The 5 Best Locksmiths in Edmonton – Best in Edmonton (2022)

By Oliver Tremblay

There are so many situations when you may need the best locksmiths in Edmonton.

Sometimes the lock on your doors breaks. Sometimes, you lose keys and don’t have a spare one.

Or even worse, someone’s broken in while you were away and you need to change locks for safety measures.

Don’t worry about a thing, in any case, because we’re here to give you a list of the best locksmiths in Edmonton. They can help you deal with all of those situations and more!

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1. Omega Locksmith

The 5 Best Locksmiths in Edmonton – Best in Edmonton (1)

BEST FOR Emergency Services
PRODUCTS Commercial Locksmith
Residential Locksmith
Automotive Locksmith
Unlock Car Door
Key Cutting
ADDRESS102-2915 Ellwood Dr SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0B1
CONTACT DETAILSEdmonton 780-577-1764

Omega Locksmith can now be your one stop shop for all lock repair needs. What makes them stand out from their competitors is their 24/7 emergency lockout assistance throughout the Edmonton.

Aside from this, they are one of the few companies that can make spare keys for your car locks even if the original one got misplaced or stolen. This is because theyhave the right technology & machinery to cut and program your keyless locks at an affordable cost.

We prefer them over other companies since from traditional to digital locks and keyless system, their licensed lock technicians in Edmonton deliver high quality key replacements and rekeying service. Ideally, they can copy, repair, and cut keys for different make and model of car locks.

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Regarding their commercial services, they can serve Office Buildings, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Schools, Government Offices, Hospitals, Small Businesses, and Industrial Premises. We still favor them because no matter, how big or small your office is, they are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to repair and replace the worn-out locks with the new ones.

Unfortunately, their specific prices are not on their website. However, it is stated that you may get their service from as low as $49.00 only!


  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Technicians have years of experience and skill development
  • Responds quickly
  • Estimated time of arrival is 15 minutes

Customer Reviews

Here are reviews made by their grateful customers:

These guys are amazing! Came out fast to help me outside of the city where a few other places who were closer wouldn’t come… I recommend them completely! The guy was kind and polite, and he stayed until he fixed the lock completely. More work than anticipated as someone else gerryrigged it in the first place… And It was on a Sunday! Mother’s Day. Thank you so much for helping!”

“Omega is great! Dana (super friendly and professional) come out on a Sunday evening and made a new key for our vehicle… the pouring rain. The cost was on par, if not better, than every other company who quoted me for regular business hours! This will be the only company I use when I’m dumb enough to lose the the keys again! Highly recommend Omega Locksmiths.”

2. Edmonton Lock & Safe

The 5 Best Locksmiths in Edmonton – Best in Edmonton (2)
BEST FOR Residential and Commercial Locks, Rekeying,
PRODUCTS Residential and Commercial Locks, Safes
ADDRESS7211 104 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6E 4B8
OPERATING HOURS8:00-5:00 (Mon-Fri)

Edmonton Lock & Safe is dedicated to top-quality service, with locksmiths specialising in high security. They offer high-security options, as well as the latest in keyless entry.

With over 43 years of service, they’re veterans in the locksmithing industry, and also stay up to date with security risks. Edmonton Lock & Safe makes sure everything is done efficiently and quickly.

They also provide a 24-hour emergency service for those who get mistakenly locked out of their homes in the late hours. It’s no wonder they’re in our list of the best locksmiths in Edmonton.


  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Industry veteran
  • Provides safe moving services

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Edmonton Lock & Safe:

One of the Reason’s I Love this Company, because it is one of the Few Truly Family run Companies still operating in Edmonton!

They are thriving and provide Excellent Customer Service!

I hope to see more Companies like this in Edmonton, and surrounding areas!

-Matt S., Yelp

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My lock broke and I couldn’t get into my house. I called Edmonton Lock & Safe and they arrived in less than 40 minutes! Troy was very friendly, professional, and efficient. He changed my lock, upgraded it to a residential lock, and set it so I could keep my key. As my initial locks on the door were not properly installed, he fixed that too! My door and locks are now functioning better than before!

The service was phenomenal and the price was very competitive (significantly less than Lock Surgeon). I would definitely recommend this gem of a local company!

-Christie D., Yelp

3. All Lock Rescue

The 5 Best Locksmiths in Edmonton – Best in Edmonton (3)
BEST FOR Locksmithing, Key Extraction and Repair
PRODUCTS Broken Key Extraction, Automotive Services
ADDRESS11709 170 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5M 3W7
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 447-5625 |
OPERATING HOURS9:00-5:30 (Mon-Fri)

All Lock offers lock repair services to both residential and commercial clientele. If it has to do with new locks, lock repair or door repair, Lock Surgeon can handle it.

