Valentine's Day Cookies Care Packages Shipped, Mailed, Delivered (2024)


You try the straightforward approach and ask them what they want, but you’re met with the traditional “I don’t know” or “surprise me.” That wasn’t helpful!

Valentine’s Day is the big one—even the most romantic partners struggle to meet expectations. And you have so few clues to work with.

There’s jewelry, but that might be more than your wallet can handle this year. Roses? Been there, done that (many times over). What about something homemade? Home baked? Oh yeah, you don’t bake.

Chocolate Shipped Cookies has the solution to your Valentine’s Day gifting quandary. Choose from a dozen assorted or same flavor Valentine’s cookies. Our top sellers are the heart-shaped Classic Glazed Sugar Cookies with Valentine’s sprinkles.

This gourmet cookie gift will be delivered to a location of your choice, whether it be your loved one’s doorstep or workplace where everyone will crowd around and gush about what a romantic you are.

Our cookie gifts are beautiful, delicious, and just the gift you need to help you score big points with your significant other this year.

World-Class Flavors for Your Valentine Cookie Delivery

When choosing cookie gift packages for your nearest and dearest this Valentine’s Day, don’t settle for boring old dry cookies from the local bakery. It’s time to go big or go home with a dozen of our famous heart-shaped glazed Valentine’s Day sugar cookies.

If chocolate is more of your sweetheart’s jam, we offer two varieties of this legendary baked good, and both are equally irresistible. Our Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie packs a powerful burst of chocolate that’s both dark and sweet, and it’s going to win over anyone who bites into its rich, soft, chewy dough generously sprinkled with chocolate morsels.

Our Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie will have your recipients coming back for round two when they behold the big chocolate kiss in the middle that is practically begging to be eaten first. A tall glass of milk or cup of tea makes these perfect cookies that much more enjoyable.

As for the rest of our flavors, you simply can’t go wrong when rounding out your dozen with any of these rich, soft cookies. Does your special someone like frosting? Well, you don’t need cake to enjoy buttercream. We’ve got several cookies, including our Brownie Marshmallow Cookie and our Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie, that feature a layer of homemade frosting atop a cookie that is to die for in and of itself.

Each of our classics is going to win over even your most discerning cookie fan. Our Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie takes the plain chocolate chip version to new heights, and we’re not embarrassed to say that the Chocolate Shipped fam often eats them for breakfast. Sorry not sorry! Or when we like the rich luxury of a nut-based cookie, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut is killer. You’re about to become the MVP of Valentine’s Day with these beauties!

No Chocolate Shipped Cookies dozen is complete without at least one or two of our gourmet exclusives. These are cookies that you’re not going to find elsewhere. You won’t want your recipients to spend Valentine’s Day without our White Chocolate Pecan Cookie. It’s smooth, it’s decadent, and it’s incomparable.

Or maybe you want to go all in on chocolate. In that case, try our Brownie Mint Cookie, which starts with a brownie/cookie hybrid base and is topped with two layers of buttercream, mint and chocolate. You’d need to give a two-carat diamond ring to do better than that!

Valentine’s Cookie Boxes

It’s our job here at Chocolate Shipped Cookies to take the anxiety out of gift giving and to make your life easy. Seriously, who has time to bake anymore? And it’s so frustrating even when you try. You spill the flour and it takes months to get it out of every crack and crevice it lands in. You run out of baking soda and furiously Google to find substitutions. You burn the tray on the lower part of the oven and the top one doesn’t cook enough. Unless you’re Martha Stewart with a big team at your beck and call, baking simply may not be worth it.

Your time with your significant other is limited. Why waste it in the kitchen? Ordering a custom box of Valentine’s Day chocolate chip cookies or heart-shaped sugar cookies with sprinkles gives you the freedom to spend Valentine’s Day the way you want to, whether it’s at a romantic restaurant or just snuggled up on the couch.*

Galentine’s Day

Of course, not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day. Especially if you’re single and the world seems to be bursting with people who are madly in love. Or maybe you have a friend who feels like the odd one out since she’s between relationships at the moment. Well, this is why they invented Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day is what you make it. It could be simply a day to recognize your girlfriends for the wonderful ladies they are—single or not. It could be time to break away from an old relationship for good and assert your independence. Or it could simply be a way to reach out to a friend who is single and make her day with a dozen Valentine’s Day chocolate chip cookies delivered straight to her door or workplace.

