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Ever reached home late but couldn’t enter because you’d no keys? Or were rushing someplace and couldn’t find keys to your vehicle? Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

Well, you’re not alone. I’ve encountered these situations too. Several times, in fact. Are we odd ones out or have memory problems? Not in the least.

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Missing common objects that we know should be at a particular place afflicts every American and other people elsewhere. There’re no specific or serious reasons for this syndrome that affects everyone from students to elderly.

If you’re not convinced, read on.

Convincing Facts & Figures

Most likely, you’ll be shocked over these facts and figures available from various studies done by different organizations in the USA.

  • Americans lose over 20 million home, office and vehicle keys every year, finds a 2015-2016 study by Pebblebee.com, a Bluetooth tracking company.
  • Keys account for whopping 28 percent of all items lost by Americans during a year, says a study by Pixie, a smart location finder service for iPhones.
  • Americans spend 2.5 days a year looking for lost items, including home, office and vehicle keys.
  • Furthermore, Americans spend $2.7 billion collectively every year to replace lost items, including keys. On average, an American loses $5,591 over a lifetime for replacing keys and other lost items.
  • One in every five Americans loses at least one object every week, says the Pebblebee.com report.
  • Millennials are twice more likely to lose stuff, including keys compared to other generations.
  • Replacing a Frequency Operated Button (FOB) electronic key costs between $150 and $300 depending upon features, quality and location says Associated Locksmiths of America.
  • On average, an American spends 20 to 30 minutes looking for lost keys. Stress that accompanies lost keys leads to loss of productivity at workplace and sometimes, mild domestic disturbances.

While losing keys or any object for that matter seems quite harmless, that might not be the case. A report by the Wall Street Journal warns there could be some serious disease lurking behind such common forgetfulness.

Regardless of why you lose car keys, it’s always a good idea to have one or more extra keys in stock. These extra keys can help prevent a lot of hassle and often, undesirable situations such as getting locked out of home or car at some unearthly hour.

Therefore, here’s a list of 30 best places to get keys made near you.

30 Best Places to Get Keys Made near you

Regardless of where you live in the USA, getting a keymaker near you is always possible. It can be done during a visit to the nearest supermarket or nowadays, online too. Check out these amazing places near you to get keys made.

Remember, it isn’t always possible to get specialized.

1. MinuteKey

This is the most convenient way to get keys made nearby. MinuteKey has thousands of kiosks located at major stores and supermarkets across America. Their prices are very reasonable.

2. Walmart

Superstore giant Walmart offers self-service minuteKey kiosks at most locations across America. Drive or walk into any of these minuteKey self-service kiosks to get duplicate keys. And you can also use Walmart money card as a payment method for getting Duplicate Keys. However, some very complex or sophisticated keys can’t be copied here.

3. Kohl

You can get duplicate keys made at some of Kohl’s superstores which also feature kiosks. Check with your nearest Kohl’s if they have a key making kiosk on or near the premises. Standard, brass and certain special keys can be duplicated here.

4. Rite Aid

Supermarket Rite Aid has hundreds of outlets spread across the USA. You can have ordinary and at some places, car keys copied at some of their stores. They have a kiosk at such stores where you can get ordinary and auto keys made.

5. K-Mart

Another chain of superstores where you can get duplicate keys nearby is K-Mart. At some of their locations, you’ll find a key making kiosk that makes auto and home keys. Check if your nearest K-Mart has such a kiosk.

6. Target

Generally, most stores of Target would feature a key making kiosk, sometimes operated by other parties. If there’s a Target store near your office or home, then you can duplicate your keys there.

7. Kroger

If you’re a regular at Kroger, maybe you’ve seen a key kiosk located around their premises. You can check for Kroger locations that feature a key making kiosk.

8. Sears

Sears, the popular chain of superstores do have minuteKey kiosks and key making services at some locations. You’ll have to call up the nearest Sears or check their website to find if you can copy your Key.

9. 7-11

7-11 is a great place to get keys copied. Some of their stores operate round the clock. They feature KeyMe kiosks for making instant keys.

10. Menards

Most Menards stores have a minuteKey kiosk handy for customers to copy keys. Generally, most Menards stores will have a Key duplication kiosk on the premises.


You’ll be able to get keys built easily If there’s a Safeway near your home or office. They usually have a KeyMe kiosk on their store premises.

12. Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle also has KeyMe kiosks at some locations. You can buy uncut keys from Giant Eagle and have them identical at the KeyMe kiosk.

13. WinCo Foods

Operates only in Nevada, California and Washington states. Brass and standard keys, as well as certain kinds of special keys, can be duplicated at select WinCo Foods locations. Their prices are fairly reasonable.

14. Save Mart

Save Mart is one place where you can get vehicle FOBs and entry cards to complex keys created at fairly cheap prices. Some of their locations feature a key maker or a kiosk.

15. HEB

HEB offers you two kinds of services to duplicate keys. While some stores feature a minuteKey kiosks, others have key making services. Depending upon the store near you, it’s possible to get vehicle FOBs and access cards as well as simple to complex keys cut at low rate.

16. Vons

You’ll find KeyMe kiosks at most Vons stores across the USA. Depending upon your location, you can get ordinary car keys, padlock and lever lock keys as well as home and complex office keys made there.