They also offer a 10% discount to AMA members (get it by showing your membership card)!

Aside from a 24-hour service, they also offer an array of products that ensure your security. They also offer roadside automotive lock and key services to AMA members, so if you’re an AMA member, they’re probably the best locksmiths in Edmonton.


  • Locally-owned and -operated
  • Great customer service
  • 24-hour emergency services

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about All Lock Rescue:

Awesome guys. I was able to message them a picture of my mailbox lock and they found one in their inventory. I picked it up and didn’t check the size exactly but it didn’t fit.

I came back and they found another one for me and filed it down to match. Really helpful folks!

-Gezim H.,Yelp

These guys are dependable and honest. Something I seriously appreciate. They provided keys for my condo building and with them being high security keys they require id and an authorized person for any keys needed which makes me feel very comfortable knowing my home is secure. Will always choose this company for my building.

-No N., Yelp

4. Royal Lock & Key

The 5 Best Locksmiths in Edmonton – Best in Edmonton (4)
BEST FOR Rekey and Recut
ADDRESS3215 97 Street Edmonton, AB T6N 1B7
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 435-5352
OPERATING HOURS8:30-5:30 (Mon-Fri)

Started as a small hobby of the owner until it expanded into a business, Royal Lock & Key prides itself on being the best locksmiths in Edmonton to re-cut-and re-key residential and automotive locks.

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They provide security custom-designed for your building, from planning to installation and maintenance. Interestingly enough, they also have a barbershop in front of their key store… so maybe you can get your hair cut while having your keys cut at the same time.


  • Automotive services
  • Friendly staff
  • Low fees

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Royal Lock & Key:

We ran into a situation with a little personal safe that we keep our travel documents in. Took it in and they resolved the issue with no problems whatsoever. Bookmarked and will recommend to all

-Susan B., Yelp

These Guys are Awesome, They are very Friendly and easy to deal with and give me options. Unlike other lock & door people they do not charge to come out and give an estimate. We needed a new door on our commercial property and Royal Lock and Key was $1000.00 less then the place that charged us $150 for the estimate and we got a solid steel commercial door. Very happy with their service and knowledge of the staff. Have used them on numerous occasions since. Highly recommend them.

– Petra S., Yelp

5. Alberta Lock Solid

The 5 Best Locksmiths in Edmonton – Best in Edmonton (5)
BEST FOR Residential and Commercial Service
ADDRESS9816 – 51 Ave. Edmonton AB, T6E 0A6
OPERATING HOURS8:00-5:00 (Mon-Fri) 10:00-4:00 (Sat)

Alberta Lock Solid provides residential, commercial, mobile, and automotive services. They have expert technicians who are trained in all aspects of installing locks and replacing hardware.

They also have a showroom for their various products for all your security needs, such as gun safes, keyless entry systems, and several types of padlocks.


  • Showroom for products
  • Mobile services
  • 1-year warranty on products

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Albert Lock Solid:

I’ve had some keys cut and bought a couple locks here. The staff always seem like it’s making their day to be able to help me and are great at educating someone who doesn’t quite know what they need. Great job guys:)

-Shelby O., Yelp

I just had a locksmith change the keyless entry lock on one door and the code on the other door. I don’t think I have ever met a more friendly or accommodating service man in my lifetime. This man’s name is Niv but they are all fantastic.

-Dawn A., Yelp

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6. Dial Locksmith

The 5 Best Locksmiths in Edmonton – Best in Edmonton (6)
BEST FOR Forced Entry Specialisation
ADDRESS10771 101 St NW Edmonton, AB T5H 2S5
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 420-6664 | [emailprotected]
OPERATING HOURS8:00-5:30 (Mon-Fri) 9:00-3:00 (Sat)

Specialising in forced entry security, Dial Locksmith does break-in repairs, complete locksmith services, and security assessments to make sure your home, business, or car is safe from burglary.

They have computer-dispatched mobile units in case of an emergency service due to a break in. Consultation on security measures, whether residential or commercial, is usually given to their customers.


