Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (2023)

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In this day and age, it’s easy to daydream about traveling. Because of social distancing and isolation, two important things are happening: folks are anxiouslylooking to travel in the not-too-distant future, and they’re looking tovisit safe, hidden, and undiscovered or secluded vacation spots, preferably, a remote getaway. Latin America has a tremendous number of places that fit this descriptionto a tee. And, we’ve been working hard to identify South American getaways where physical distancing and minimal crowds (if any)go hand in hand with the destination.

This is our list of theTop 15 Best Remote Places to Visit in South America for 2022-2023, in noparticular order.

1) The Galapagos National Park, Ecuador

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (1)

The Galapagos Islands may be one of the more famous places in South America, known all over the world, but the truth is that the Galapagos National Park, which makes up approximately 97% of this fascinating archipelago,typically only sees around 75,000 visitors per year. That is less than the number of people who might typically pack into a stadium to watch a massive sporting event.

In order to really experience the endemic fauna and otherworldly terrain of this pristine location, your best mode of transportation and exploration is a small expedition vessel with a limited number of passengers and plenty of space. Add to this the fact thatthe Galapagos Islands areprettyisolated,and you’ll find one of the truly remote travel destinations in the world.

Travel Planning Tip

Not all expedition vessels in the Galapagos are the same! When considering tour options in the islands, it is a good idea to ask about an onboard medical officer and exclusive site visits throughout your itinerary.

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2) Puno, Peru

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (2)

Lake Titicaca has the title of being the “world’s highest navigable body of water”. It is also one of South America’s largest lakes. Along its northwestern edge, you’ll find the town of Puno, known for its rich cultural traditions, including festive dance and folkloric musicpresentations and performances. This isolated vacation spot is quite unique, and for being an important destination in Peru, its population is relatively small, coming in at under 150,000.

Perhaps the thing that makes this destination a hidden gem is the fact that many of the attractions here involve outdoor activities. Small tours of the lake’sfascinating floating islands, coastline, and surrounding natural areas are a great way to experience the magic of this spot. That said, you may need to acclimate to the altitude first as 12,566 ft (3,830 m) above sea level is pretty high.Also, in the evening, you may find that the temperature certainly dips;after all, this climate is fitting of a tundra, which is both exciting and worthy of dressing in warm layers.

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3) La Guajira, Colombia

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (3)

La Guajira, in the northeastern-most region of Colombia, rests along the Caribbean ocean and borders neighboring Venezuela. It is one of the country’s most stunning places given the juxtaposition of desert-like coastline against crystalline ocean mixed with impressive salt flats. It is home to native and endemic flora and fauna and a handful of indigenous communities.

One of the most beautiful secluded places to explore in this region is Los Flamencos Sanctuary. This designated wildlife reserve is home to an extensive number of American flamingos andis located in the vicinity of Camarones, a small fishing village next to several marshes and estuaries, and the Tapias River. There are plenty of birds that also nest and reside here, which makes this quiet vacation spot a great place to visit if you’re a fan of nature, wildlife, and secluded destinations.

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4)LençóisMaranhenses National Park, Brazil

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (4)

Resembling a magical oasis,thisdestination truly is a hidden gem.The park’s undulating sand dunes transform into freshwater lagoons, especially between themonths of January and May, which see frequent and increased rainfall,creatingalandscapeakintoa “flooded desert”. This little-populated, scenicplaceis aprotected areadedicated to the conservation of precious ecosystems that look like apostcard beach plucked out of the Caribbeanand inserted into a grand desert –in the same country where dense jungles abound!

Whether you like to take it slow as you walkalongthe endless sandy expanse orprefertoengagein exciting activities, thisSouth American remote travel destination offers youplenty ofalternatives.Yourchoice: calm orexcitement. The latter allows you todriveup and down the dunes on buggiesas if riding a roller coaster.This national park, inNortheastern Brazil, is located close toSão LuísdoMaranhão, a citythatfeels like an island,where you can taste Braziliancrab soup. This secluded family vacation spot is perfect for children and adults alike!

5)The Choco Bioregion, Ecuador

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (5)

If you find your personal sanctuary lies deep inside a mysterious tropical forest,silently pulsating with curious exotic animals peeking from behind lush foliage, beckoning youto deep-dive into their warm and humid habitat at high altitudes, Ecuador’s slice ofanatural biological corridor isyour new nook of happiness.A mere three-hour drivefromQuito,the capital of Ecuador, this enchanting spot harbors over 400 different unique species of birds.So, birdlovers,bring your binoculars!

Spanning from Panama to Peru, the Choco Bioregion is the stretchof the Andes wherestrikingfauna and florastill abound, evenwhilethese precious ecosystemsareslowlybecoming more endangered byman’sever-expandingconcretejungles. TheMashpi Reserve has protected 6,180 acres of forestto preserve these wondrous species for generations to come, and MashpiLodge isan avant-gardeblend of sustainability and modernity. Perfect to visit yearround,this isolated vacation spotisa leader in ecotourismandyourideal headquarters foratrulysecluded adventure where cloud forest and rainforest meet.

