Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (2023)

A lot of the time, professional athletes have absolutely drop dead gorgeous girlfriends and wives. Who knows exactly why? Many cynical individuals would simply say that they make a lot of money, something that can be appealing to certain types of women, but there are several other factors. Professional athletes are often determined, in incredible shape, and hard-working – they have to be to put in enough hours in practice and the gym to excel on the field.

However, when you think of ripped professional athletes, NASCAR drivers aren’t exactly the first ones that come to mind. Sure, they have to be in reasonable shape – they can’t be too large to fit behind the steering wheel, or weigh the car down. But they don’t need a rippling six pack either. Despite this, many of them manage to snag pretty attractive wives and girlfriends who are happy to stand on the sidelines rooting them on.

Some of the WAGs are fairly young, recent college graduates just getting their start in their careers. Some are (of course) former or current models, as is the case with many professional athlete WAGs. Surprisingly, however, a lot of NASCAR WAGs have something pretty impressive going on outside of their husbands – one of the WAGs on this list is even a doctor.

The WAGs on this list are all very supportive of their husbands and boyfriends, giving positive quotes to the press and rooting them on, whether in a moment of triumph after winning a race or in a moment of frustration after coming a few seconds short. Let’s be honest, though – if these couples walked into an average room that wasn’t filled with NASCAR ascar fans, the women would likely get a little bit more attention. Sure, they’re not professional athletes (with the exception of number one on this list, who is a NASCAR driver herself!) but they’re gorgeous.

Here are 10 of the hottest NASCAR WAGs.

15 15. Taylor Walker (girlfriend of Austin Dillon)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (1)

Taylor Walker is a brunette bombshell who is frequently seen on the arm of driver Austin Dillon. Walker has a bit of a thing for athletes, as she was formerly linked to Florida Gators backup quarterback Will Grier. Her young age means she’s mostly done college-related work, such as her promo gigs for Walker has been with her NASCAR beau for around a year and the pair are still going strong.

14 14. Whitney Kay Scott (wife of Brian Scott)

If you’re not familiar with NASCAR, you might not know who Brian Scott is – but chances are, you’ll know who ‘the groom who recited his vows to his bride’s daughter’ is. That’s right – NASCAR racer Brian Scott was the adorable groom whose vows went viral. His bride at that ceremony? None other than Whitney Kay, now Scott. Before marrying, the couple dated for quite some time, and have two children in their family. Whitney is always on the sidelines rooting on her man, and looking pretty damn good doing it.

13 13. Jordan Fish (girlfriend of Denny Hamlin)

Former CharlotteBobcats dancer Jordan Fish first met driver Denny Hamlin at a game, while he was lounging courtside and she was shaking her thing out on the court. Years later, they met again, and eventually ended up dating. Fish even gave birth to Hamlin’s child, a daughter, about two years ago. Now, there have been some rumors of trouble in paradise lately – basically, the typical ‘pro athlete’ drama of potential cheating on the athlete’s part. However, neither party has made a definitive statement about not being together, so we can assume Hamlin is holding on to this hot mama – wouldn’t you?

12 12.Chandra Janway (wife of Jimmie Johnson)

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Jimmie Johnson is a pretty big name in the world of NASCAR, and he managed to snag a former model as his loving wife. Janway hails from Oklahoma, but before tying the knot with a NASCAR champ, she spent several years in New York City working for Wilhelmina, a huge modeling agency. While many models and former models find themselves paired with professional athletes, Janway seems to be very devoted to her hubby. While some wives of professional sports stars get sick of the constant time on the road, this former model loves it – when she spoke with Sporting News, she said that she loves going to fun cities and seeing her husband pursue his passion.

11 11. Connie Montoya (wife of Juan Pablo Montoya)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (3)

Marriages are tough in the world of professional sports – many athletes struggle to keep up their relationships at home, whether it be because they’re travelling too much or they’re led astray by the temptations on the road. The Montoyas have been married for over a decade – practically a century in pro athlete years. They met when she asked for his autograph. However, it soon became evident she wasn’t just an average fan, and they eventually began dating. They got married in 2002 and in the following years, remained in wedded bliss while Connie popped out three beautiful children.

10 10. Trisha Mears (wife of Casey Mears)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (4)

When she began dating driver Casey Mears, Trisha Mears was just another blonde bombshell on a professional athlete’s arm. However, it soon became apparent that the two were made for each other – they’re now married with two children. If you’re wondering how Mears stays in such great shape, just take a look at her social media accounts – on her Twitter, she proclaims she is a “fitness lover” and “organic nut.” She loves being active, whether it’s hiking with her family or spending some time at the gym. This supportive wifey also frequently takes herself and the kids on the road to watch dad zip around the track.

9 9. Ingrid Vandebosch-Gordon (wife of Jeff Gordon)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (5)

Jeff Gordon is one of the more identifiable names in NASCAR, but when he walks into a room with his wife, we bet that most of the attention goes towards her. In fact, Gordon recently announced that he’d be retiring from the racetrack, primarily to spend more time with his hot wife (okay, not in those words, but…). Vandebosch, a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, has maintained her swimsuit-ready figure throughout the years. The couple, who got married nearly a decade ago in 2006, have two children.