  • Largest selection of key patterns in Alberta
  • Corporate and residential security consulting
  • Preventative forced entry specialists

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Dial Locksmith to explain why it’s among the best locksmiths in Edmonton:

I am so pleased with the level of customer service and security knowledge that the SafeWorld staff have , I would highly recommend anyone to shop at this locksmith shop. Not only were all my safe needs met but also some that I was not even aware of . The prices were the best I had found , the security knowledge I gained , the inventory was the best in the city and I got triple air miles by using my credit card. The care that was taken with delivery and installation was exceptional. I would highly recommend anyone investigating the purchase of a safe or security concerns to contact SafeWorld.

SRudko Edmonton Alberta

-S R., Yelp

Needed a portable safe opened (a dear friend passed away and I was the estate’s executor) and I didn’t have the key. Dropped in late afternoon but was told to return first thing in the AM before their servicemen were dispatched which I did the next day. I couldn’t just leave the safe behind as I didn’t know what was inside and was instructed by my attorney not to (turned out to be sensitive and confidential content but with no monetary value). Owner seemed offended by that, but since he didn’t even introduce himself, I don’t think my request to wait for it was unrealistic nor unusual. Front desk staff were all great to deal with and showed compassion for what was a difficult time.

Very reasonably priced, knowledgeable and helpful staff and fast service… With a cranky boss.

-Philippe R., Yelp

We hope you found our list of the best locksmiths in Edmonton to be helpful for your security needs.

Did we miss some quality services from this list? Hit us up if so, and we’ll update the article accordingly.

And remember that you can take a look at our other home handyman roundups for Edmonton! For example, we’ve done a list of the providers of the best furnace repair in Edmonton already.


How do locksmiths verify? ›

Ownership is typically verified by asking for and checking a valid photo ID, such as a driving licence or by checking a bill showing the name and address of the property. If you don't have any identification to prove your ownership or residency, it's likely the service will be refused.

Do locksmiths charge a call out fee? ›

London Locksmith Hourly Prices

Again most reputable locksmiths will not charge a call out fee, rather the labour charge will be higher. The cost of hiring a locksmith in London may be slightly more expensive than elsewhere in the UK due to charges the locksmith has to pay such as congestion and parking charges.

Why should I hire a professional locksmith? ›

A professional and experienced locksmith can resolve your lock and key problems perfectly and quickly. They have the experience and the expertise required to handle all sorts of lock and key services. So, having a professional locksmith will save you a lot of time.

How do I find a good locksmith near me? ›

Finding A Professional Locksmith
  1. Recommendations. Check out Googles comments for Locksmiths in your city as well as asking your friends for their recommendations. ...
  2. Choose A Full Service Locksmith. ...
  3. Compare Prices. ...
  4. Research A Local Locksmith. ...
  5. Locksmith Response Speed. ...
  6. Work Only With A Locksmith Who Is Licensed.

How do I know if my locksmith is real? ›

The best way to know whether a locksmith is trustworthy is to research them in advance. Call them, ask them detailed questions, and check their reviews. Once you find a reputable locksmith who checks off all the boxes, save them in your phone for future use. In the meantime, practice proper door lock maintenance.

How do locksmiths know its your home? ›

Many documents verify a person's residency: drivers license, gas bill, electric bill, emails, car registration and more. If they fail to produce verification they can lock and close the door. Then call the police and let them sort it out.

Does locksmith ask for proof of ownership? ›

How do locksmiths verify that it's your house? Professional locksmiths will ask you to provide them with valid ID and/or proof of ownership of the property in question. In many cases, both will be required.

How does calling a locksmith work? ›

  1. Locksmith Request. You know your problem and you know which locksmith you want to hire. ...
  2. Dispatch. The company's home office will contact the manager for the area you are in. ...
  3. Update. Once the technician is dispatched, that technician will call the customer. ...
  4. Assessment. ...
  5. Locksmithing. ...
  6. Payment. ...
  7. Conclusion.
29 Jul 2015

Do locksmiths have to change locks? ›

Most locksmiths recommend replacing the lock if you lost your key for security issues. If your home or business has locks that are keyed alike you would have to replace every lock.

How much does a door lock cost? ›

You'll pay from $40 to $300 to buy a new door lock, depending on design, materials, and whether it's a simple key-in-knob lock or a high-end lock-and-handle combo with smart technology features. Professional locksmith installation can add another $80 to $200, depending on the complexity of the lock.

How much does a local locksmith cost? ›

Locksmith Cost Calculator
National Average$158
Typical Range$98 - $218
Low End - High End$50 - $395

How many types of door locks are there? ›

The deadbolt lock comes in three primary types of door locks, namely single deadbolt lock, double deadbolt lock, and vertical deadbolt lock. This single cylinder deadbolt lock has the simplest mechanism it can be activated from one side with a key.