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6) La Macarena, Colombia

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (6)

Ifyou’re the kind of traveler who seeks the tranquility of falling water, orthe kind of explorerthatdelightsintracing peculiarwaterfalls,look no further thanLa Macarena National and Ecological Reserve Park! Located southeast ofBogota,thecapitalof Colombia,just aboutin thecenter of the country, thisisolated mountainrangeis home tosomecurious water torrentsas well asseveralenormous waterfalls. There isevenamulti-colored river National Geographicdeems as seemingly taken out of The Garden of Eden.As for the flora, botanistscanrejoice:you can find50 known species oforchids here.

TheSerranía de la Macarena regionencompasses four different ecosystems that allow for remarkable biodiversity to flourish.There areseveral species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, and primates. The stars of the show here, even more so thantheanteaters, jaguars, and cougarsyou may encounter along your journey, are the pink dolphins swimming in the rivers! The curious rock formationsguardthe secrets of indigenous cultures, as evidenced by the fascinating petroglyphs ofancient civilizationsfound in this secluded getaway.

Travel Planning Tip

If you want to view thefamous“river of five colors”, Caño Cristales, we recommend you visit anytime from June through November, to get the best experience of this“liquid rainbow”.

7)Tambopata, Perú

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (7)

We continue with awe-inspiring natural reserves! This time, farthersouth along the continent,in Peru.

TheTambopata National Reserve isa sanctuary in Southeastern Peru dedicated to preservingsubtropical rainforest ecosystems and to protecting them from illegal gold mining.It is part ofVilcabamba Amboro, awildlife corridorthat extends into neighboring Bolivia.Some fascinating animals to observe amidst rich vegetation that flows from hills to plains are the giant otter, Peruvian spider monkey, capybara, tufted capuchin, harpy eagle, rufescent tiger heron, king vulture, and golden-tailed sapphire.

Avid campers in the look out for secluded places may prefer to set up at the shores of peaceful lakes, they will have a field day when visiting this place!There areplenty ofoxbowlakeshere, and someare lined by palm trees that hostall kinds ofcolorful macaws, filling the air with birdsong.If you’re fond of hiking, you’ll want to wear comfortable, breathable clothes,as this rainforesthasmanyrivers and streams thatyou’ll likely traverse as you explore.For this same reason, waterproof boots arehighly recommended, since you’ll encounter several swampsfrom which toadmire these stunning ecosystems.

8)Marble Caves, Chile

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (8)

Nature has a beautiful way of demonstrating that reality is a hundred times better than fiction. Some of the most obvious examplesare Chile’s very own Marble Caves! This remote travel destination is located in the Chilean Patagonia. These unique caves are foundatGeneral CarreraLake-one of the largest in the area- which connects this country to Argentina.

These caves present a mesmerizing color palette that goes from the purest white to a vibrant electric blue. Once you reach General Carrera Lake, you select a boat tour or, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, kayak through these beautiful caverns. Just be careful! The weather tends to be on the cold side of the thermometer!Overthousands of years, water, wind, and climate have shaped these magnificent geological formations made of minerals such as calcite, quartz, graphite, and many more. These caves are also known as the Marvel Cathedral.

The area that surrounds the lake has plenty of accommodation options ideal for a solitude vacation! Plus, it’s a great place to relax and unwind while you explore the mystical Patagonia region.

9) Huacachina, Peru

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (9)

Picture this: you’re walking on the desert, the toasty golden color of the sand contrasts perfectly with the sky’s deep blue. As you keep moving forward, the wavy horizon line slowly reveals what seems to be a mirage: a magical green-watered oasis with lush palm trees scattered around it. It’s not a dream, though. You’ve reached the beautiful Oasis of Huacachina.

Locatedinthe district of Ica in Peru, Huacachina is the perfect spot to relax and unwind amidst dunes, excellent stargazing spots, and unique experiences. If you need some excitement in your life, you can practicetonsof sports here like sandboarding or, if you want a more relaxed time in this remote destination. Also, if you’re interested in upgrading your secluded vacation for couples, you can arrange a romantic and candle-lit dinner in the middle of the desert.

Huacachina is also a great spot to start an adventure in Peru! Some must-see destinations likeParacasand Nazca areprettynearby!

10)LlanganatesNational Park, Ecuador

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (10)

Traditionally one of the least visited national parks in Ecuador, due to its proximity to the more famous Cotopaxi National Park, Llanganates National Park has gained a recent “cult following” amongst many history buffs because of its associations with one of the most dramatic events in early Ecuadorian history. It is said that somewhere within the startling, mysterious surroundings of Llanganates lies buried Atahualpa’s treasure. This powerful legend has called to the ambition of many treasure hunters and adventurers.

