The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (2022)

Just moved in and would like to change your locks? Want extra car keys? Or perhaps you only want to find some cool electronic keypads. In any event, we can assist! Here in The Flying Locksmiths, we focus in a broad range of locking mechanisms. It is possible to buy your locks from us, or buy them yourself and let us install! We try to accommodate your schedule as best as we can and will give you right over the telephone. So, give us a try! We promise to deliver exceptional function for a price that is reasonable. No gimmicks or games.


The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (1)

#1 Gunter Thenhaus Sat, 06/08/2019 - 14:53

They are professional and they treat you like the way that they would like to get handled. Though they could not do the work they could advise that you call the business that sold you the part or the manufacture and inform you up front. If need a locksmith, would try again.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (2)

#2 M. P. Wed, 05/22/2019 - 13:44

When I bought my new company I called the Flying Locksmith to appear and change all the locks and also had an issue with a push release door that I couldn't figure out. They came out friendly and quickly and were able to fix the door. I highly suggest them.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (3)

#3 Bara Montjoy Tue, 10/29/2019 - 10:41

Up to now for 24 hour crisis service....called around noon on a Sunday since we locked ourselves out of our flat....was told the soonest they could come was involving regular business hours Monday.

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The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (4)

#4 Shirlee S. Sun, 06/03/2018 - 18:17

They did a great job! Fast service and pleasant person! The guy was very professional and came on time.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (5)

#5 Bearnard Balcazar Mon, 04/23/2018 - 23:24

If You've Got a locksmith job, big or small The Flying Locksmiths is your best decision you can make
Ray and his team are fantastic. We had to have our company re-keyed as well as The Flying Locksmiths managed to supply service and the best price. The team that arrived in our office could finish the job in 1 day with no impact on our daily operations and worked. Ray and his team are available for follow up questions and could correct all of the problems we had with what we had with fitting different manufacturer components.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (6)

#6 D. S. Tue, 01/09/2018 - 03:53

This company charged me $10.00 for the liberty of buying a little section from them. A minor problem with a safety gate lock ended up costing me $186.00! Before I hire a different locksmith as to me, I will definitely shop around a little, those charges seem somewhat excessive for such work that is easy.
I had this company come to my company to check at a lock onto a safety gate which was loose. To their credit, they showed up when they said they would and did the job which I expected them to do. My surprise was when I got their invoice. Not only was I billed a $95.00 service call charge (likely common in this company ), a $75.00 labor charge (for 20 minutes of work) but there was a $10.00"supplies charge" seemingly for the $5.95 part that was required to complete the repair.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (7)

#7 S. Warzybok Thu, 09/14/2017 - 16:06

It is tough to discover a locksmith to your company. The locksmith is really the most effective locksmith in the Boston region. They are fast friendly frank come in cars that are marked. They therefore are educated in their field and use the parts that are best. I will truly never use anybody else for my business.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (8)

#8 K. Cray Wed, 10/18/2017 - 16:08

The Flying Locksmiths Would Be the Very Best in the business. They really professional and seemed to be willing to assist me they could when our business was needing keyless entrance for much better safety. The installation was easy and we feel considerably safer.

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The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (9)

