely mesmerize you with their beauty: Brienz, Thun, Lucerne, Blausee, Lugano, Spiez, Brunnen, Vevey, Ascona, Montreux, Bönigen, and so much more.

The summer holidays in Switzerland will be a blast for everyone. Even fashionistas and art lovers will find entertainment there, along with nature lovers who will indulge themselves in stunning lakeshores.

Summer holidays in Switzerland for hiking

Hiking in Switzerland during the summer holiday is an utter bliss: fresh air, magnificent scenery embellished with delicate flowers over green meadows, and side paths that spread in endless directions.

In fact, the Swiss hiking trail network covers 65,000 km of land! This sounds quite unbelievable, but you have to visit Switzerland in person and see with your own eyes. There are paths adopted for everyone – families, wheelchairs, couples, and all levels of difficulty.

Taking a walk while soaking up the snowcapped peaks that frame crystal-clear lakes will be an unforgettable experience. Thanks to a highly effective transport network, you can reach your starting point easily.

If you are taking this seriously, numerous itineraries will guide your walk from one resort to another, and transfer your luggage, too.

Summer holidays among Swiss gardens

Summer holidays in Switzerland are blessed by an explosion of colors embroidered in vivid flowers that blossom fast in the warm weather.

Meadows are full of life with alpine flowers, shrubs, and herbs. Subtropical gardens from Locarno look over endless lines of opulent vineyards beside Lake Geneva.

The beautiful gardens of Thun’s Schadau Castle and the Rose Garten in Bern will fascinate you! Botanical alpine gardens lie at Schatzalp near Davos and Schynige Platte near Interlaken.

6 Ricola herb show gardens at Zermatt will give you the chance to find out how the blend of 13 herbs goes into the famous sweets. These gardens can be found in Nenzlingen, on Trogberg mountain, in Kandersteg, Zermatt, and Pontesina.

In summer, most towns and resorts nurture rich and dazzling displays in their centers, inviting tourists to spend their holiday in their colorful environment.

4. How much is a holiday to Switzerland?

According to other travelers’ experience, Switzerland holidays per day will be around $218 (€182) on an average basis. They spent around $47 (€39) for daily meals, and $29 (€24) on local transportation.

The average hotel price for couples is around $258 (€216), which means that holidays in Switzerland for two for a week will be around $3,057 (€2,560).

Let’s put it down to this:

  • A week for a solo traveler will be around $1,642 (€1,377)
  • A week for a couple will be around $2,423 (€2,032)
  • A week for a family of four will be around $3,125 (€2,621)

Accommodation at hotels will range from $80 (€67) to $374 (€314) per night with an average of $144 (€120).

Most other rentals will cost $180 (€151) to $510 (€428) per night for the entire home.

The cost of flights for economy class per person will be around $685 (€575) and $1,003 (€842), while the cost for the first class will be around $2,151 (€1,806) to $3,149 (€2,656).

Without any doubt, Switzerland can be a very expensive destination to travel to. When you consider all together – travel costs, lodging, and dinners at restaurants, it may seem like you will need to sell your kidney to cover all the expenses.

Nonetheless, when you do some preparations in advance, you can reduce a significant amount of unnecessary expenses. So, don’t be lazy – do some research before the trip, and after experiencing the Swiss charms, you will be certain that it was worth it.

Why is Switzerland so expensive?

One of the reasons why Switzerland is so expensive is because the taxes can be quite high. You can pay a substantial amount of money based on the state you live in. Therefore, people usually choose the state to live in on the ground of taxes they can afford.

There are some areas with quite reasonable taxes, possibly lower than most other areas in Europe. For example, Zug has low tax rates that can be only 3 percent for an income tax.

But if you investigate one town, you will find out that the taxes can be as much as twenty percent higher.

If you want to buy a house in Switzerland, it is crucial to pay attention to the taxes.

But, what is great about Switzerland is the quality of what you get for your money.

The good news is that Switzerland’s holidays are worth every penny. Many will remember a holiday there as exorbitant, but still, in the end, Switzerland will compensate you with its endless beauty.

You may come for various winter and summer activities, but you will stay for the warm welcome, luxury, and comfort. Once in a lifetime we should all treat ourselves with such experience, you surely deserve it.

Is Switzerland really beautiful?

It is not enough to say that Switzerland is beautiful – it is outrageously beautiful! Despite the red color on its flag, the main color that dominates in this heaven on the Earth is blue.

In summer, the fresh turquoise water of impressive lakes runs clearly and reflects the bright blue sky. Cruising downtowns and villages while seeing the bottom of almost every lake will be a blast!

In winter, Switzerland will mesmerize you with rolling hills and snow stretching all over the horizon. You will get the feeling as you have just stepped into winter Narnia fairy-tale landscapes.

Intact nature isn’t the only thing that will impress you there, exquisite architecture in the Swiss cities will certainly draw your attention. While Zurich merges traditional and innovative, Lucerne has an older, more vintage, and romantic vibe.

We mentioned two main seasons for alpine resorts and lakes, but autumn is perhaps the most beautiful time of year for a holiday to one of the Swiss towns and cities.

In that period, cities are even more vivid and colorful, you’ll enjoy even if you just wander through the shops in the old town. Art lovers will be fascinated with world-class museums, galleries, and foodies will be blown away by Swiss culinary delights.

Strolling down the promenades will be ideal since the temperature is more pleasant in the autumn, and the parks and squares will have all shades of colors that will be the perfect background for your Instagram photos.

All in all, whatever time of the year you choose for your Switzerland holiday, you cannot ignore the tremendous beauty it has to offer to everyone. Each member of your family will find something impressive to do there, and you will come back home with unforgettable experiences.



All in all, Switzerland is a true masterpiece of mother nature. Starting from the glorious Alps to beautiful lakes, and meadows, it stands as a true testament to the beauty of our planet. In the land of chocolate, cheese, and wine you will most certainly have a fairytale vacation. You can sit down and relax taking in beautiful scenery or go and explore. It is up to you. One thing is for certain, the first time you visit this country will not be your last.

It will put a spell on you and make you want to come back over and over again. As a souvenir, you can take a piece of cheese, exquisite chocolate, or a world-famous Swiss watch. More importantly, you will bring back amazing memories and a feeling of connection with the nature we all yearn for. Every picture you take will be like those on the postcards, you would not have to add any filter to it since nature, in all its glory, does not need editing.

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