TheLlanganates Mountain Range offers very rewarding treks through a rugged landscape dotted with lagoons, cloud forests, and even a rather eerie moorland covered in thick mist. This stunning secluded place and very beautiful region is well worth the time and offers a more mythical approach to the values and lore of Andean culture.

11) Los Llanos, Colombia

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (11)

This region encompasses nearly half of the total landmass of Colombia. A vast, sprawling tropical plain that lies to the east of the Colombian Andes and the north of the Amazon, the Llanos are comprised of remarkably biodiverse ecosystems. Dotted with scrubby pastures, grasslands, and prairies, home to traditional cattle ranches, this gorgeous region of Colombia is seldom visited by outsiders. Home to impressive droves of cattle over many thousands of acres, these lands are home to Colombia’s ‘cowboy country’ and offer a window into a truly unique cultural experience as well as amazing outdoor activities, including horseback riding, trekking, camping, and bird watching. Be sure to check on the season, seeing as widespread flooding is very common!

All in all, Los Llanos is a pure diamond in the rough! This is truly a private place to go for a vacation, bask in the fantastic perks of large open spaces, fresh air, and fun activities. Connect with the destination itself and the fascinating culture and biodiversity you’ll find in the Colombian plains.

12) Churute Mangroves Ecological Reserve, Ecuador

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (12)

One of the lesser-knowntypes ofecosystemsis theestuary, a convergence of river environments with ocean watersmade atthe tidal mouth of a large river. These sites are often endangered due to human development and encroachmentand are seldom made into national parks or reserves.In the Gulf of Guayaquil, at a startlingly short distance from the city proper, highland riversmeetwith the saltwater from the Pacific Ocean -this marriage of watersforms the largest estuary alongthewesterncoast of South America.

The Churute Reserve, recognized as an essential wetland by the Ramsar Convention since the nineties, is home tomany wildlife species, many of which are endangered.Going fora walk through the designated boardwalk pathsor taking to the estuary itself on canoes offers a veritable adventure into one of the most incredible ecosystems imaginable.Its status as a protected reserveand the fact this region competes withall ofthe other amazing destinations in the wonderful country of Ecuador make this remote vacationdestination that is well worth your consideration if you’re looking for experiences off the beaten path, but close to a big city like Guayaquil.

13)Ischigualasto Provincial & Talampaya National Parks, Argentina

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (13)

ThecontiguousIschigualasto Provincial and Talampaya National Parks, in the northernmost part of Central Argentina,cover a combined total of 275,369 hectares. Against the backdrop of breathtaking mountain landscapes, the property is a conservation treasure of global importance.

Red sandstone cliffs,reaching a stunning656 ft (200 m)in height,tower over Talampaya National Park, offering an amazing backdrop fortrekking. Ischigualasto Provincial Park features themulti-coloredlandscapes ofValle de la Lunaor “Valley of the Moon”, which really come into their own at night.This desert environment contains several rare and endemic species of flora and fauna, unique to this part of the world.Hard to access due to being a very remote destination, you really need to put in a bit of planning to make it out to these amazing regions.

14) Los Roques National Park, Venezuela

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (14)

Created in 1972,Los Roques National Park aims to protect a marine ecosystemcomprised ofcoral reefs,mangroves, andseagrass beds. The largest marine park in the Caribbean Sea by a wide margin, it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful natural areas of Venezuela. The coral reefs host some of the most beautiful underwater fauna and florain allthe Caribbean.

ThePark has exceptionally beautiful beaches of white sand and crystalline waters,which make for an amazing destination for professional and recreationalscuba divers.Among other attractions are theVirgen del Valle celebrations in September, and the Lobster Festival in November.Los Roques is a wonderful option for a remote getaway in one of the most beautiful and least visited countries in South America.

15)Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park, Brazil

Best Secluded Vacation Spots in South America for 2022-2023 (15)

The Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, marked by the dramatic nature of its sheer cliffs emerging from the calm waters of the Atlantic, towering over pristine, tropical beaches, is one of the least known sites in all of Brazil. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site almost15 years ago, its enforced limits on visitors and distance from the mainland make Fernando de Noronha atrulysecludeddestination.The imposingMorro do Pico, a jutting hilltop that towers over the blue waters and white beachesis perhaps the most iconic element associated with this small set of islands.

Rugged cliffs, hidden sand dunes, secret coves,and the charming colonial architecture of itssingle smallsettlement, make for startling contrasts and a pleasant experience. It’s also a magnet for surfers from around the world, featuring some of the best waves in the Atlantic.If you enjoy farflung sites or like to put in some time with a board, Fernando de Noronha is well worth yourconsideration.

Get ready to explore South America’s remote vacation spots!

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