17. FoodMaxx

FoodMaxx has its own key making service at most store locations. You can get vehicle FOBs and access cards as well as brass and special door keys duplicated here at reasonable prices.

18. Meijer

minuteKey kiosks to get keys made are available at most Meijer stores. The standard minuteKey type of keys is made here.

19. Bartell Drugs

Usually, every Bartell Drugs store has a minuteKey kiosk. Hence, you’ll find it easy to get keys made nearby your office or home or your daily route at a Bartell Drugs store.

20. Marc’s Grocery

Only minuteKey kiosks are available for Key making services at Marc’s Grocery. You can get regular home, office and vehicle keys made at all Marc’s Grocery stores.

21. Woodman’s Market

Woodman’s Market has key making counters. You can get all types of keys and access cards, as well as FOBs, made here at low prices. Check your nearest Woodman’s for best rates.

22. Fred Meyer

Operating in Alaska, Idaho, Nebraska and Washington states, Fred Meyer is a subsidiary of Kroger. Here you can easily get keys made at almost every store. And the cost is very affordable.

23. Fine Fare Market

Fine Fare Market stores have a minuteKey kiosk you can access round the clock. Drive into the store and get keys made at any time of the day at these kiosks.

24. Home Depot

It goes without saying that Home Depot, the largest retailer in America of home requirements will have a key copy or Key making service. In fact, you can get all types of keys- FOBs and access cards, simple keys to complex ones for home and office made in the material of your choice.

25. Bed, Bath& Beyond

Also, provides key making services. You can buy uncut keys of your choice and have them made at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Their service is fairly quick and comes at very attractive rates.

26. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is one of the largest chains of hardware stores in the USA, It offers key making services at every location. You can get every kind of key made at Ace Hardware and at fairly reasonable prices. And they’ll definitely have a store near you.

27. Lowe’s

Hardware and home requirement store Lowe’s has minuteKey kiosks at almost every location. Pick up a few extra keys during your next visit to Lowe’s to avoid getting locked out of home, office or vehicle.

28. Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale has minuteKey kiosks. The service is available for Costco Wholesale members only. If you’re a member of Costco Wholesale, remember to get some keys made during your next visit.

29. KeyMe

Serving over 2,000 locations across America, KeyMe is your best bet to get keys made nearby. Other than kiosks at superstores and gas stations, KeyMe also runs independent key making kiosks at other locations such as bus stations.

30. Automotive Stores Near You

Most automotive stores in your area provide vehicle key making services. The only limitation you may face is getting keys made for latest vehicle models since uncut keys or dyes wouldn’t be available.

There are a couple of more attractive ways to get keys made too.

Online Key Making Services

Companies such as OkeyDokeyLocksmith.com help you order key online. easykeys.com and buckleyssecuritysmiths.com are some such services that provide online delivery of keys. The question you’ll ask here is: how do they know the type of key I want. Fairly simple.

Nowadays, there are several apps such as Popsci and websites such as keysduplicated.com. You can capture images of your key with such an app and send across to an online locksmith to get latchkeys made. Keysduplicated.com also works on the same principle.

Some companies are able to check your vehicle keys details directly from the automobile company if you provide them some details such as make, chassis number, model or registration number. They access the information online, cut and send you keys.

Wrap Up

I shudder at the very thought of being locked out of home or car for misplacing door keys. Hence, I ensure there’s at least a spare copy that would be easily available if such a situation ever arises.

And it does arise pretty often which creates a need to get keys made quite regularly. It pays to know where you can get keys made in your area. This guide should help you locate the nearest key making service.

30 Best Places to Get Keys Made Near Me at Low Cost - MoneyConnexion (2024)


How much does Walmart charge to make a copy of a key? ›

The cost for key duplication ranges from $2 to $12 at Walmart, depending on the type of key you need to make, and the duplicate key type you choose. Some keys offered for purchase are colorful so that they stand out from other keys on your keychain.

How much does it cost to make 1 key? ›

The typical cost to copy a basic key is $1 to $4. Chipped keys cost the most to copy, ranging from $50 to $1,000. Hardware and home improvement stores offer the lowest rates.

How much does it cost to get keys made at Home Depot? ›

Key blanks range from $2 to $5 for standard keys. Specialty key blanks generally start at $5. Minute Key Kiosks typically cost about $1.50 plus the cost of the key blank. Alternatively, customers can purchase the key blanks online and use the Key Hero app to get the keys made.

How much does ace charge to make a key? ›

Ace Hardware can copy and cut the most common house keys, office keys, and some padlock keys. A standard house key can cost between $1.50 to $3.00 and takes about five to ten minutes to copy. Ace offers a variety of key designs and patterns to choose from–such as kittens, flowers, or even your favorite sports team.

Does AutoZone make house keys? ›

AutoZone is primarily an automotive store, but do they make house keys? Most AutoZone stores, and other auto part stores, do not make or cut house or padlock keys and only offer vehicle key duplication, transponder keys, and fobs.

What is minute key? ›

minuteKEY combines robotics and software engineering to provide consumers the first self-service key duplication kiosk. Each machine is highly accurate and user-friendly, ensuring each customer walks away satisfied and with a working key duplicate.

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