Valorant Player Count, Rank Distribution, Revenue (2023) (2023)

Valorant has roughly 21 million monthly active players in 2022, with rising popularity each passing month.

Find out:

  • How many monthly, daily, and peak concurrent players Valorant has
  • How many people occupy each in-game rank, and how long is the average playtime for each game mode
  • How much does Tencent (owner of Riot Games) earns from games like Valorant

Learn the answers to all of those questions in the article below.

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Valorant player count

The highest count of Valorant concurrent players

How long is an average Valorant game

Valorant rank distribution

What’s the average rank in Valorant

How much money has Valorant made so far

Interesting Valorant Stats

  • Close to 21 million people play Valorant monthly, 2 million play it daily, while at least 300,000 people are playing the game concurrently.
  • The average playtime of Valorant game modes is between 7 to 40 minutes per mode.
  • On September 2, 2022, Valorant registered the highest number of over 6 million concurrent players.
  • Up to 21.9% of players have one of the Silver ranks, whereas most players (looking at percentages) have the Gold 1 sub-rank at 7.6%.
  • After two Valorant Champions Tours, the game earned a total of $58.72 million, half of which was awarded to competing teams.
  • Valorant has already hosted more than 770 tournaments and awarded more than $15 million in prizes.

Valorant Player Count

  • An average of 20.91 million people play Valorant each month in 2022.

That’s 2.15 million more compared to 2021’s average monthly players.

Valorant Player Count, Rank Distribution, Revenue (2023) (2)

Here are the average monthly player counts for each year:

YearAverage monthly
players of Valorant
202220.91 million
202118.76 million
202019.04 million
  • Valorant had precisely 22,140,789 monthly active players (MAU) in November 2022.

According to ActivePlayer, this is the second-highest number of MAU, only beaten by the 22,501,445 players in October 2022.

Here is exactly how many people play Valorant each month from November 2022 to July 2020:

MonthMonthly active players
November 202222,140,789
October 202222,501,445
September 202221,988,040
August 202221,360,284
July 202220,760,260
June 202220,262,155
May 202220,620,584
April 202220,511,587
March 202220,265,793
February 202220,043,764
January 202219,533,465
December 202119,025,704
November 202118,266,124
October 202118,609,014
September 202119,176,158
August 202118,580,129
July 202119,911,291
June 202119,359,119
May 202119,220,481
April 202118,806,260
March 202118,535,748
February 202118,270,540
January 202117,373,258
December 202017,887,019
November 202018,015,734
October 202018,417,969
September 202018,547,644
August 202020,760,144
July 202020,616,144
  • In Q2 2022, Valorant had a record-high number of monthly active users (MAU) and grossing quarterly receipts, according to Tencent.


Valorant Average Daily Players

  • An average of 2.04 million people play Valorant each day in 2022.

That’s around 230,000 more compared to 2021.

Valorant Player Count, Rank Distribution, Revenue (2023) (3)

Here’s how many average daily active players played Valorant between 2022 and 2020:

YearAverage daily active
players of Valorant
20222.04 million
20211.81 million
20201.84 million
  • Between 2020 and 2022, the highest number of average daily players was 2,250,145, registered in October 2022.

The table shows a detailed view of daily Valorant players from November 2022 to July 2020:

MonthMonthly active players
November 20222,214,079
October 20222,250,145
September 20222,198,804
August 20222,064,827
July 20222,006,825
June 20221,958,675
May 20221,993,323
April 20221,982,787
March 20221,959,027
February 20221,937,564
January 20221,888,235
December 20211,839,151
November 20211,765,725
October 20211,798,871
September 20211,853,695
August 20211,796,079
July 20211,924,758
June 20211,871,382
May 20211,857,980
April 20211,817,938
March 20211,791,789
February 20211,766,152
January 20211,679,415
December 20201,729,079
November 20201,741,521
October 20201,780,404
September 20201,792,939
August 20202,006,814
July 20201,992,894

Average Valorant Concurrent Players

  • Valorant has between 300,000 and 500,000 concurrent players.


  • According to PlayerCounter, Valorant had around 740,000 and 750,000 concurrent players on December 13, 2022.


The highest number of Valorant concurrent players

  • The highest number of concurrent Valorant players was 6,027,617 on September 2nd, 2022.


How Long Is an Average Valorant Game?

  • The average duration of a Valorant match is between 30 to 40 minutes.