8 8. Sherry Pollex (girlfriend of Martin Truex Jr.)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (6)

Sherry Pollex didn’t get exposed to NASCAR when she started dating her longtime boyfriend Martin Truex Jr. – she actually met him while she was working for NASCAR, in the PR department. She’s also no stranger to fast cars and race tracks, as her father was PPC Racing owner Greg Pollex. The duo have been together for about a decade, and show no signs of becoming any less fond of one another. Pollex owns and operates a boutique in North Carolina and is incredibly involved in charity work, particularly with the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation, which she helped her other half found. Pollex has been battling ovarian cancer for the past little while, and Truex Jr. has been right there by her side – he knows a good woman when he’s got one.

7 7. Samantha Busch (wife of Kyle Busch)

Let’s be frank – Kyle Busch outkicked his coverage. His sexy Italian wife (born Samantha Sarcinella) was born in Indiana and met her future husband about seven years ago. They started out slow, with a long-distance relationship, and eventually tied the knot. While she’s happy to cheer on her husband, she’s also not just some beautiful bimbo on the sidelines – Mrs. Busch actually has a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. If you’re wondering how she got her physique, it’s simple – hard work and time at the gym. Busch, who worked as a fitness instructor in college, has a passion for fitness that keeps her looking great.

6 6. Lorra Podsiadlo Bowyer (wife of Clint Bowyer)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (7)

In the world of professional sports, many athletes will date their future wives for years before they finally tie the knot – Lorra Podsiadlo and Clint Bowyer were one of those couples. They finally got married in 2014 and this blonde bombshell shows up to many of Bowyer’s races. If he ever brags about being the athlete of the family, Lorra can throw it back to her college years – she was a lacrosse player at Nazareth College, and was in the top 10 leading scorers in Nazareth’s history.

5 5. Kate Downey-Edwards (wife of Carl Edwards)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (8)

Kate Downey-Edwards is a cute brunette who was born and raised in Missouri. She married NASCAR driver Carl Edwards in 2009, and the couple have two children together. So, is she just staying home in the nice WAG digs, taking care of her kids? Not exactly. Mrs. Downey-Edwards might prefer if you called her by her professional title – Dr. Downey-Edwards. That’s right – when she’s not cheering on her hubby at the track, this WAG is a working physician who treats patients with severe and traumatic brain injuries. Smart and sexy!

4 4. Brittany Logano (wife of Joey Logano)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (9)

This girl got bit by the NASCAR bug early – she attended her first race when she was only 6 years old. Turns out that early passion was a cute foreshadowing, as she ended up tying the knot with driver Joey Logano. The duo met at a skating rink owned by Brittany’s sister, and Mr. Romantic organized a pretty adorable proposal involving trees wrapped with lights and his future wife’s dream car. Mrs. Logano doesn’t mind schlepping out to all her hubby’s races, as she has a passion for travelling.

3 3.Kristen Yeley (wife of JJ Yeley)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (10)

If JJ Yeley ever got too sick for a race, he could always send in his wife Kristen – she managed to beat the other NASCAR wives competing in the 2014 Better Half Dash and zoom into first place. The Yeleys have an adorable daughter together, and any photo of the two shows that Kristen is definitely a devoted wife. Just take a look at her Twitter feed – it’s completely filled with NASCAR facts, racing retweets, encouragement for both her husband and other drivers… that’s a committed wifey! This blonde bombshell clearly loves the racing lifestyle. With a NASCAR racer for a father and a mother who loves all things racing (and by her constantly impressive performances in the Better Half Dash, someone who knows how to handle the wheel herself) who knows, maybe their daughter will turn out to be the next Danica Patrick.

2 2. Amy Reimann (girlfriend of Dale Earnhardt Jr.)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (11)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a pretty big name in the world of NASCAR, and he’s dated a lot of beautiful women. His current long-time girlfriend is certainly no different – she’s absolutely stunning. Amy Reimann, an interior designer, has been on the sidelines at Earnhardt Jr.’s races for years, even going so far as to participating in a race herself (not an actual one – she was one of the WAGs in the Better Half Charity race). She’s definitely not a girlfriend to be kept in the sidelines – she even joined him in a commercial for one of his sponsors, Mountain Dew. Reimann is also a pretty big fantasy football player, and one year even managed to finish higher than Earnhardt Jr. himself – that’s wife material.

1 1. Danica Patrick (girlfriend of Ricky Stenhouse Jr.)

Top 15 Hottest Nascar WAGs (12)

Who’s the hottest WAG for a NASCAR driver? Well, a gorgeous woman who is ALSO a driver! Danica Patrick, who made a lot of waves early in her career as a racer, has been with Stenhouse Jr. for about two years. They’re loving and respectful on date night, but on the track? All bets are off. Patrick wrote a piece for The Players Tribune last year, acknowledging that it is quite difficult to date someone in NASCAR as a driver herself. That’s the case for many industries – a lot of the happiest actors and actresses are ones who find partners outside the crazy world of Hollywood, for example. However, these two appear to be going strong, and let’s face it – if NASCAR had a king and queen, these two would be it.

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