How do I find a locksmith for my car? ›

5 Effective Tips For Choosing The Perfect Auto Locksmith
  1. Ask for recommendations from people around you. ...
  2. Always choose a local auto locksmith from the area. ...
  3. Always ask for a cost estimate. ...
  4. Check if your insurance covers this. ...
  5. Look for a licensed locksmith.
24 May 2019

Is locksmith a noun? ›

locksmith noun - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced American Dictionary at

Can locksmiths be trusted? ›

One of the easiest ways to determine the trustworthiness of a locksmith is asking to see some accreditation. All good locksmiths should have professional accreditation to a recognized locksmith organization, such as the Society of Professional Locksmiths (SOPL) or the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA).

How does a locksmith unlock a door? ›

Trained locksmiths can pick your door lock with lock-picking tools such as a rake, a tension wrench, a half diamond or a hook. They may use a technique called bumping, which will work on pin tumbler locks, or as a last resort they may use a drill to remove your existing lock.

Do locksmiths take credit cards? ›

Credit cards are avoided by scammers because they are easier to trace. Any reputable locksmith will be able to take credit, debit or cash payment from customers.

Can a locksmith open a locked door? ›

Yes, a locksmith can open your lock without damaging it, most locksmiths use a non-destructive way to open your door to enter the property ensuring no damage is done to the lock or door.

What is one of the most common locksmith tasks? ›

Locksmiths can cut keys for locks in residential and commercial buildings, vehicles, safes, windows, etc. Locksmiths are able to provide, service, and repair window and door locks, two of the most common types of locks for residential and commercial use.

What is another word for locksmith? ›

Locksmith synonyms

In this page you can discover 4 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for locksmith, like: tradesman, glazier, electrician and plumber.

Who is a locksmith? ›

: a person who makes or repairs locks.

Is it cheaper to buy new locks or rekey? ›

Due to the extremely low price of the key pins in the locks, rekeying is almost always much cheaper than getting your locks changed. When rekeying your locks, you are only being charged for the labor, whereas when you get your locks changed, you're paying both for labor and parts.

Is it cheaper to rekey lock or replace lock? ›

Rekeying your lock is almost always cheaper than replacing a lock. This is because of the cheaper price of the key pins inside the locks, whereas when you replace a lock, you are paying for all brand-new parts.

What exactly to you mean by rekeying? ›

Definition of rekey

transitive verb. 1 : to key (something) again There's no sense in rekeying data that you already have in your computer.— Richard O. Mann. 2 : to provide (something) with a new key rekeyed the house/room/door You can take your lock and key to a locksmith and have them rekey it, making it unique. —

What is the most secure lock for a front door? ›

Deadbolt door locks are the most secure type of key lock and are usually used on a home's exterior door. Available in single- and double-cylinder styles, deadbolts are rated according to their strength from Grade 1 to Grade 3.

Which door locks are the best? ›

Top 10 Door Lock Brands in India
  • Ozone.
  • Godrej.
  • Dorset.
  • Yale.
  • Milano.
  • Atom.
  • Spider.
  • IPSA.
16 Sept 2022

How do you lock a door from the inside without a lock? ›

In a pinch, a simple fork can be used to temporarily lock a door that inwardly opens. To secure the door, bend the tines of the fork so that the tips of the tines fit into the door latch and the rest of the fork can comfortably remain in the gap between the door and the doorframe when the door is closed.

How much do keys cost? ›

Basic Door or Car Key

Basic door or car keys are the cheapest and easiest keys to copy, usually costing between $1 to $4. Key blanks are widely available, and many hardware, home improvement, and big-box stores have the equipment to make a key copy in a few minutes.

How much does it cost to replace a lock? ›

According to HomeAdvisor, a professional locksmith charges an hourly fee between $50 and $100 to change a lock, or $75 per hour on average.

How much does it cost to make a house key at Walmart? ›

Key duplication is beyond affordable! The cost for key duplication ranges from $2 to $12 at Walmart, depending on the type of key you need to make, and the duplicate key type you choose.

How much does a spare car key cost UK? ›

The average cost to replace a lost or stolen car key in the UK is now around £320 (up from £260 in 2018).

How long does it take to cut a key? ›

How long does it take to cut a key? A professional locksmith can accurately duplicate a standard key in just a few minutes. Duplicating a more complicated key can take up to 25 minutes.


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