However, the length varies depending on the game mode. Here are the average playtimes based on a mode:

Game modeAverage playtime duration
Competitive30-40 min
Unrated (Normals)30-40 min
Spike Rush8-15 min
Deathmatch7-9 min

Possibly the longest single match in Valorant was a VCT (Valorant Champions Tour) battle in 2021 between teams TSM and GenG, lasting around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

(Global Gaming)

Valorant Rank Distribution

  • Most Valorant players held the “Silver” rank (21.9%) in November 2022.
Valorant Player Count, Rank Distribution, Revenue (2023) (4)

Overall view of the rank distribution by each month:

RanksUser distribution
in November 2022
October 2022September 2022August 2022

However, looking at sub-ranks, most players have the Gold 1 rank (7.6%).

There are 9 ranks in Valorant or a total of 21 sub-ranks plus Radiant.

Compared to the month before, most players (0.7%) gained the Ascendant rank.

Here is a more detailed distribution of ranks in Valorant:

Detailed ranksDetailed user
distribution in
November 2022
Iron 10.5%
Iron 21.8%
Iron 34.5%
Bronze 14.9%
Bronze 26%
Bronze 36.1%
Silver 17.5%
Silver 27.1%
Silver 37.3%
Gold 17.6%
Gold 26.8%
Gold 36.4%
Platinum 16.4%
Platinum 25.3%
Platinum 34.6%
Diamond 14.4%
Diamond 23.4%
Diamond 32.8%
Ascendant 12.3%
Ascendant 21.5%
Ascendant 31.1%
Immortal 10.9%
Immortal 20.2%
Immortal 30.1%

How many players per rank

  • Up to 4,848,833 Valorant players have the Silver rank, considering there were 22,140,789 active monthly players in November 2022.

Only 6,642 players currently hold the highest rank of Radiant.

The number of players was calculated from the number of monthly active players in November 2022 from the table above.

Valorant Player Count, Rank Distribution, Revenue (2023) (5)

Here are the estimated number of players based on rank:

RankValorant players count

What’s the average rank in Valorant?

  • While 21.9% of Valorant players is located in the Silver rank, most of them own a Gold 1 rank.

As seen above, 4,848,833 players have a Silver rank, while 4,605,284 have a Gold rank.

However, looking at the estimated sub-rank numbers, you can see that the Gold 1 tier has the most players:

Sub-rankNumber of players
Silver 11,660,559
Silver 21,571,996
Silver 31,616,277
Gold 11,682,699
Gold 21,505,573
Gold 31,417,010

It also means that if you have the Gold 1 rank, you’re in the top 53.8% of players.

(eSports Tales)

How Much Money has Valorant Made So Far?

  • Officially, Valorant earned around $58.72 million from VCT Champions Bundles.

However, at least $29.36 million was paid to teams participating in the VCT 2021 and 2022.

Otherwise, Riot Games doesn’t disclose exact revenues from Valorant’s microtransaction system.

(Upcomer, Dot Esports)

Valorant revenue

  • Tencent revenue from international games (Valorant included) was $1.68 billion in Q3 2022.

Tencent doesn’t individually state the revenues for each of its games but instead puts them in domestic and international games categories.

Valorant Player Count, Rank Distribution, Revenue (2023) (6)

Here’s the revenue Tencent made from international games from Q3 2022 to Q3 2020 (when Tencent also included Valorant’s earnings):

Quarter of the yearInternational
games revenue
Q3 2022$1.68 billion
Q2 2022$1.53 billion
Q1 2022$1.52 billion
Q4 2021$1.89 billion
Q3 2021$1.62 billion
Q2 2021$1.57 billion
Q1 2021$1.7 billion
Q4 2020$1.46 billion
Q3 2020$1.67 billion

Other Interesting Valorant Facts

  • From the Valorant’s launch in 2020, the game has already hosted 773 tournaments and awarded $14,811,797 in prize money to teams.

Valorant Champions of 2021 and 2022 had $1 million prize pools, with other tournaments having lower pools.

(Esports Earnings)

  • Last year, people watched more than 1.16 billion hours of Valorant content.

Here are all the impressive stats of Valorant viewership in the last 365 days:

  • 1,160,467,079 hours spent watching Valorant (221,317,514 more than last years)
  • 43,179,077 hours spent broadcasting Valorant (6,503,652 more than last year)
  • The average number of Valorant content viewers is 132,473 (25,265 more than last year)
  • There’s an average of 4,929 Valorant channels on the internet (743 more than last year)
  • 1,197,406 was the highest number of concurrent Valorant viewers (149,741 more than last year)
  • There are up to 1,819,012 Valorant broadcasters (498,856 more than last year)


Find more data on other games:

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  • World of Warcraft
  • Rocket League
  • Among Us
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This was all the data on the latest Valorant statistics that we could find.

This free-to-play game is still young, and with the help of Riot Games (which also owns League of Legends, a massive RPG title with a broad gaming community), it can become one of the most popular FPS games in the world.

Have you tried Valorant? Are you playing Valorant frequently? What rank are you currently holding, and how long did it take to get it?

Please let us know in the comments.


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