#9 Alena Bannan Tue, 09/13/2016 - 06:30

What I am about to write seems quite similar to other testimonials - so buyer beware, you're better off going with a different company if you value your own time. I achieved into The Flying Locksmiths via their online chat function. I achieved via the function, when it came time to schedule an appointment. I requested to be the appointment on a Tuesday. The rep answering chat (whom I will not name out of respect) affirmed I'd be the first place, involving 8-9am. However, we will take for first cease!" A day prior to the appointment, I once again achieved via chat to confirm and was told"Yes, you are still scheduled to the first stop of the day as of right now! It'll be involving 8-9am and we will also call you on the road!"
Long story short, I just made an appointment with A A Better Locksmith from Pawtucket, RI. They were easy to address and so are committing to some weekend time (Something Flying Locksmith will not do, not unless you pay for an emergency/extra charge).
I was then contacted via email by precisely the exact same rep that originally helped me put up the appointment, who proceeded to inform me that she was"Sorry I felt this way" and"I explained to you and once again after that we would call you about the best way to avoid any confusion. Good luck with whoever you end up using, and have a fantastic day." I showed screen grabs of our original conversation where she affirmed 8-9am and she didn't get it to this rep. I think they think saying"We will call you on the way" is their solution to escape from any time dedication.
Because of screwed over by Flying Locksmiths I am feeling, I am going out of my way to write this extended review. 4 hours of my life wasted on waiting for them. Terrible communicating, customer support that is terrible. . .avoid them. I will make certain none of family or my friends ever use this company. What's a shame I recalled seeing the van with all the man on a secret on top driving round the south shore of Massachusetts. That humorous van could make me grin, and they had been when I needed a locksmith of. I would happen to be if I would have known how disappointed.
As I don't work close to my property I needed to square things off with work. Around 9am, I phoned and was told"You should not have been told you were the first place, there is someone ahead of you, and the owners have the capability to maneuver around times to how they see fit. . .right now somebody is scheduled to come out to you between 930-1130." Annoyed by this, wait, and I thanked the woman and went to wait , and wait. Around I known as no one had achieved to say they had been on the road. This time another person answered the phone and told me I was next, but the tech was working on another project and was approximately 20 miles off. . .definitely wasn't likely to be there until 11:30. Frustrated by the lack of respect for my time and the fact that I affirmed they'd be there between 8-9 UNLESS there was an emergency, I chose to cancel the appointment.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (10)

#10 Jone Tobon Thu, 06/22/2017 - 19:22

I called them cause my dog was locked in my sack. The telephone was answered fairly quickly and I told the lady who answered the phone what was happening and she asked me to get my zip code... I told her and she looked for an available technician in my place.... About a 3 minutes hold time and she came back and stated that there were not any techs offered but she was going to transfer me to someone who was about to give me a referral to someone else... ok that was also fine. A couple minute hold and some guy with an accent came on the line who was nice and considerate told me that he didnt have some techs avaiable in my place and he was going to give me a number to pop up a lock and they'd take good care of me. I requested him to continue for a sec while I discovered a pen. I found one and said to proceed with the number... he gave it to me and upon me studying it straight back for comfirmation he explained that he was going to call instead to make certain they took good care of me.... Ok I stated.... Okay although a lil strange. He placed me on a different short hold then connected me to someone named paige who took down my address and number and said they'd have someone in my home within 30-45 minutes.... I now know why he wanted to link me straight... it was so I wouldnt be able to go along with reasearch the comapny.... The soda a lock tek came. Fast for a single company to become super reserved and another to look like they had nothing to do. Anyhow he was here no longer than five minutes.... He stuck a friggen pioece of plastic in my doorway and it appeared open... I moved into check on my dog and find a check novel while he travelled to get the bill.... He comes $95 dollars please.... Now im not the kind to say anything to someine about the price of anything.... I dont enjoy confriontation nor do I like to look like im cheap.... So I wrote the test. Idk how much the ones that are flying would have cost me I dont believe I have ever been so ripped off in my entire life. So much for being taken care of. Thanks dude with the accent. Next time im going to pay one of those that promote $15 dollar providers.... ironic...

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (11)

#11 Radbun E. Sat, 05/08/2010 - 07:29

Friendly staff provide suggestions to make conclusions and are helpful.
Reasonable rates.
On the several times there they are professional and accommodating.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (12)

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#12 A. M. Fri, 06/17/2011 - 03:00

By explaining to me why I didn't require a new lock, they saved me money. On one of the doorways, even though this is what I asked for
They were awesome. I phoned up, easy to handle. The man was very professional. I would use them again.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (13)

#13 U. K. Fri, 05/31/2013 - 17:15

I have utilized the Flying Locksmiths at Randolph and they were great - but it has been a few years. The elderly staff - who might not be there - were excellent as well as customer-focused. The young guys manning the shop now are pathetic and unworthy. Their demeanor and attitude is anything but customer friendly (much like you're making their life hard than they're serving a client ). Went in to get a key fob replacement - was crystal clear cleaar about it on the phone and in person and they did was cut me a secret (not a replacement key fob) and wanted to charge me $75 - after himming and hawing about how hard a job it might be. Very unprofessional, these clowns can not do anything longer than cut a secret. Zero zero client listening skills, customer support, and horrible attitudes. Do not squander your time - they are njo than Lowes or Home Depot.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (14)

#14 A. M. Wed, 07/15/2015 - 19:28

The technician was fantastic, the cost wasn't. It never crossed my mind that rekeying 4 cores would cost more than replacing 2 deadbolts and a knob, although I wish I'd asked for a quote before having them come out! If the hardware can be changed by you than don't waste your time and money here. I could have purchased all hardware mentioned previously for $120 at the hardware store, but somehow rekeying that the four cores cost me $175!