We’d be happy to provide cookies for a Galentine’s Day party, complete with champagne, pedicures, and a bunch of corny movies. There’s no need to bake yourself or resort to those sickeningly sweet supermarket pastries that have been sitting around for days. Just order up your favorite flavors and let us do the rest. Who needs the gents this Valentine’s Day? It’s all about the girls!

Order a Valentine’s Cookie Box for Your Special Someone

Valentine’s Day is all about the love. What better way to send your heartfelt wishes on Valentine’s Day than with a box of sweet, chewy, ultra-fresh cookies? Our cookie gift packages mean so much more than a cheap box of chocolates that you pick up at the drug store on the way to dinner or a shot in the dark gift that winds up tucked inside a drawer somewhere. Our cookies make the perfect gift, every time, no matter the occasion.

And love is much more than just romance. There are so many people in your life that would be honored to get a Valentine’s cookie delivery—especially if they’re single or just in a rut in general in their life. You could send a box of cookies to your kids at college, which is sure to brighten their day. Or maybe a friend who has been there for you through some rough times could use some cookie acknowledgement. And bringing one of our cookie boxes to work this Valentine’s Day could elevate you to godlike status for showing your employees or coworkers how much you care and appreciate them.

Don’t let this Valentine’s Day slip by without giving the ones you love a treat they won’t soon forget. Hit us up a week or two before V-day, and the best darn cookies you’ve ever had will be sent in time for the festivities. We love you!


Brownie Marshmallow Cookie
If you for some reason don’t like the mint brownie cookie then there’s still hope for you. A chocolate marshmallow milkshake but as a cookie. That’s what you get with this pastry. Start with our amazing brownie dough baked to perfection. Cover that with a layer of marshmallow spread so good it’s bound to make mallow enthusiasts scream in delight. Finish things off with a layer of our rich chocolate buttercream frosting on top of the marshmallow and you’ve got yourself a Marshmallow Brownie Cookie. Just imagine getting a Vex Mythoclast from the Vault of Glass raid final encounter first try and you’ll have a general idea as to the flavor induced emotions this cookie will cause.

Brownie Mint Cookie
Not to brag but we have the best brownie cookie that you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. Now take our brownie dough and form it into the shape of a cookie. Now bake that cookie and frost it with a layer of our special mint infused buttercream frosting and then frost over that with a layer of rich chocolate buttercream. Now if that doesn’t sound good to you then you’re definitely in the wrong place here… or you just don’t like mint chocolate. Either way, you’re totally missing out here because this cookie is next level shiz.

Classic Glazed Sugar Cookie
Sugar cookies are a staple in the cookie arsenal of any bakery. Our take on the sugar cookie spanks all other sugar cookies into next week with its GOAT flavor. Yes, that includes your grandma’s cookies and no, you should not tell her that. This state-of-the-art cookie begins its life as a premium cookie dough made from scratch with our exquisite ingredients. Bake this cookie dough and you’ve got yourself what most people would call a “sugar cookie”. Now here’s where things get interesting. We take this “sugar cookie” and cover it in our signature almond glaze that’s so freaking sweet it makes Betty White seem like a thug. Now cover this glazed masterpiece in an assortment of sprinkles of all shapes, sizes and colors and you’ve got the best sugar cookie known to man or woman, cause #genderequality.

Double Frosted Peanut Butter Cookie
Now if you think our regular peanut butter chip cookie sounds good then this just might make you drool uncontrollably. Kinda gross but it’s ok, we won’t judge. Take our peanut butter chip cookie and add two layers of frosting to the top. What kind of frosting you ask? The first layer is a special house made peanut butter infused buttercream frosting that’s guaranteed to make you addicted. Now top that with our rich chocolate buttercream frosting and you’ve got yourself a one-way ticket to flavor town. This cookie puts all other peanut butter cookies to shame. Known to some as “The Holy Crap Cookie”, it’s so freaking good it should be illegal.

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie
This would be what most people consider “the classic” if you will. A masterpiece made from scratch with the most premium ingredients. Loaded with so much milk chocolate that you could literally die from overexposure to pure deliciousness. Ok, “die” is a bit of an exaggeration but there’s a whole lot of rich, creamy milk chocolate chips and it’s pretty awesome. Each cookie is finished with a large chocolate kiss placed on top and in the middle because when is more chocolate ever a bad thing.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie
Now we have the distant cousin of the chocolate chip cookies. When we say “distant cousin” we don’t mean it’s weird, hard to stomach and must be avoided at all costs at the family reunion every year. What we’re trying to say is it’s a perfect blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, oats and cookie dough filled with semi-sweet chocolate chips. There’s just a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg but nothing overwhelming. Matt Cutler argues that this is the greatest cookie of all time. Don’t know who that is? Don’t worry about it, just know that this cookie is freaking amazing and Mr. Cutler approved.

Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookie
Now fair warning, this cookie contains no chocolate of any kind. Fear not though, for this cookie is still freaking fantastic. A delicious blend of oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts and raisins mixed together with our secret homemade cookie dough. Hand chopped walnuts and sundried raisins make this cookie both unique and delightful to the senses. A fan favorite among our more aged customers. With age comes wisdom so they say.

Peanut Butter Chip Cookie
Our premium peanut butter chips are what make this cookie really shine. We make a gorgeous cookie dough base from scratch with only the finest ingredients and then fill it with more peanut butter chips than we probably should and voila, a freaking awesome peanut butter chip cookie.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie
So here we have our brother of the milk chocolate chip cookie. Not quite the same cookie but close enough to be related. Twin kind of vibes here. While the milk chocolate is rich, creamy and almost painfully sweet this fella is on the darker side. This cookie is loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips which are a little more on the dark chocolate end of the spectrum, tastefully so. Think like the Christian Bale Batman movies, it’s dark but still really good.

Snickerdoodle Cookie
So, imagine the best dang snickerdoodle cookie you’ve ever had the pleasure of gracing your taste buds with. Please understand that this cookie will make whatever you just imagined taste like hot garbage in comparison. Yeah, it’s that good. A decadent cookie dough similar to a sugar cookie baked to perfection and then dipped and covered in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar for that extra little kick. Perfection.

White Chocolate Pecan Cookie
If neither milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate get your engine revving then maybe some of our white chocolate will do the trick. This cookie is very similar to a classic chocolate chip cookie but instead of using regular chocolate we pack this delightful little fella full of rich white chocolate chips and pecans.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The article discusses various gift ideas for Valentine's Day. It acknowledges the challenge of finding the perfect gift and suggests considering homemade or baked goods as an option. One specific suggestion is to order a gourmet cookie gift package from Chocolate Shipped Cookies. These cookies come in different flavors and shapes, including heart-shaped glazed sugar cookies with Valentine's sprinkles. The article emphasizes that these cookie gifts are beautiful, delicious, and can be delivered to a location of your choice [[1]].

Flavors of Cookies

The article describes several flavors of cookies offered by Chocolate Shipped Cookies. Here are some of the flavors mentioned:

  1. Brownie Marshmallow Cookie: This cookie features a brownie dough baked to perfection, topped with a layer of marshmallow spread, and finished with a layer of rich chocolate buttercream frosting [[2]].
  2. Brownie Mint Cookie: This cookie is made with brownie dough shaped into a cookie, frosted with a layer of mint-infused buttercream frosting, and topped with a layer of rich chocolate buttercream [[3]].
  3. Classic Glazed Sugar Cookie: This cookie is a heart-shaped sugar cookie covered in almond glaze and decorated with an assortment of sprinkles [[4]].
  4. Double Frosted Peanut Butter Cookie: This cookie is a peanut butter chip cookie with two layers of frosting. The first layer is a peanut butter-infused buttercream frosting, and the second layer is rich chocolate buttercream frosting [[5]].
  5. Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie: This cookie is a classic cookie made with premium ingredients and loaded with milk chocolate chips. It is finished with a large chocolate kiss on top [[6]].
  6. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie: This cookie is a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, oats, and cookie dough filled with semi-sweet chocolate chips [[7]].
  7. Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookie: This cookie is made with oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, raisins, and a secret homemade cookie dough [[8]].
  8. Peanut Butter Chip Cookie: This cookie is made with a premium peanut butter chip cookie dough filled with peanut butter chips [[9]].
  9. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie: This cookie is similar to the milk chocolate chip cookie but with semi-sweet chocolate chips, which give it a darker and tasteful flavor [[10]].
  10. Snickerdoodle Cookie: This cookie is a decadent cookie dough similar to a sugar cookie, dipped and covered in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar [[11]].
  11. White Chocolate Pecan Cookie: This cookie is similar to a classic chocolate chip cookie but packed with white chocolate chips and pecans [[12]].

These are just a few of the flavors mentioned in the article. Chocolate Shipped Cookies offers a variety of flavors to choose from, allowing you to customize your cookie gift package.

I hope this information helps! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.

Valentine's Day Cookies Care Packages Shipped, Mailed, Delivered (2024)
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