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (15)

#15 P. Ferugson Mon, 08/03/2015 - 19:07

I'd just purchased my first house. I frantically looked for a locksmith. I contacted a well-known company (The Flying Locksmith) however their professionalism was null and void. I'd read negative reviews on Yelp that I took into account. I scheduled an appointment at 3p and got a telephone at 9a to change the locks. The gentleman who called was extremely impolite. Upon calling they apologize for the confusion and I was advised I would be the second appointment the following day, they in fact didn't even reschedule and never arrived. That I received a telephone and once again I was being told by the gentleman they'd be at my house later. When I attempted to ask for a time frame he kept repeating like a broken record or like he was reading a script that they are a ceremony and he couldn't give me a time. I got a telephone and I said I'm canceling this order. I would never use them again or refer them to anybody.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (16)

#16 F. P. Tue, 02/10/2015 - 02:34

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The lock to our office had been freezing in the chilly weather and one of our employees snapped a key off in the lock. Flying Locksmiths came out the following day, yet for all of the effort they put into everything appears to be drilling the lock cylinder out and replacing it, we still struggled to lock the door once they had been here. As an additional benefit the lock appears like it had been hacked at with a hammer and select and the cylinder wiggles in and out. And now a key is stuck in the lock. I'd have expected the lock to work after paying to get support.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (17)

#17 C. Zapatas Wed, 07/30/2014 - 03:11

Nice people here spent a 1/2 hour serving me and didn't even charge me any money,they make you feel like family...

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (18)

#18 G. D. Thu, 08/04/2016 - 17:36

I called Flying Locksmiths in Randolph on Monday to get locks in my home re. We were having a problem with our rear door popping open when locked- that I wanted to have it repaired as soon as possible and I was being really worried by that. I had been told they'd be out that day or the next morning when I hadn't received a telephone and also to call back . Because I needed to be in work if they could give me a time period for another morning, I called to ask. I had been told we had been the first on the program for the morning and someone would be there at the latest by 9:30. Around 10:30 on Tuesday no one had called or showed up so I left a telephone call. A individual that was different told me that we were about the program for sometime after 1pm and they are not supposed to give time frames due to the fact that they have no idea when they'll have the ability to get for their next appointment. So seemingly customers are supposed to sit around their home all day waiting for a locksmith. I believe it's unacceptable as far as customer service goes. Even the cable company gives you a two hour time period. They should be working around the client's program, not the other way around! I called a 24 hour locksmith in Quincy who was quite professional and came to my home within the hour. I would never recommend the Flying Locksmiths in Randolph.

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (19)

#19 R. Byman Wed, 06/03/2015 - 03:20

It only boils down to the next question: how do you want to get treated? My wife told me she wanted me to create keys so I decided to do a comprehensive lock change where some of the others were, but I was not sure. We dwell in a building with high security locks so explain the particulars of my lock and I had to find a skilled locksmith. I began with the buildings Vendor - City Lock. Other than"have you got any clue how to conduct a company," I did not, so I hung up the telephone and did some study. That's when I found that the Flying Locksmith. Not only was their staff friendly on the telephone, the took the opportunity could handle the job. They scheduled an appointmentthey showed up on timethey had been beyond specialist, and their job was flawless. They took the opportunity to follow up and make sure I was satisfied. I've made the recommendation to the board of my building that we just use TFL heading forward. I would give these men 6 stars if it had been an option! Thank you TFL!

The Flying Locksmiths Randolph MA (20)

#20 H. M. Sun, 09/20/2009 - 18:13

Thanks Flying Locksmith. Friendly staff, great service and your reasonable prices make me a lifetime client.
Establish an appointment a couple of days ahead of time and called me a half hour. They came exactly on time and the technician worked hard to conserve the fixture!
They did conserve it as best as they can and gave me excellent advice about what I could do if I want to when (cause it is merely a matter of time) this thing totally falls apart.
I predicted the Flying Locksmiths looking for some help with lock and a door. I was interested in helping or restoring preserve the lock wanted a trusted, friendly locksmith which wouldn't cheat me - and I found one!

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